So let me get this right. Let's assume Holla Forumsyps are right, and there were no mass killings of Jews, or an organized plan to do so during WW2.
Let's even go further and state that if any deaths occurred it was because of either 1. Allied bombing of supply lines causing famine and disease in the camps, and/or 2. The Judeo-Bolshevists Soviets blaming their massacres on the Germans.

How then do they justify the deaths of dozens of millions of white Europeans and the final destruction of Germany itself? Wasn't the point that this was all justified in order to root out the Jews and "free" Europe?
If no Jews were intentionally hurt, and if there was no plan to do so. Then how do they justify years of strategic bombing, organized rape and starvation (E.g. Hunger Plan), the razing of cities, the massacres of innocent civilians all over Europe, and the deaths of millions of white soldiers on battlefields across Europe and Northern Africa?
Can some lurking Holla Forumsack help me out here? Because I just don't get it.

For a massive wall o' text BTFOing holocaust denial see imgur.com/a/725A7

Other urls found in this thread:

archive.org/stream/HitlerTableTalk/Hitler TableTalk_djvu.txt


The holocaust could not have happened because there was no economic incentive for the German bourgeoisie to exterminate Jews.


Shut the fuck up AW

Stop calling yourself a Nazi.

And why the fuck do you ask Holla Forums in fucking Holla Forums?

Nazism often disregarded economic rationality, in fact that's probably what cost them the war in the end.

Reminder Hitler picked up his meth habit from Tojo

Not that guy but it's common knowledge that Holla Forums is constantly being roamed by Holla Forumsacks/.

go back to reddit


How long do you think Kikefy would let a thread like this live? Or perhaps I should just post it and see what happens.

what's up with you then naziposter, do you just like the aesthetics or something

I feel history has downplayed nazi crimes a lot, they focus only in the extermination of jews but lots of other people where also killed in the camps in addition to the crimes against the civilian populations of the countries they attacked.
People needs to see that nazis had nothing but slavery and slaughter in mind

In this way history is more objective about Japanese Imperialism (outside of Japan).

do you beleave that people have agency out of their economic interests?

Don't forget to post results


Stop , you're too smart to be a nazi

Skimmed you imgur folder, it sucks. it doesn't address the reduction of camps recognized as extermination camps. This is the holocaust deniers winning the debate. All the remaining ones are the ones liberated by the USSR, and we all know communists and jews wouldn't lie about those, similar to how they didn't lie about jews turned into soap.

As for you fourth picture, communist lives don't matter

Naziposter is a true socialist who also somewhat identifies with nationalist causes. Why can't he call himself a nazi?

Reminder that, nazbols arent leftist.

>Hundreds of thousands of Poles, Greeks, Dutch, Yugoslavs, Italians, English, French, Scandinavians, Germans
With "White Nationalists" like this, who needs Jews?

so are you a nazi or not? I'm extremely confused.

nazbols are doing more than you are to seize the means of production comrade

Those weren't "communists" but random civilians slaughtered during reprisals.

Like what, hosting traditionalist reading groups in the cellar of a Russian esoteric bookstore?


Get on
level comrade

It's a 4D game of chess

Those who defend jews shan't call themselves a nazi.
No longer than a racial or sexual free market here. In fact, you are more likely to be banned here than Holla Forums if you have anti-political correct idea.

How so?

So has Holla Forums become sort of boogieman in Holla Forums?

go away, newfag

Go away, fucking spooked by Holla Forums faggot.

Apparently, a mongolian basket weaving board is supposedly scaring this indonesian cartoon board, get the fuck outta here.

Where's the lefty version of this?

Only a newfag would ask a question like that precisely because pol's presence was always significant and un-subtle among us. This chan belongs to them

Can you point the Holla Forums's significant presence right now?

Even in this thread, there are like one nazi top?

Holy fucking shit, that one nazi (not that fake "naziposter") post is already gone.

This fucking board man.

just lurk more, newbie

Provide proof or fuck off.

lurk more

Fuck off.

The Polish people refused to accept the German plan to import millions of Jewish, gypsy, homosexual and communist rapefugees from all across Europe in their lands so they had to be cowed into submission to implement 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Hitler🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧's radical Cultural Marxist agenda.

I mean that's the only remaining explanation if you believe Auschwitz was a holiday camp with free theaters and swimming pools.

Not even Catholic school goes through as much doublethink, denial, revisionism and apologetics as nazi fanboys do.

no, u no understand.
all of those deaths are on jewish hands

We had a guy with the egalitarian flag post race realism threads here.

It may surprise you, but I actually don't care that much about this whole "holocaust" thing. The reason I bring it up is that the only people that screech and whine about it more than the Simon Wiesenthal Center is people like you.

So I ask: If none of this stuff happened, what justified destroying Europe?

Care enough to make a thread about it.

There's no justification, the jews want to destroy Europe, thus their scheme results in brother's war.

where's that pic with hitler sabotaging his own bicycle

Yeah, unfortunately, the "naziposter" doesn't believe that.

He should stop calling himself a nazi.

No, in fact he should keep calling himself a nazi because it triggers you and your ilk

Blitzkrieging your way through everything isn't "a brother's war".

He's a "nazi" because he's a nationalist socialist
Kind of like a socialist calling himself a "commie"

Why is there a new Holla Forums now? What the heck?

No, he's lying to himself and everyone around him.

Technically, the jews were the first to declare war against Nazi Germany, and it's a brother war because it's forced by the jewish hands.

No nazi ever gives a shit about the holocaust or think it's a worthwhile justification of WW2.

He's a fraud and a liar.

board split due to BO sectarianism.


The first thing Nazi Germany did was securing the jew's wealth.

Their intention was not to harm Europe.

He doesn't lie, he just calls other nazis out for their bullshit, his crime is being honest.

So… Wich side is this one on? And what even were the sides?

So much that they also "secured" wealth from every country in Europe

/Leftpol/ is for ancoms and leftcoms etc i think while Holla Forums is tankir

Oops, ☭TANKIE☭*

we still haven't figured that out yet

No, they didn't. They did not invade every countries, and some countries were pretty much harmless like Denmark, in fact some danes voluteered to fight for nazis.

No, he calls himself a nazi, yet not being one, that's a lie.

Are anarchists the new trots?

Just because you're a nationalist socialist doesn't mean you have to believe everything hitler did was right (including not enforcing true socialism)

No, you don't, just that every nazi has a beef against jew, and believe that the holocaust doesn't matter in a single iota.

If it happens, it's not enough.
If it didn't happen, it should happen.

What do you mean they didn't? The Nazis looted every country they invaded, plundered tons of goods, seized their industries, forced them to borrow money, and artificially fixed their currencies to benefit Germany.

They stole art and gold from around Europe. They hauled away the entire Amber Room.
Hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish non-communist Poles and eastern Europeans were worked to death in the factories of Krupp and other industrialists.


Hitler ordered Paris to be destroyed, they razed Warsaw. They planned to do the same to St Petersburg and Moscow. As well as starve dozens of millions more to death. (Hunger Plan)


I thought this whole death-cult-slavery thing was Jewish?
If all of that didn't result in the liquidation of the European Jewry, what then was it all for?

Nazis hate their really existing countries just as they hate really existing Europeans.

*gobble up literally 5 countries, have plans to supplant and/or exterminate the slavic populations, have pogroms, have labor camps*

Hitler was a commie and the world hated him for seizing property and trying to normalize a cleaner gulag system

Yeah, you are right, however, it's still true that the holocaust was a political hoax. All those people died in famines and disease outbreak; some of them didn't die at all, like that reddit holocaust survivor who was in the list of dead.

"Bolshevism preaches the international class struggle, the international world revolution with the weapons of the terror and the violence. Not Socialism fights for the reconciliation and consequent adjustment of the differences in life and the union of all for common benefits. Bolshevism teaches the overcoming of an alleged class rule by the dictatorship of the power of a different class. Not Socialism does not attach importance to a only theoretical rule of the working class, but especially on the practical improvement of their living conditions and standard of living. Bolshevism fights for a theory and, for it, sacrifices millions of people, immense values of traditional culture and traditions, and achieves, compared with us, only a very low standard of living for all."

kys Hitler's dream was ethnical socialism. The total abolition of capital and individual property rights.

Where did Hitler say this? Give proofs


When did the DPRK start a war that killed millions of Europeans?

gook lives matter too

Dunno about other places but in Burgerland we're taught "both sides" in that the Japanese were brutal imperialistic, in some cases even worse than the US but that the US in return fucked them so hard and we used two mainly civilian cities as a nuclear testing ground. The dropping of the bombs is treated really solemnly and surprisingly unpatriotic, especially now that Japan is our ally and most kids love anime so they're naturally sympathetic. About Germany we're pretty much taught "Nazi's where bad and killed jews mkay?" and not much else. Not taught much about the economic structure or how the Treaty of Versailles pushed Germany to the point of extremism.


Haven't seen a take this hot in a long, long time.

Hitler was a fascist. Like all fascists, he was a capitalist.

The DPRK stood in the way of Korean independence and started a war that killed 2.5 million civilians and 2 million soldiers. Korea belonged to Japan, and was meant to be independent after Japan's retreat. It was not meant to be another Soviet slave farm.

They never even had real democracy for as long as they existed. They started out with a puppet dictator and are still in the same lineage. Now 25 million people live in horrible conditions over a Russian commie state that doesn't even exist anymore.

Though some might be referring to Holla Forums in a "boogeyman" fashion, it's undeniable that many Holla Forumsacks are active on Holla Forums — just take a look at any thread on the subject of nationalism, race, immigration, etc. Most don't even hide they're from Holla Forums or similar right-wing boards.

This is literally ten times more retarded than pointing out that Hitler was a collectivist socialist.

In Nazi germany, industries had to either collude with the government or be forcefully seized. There was no private property the way we understand today. Working for the government is not owning private property.



No, they weren't. Don't tell me you still believe that one Daily Express headline is proof that they did…

Holohoax memes have been refuted millions of times and this thread has no other purpose than shilling for Holla Forumss retarded conspiracy theories.

Not a surprise that commies are like that. Nazi Germany was like the Soviet reforms, only without mass starvation. That's why this is such a big beef for you cock sucking trannies, isn't it?

Allowing rich Jews to flee in exchange for a share of their money isn't "securing the Jews' wealth".

Do you not know what happened to the Asserist faction of the nazi party? Hitler killed off and exiled the socialist part of the party.

Go read about the DPRK thread here, faggot

This is like saying Soviet Russia was actually pro capitalism because they had to privatize after their economic failures.

There's a difference between privatizing one or two things after seizing 50 of the industries vs being capitalistic. Stop headline-mining and cherrypicking and see the real whole picture, there was little to no private property in Nazi Germany, and their "private" enterprises were similar to Brazilian state enterprises where the government has a golden share and decides what the company does.

Woah, what an evil capitalist! Did you know that one industry was also privatized after he seized the entire economy? That pretty much proves how much of a capitalist he was. Here's also a quote of one of the 400 hours of Hitler's speeches that gives a mild critique of socialism.

idk which state you live in, but in Texas where I was born in raised in, we were taught about Woodrow Wilson and the 14 points, and how Versailles was a failure because the other nations ignored poor ole Wilson, and were too busy trying to punish Germany, and how this pretty much set the stage for hitler's rise to power

I think someone wasn't paying attention in class

"But, the transformation — either into joint-stock companies and trusts, or into State-ownership — does not do away with the capitalistic nature of the productive forces. In the joint-stock companies and trusts, this is obvious. And the modern State, again, is only the organization that bourgeois society takes on in order to support the external conditions of the capitalist mode of production against the encroachments as well of the workers as of individual capitalists. The modern state, no matter what its form, is essentially a capitalist machine — the state of the capitalists, the ideal personification of the total national capital. The more it proceeds to the taking over of productive forces, the more does it actually become the national capitalist, the more citizens does it exploit. The workers remain wage-workers — proletarians. The capitalist relation is not done away with. It is, rather, brought to a head. But, brought to a head, it topples over. State-ownership of the productive forces is not the solution of the conflict, but concealed within it are the technical conditions that form the elements of that solution." Engels

Read a book

The Nazis oversaw a massive wave of privatizations. In fact, the very word privatization (Privatisierung in German) was used to describe their policies.

The entire capitalist apparatus was left untouched in Germany, private property and markets thoroughly existed. The state grip on the economy didn't tighten until 1938 with Schachts removal and the introduction of Gohring's firm. Nazis only nationalized some businesses while privatizing the most lucrative ones. The return on capital was very high during this era, those who benefited most in the Nazi economy were the bourgeois, the industrialists and the upper classes

Do Burgerland even have a common history program on the national level? I thought each school was largely independent.

The Nazis staged a false flag attack posing as Poles to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland. The Nazis started the war.

The differences are mostly based over the War of Northern Aggression.

There's no such thing as an economy without property and exchange. That would be true for Soviet Russia, for the DPRK, and any other commie state you faggots support. Whenever the commie dictator had an autistic grudge against currency and exchange, it probably marked the worst periods in those countries.

The "privatization" of a seized enterprise was not actually privatization. As I stated previously, it was the equivalent of state enterprises of the modern world, where the government still has the head of the enterprise.

M8 the nazis built their economy around usury and building up their military for the the sake of conquering Europe, Hitler even talked about his intent to invade Eastern Europe in his little self-wank book. They were also perfectly happy to work with international Jewish bankers for that purpose, their anti-semitism was aimed primarily at the working class and petit-bourgeoisie as a way to win over dupes like you earn the loyalty of the other porkies who were able to swoop in and take over the new openings in the economy. Even when they captured some members of the Rockefeller family, they simply ransomed them off rather than executing despite the fact that they were one of the biggest boogiemen in nazi propaganda.
Nationalism, especially ethno-nationalism, is nothing but a way for the ruling class to control people like you, its all a big scam- just look at how Israel supported literal neo-nazis in Ukraine during the ongoing conflict there. Additionally, its incredibly dehumanizing towards the very people it claims to champion, erasing individuals and reducing them to faceless representatives of the collective, as if humans were some sort of hive insect. You people are the enemies of the "white race" you claim to love so much.

I think you mean the Rothschilds.

are all schools independent??

independent? I guess they're called independent school distracts, so I guess so?

A common history what-gram???
do you mean like, do they all teach the same things? I guess they get around to teaching em.

idk how schools here work, hell if you asked the people who ran them how they worked, they probably couldn't tell you either.

or maybe I don't know because i'm a dumb trailer trash hick,

Yeah my bad, I'm tired as fuck. I accidentally an "and" in there too

Nazis killed 70 million Europeans. The fact that the mods haven't saged this thread shows that BO was in line with Holla Forums to subvert this place.

Rightists have low lQ. You can't fool us Holla Forums

Butthurt Holla Forumsyp detected.

Mods can check my IP, they know I'm not rightist based on my post history. Whoever made this thread needs to be banned. Using terms like "jewish bolshevik" holy fuck you are retarted.

Are you on the spectrum?

I said private property. And this has nothing to do with what I said

State enterprises have existed throughout the entire history of capitalism. You don't actually think welfare and the state doing things is socialism, do you?

t. book burning nazi

I think they actually chose the better of the two options.



Why won't people post the full PDFs?
And why haven't you included a source?

First image is from Against the mainstream: Nazi privatization in 1930s Germany by Germà Bel
Second is from The Nazi Hydra in America by Glen Yeadon
Third is from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer
Fourth is from Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of Not Socialism, 1933-1944 by Franze Neumann
Last image is from The Role of Private Property in the Nazi Economy by Christoph Buchheim & Jonas Scherner

Tip: If you ever see an excerpt and you don't know where it's from, just type part of it into google and you'll find it.
I couldn't find the PDFs for all of them.
Please - and this goes for everyone - show some courtesy and include sources in your infographics or excerpts. Better yet if you post the PDFs.



are youthe yuropoor poster who cant understand stirner? if you are post more tribal qts pls

I am indeed a Yuropoor but I am quite familiar with Stirner's philosophy and rarely post anime girls, so you're probably thinking of someone else. If you're interested, her name's Kuruminha and she's the mascot of the Brazilian board BRchan.

Easy: they had no choice. After UK and France declared war on Germany, Hitler made several peace offers and was always refused. The UK even attempted to keep some of the offers secret because brits would be strongly in favor of it. So Germany could either surrender and get fucked for sure or fight on and hope the adversary wouldn't be willing to waste dozens of millions of lives just to destroy them.
No. Were you asleep all the way through high school?

Let's not, how 'bout that?
I thought it was common knowledge that the whole holocaust denial thing is just a propaganda tactic, and that any tr00 nazi is on board with antisemitism and genocide.

Hold up, yank schools hide japanese war crimes? That's is messed up

So let's say that the nefarious Anglos deliberately refused a peace offer. What about the Eastern Front? What about the millions of Poles, Belarusians, Russians, Balts, Ukranians, etc.?
Weren't they white Europeans too?

Perhaps also consider looking up Clare Hollingworth, a 'Daily Telegraph''' journalist who just before the outbreak of the war pointed out a military build-up along the Polish border.

doing the lord's work user

Hitler wanted peace with Britain so he could destroy the Soviet Union without interference, and probably under his own terms, having annexed Austria, Czechoslovakia and the poles

The meme is that bolan started it by murdering ethnic germans
Then Hitler went above and beyond because he was a sperg


wait m8 in what way are you a nazi

On Flick, I would say that he was probably the richest man in the world after he was released from prison in the 50s. His industrial empire was worth $2 billion in that decade; he later moved to Austria where he died the country’s richest man with a declared fortune of $6 billion. Under the Nazis he rose to become a dollar-billionaire which was a very exclusive club at the time and would put you neck and neck with almost any of the plutocrats of today.

Hitler died a billionaire in today’s money and Goering was probably a dollar-billionaire given the enormous industrial concerns that he personally owned.

He's a socialist who loves his nation.


If you suck the Ameridick enough, America will suck you off as well.

Finding an American history class that teaches that an ally of the United States did anything wrong (other than having a conflict with the United States) is like finding the Holy Grail. Even then, it can be fairly generous,l. For instance, in my classes, they pretty much admit that the United States was the aggressor in the Spanish-American War.

And they did not invade every countries in Europe.

Proof that it's a false flag attack? Jesus fuck, that's new.

Word, word, word, do not care about your race, goy.

As said, Hitler didn't start the war, jews declared war on Germany way before Hitler did anything.

But come on, if you are a nazi, you already know that, right?

Bullshit, what is his nation?

It's the proof they did though.

As said, proof?

One or two right-wingers do not mean Holla Forums.

They didn't loot every country they invaded no.

And yet Paris remains untouched thorough the war.

Come the fuck on, stop calling yourself a nazi, you are an embarassment for the word nazi.

It was either that or let Stalin conquer all of yurop and steal everyone's crops.

Does Spain suck a lot of American benis?

They're a part of NATO, so pretty much.

The fact that the holocaust didn't happen is a huge blemish on Hitler's Nazi party. Leftists arguing that it happened based on faulty evidence are, by extension, supporting Not Socialism.

By that logic claiming the Protocols of Elder of Zion is a forgery makes you antisemite.


I used to like Hitler until I found out that the Holocaust never happened.

Are you talking about the Russians or the Nazi's here?

Believing that is like believing 9/11 was an inside job.



You forgot where you are.

I can't believe i just chuckled my way through this shporgasport

That's just how it goes if you engage in a glorious Totalkrieg zum Endzieg.
You have to keep in mind that Hitlerism is not a rational political theory, it's an eschatological ideology infused with faux race science. You first have to see as the entire history of the world as simply wars of race against race, where the loser is extinguished and the victor free to develop and thrive. Never mind that history looks nothing like this, you have to imagine it as such. Also note the influence of capitalist logic here: there is no existing next to each other in equilibrium; each race continually seeks to grow, and those that do not will eventually become prey to the races that have grown, expanded, and so on. Then you have to look at the position of the German race at the time of Hitler's ascendancy. It's easy to see how the race was in decline, which can only end in extermination, either through slow Jewish subversion, or through a swift deluge of Asiatics streaming down from the steps directed by the Judeo-Bolshevik masters. Obviously, radical steps have to be taken if the race is to survive, even dangerous gambles that will kill millions of Volksgenossen, because to continue along the current trajectory spells certain doom!
That's what it boils down to. Because the race is on the cusps of being extinguished, everything is permitted, and no matter how slim the chances of victory, the fight has to be joined with the utmost ruthlessness, because complacency is racial death. Once you accept the illogical premise of win-or-die racial struggle, the rest follows quite logically. There is no live and let live in a struggle to the death.
This is the kind of thinking that lets you declare war on the Soviet Union and the US both in the span of about half a year.

Communist partisans engaging in rebellion are not random civilians.

I should definitely take this argument seriously, the tone and structure reveals that it is an honest and sincere argument. Why would anyone bother taking your motivated reasoning at face value?

What about Warsaw? What about millions of enslaved Europeans? What about asset seizures in the east? Did you even look up the massacres in the 4th image?

Tell me then, what tone should I use? Because I find it hard to take this stance of eternal victimhood very seriously.

Warsaw has a shitton of jews.
Massacres in war, everyone do that.
Maybe a bit more respectful considering you call yourself a nazi.

most of you advocate for a form of communism

yes it does. Holla Forums is one person

That's literally idpol friendo

They're not retarded if you just believe.

See the PDF I included, and an earlier post of mine about art theft and the Hunger Plan.

Well isn't that great. So it's just the same stuff as everyone else?

London had jews, Paris had jews, I guess those cities deserved to be leveled as well?
What about Rotterdam? Kiev? All the other towns and cities? Is it okay to destroy an entire city just because it has a few jews in it? Do you actually know anything about the Warsaw uprising, and how it occurred after the deportations of jews to the various Holiday Parks™ around Europe?
Can you figure out how I know you're an American?

Maybe you could actually follow the late Fuhrer's example and read a book.

So there's no proof, just a plan of somebody else.
Yes? War is the same for everyone.
London was bombed, Paris was conquered, for all its worth Warsaw was not leveled, only the jewish ghettos were messed with, because they hid the jewish resistances.
Funny considering Nazi Germany has spared cities where they don't touch anything on the ground where the enemies peaceful surrender, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark.
The GHETTO upririsng, which happened the jews live in the ghetto.
I'm not american, I'm a vietnamese.
The late fuhrer would have burned your fucking book and slap your lying mouth for calling yourself a nazi.

>Million of non-jewish slave laborers? Liars, fantasy.
We're hitting revisionism levels thought to be impossible.

Non-white Holla Forumsyp, how typical.

A nazi, talking about revisionism?

Jesus fuck, stop calling yourself a nazi, you are an embarassment to the word.

And for the record:
Fucking kikes and kike empathizers, literally.

Funny how that works, shouldn't all jews have been shipped aboard to Happy Fun camps?

By putting things into context, it's obvious Jews got Shoah'd.

Hot take: The Holocaust and actions Nazi Germany did weren't even that bad by historical standards of things white people did. It was just the most dramatic worst thing white people did to other white people in Europe.

Lol at that second image claiming no documentation and attempting to spin the Soviet Union as a jewish state.

Is this bait? That can be spun against literally any "player" of the war.

Only by the screaming ☭TANKIE☭s. Are you too much of a brainlet to realize Stalinism isn’t representative of the left.

And the idea that an economy can’t exist without property is false. Exchange is necessary but that exchange can happen between any individuals or entities including the government alone, it’s not synonymous with conplex markets.

The French Bourgeoisie did ransack the French church during the French Revolution, read up about the Biens Nationaux. Church goods sold at auctions at 3:30 AM so that nobody would show up and stuff would pretty much be sold for free.

It's been debunked as a "proof" ages ago, you tremendous faggot. What the headline described is a metaphorical war in the form of a boycott sponsored by a handful of Jewish organizations, not an actual war "the Jews" couldn't even have declared anyway.

They invaded virtually all of Europe, from France to the Soviet Union. What the fuck are you on? Did you ever open a high school book?

It's not "new", historians know about that stuff since the end of the war. SS officer Alfred Naujocks confessed to carrying out the false-flag attack.

Really made me think.

I don't even get why Holla Forumsyps are so adamant about "debunking" the holocaust. Why does it even matter if Jews are the incarnation of evil anyway?
Of course, it's all related to the perpetual persecution complex. Even when their ideological ilk slaughtered millions of Europeans, they remain the "victims".
In this light denying the holocaust is actually much more damning than admitting or ignoring it. What does it say about them if Europe got ravaged so Jews could supposedly have pool parties at holiday camps? (Or whatever Holla Forums thinks Auschwitz was)

They really can't stop shooting themselves in the foot.

oh my god

So did the nazis killed all the poles in Warsaw?
Did they in fact raze down Warsaw?

Really makes me think.

The fact that headline is allowed to be published at all means the jews have declared war against Germany.

And what do you do when you are declared war against? You defend yourself.

They did not invade all of Europe, do you study history?
So it's post-war shit, anybody trust this shit? Because I don't, it can be propaganda.
Reading shit wouldn't stop me from wanting to protect my race.

imagine my shock

it might help that theres actual discussion going on here while on Holla Forums its a pointless contest on who can drink the most donald duck semen

I'm sorry who is this in the pic?

Brazilian instagram girlie, she doesn't have many pictures.


No. The Nazi false flag's execution is well documented whereas there is no evidence supporting the fact that 9/11 was an inside job.

… No, it isn't. Again: It was an analogy, you absolute moron. It wasn't even a declaration of any of the orgs involved in the boycott effort, just how it was reported by the Daily Express — which was the only newspaper to word it that way.

Nazis Debunkoed like Drumpfo.


The best way to save Europe is to destroy it :DDDDDD


archive.org/stream/HitlerTableTalk/Hitler TableTalk_djvu.txt

How can Holla Forums ever recover from this thread?

I don't care about jews and communists, nor their enablers

Good idea, wars aren't cheap. I support the seizure of jewish and marxist wealth

Did you read any of the PDFs or sourced infographics posted here?
Local peasants being forced to live in backyard sheds because colonists took their homes and land is not '"'seizing jewish wealth."''
Razing some of Europe's grandest cities and planning to do so to dozens more is not "seizing jewish and marxist wealth."
Enslaving millions of people to be worked to death in the factories of Krupp, BMW and other conglomerates is not "seizing jewish and marxist wealth".
What about the reprisals? The terror bombings? Millions of POWs intentionally starved to death? The hundreds of thousands that died in St Petersburg? A city like Paris was scheduled - by Hitler - to be reduced to gravel down to the bedrock. Are the French jewish now?

The visceral disgust you and all other American neo-nazis evoke is difficult to even put in words.
It's clear you and the rest of you disgusting simpletons don't give one fuck about Europe, Europeans or European culture. I can just about smell the rancid Americanism emanating from across the Atlantic.
Don't for a second think that gouge mongrels such as yourself carry the true legacy of European civilization.
Please do everyone a favor, fuck off and stay forever on your side of the Atlantic.

I've been a hardcore Holla Forums right winger for years, until I started reading some Zionists, just to know your enemy.

Turns out the Zionists all supported antisemitism to encourage Jewish immigration to Europe. I started reading more and found out the Zionists actually allied with Nazi Germany.

The more I think about it, the more obvious it is that Hitler was a Zionist agent. Just think about it - without Hitler, there would be no Israel.

If you look at what was happening right before Hitler came to power, Stalin purged the Jewish Trotksyite, another Zionist group from power. Awfully "convenient" of Hitler to come to power right at that time, with the stated goal of going to war with Stalin.

Also, Hitler collaborated with Zionists despite their anti-semitism. Both benefited each other,since the Nazi's anti-semitism contributed to Jewish immigration from Europe.


Also tfw you ally with the Japanese Empire and let them force European prisoners into forced labor and sexual slavery.

Hitler's view in 1941, recorded in Hitler's Table Talk

Dr Joseph Goebbels, in his 10 March 1942 diary entry, wrote that

That isn't the true. Political Zionism was first and foremost a reaction to violent antisemitism in Europe . Some Machiavellian Zionists might have promoted a cynical tolerance of increasing antisemitism to further their goals, but to say they "all supported" antisemitism is nonsense.

Only a tiny segment of fascist-inspired fanatics did, most notably the Lehi paramilitary. Most Zionists, unsurprisingly, vehemently opposed Nazism in the name of international Jewish solidarity.

Not only are you subscribing to a conspiracy theory-inspired worldview, you also vastly overestimate the influence of political Zionism before the Holocaust.

The establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in the British Mandate of Palestine had been in the works since the end of WWI. The Holocaust was the (big) straw that broke the camel's back but there is no reason to believe the state of Israel would simply not exist if it didn't happen.

Typical Holla Forumstard-turned-tankie nonsense. Trotsky was aggressively anti-Zionist and his supporters weren't more "Jewish" than other Bolsheviks.

Hitler didn't have a "stated goal" of going to war with Stalin. In fact, they even signed a pact of non-aggression and organized a joint invasion of Poland. The Soviets simply got back-stabbed in 1941.

It's true the Nazis did engage with very limited collaboration with the Zionist Federation of Germany through the Haavara agreement, though they arguably did so for no other reason than to appropriate a fraction of the fleeing Jews' wealth since an emigration tax was part of the agreements. No more than 60,000 Jews actually left for Palestine that way and the wider Zionist movement denounced the agreement.

It also contributed to Jews being sent to death camps by the millions. Really makes you think…

Make no mistake, you're still a "hard core Holla Forums right winger" — you merely decided to trade Hitler for Stalin out of boredom or fancy. Please fuck off, we have enough reactionaries masquerading as leftists roaming the place as it is.


It was 10 million Jews atleast that were killed by Adolf Hitler, and holocaust denail laws should be MANDATORY. It also blows my mind how people here downplay the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union.

Same thing as how so called “leftists” here constantly attack Israel, the only place on Earth that the Jewish people have safety, and veil their antiemetic views under “anti-imperialism”.

Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" in the 1920s. There, he talked about the need for "lebensraum" in the East. The only way that could be accomplished was through war with Stalin's Soviet Union.

"Right wing" historically means supporting the status quo. I'm definitely not right wing. I'm not an Asserist either, because just look at how that praxis turned out for the two brothers.

I guess my views are now closest to Varg, though i'm not 100% anarcho-primitivist.

What ideology is this? Does that sound like a particularly right wing guy to you?

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WT actual F?
Even the absolute highest estimates taken from people who were there claim ten thousand Max?


Apparently it's yet another novelist who wildly exaggerated casualties for allied atrocities.
"when scholars do the necessary research, they will find Mr. Bacque's work to be worse than worthless. It is seriously—nay, spectacularly—flawed in its most fundamental aspects. […] Mr. Bacque is wrong on every major charge and nearly all his minor ones. Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was a severe food shortage in 1945,[5] there was nothing sinister or secret about the "disarmed enemy forces" designation or about the column "other losses." Mr. Bacque's "missing million" were old men and young boys in the Volkssturm (People's Militia) released without formal discharge and transfers of POWs to other allies control areas."

That's true, but going to war with the USSR wasn't part of the stated Nazi political program — which explains why Stalin and Hitler were actually allies for a couple of years. To pretend Zionists put Hitler in charge for the sole purpose of undermining Stalin's USSR is unadulterated nonsense.

Yeah, historically, like back in 19th-century France. Its meaning started expanding in the early 20th-century with the appearance of mass-based nationalist movements. Would you dispute that Nazis are right-wing? Yet they weren't mere conservatives, German society under Nazi rule was radically different from what it was during he Weimar Republic era. The Nazis did leave private property and class hierarchy intact, but they completely revolutionized German bourgeois-democratic institutions and the relationship between state and individuals in general — for the worse of course.

Obsession with conspiracy theories about a shadowy cabal corrupting society through the manipulation of world events are a typically right-wing trait.

You dismiss the praxis, but not necessarily the theory — or what little theory there was, anyway.

Yes, your views are now closer to a that of a deluded neo-Nazi LARPing as a viking in the woods. You're a right-winger all right.

Now you people understand why gamers always turn fascist? Hitler was the progenitor of RTS games.


I don't take those claims seriously, just like I don't take the claim of jews being masturbated to death and made in lampshades seriously



they also threw a bunch of underaged boys and girls into chambers and watched what happened before gassing them
nazis are sick fucks



Nazi scum, The Holocaust DID happen, just google "Holocaust pictures" and take a deep long look at the suffering, starvation and murder of innocent people, hope it will shake some sense into your small brain you Nazi bastard

Yeah, ask anyone how many died in Nazi concentration camps and they'll tell you 6 million, but that's only the Jews. The actual number is about double that. And sometimes if you ask how many people the Nazis killed you get the 6 million response even though the deaths from WWII are more like 10 times that. The way that Nazi atrocities got appropriated by Zionists to justify doing the same sort of shit as they did is one of the most fucked up things about the Nazis tbh.

This so much in so many dimensions and so many ways

This isn't even in the same ballpark though. Millions of documented slave laborers, and ruined cities aren't simple anecdotes.
And what about high ranking officers and Albert Speer confirming the existence of the Nero decree? Is that "fake" too?

That picture should have said

some on Holla Forums actually have said that plunging europe into war was a mistake when I have conversed with them
some just say that russia was the mistake
a few say the wrath of the german was inevitable after the shit they had to put up with in WW1

I agree. Germany was a mistake. The Romans should have exterminated them when they had the chance.
(JK my Teutonic friends you're not that bad and you make some great vidya)

The German Army was arguably the most barbaric in the whole theater.

How long does it take for the arsenic from zyklon b to break down and no longer be harmful?

Rome never had the chance to do to Germania what they did to Gaul. And she certainly never had the chance to give Germania the Punic treatment.

Romans trusted the eternal kraut, and it was their downfall

Arminius was a friend of Varus, or so he thought
Varus didn't believe Segestes when he warned him of treachery
he remained blind until the very end

Romans accepted Arminius as their own, he was an officer of the Roman army, and look how it all turned out

I find it funny that Arminius is a key figure in the modern German nationalist mythos
they even built a monument to this fucker

Once a Jew, always a Jew

Roman legions conquered Germania multiple times, one of these just decades after the famous Teutoburg forest battuel. The thing is that the place was so poor and underdeveloped the empire could not be bothered to invest the immense amount of wealth necessary to create enough infrastructure to be able to govern it.
And Gauls were not exterminated by the way, outside of druids which were killed off because they were a threat to Roman dominion.


I don't care about confessions from torture victims.

Nah most of it is based on Anglo Saxon traditions.

Zionists are oven dodgers, fuck outta here pleb

Albert Speer and Dietrich von Choltitz (Commander in Paris at the time) weren't tortured.

Christ. You should really consider picking up a book. You might learn something.
I'm actually convinced you're a troll at this point. There's no way someone exists that is this dense.

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