Third World communists

What do you guys think third world communists think about The West's communists obessesion with lgbt+ and feminism politics is? I think they are pretty conservative on nuclear family etc. But just my own guess

position on cultural issues is, as one would guess, varied according to the culture the movement finds itself in. You know what doesnt change though? Class struggle.

The western left's biggest mistake is focusing on SocJus instead of class struggle. Third worlders understand this better than anyone in the west. Simple.

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Read Engels on underdevelopment and class-consciousness

Third world "communists" tend to be natlib reactionaries or proxies for some BRICS country nowadays. Proletarian revolt can only happen in an industrialized capitalist economy not a feudal agrarian one.

1917 russia
cuba 1959


I unironically suffer from straight ciswhitemale guilt OCD. I can't help but search out triggering sjw content to trigger myself with. I think I'll end up either going alt right or choosing they/them pronouns ( many of my fellow ciswhite leftist males do that don't they). Seriously how can I meme myself into believing I'm actually a transmasculine nonbinary person who can lay claim to trans oppression?

You've already lost, being a leftist is hating the game, not the players. Hating the players is what the right and liberals do and it accomplishes nothing.

None of which were -proletarian- revolutions. By Lenin's own admission the February Revolution was an agrarian revolution, led by the peasant class and in the interests of the peasant class. This, for example, is why the Soviet Union required the New Economic Policy - as a concession to agricultural interests.

as I see it you have two options:
1)reject identitarian PoMo nonsense completely, not simply pick sides within the paradigm
2)kill yourself

most workers' orgs in the third world have attitudes toward LGBT and sometimes women's rights that Westerners would call reactionary, simply because Western identity struggles are not really represented the same way in countries like India or Ethiopia

The only political orgs very concerned with lgbt in these countries tend to be Westernizing liberals, whose shittiness causes LGBT stuff to sometimes be resented by association

what feudal agrarian countries still exist

This isn't 1917, India today is just as capitalist as Germany then

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Maybe 'identity politics' IS just empathy and basic human decency as practiced by decent humans everywhere

You sure? For reference this was said in a country that is going through a deep recession, extreme attacks on labor rights and that had a coup d'etat last year.

"Third world communists" are not a monolith, and thinking they are seems to speak to a "noble savage" romanticization of them. Attitudes towards lgbt and feminist issues varies from organization to organization. Some condemn homosexual behavior as reactionary and Western, others do not, as I recall a same-sex wedding was officiated between two members of the New People's Army (the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines). Feminist politics have long gone hand-in-hand with communist politics in the sense of gender equality so that tends to be pretty universal, how this plays out will vary between organizations, how much emphasis is placed on women's liberation and what organizational tactics are adopted in relation to the issue.


True irony is the fact that "idpol" is not only present in Third World communist movements, but communist movements are swimming in it.

A large number of Naxals (some sources even say the majority) are women, and the movement has historically put women's liberation at the center of their political program. Liberation Theology (AKA Christian idpol) has played a huge role in the Bolivarian Revolutions in Latin America; even the FARC has embraced it. Caste was more important than class for the Nepali Maoists before they went full revisionist. South Africa's communist party sees class and race as generally one and the same. Even the over a dozen US military bases in Syria/YPJ's spontaneity is influenced by their Yezidism and Alevism (antinomian Sufism).

To be fair, I'm a lot more sympathetic to idpol movements in places where minorities are grossly subjugated and massacred. It's one thing to protest the arbitrary arrest and torture of homosexuals in Egypt and another to discuss the finer points of transgender bathroom policies in Sweden

Well, that's because Nepal was mostly still a feudal country, so the main contradictions they faced were along traditional lines, not capitalist ones. However, in defense of some of the Maoists there, not all of them went revisionist, a significant part wages people's war against the government coalition, who refuses to kick out Indian investors, since the economy is quite dependent on it. It's quite a predicament, if they were to kick out the Indians they would be blamed for further impoverishing the country, if they didn't, they would be attacked as being revisionist.


The West is the only place where genuine socialist revolution can occur, because 1. the West has all of the infrastructure and institutions (schools, hospitals, technology, housing, etc.) needed to pull off socialism without a hitch, and 2. the basic paradigm of the West since early Christianity has been universalist ("there is no Jew or Greek, you are all one in Christ"). Most 3rd World "socialists" are just nationalists/turd positionists (think Gaddafi or Mugabe) who care more about preserving their peoples' traditions over economic development and proletarian revolution. Of course they fight the West, but is "the West" truly the biggest enemy of socialism? On the contrary, Western culture is the biggest asset of socialism since the West has always held a belief in transcendence. Westerners look to the future, not a glorified romantic past.


Other than your poor choice of words, I agree.

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