Daily News Thread 11/25

Pentagon likely to announce US has 2,000 troops in Syria, not 500

The Pentagon may finally reveal the true number of its troops present on the ground in Syria, officials have told Reuters. Presently, the official number stands at around 500 servicemen, but the actual figure reportedly hovers around 2,000 troops.

Lebanon's Hariri takes critical line on Hezbollah

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Saturday that he would not accept Iran-backed Hezbollah’s positions that “affect our Arab brothers or target the security and stability of their countries”, a statement from his press office said.

Norway’s pricey F-35s caught sending ‘sensitive data’ to US

Norway’s new F-35 fighter jets boast an impressive array of high-tech gadgetry, but Norwegian defense officials were surprised to learn of one unadvertised feature: the pricey plane relays sensitive data back to its US manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

US wants to divide Sudan into 5 parts – president

Washington is eager to divide the already-split Northern African country of Sudan into 5 parts, the country’s President Omar al-Bashir has said. The President told RIA Novosti agency of his concerns during his visit to Russia.

Dominica Hurricane Devastation May Result in Hantavirus

“The disease does not spread from person to person," Dominica's Health Ministry warns, saying the virus is carried by rodents.

Colombia Government and FARC Review Peace Deal

The agreement was signed a year ago by President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader Timochenko.

Hundreds Protest Mexico City 'Reconstruction' Law

Hundreds of those those affected by the Mexico City Sept. 19 earthquake are protesting the city’s Reconstruction, Recuperation and Transformation of Mexico City Law, passed yesterday by the city’s Assembly.

NYPD ‘tried to bully teenage girl into dropping rape claims against officers while she was in hospital’

The officers claim the sexual acts were consensual and pleaded not guilty to a 50-count indictment last month

Mexico creates marine reserve around islands called 'Galapagos of North America'

Mexico’s government has created a marine park the size of Illinois in the Pacific, the largest ocean reserve in North America for the conservation of giant rays, whales and turtles, including dozens of species endemic to the area.

Cuba, Nicaragua and Argentina to Commemorate Fidel Castro

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro passed away on Nov. 25, 2016.

Fidel Castro’s Enduring Environmental Legacy

Fidel’s commitment to education and health care stand out as monumental achievements for Cuba under his decades of rule. While he emerged as a stalwart of anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism, his commitment to environmentalism and Cuba's achievements in the area gets less attention.

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The Movement to Replace Neoliberalism Is on the Ascendency – Where Should It Go Next?

The time is ripe for a movement to replace flawed mainstream economics…but what must it do to succeed?

CLR James, critical theory, and the dialectic


All the News You Didn’t Even Know Was Going Down

Resistance is heating up. Across the US, struggles are taking place against pipelines, and rebel communities are squatting buildings, fighting police, and blockading fracking equipment. We can’t wait to dive into all of it, but before we do we want to turn towards some big developments happening across the US.

Empire doing imperial stuff
gosh who would have guessed

He doesn't have much choice in this, does he? Didn't Israel say it was going to target not only Hezbollah, but all of Lebanon? Someone smart on the middle east pls educate me.

What's the worst article of this week? I'm gonna have to say this nytimes.com/2017/11/23/opinion/saudi-prince-mbs-arab-spring.html


I hope this doesn't mean capitalist takeover but that's what's probably gonna happen innit?

Just more """""""""""Communism""""""""""" with Chinese characteristics.



the replies to the tweet for this article seemed 100% genuine too.
wow I sure do love this prince.


What you want the BBC up there?


he wants the bbc alright :3


latin america is a victim of western imperialism, mainly the US, the US, Australia, and the EU are the west

Culturally Latin America is western

Blame imperialism for fucking up our geography


culturally Latin America is distinct from Europe and the US due to poverty and exploitation

Mainstream latino culture is directly descended from Spain, so no

shock status: imagined

Fixed your post

The Rus are descended from western vikings. Therefore they are part of the west

There's not a single group in the Middle East the US hasn't supported at some point.


I don't think you realize the significance of the US being forced into making decisions where it can't win in a Machiavellian sense (the only sense that matters), supporting the over a dozen US military bases in Syria is one of them.


Hezbollah. Hamas. IRGC. SAA. Houthi's.

The CIA collaborated with the Ayatollah in order to purge leftists from Iran.

Eastern European sure, not western

Its true though


I don't think you understood my post, fam. Saying that Latin America is part of "the west" because they descended from Europeans is like saying Russia is part of "the west" because they descended from Scandinavians.

No argument there, the US is fucking up like there is no tomorrow. But that only speaks to how dumb the Kurds have been by hitching their wagon to the US-zionist-wahabi axis.

I hadn't heard about this, won't put it past them. Source?

That part about the Gulf War doesn't count, it happened under a UN umbrella. The second, point well taken.

So what the "West" is some sort of cherry pick of what nations are and arent imperialist? If Mexico would have conquered the USA would then Mexico be considered "Western"? To me it looks like a dumb treehouse club kinda thing

Why wouldn't it count? It was the US that led the war. Do you think Assad was fooled into supporting them?
The fact of the matter is that foreign policy in the Middle East is notoriously schizophrenic, and the idea that any group is a US puppet because they receive support from them is laughably naive. The US is willing to give give guns to any group that claims to oppose whoever their current enemy is and every time it ends up backfiring on them. Not to mention that the supposed US puppet SyDF is fighting against a group supported by the supposed US puppet Saudi Arabia, and is being attacked by the actual US ally Turkey, which also vehemently opposes Kurdish nationalism.
If you actually think the US has the ability to make anyone their puppet you are out of your mind. The Middle East is a complete clusterfuck and there's no controlling it.

No, it's just a term for the "1st world", ie. the NATO countries. Again, blame imperialism for ruining geography for everyone

en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_activities_in_Iran scroll down to identification of leftists

Then people should just call it 1st world or Imperialist Countries, the truth is that Latin America is just as culturally "Western (west euro)" as UK, Canada, France, and USA. Its disassociating from historical truths.

No one was talking about culture, fam. You're the one who brought it up. The reason NewsAnon shares articles from RT and Telesur is because they write about stuff you rarely see on, say, the BBC, and a lot of stuff that is of interest to leftists.

Cultural issues are irrelevant to the material relations between nations

Wow its fucking nothing.

Or how dumb the Americans are. Have you considered that the Kurds are the ones using the Americans? If they weren’t under siege from all sides I doubt they would have any issue throwing them out, but Assad absolutely refuses compromise with them. A simple solution is autonomy for R*java in exchange for expulsion of the Americans.

Using the term "Western" is simply incorrect from a historical standpoint and should be changed to other methods of identification

For a reason, if youre going to talk about "western" countries latin america should be counted within that group

I know, its great

Thats my point, if Mexico would have conquered the USA would it be considered as "Western"? Its a label that needs to be changed and calls to an anglo-centric view of the world. Simply call them NATO countries or 1st world

"Have you considered that Faust is the one using Mephistopheles?"

Fam, stop being autistic. What word you use doesn't matter. Everyone got the point but you.

Ill be as autistic as i want in order to change vocabulary into a more objective state

Not sure about US involvement but Hamas was allowed to prosper by the Israeli government in order to fragment Palestinian politics and weaken secularist movements like the PLO.

Under justification of a USNC resolution supported by the Soviet Union.

The only ones who ever managed to use the Americans and not be completely undone are the Saudi's and the Israeli's, and the jury is very much out on the former, or more pithy

this is infuriating.

Yes because the US is totally comparable to an all-powerful demon that owns your soul. They don't have any control over the situation,

Well I guess Al Qaeda don't real then

At least they didn't just abduct her.

lol you had to google the reference, didn't you

No fam, I do know Faust. It's a stupid analogy

Most of the old cadres are all dead. New people hold some territory in Syria and Yemen, but really, those are mostly just franchises who just took the brand and the beards and not much else. The equivalent for R*java would be if they were totally crushed all over Syria and a few /leftpol/yps formed a militia, using the Kurd flag and reading Bookchin, who take over a part of Wyoming. Which would be cool, don't get me wrong, but it's a queer kind of victory for all the real Kurds who lie dead.

You are straight up fucking wrong my dude

and I'm beginning to suspect it's because you're a brainlet.

It similar how Saddam Hussein was allied with USA against Iran in Iraq-Iran war, and how Saddam Hussein was awarded key to Chicago or how Ossama bin Ladden was armed by USA against the Soviets.

Nothing makes sense

Yeah, that's kinda what happens. Did you expect them to last forever? Them being "undone" has little to do with their former involvement with the US. You might be able to say that a lot of the guys the US used to support at some point are gone now but that's a far cry from saying that the US is somehow cursed and everyone who's been in contact with them is doomed. If the SyDF get crushed, they'll get crushed whether or not they've received US support.

Then please explain how everything that is happening in the Middle East is all part of the US plan. They don't control anyone. The Saudis, the Israelis, the Turks are all doing their own thing independently of and often against the US. If they can't even control their official allies then they don't control anyone. Your idea that engaging with the US is some sort of Faustian bargain that dooms you to servitude and destruction is delusional. Every group in the Middle East is playing their own game and the last 20 years is a testament to the fact that the US is incapable of enforcing their plan for the region, if they even have a coherent plan.

Welcome to the never-ending clusterfuck that is the Middle East. It's worse than the fucking Balkans.

What the fuck is this shit? Serpico but for real and with a bad ending. A fucking BPD detective is killed a day before he set to testify against a large group of fellow officers. And in response the BPD shuts down west Blatimore, (the area controlled by Avon and Stringer). This is some fucked up shit. Its as if the police is signaling that they have all the power, they can occupy part of a city and kill witnesses who threaten to snitch on them. Even if they are fucking Police.

The more I learn about Baltimore the more I realized The wire didnt capture how shit the BPD truly is

any1 with more insight?

Yeah, because that's what I said. Thanks for confirming your brainlet status.


Then in what way is the US in control of the situation in Syria? It’s obvious that the Kurds weren’t their first choice for an ally, since they tried for three years to help the FSA get its shit together.

Ah yes, the success story that is South Vietnam.

Fam, for your analogy to be meaningful, the US has to have some semblance of control over the Middle East. The SyDF has interests beyond that of the US, and if they can strike an agreement with Assad and ensure they have some sort of backing against Turkey then they could pretty much just take their guns and tell them to fuck off.
You're the one who said I was wrong in saying they don't have control of things. Well I'm asking you: what in this entire clusterfuck called the Middle East indicates that they have any control over the situation. The only thing they're capable of is bombing shit and making the MIC billions, but they're never gonna actually take control.

Chomsky was right and Vietnam was a win for America because they were too crippled to develop afterwards

I was talking about the Viet Minh. Pic related is Ho Chi Minh and OSS agents helping him lead the resistance against the Japanese occupation of Indochina.

Clearly that didn’t work out in the US favour in the long run.


If you're trying to say the US doesn't "have some semblance of control over the Middle East" you're really not doing anything to dispel your image as a brainlet.

And you haven't given a single example of how they're in control. You can call be a brainlet all day but no matter what you're still wrong.

Youre not thinking Machiavellian enough, there are no blindly loyal US allies in the middle east, the Saudis and the Israelis would have no qualms about betraying the us if they saw an advantage in doing so


My hearing isn't very good and neither is the audio.

What happened here?

Hopefully the ideology will just become too blatant to ingore anymore.

It didn't work in Burlesconiland, it won't work in Trumpland either

This truly is the weirdest timeline

Cops wanted the blood of an unconscious guy, the nurse rightfully told them that shit's illegal and refused to take his blood, so they beat her up and arrested her,

You live in a fantasyland where the same US that can has invaded and continue to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, leveled Libya, invaded and bombed Syria, practically run Bahrain and Qatar, and are the major allies and suppliers of arms and international support to the only nuclear capable state in the region and one of the most prolific suppliers of the most valuable commodity on earth, "don't have a semblance of control over the Middle East." You either live in an alternate reality or are so fucking stupid it wouldn't matter what I said or how I proved it.

I think the problem is I'm not thinking stupid enough. For some reason I can't imagine the Saudis deciding to forfeit all of their American assets or the Israelis turning on the only country that protects them from UN sanctions–among other things–by "betraying" them.

For some reason I just can't seem to get my brain to dumb hard enough to believe in the fiction that the US isn't the one calling the shots in the region that they've been militarily occupying for the past seventeen years and that they would really be unable or unwilling to retaliate against the Kurds or anyone else that decided to just thumb their nose at them. I guess it's because I'm not missing half my brain.

You overestimate the success of the US, it hasn't been able to deal with resistance effectively in either Iraq or Afghanistan, the resource extraction is nowhere near the level the US wants it to be, they're playing ball, but they're not winning nor are they going to win because empires are always destined for collapse, and American imperialism will collapse before 2020.

I've never seen someone try to perform mental gymnastics while moving goalposts before. It's really impressive but try not to hurt yourself.

yee of little faith, fortuna has her surprises

Both of which are now clusterfucks
Controlled by islamists
Still a clusterfuck. Also they don't control any of the factions.
In your dreams
Who are also not at all controlled by the US.
The US might have the power to level countries to the ground, but that doesn't mean they can control them. At best the only thing they can do is make contractors, bankers, and oil companies lots of fucking money, and that's pretty much the only consistent strategy the US has ever had for the Middle East: Bomb shit and make money. They can destroy the guys they dislike and support the guys they like, but they can't control any of them. They'll keep doing their thing regardless of what the US tells them and the US can't do shit

Just to expand on this: Literally every US ally in the region has them by the balls. Israel has a massive lobby in the US, which means the US has to support them in every insane thing they do. They depend on the Saudis for oil and as a check against the Iranians, which is why they repeatedly turn a blind eye to the fact that the Saudis are funding most of the terrorists the US has been fighting against. Finally they need Turkey to support them against Russia, which is why they ignore all of Erdogan's stupid antics. All these factions aren't even close to being a united front and they all have their own vision for the Middle East. They'll abandon the US the moment they stop needing them. If that's the sort of control the US has over their allies, what about all the other actors in the region that aren't aligned with the US?

Imagine how fucking shocked that my prediction came true. So long, retard.

I can't seem to find an argument here

Stay salty, brainlet

Theres a minor difference between the regular financial support and some weapons landing into your possesion and Americans airforce literally bombing the way free, spec ops storming the way into it and then driving side by side with American forces into already liberated cities to but up some yellow meme flag just to fuck with Syrians and prepare the next video session of "Rojava Desert Gurlz - Unloaded" totally contributing something far behind the actual frontline.

That's like saying the US isn't western because there's blacks that influenced culture with jazz, fried chicken and gaudy street clothes.

Can any Assad supporters explain to me why exactly they like him? The argument that he’s anti imperialist doesn’t make any sense, because he’re clearly a willing collaborator with Russian imperialism (pic related). Even if he was genuinely anti-imperialist, he’s still a neoliberal de-facto monarch. The fact is that the political project of over a dozen US military bases in Syria is by far the most revolutionary movement in the region, and has done more to advance socialism and dictatorship of the proletariat than any of the other factions. If you support Assad over a genuine democratic and leftist movement because he’s anti-imperialist (even though he’s not), then you are prioritizing anti imperialism over class struggle, and that makes you a class collaborator.


Pic related, meanwhile at /the_donald/
4D Chess.