What did he mean by this? Is this reactionary...

What did he mean by this? Is this reactionary? It's always the right wing that cries about muh opiate crisis hurting white people. What does leftypol think? Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Why did a 200 character minimum op rule get implemented?

Most american traditions are fucking stupid anyways. WASP America is dying and needs to die. The future belongs to the working masses of the present, not a mythological proletariat of the past.

This comrade stump character sounds quite spooked. I like him
As for opioid addiction, i think socialism would easily counter it. If workers weren't super alienated, i think they wouldn't have much of a reason to do horrible drugs beyond marijuana which should be legalized and distributed medicinally.

Getting ahead of yourself aren't you?

Someone please explain to me how illegal immigrants are not part of the international proletariat and why they should not be treated with the same respect as an American prole.

I think it is because in America they are often brown.

They shouldn't be treated as citizens, but they should be treated decently.

Because for better or worse, you're stuck with nation states. Mexican and other South American country's economies do not benefit from their proles skedaddling elsewhere. Deny boojes access to slave labour so they have to deal with the local proles instead. Consolidate and crush the boojes afterwards, since you will deny the local proles a chance to eat other proles.

Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please. October Revolution 2.0: Americas Edition isn't in the cards.

it always makes me mad that had the usa not crushed socialist , or hell even nationalist central or south american goverments the amount of poor people in the world and in america would be much smaller and that supposed left wing americans never fucking mention the usa's role in making latin america much worse

It doesn't work like that, this is just staggeringly stupid. The working-class, for the most part, has been a traveling class, transcending national borders, in search of work during the Industrial Revolution.
Later on, sections of the working-class continue to be characterized by this relative movement across borders. To go ahead with calls to accelerate deportations will only bolster reaction in the sense that reaction gets its counter-revolutionary "united front" and victory. No one will be "closer to revolution" because you somehow inflamed the lives of the precarious and still-traveling working-class into deeper shit.
No, that's not a substitute for actually planning any sort of constructive self-organizing among the working-classes, or its agitation, let alone anything that a genuinely intelligent and well-read leftist would suggest. Are you seriously just not tired of this totally worthless petit-bourg logic of conciliating with reaction?

Terrible posting.
Literally just buzzwords for "I uphold the present state of things", on second thought, he would be great for the Democratic Cops of America.
Nah mate just make them citizens. Seriously though, is there a reason they can't just be made citizens?

Petit-bourg are the ones that want the slave labor to continue. This is not the 1930's when global bourgeoisie were divided, and thus demanded protectionism, when petite-bourg were family businesses and patriarchal tradition was useful and the leaders had to look towards their own people and promise welfare, thus resulting in fascism.

Today, the global bourg are united behind the hegemony of US, so it is neoliberalism that is in. That's why mainstream media will ruthlessly censor anybody saying anything negative of immigration. They want to drive down the bargaining power of the workers, and they will use "multiculturalism" as a Trojan horse to do it. The meat grinder that turns people into capital needs to be starved. Only by derailing the system will you gain a chance to advance the cause.



You know fucking nothing if you think smoking some weed is going to do anything to deal with intense pains.

This is meant to be a parody of ☭TANKIE☭s correct?

Surely no one's this stupid

way to jump on the guy when he never even said that. the pain reduction is real but yes, pales in comparison to opioids. however, could be useful to solve addictions to opioids for the many dependent on even prescription, which is an absolute epidemic of itself due to such liberal doling out of the things.

let whypipo die on opiates, they deserve it from buying slaves from jews

does it really matter if white people die, it makes more room for colored revolution

I don't think a real ☭TANKIE☭ would give a fuck about preserving "traditional american values" which is basically code for cheeseburgers and fries

The fight in the Anime against popuko was better than the manga

prove me wrong

Can't tell if that's a Holla Forumstard shilling to leftists or just an insane ☭TANKIE☭. Which is saying something

I'm not American, but I do know this: Mexicans can get jobs in factories, while Americans and Canadians have a harder time finding them. But, Mexicans don't want jobs in Mexican factories, they want them in American factories because they pay better, and they don't literally work them to death.

looks like a right-wing false flag account to me, but I'm old.

Pretty disgusting m8. If the opiate crisis was happening in another country then there would already be a state of emergency declared by the government but the bourgeoisie don’t give a fuck. I never expected to see this kind of classist indifference in a “leftist” community tho


fucking damnit it the image didn't work
politely saging for reposting the image

That's what invariably happens when Holla Forumstards become "leftists".

Except it's generally been a lack of access to workers that has increased working conditions. Relatively scarce access to workers was what drove a lot of labor unions' bargaining power.

bargaining is capitalist and statist. why follow rules that aren't real?

I didn't say it was revolutionary. Just that lack of workers has typically had positive effects on the economy.