Why does Holla Forums hate us so much...

Why does Holla Forums hate us so much? the top post on the board was saying something like "muh Holla Forums needs to be taken down" or some shit


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who cares

Holla Forums is the most hated board.

We're hated by everyone

But why? And why Holla Forums in particular?

Holla Forums was formed mostly out of gamergate

I hate that moot thought Holla Forums didn't have rules, now Holla Forums is just synonymous with being some poor Facebook loser who jerks off to revenge nudes and laughs at dark humor.



They think we raid them a lot and overall like to shit up the board.

Pretty based.

Do Holla Forums people use the other boards?

The most common boards I've seen people say they go to is /his/ and /lit/ but these are on 4chan. As for here, I'm going to guess Holla Forums but I don't know. I only stick to here.

leftypol doesn't have enough active users to pull off a serious raid on Holla Forums. they're delusional.

no one cares about that shithole

I tried to enjoy /lit/, and like all boards, 90% nothing, 10% interesting. Holla Forums is just barely better, honestly.
especially as of late :/

I swing by /r9k/ every now and then but it's rather inactive. I also use /liberty/ and /a/ a bit. Oh, and /leftpol/ of course.

The place is only as boring as you let it be, buddy. Post interesting insightful shit or drown under a tide of dumbass brainlet questions, Holla Forumsbait, anime, and e-celeb fellation.

Starting a mutual board war is going to be more successful if you say some other board actually likes us aside from tv, because everyone except the pedo boards hate us because were not that smart to understand were authoritarians just like pol, but without much argument and proof of previous success.

I use a lot of different boards on 4chan, but I rarely go outside of Holla Forums on Holla Forums. Sometimes I swing by /cow/ for a laugh and to gather a few alt-right cringe pics.

Y u do this.

I sometimes lurk Holla Forums, used to be on Holla Forums and /baph/, and occasionally browse Holla Forums.


Occasionally I check /asmr/. It's mostly butthurt no fun allowed moral fags but they are surprisingly good at finding new artists I haven't seen before.

I don't understand you user

Ah, I've been posting all of my boring insights, thanks you user.
But seriously I wish I could recapture the "wonder" of finding this board


this is the true power of Holla Forums comrades

>>>/walmart/ mostly

cannot believe my teen self thought of pol as a home board even just to troll, either i grew up or the postin quality their has gone down the shitter

probably a liberal or anarkiddie but I can dream

It's because all of the other boards were filled with people who got ran out of 4chan and other sites due to far left sjw mods being turds. It doesn't help that leftypol recruits from sites like tumblr. You guys are outsiders, shitting up our boards with your dicksucking admin.


Someone asked a question and it was answered, this is why no one likes you.

Good, 100000 mean words isn't enough, your board is fuck.

Used pretty much all of the raid/personal army boards. /i/ particularly, which got overrun by newfags not quite understanding what a good target is and autistically screeching "GUYS WE HAVE TO RAID THE JEWS XDDD". There were a couple others, but I forgot what they were called. /baph/ was fun, too, but it started getting faggy right in the middle of its lifespan. Holla Forums was fun until the BO showed himself to be a massive hotpocketing faggot, and /svidya/ or whatever it was called was a hell of a lot better. I left before he decided he wanted a Holla Forums torture chamber and started banning random people for dumb shit like "leftist shilling".

I first browsed on Holla Forums, prior to exodus, until they started making Holla Forumspol/ threads which were overrun with technological illiterates trying to blame things on jews, and eventually brought down the overall quality of the board to "GUYS WHY IS WINDOWS NOT WORK??!??!?" tier. I remember quite a few people leaving when they started to realize that Richard Stallman was a leftist-sympathising jew, but I'm not sure if that's the reason why people left.

I also posted on /namibia/ for shits and giggles. Holla Forumsniggers thought that they could colonize Zimbabwe and that they'd be greeted as liberators. In reality, the government turned them down, many, many communities online laughed their arses off about it, and they tried moving their plans to Greenland, which also turned them down.

kek, show me the recruitment threads. Or is it all just conjecture from faggots like yourself?
Most, if not all, of the oldfags attracted to Holla Forums started to leave because of technical issues and dropping post quality. Friendly reminder that Holla Forums is occupied by Reddit posters (Holla Forums only became the largest board during the Reddit exodus, as a matter of fact) from when /r/coontown and friends were shut down, and it wound up being turned into a torture chamber so strong that even Hotwheels grew to hate you faggots. You would know this had you not been a Redditfugee newfag yourself.

meant for

(obligatory comment pointing out your literal demand for a dissent-free safe space)

Gimme a few and I can dredge up some more. I mainly post on Holla Forums and hate when my vidya threads are interrupted by Holla Forums and Holla Forums fights.

Are you really that retarded? Lurk on this board and see its attitude towards the movement. The chance of that being a poster here is completely miniscule. As a matter of fact, the last BLM poster here that I saw threw an enormous tantrum, called the board racist, got made fun of by the mods and wound up leaving. Pic related, its his post history, which you can find in the mod thread.

If I make a Twitter comment saying "Please discuss gay racemixing here on 8ch.net/pol/, we are tolerant! No hate allowed" does that make Holla Forums Tumblr?

because when a domesticated primate is threatened, they try to identify with the aggressor. corporations know how to manipulate all the monkeys this way.

Since when do we recruit from tumblr? I was under the impression that most of us were from chans or le reddit.

Funny you say that, because Holla Forums was initially mostly made up of people who got banned from other radical left forums by sjw mods. Thus the term "brocialist", even though a lot of posters, like me, aren't even men.

Obvious as fuck false-flag account, Holla Forums really can't help but represent their opponents as strawmen can they?

Holla Forums is just Holla Forums apart from the explicitely leftist boards.

I wish people liked us…

/a/ mostly.

I wish people liked me…..

because the 25% of leftypol that give leftists in general a fucking bad name, make threads on Holla Forums daily as well as halfchan Holla Forums, which are always political themed in thread content and obvious bait. Seriously, why do people have to fucking do this? it's dumber than the alt-right 'Hitler did nothing wrong' bait.