Tito Thread

Lets get a Tito / Yugoslavia thread going.

Tankies not allowed.

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The nightmare of all Ustâsa fucks, perhaps?

This is really biting commentary, I'm convinced.

Market "socialism" is for posers! Embrace state capitalism!

Well, you could go with the facts that Yugoslavia's co-ops and self management was incredibly limited and mostly used as a means to shut down strikes and protests ("You have the workplace to do that in, why are you organizing?"), the fact that unions were shut down in favour of a single union which favoured the state, the unsustainable economy which resulted in reliance on debt and foreign aid and the fact that administrative communes, while existent, had their power restricted to only enacting small, meaningless changes as a means not to support the Yugoslav model.

Dickman baby?

They should use tanks more.

t. Josip Broz


oh my look at the clock, it appears to be time for
Tito Thread

Tito is a pretty cool guy, he fights Nazi, Ustaše and Chetnik and doesn't afraid of anything







Cucked himself to the West, Market cunt.

He was ok I guess, shouldn't have taken those IMF loans tho.


I don't like market socialism but he does make ☭TANKIE☭s angry so he is okay in my book

Nationalism is a mental illness

The fuck does anything to do with this thread, and why you keep spamming this phrase you fucking idiot

Read Tito

I'm just gonna post this to spite you

Why did Tito act like such an aristocrat. Not really an argument against Titoism but it's still pretty dumb.

What do you mean? Having style is aristocrat? Dude, I know that you wouldn't know about it, but some guys are naturals

No, I mean like how he met aristocratic heads of states in lavish parties and how he resided in very expensive mansions and villas. Pic related is €120 million.

I think he meant nationalism that destroyed Yugoslavia. Croat, Serb ethnic nationalism.

It's a bloody shame Tito couldn't eradicate such impulses.

Looks rather modest actually.

A Capitalisme thread ? how lovely

Come on now.

Mistakes were made.

It's obviously overpriced because the Famous Historical Person lived there. In reality it looks really small compared to most of the mansions and villas. It's just a better equipped house by the seaside. There are tons of houses like this by the Dalmatian coast in the hands of private landlords open for tourists and renting rooms, but their actual value is much smaller.


Coffee without caffeine tbh: insurgentnotes.com/2013/10/yugoslav-self-management-capitalism-under-the-red-banner/.

This guy openly states that he does not define the USSR as socialist, either.

I sure do love socialist commodity production, socialist private property, socialist money, socialist markets and being forced to act capitalistically and exploit yourself by impersonal market forces. Tito was utter shit in everywhere.

Yugoslavia had all aspects of capitalism except for meanie bosses. Basically the market directly forced workers to exploit themselves.

Submitted to Your Grammar Sucks.

But seriously, your linguistic skills don't matter. I don't want to be mean.

Look the phrase up newfriend.


Did Tito ever identify Titoism (the economic policy of Yugoslavia in other words) as Marxist?

nice bait


Over 600 mass graves for extrajudicial killings is socialism

Depends entirely on who was killed. Liberal legal fetishism has no place here.

I actively dislike Tito but spending money on himself was not one of his failings. He did larp as an aristocrat in that he loved hunting, expensive cigars, tuxedo parties and good brandy but it never got over his head and he remained a very down to earth individual.

He didn't though: if you look at his "lavish" new year's parties and the photos of them, they aren't that lavish at all. Just regular party food and drink. The only thing separating them from a middle income party in the same country is the people who are there.