You guys are often telling me to read, and I've been saving a shit ton of PDF's and been trying...

You guys are often telling me to read, and I've been saving a shit ton of PDF's and been trying, but since I'm eurofag and english is not my native language, it becomes terribly annoying, irritable and takes lot of effort to read any theory at all. I remember trying to read Ego and It's Own, but even that became too difficult to read, but then I got to a LibriVox audiobook version of Ego and It's Own, and it was much easier, I managed to listen to half of the entire volume.

I have a specific question - how do you feel about audiobooks when compared to text formats? Are there any other people out there who prefer audiobooks?

Asking this because for non-native english speaker, audiobook is easier to understand than plain reading. I'm not saying this because I'm dyslectic or brainlet, I frequently read field-related books and I've read entire history books in my native language, but much of leftist theory simply isn't available in my native language, and reading in english is annoying, taxing effort for me, so I've found that unless it's available in my native language, I'll resort to audio materials. For example, I found neat collection of Chomsky lectures/audiobooks from PirateBay, and I often like listening to Zizek's lectures despite not reading from him.

You are allowed to make fun of me and call me a brainlet if you need to get that out of your system, but I'd rather you reply ITT honestly.

This sounds great. Look man, get your theory however you can. I appreciate that you are dedicated like this.
How do you find audio books of leftist material? Would be great to listen to throughout the day.

You just have to keep reading in English, it's the only way to make it less irritable. English is a pisspoor easy language, you literally have no excuses except for your laziness.

t. also a non-English speaker

Of course keep reading theory in your native language whenever you can

Polite sage
The ego and his own is notorious for being hard to read. I can't imagine trying to read society of the spectacle as a non-English speaker.

Didn't read The Ego but i had no trouble with the Spectacle. You just have to concentrate. Don't try reading too fast, it's not a race. Read carefully and with understanding..

Some of you may be reading in competition with the possibility of another financial recession taking place. It sort of is, then.

I didn't know that one, I was actually beating myself up for not being able to effectively read it since Holla Forums always says Stirner memers are "kiddie tier" so I assumed Stirner would be a good entry level read. Turned out this is not true.

Thanks, I appreciate your support.
I usually search on Piratebay for some and Youtube for the rest. Librivox contains some books too but many are just general fiction literature like Oscar Wilde.

I think I am able to read and understand 95% of anything ever written in english, but when something gets very technical or overly poetic, I begin to see words I don't know the exact meanings of and not being able to understand these words accumulates until I fail to understand entire sentences and paragraphs.

What's your language?

we mock stirnerites as being kiddie tier because hes like a leftist nietzche; pretty complicated so he gets misunderstood and memed into being an edgelord (ie "God is dead XD" or "Everyone is my property XD" that sure to attract 13 yr old brainlets) also because reading and applying ego and his own completely into your life functionally turns you into a sociopath.
neither can most native speakers,dw.
judging from your complaints it seems your english isnt the problem, its how you read. you just need to read slowly and take notes. try to "study" the book and extract knowledge instead of blasting through it just to get it done and expect the info to be hand fed to you.

I don't know I tried to read The Spectacle and ended up reading some Marx and then Lenin, I might return sometime but it triggered the hell out of me how abstract it was. It was like I was filling in the blanks of what he meant as I read, instead of garnering any insight.

I don't think stirner is easy or bad philosophy, it's just that when Stirner was a bigger thing in the past, and even still today, you will get people who make autistic posts with some meme tier shit as justification.

I really don't think it is a language barrier, I agree with this user. I think Stirner specifically makes subtle jokes throughout the Ego book.

while we have a reading thread going, can someone give me advice on how to get motivated to read? like once i start im usially pretty good, but how do i get comfy enough to actually start?

Make a schedule. You have to have a period in your day for 20 or so minutes of reading. Whenever your down period in the day or whatever is set aside that time for reading. Set an alarm on your phone if you need to. Just getting into the habit of reading a little bit every day will make it much easier to be motivated. It might be tough in the beginning but just force yourself to do it.

I don't find them as engaging but whatever works is whatever works.

It's better to understand one thing than to kind-of understand several things.

What languages are you comfortable with?

You can always look for leftist literature in your language. I know Marx's works are also written in French and German. You can probably find Stirner's work in German
Depends on what kind of europoor you are

Audiobooks are good IMO. I'm currently reading the bread book the text and the audio one at the same time. That english has some peculiarities and audiobook makes it harder to use a dictionary but it's easier to keep the pace and no go daydreaming that way.
Also: Emma Goldman's anarchism and other essays is fucking awesome on librivox. The style is marvellous.

Chomsky is easy even without audio. I mean: very easy, gets you very angry and that anger keeps you going for more. Understanding power is much better than manufacturing consent. MC is just a database to point to when debating liberals or conservatives.

As a non-native speaker, I actually find listening a lot harder than reading, but since my English is pretty good I'm fine with both.

I like listening to librivox on the bus, but the shitty part is that a good chunk of the audios there are terribly read since they're amateurs. Anyone know where I can get professional audiobook torrents?

Jesus Christ, why read this garbage?

read fuckin Lenin, it's been translated in every language existent, let alone yuro ones

well memed

Use LibGen for PDFs. It has a relatively big collection so you might have a better chance of finding something in your language. It also contains copyrighted works.

Lenin was an orthodox marxist so he "quickened" history and erected state capitalism to reach the final stage of capitalism so then revolution and socialism will take place. This is your brain on historical determinism.

Stirner ain't more garbage than Lenin, you got memed. Both have good and bad sides, you just have be intelligent.

Also, Georg Luk√°cs FTW

Lenin wasn't a menshevik.

Lenin made a revolution, you piece of shit

Amazon has it, just not for free