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n aid of men like Connolly, Barney an McCann
To fight and die until they drive the British from our lands
Young and old side by side fighting day by day
They are the Army of the People -
the Official IRA

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Michael Collins did ___ wrong

Young mick, there's no need to feel down
I said, young mick, put the Brits in the ground
I said, young mick, 'cause there's no need to frown
There's no need to be unhappy

Young mick, there's a group you can join
Young mick, when you're short on your coin
You can slay there, and I'm sure you will be
Making Ireland free once again

It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A
It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A

They have everything for you micks to enjoy
You can hang out with all the bhoys

It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A
It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A

You can make the Brits scream, you can have a clean kill
You can do what about you feel

Young mick, are you listening to me?
I said, young mick, what do you want to be
I said, young mick, you can make real your dreams
But you got to know this one thing

No man does it all by himself
I said, young mick, take your bomb off the shelf
And just go there, down to Londonderry
i'm sure you can blow Brits away

It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A
It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A

They have everything for you micks to enjoy
You can hang out with all the bhoys

It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A
It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A

Young mick, we all walk in your shoes
I said, loyalists give me the blues
I felt no Brit cared if I were alive
I took pride in my Armalite

That's when a Provo came up to me
And said, young mick, take a walk down the street
There's a group there called the P.I.R.A
They can start you back on your way

It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A
It's fun to slay in the P.I.R.A

ITT: nationalists larping as socialists

anti-imperialism is literally always good, whether it's the IRA against the UK, the KMT against Japan, or Hezbollah against Israel

Irish nationalism is more about uniting all of Ireland under a socialist republic, not about the superiority of the irish people

nigger why

imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism, by thwarting imperialism via natbouj you're fighting capitalism, Mao knew this and worked with Chiang until Japanese imperialism was thwarted.

Was the Vietnamese-Cambodian war an act of Vietnamese Imperialism?

The dude above you is talking about killing brits en masse.



That depends, did the socialist government after Pol Pot extract Cambodia's resources and labor for Vietnam's profit? What caused Vietnam to interfere in Cambodia in the first place?

What will happen to Sinn Feinn when based Gerry Adams retires

So if we're going by that metric, how was the KMT-Japanese war anti-imperialism, considering the KMT actively exploited their people?

Again, national bouj is different from imperialist bouj, imperialist bouj is the highest stage, thwarting their development is integral to any leftist project. The KMT were exploitative yes, but it's easier for communists to fight a one front war as opposed to a two front war. Any alliance between communists and national bouj is temporary and ends when the struggle against the imperialists ends.

oh look, it's the Daily Mail again. Haven't you gotten tired about losing every single argument in IRA threads?

I never said that was the purpose of the IRA as a whole, but saying socialist solidarity was also the unifying aim doesn't make sense either, considering the large amount of nationalists within the IRA.

May Lou McDonald will take over, with maybe Pearse Doherty as Deputy. She is from the Republican camp (even started off by joining Fianna Fáil) and I a unimpressed by the supposed Socialist ideals she supposedly holds.

I fear SF moving closer to the centre under her rule, this is one of the main reasons I decided to join People Before Profit instead of SF, as they are explicitly anti-capitalist.

Republican Socialists don't hold anything against the British working class, would you ever fuck off. Pics related, a Glaswegian.

Aren't People Before Profit trotskyists?

Dude, I know they don't. i'm just saying it wasn't the unifying aim of the IRA.

You can't really say the birmingham pub bombings were a mark of solidarity much?

Aye, and it's not my Tendency but they are the largest Far-Left party so I joined it for the sake of practicality. Otherwise I may have joined the Workers Solidarity Movement (AnComs).

I live in a Working Class area of Dublin and PBP represent my area both on Dublin City Council and in the National Parliament, so it seemed like the most-fitting choice.

most of those types of events were either performed by offshoots of the Provos, or happened because of a lack of military discipline (which is natural when you are dealing with paramilitaries).

If you don't want events like this to happen, you do not allow conditions to get so poor that people try resolve the situation by forming large, non-centralised paramilitaries.

I 100% agree that it was a lack of discipline and offshoots of the PIRA. And if you're judging solely on a basis of the Provos, I support the IRA.

Dude, are you actually defending the killers?

the absolute state of "anti-imperialism"

No, you aren't. You're fighting against a foreign oppressor, not against capitalism.

The foreign oppressor is at the highest stage of capitalism, read lenin

Do you see a proletarian movement in the middle east? No? Then Hezbollah kicking out the US and Israel has to do for now.

Most of the NatLib orgs who historically endorsed Marxism-Leninism did so to please the Eastern Bloc and get that sweet free support such a display might lend them. They dropped the pretense of socialism as soon as it didn't provide them with financial or strategic advantages of some sort. That's true of the IRA, the ETA or the Tamil Tigers for instance.

Yes, but it's fought as a foreign oppressor and not a s a capitalist power — which is why so many natlib movements are okay with local capitalism.

natlib movements need to be overthrown by a proletariat movement after kicking out imperialists, yes, I never disagreed with you on that.

wat. The Provos never had Soviet support neither supported the Soviet system, and the Officials and INLA continued to be MLs 'till after the USSR collapsed.

Islamist parties and movements like the Hezbollah gaining influence and monopolizing local politics is part of the reasons why a successful proletarian movement cannot emerge in the Middle East. Why do you think Israel tolerated the emergence of Hamas in the late '80s?

So what you're saying is it's impossible for a prole movement to fight a war on one front in the ME?


I am saying that it is a natural by-product of the mode of the management of paramilitary organisations.
Certain individuals who are bad people will view this scenario as a license to kill, and will target civilians.

If you do not want civilian bombings, then do not allow the conditions for a paramilitary to organically form in the first place.

Also the Provisionals literally split because they did not agree with the Marxist leadership lol

okay, what's wrong with that?

They still had a lot of leftist members though.


This was their position in 1970. I'm even really sure what this could be compared to, Tito's Yugoslavia?


Fuck your edginess. Leftists condemn ALL terroristic activities and mass murders. Justifying atrocities is right wing behavior




sounds like a Win-Win to me

Yes but congrats you've just turned a city against what was a legitimate cause for civil rights. The IRA killed proletarian internationalism for the sake of shitty praxis.

losing a foot is nothing, feel free to complain when you've lost your leg above the knee or your hands are compromised.

it was a key event that brought the Brits to the negotiating table. Who cares what Manchester thinks of the IRA, what are they going to do about it?

As I said, nobody even died. I thought that Brits got most upset over civilian deaths?

Yeah lad..

Do christian commies like to kill fashies and imperialists?

Yes, google Thomas Aquinas Tyrannicide

I actually mistyped, I wasn't trying to claim that the Manchester bombing was the event that brought on discussions, I meant that the bombing was *one* key event that brought the Brits to the negotiating table (which really only happened once Gerry got involved).

Ah right, the 292 injured because of the largest peacetime bomb werent injured enough for you, ritteee.

That's bollocks tho, there was a ceasefire that started in 1994 and the road to talks was already being journeyed on, it was the IRA who broke the ceasefire in 1996.

I was remembering my dates wrong, thought the Manchester bombing was a few years earlier. My mistake.

Really activates the almonds

is there any reason to support the IRA other than "Muh anglo imperialism"



You didn't put an argument forward in your original post, why would you expect an argument in response?

I wasn't making an argument, I was asking is there any reason to support the IRA other than the cop out answer they endlessly hammer but refuse to give any detail on

Do you want to go into the details of British imperialism and why the IRA formed? I can't tell

The Provos disarmed in 2005, I don't know how one "supports" the IRA in the present without being a Dissident Republican (supporter of the CIRA, RIRA, or Republican Sinn Féin).

None of these groups are popular in any Nationalist community.


born to reunite ireland
world is a fuck
459,286,731 exploded cars

No, most IRA wanks are LARPing yanks: was always the case. The 'RA got most of its money from people with O' in their names in pubs in Boston.



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