The "idea of control variables is incompatible with feminism, because control is a masculine value"

fuck misogynist quantitative STEM research.

Science must be intersectional or it's bullshit. How can we bring more qualitative research to STEM fields? Women's voices are silenced way too often because of sexist STEM research methods.

Fuck off retard, nobody here gives a shit about your dumb identity politics or your special snowflake identity.

Who wrote that book? Add them to the gulag list.


So basically science should be whatever feels correct?

Tankies, but please gulag these people if you win.


No one should vote. Monarchy not democracy. Kthx.

Four walls is three walls too many.

Fucking truth bro


If statistics are so oppressive then why don't women take control and learn how to use them?

The fact that that comment poster sees all that as some amazing takedown is incredible.

Let's be fair. A lot of libarts philosophy fags on this board have a hardcore level of hate for anyone in STEM and will argue to death that their idiotic ideas are just as good as the scientific method for finding out what reality is. Just remember the electronic universe thread. This is why feminism is cancer and philosophy fags need to learn some fucking science before they think of criticizing it on a fundamental level. I mean, I'm an engineer and I've tried to learn more philosophy because I know that simply knowing shit doesn't lead to to know if you should do it or not. Everyone needs to learn about ethics and such, but it's equally important that people learn what science is and not outright dismiss it because it disagrees with their ideology.

Technocracy is a good pricipal for government tbh.

Except that it is the worst principle for a government because it totally ignores the motivations of the technocrats and jettisons the principle of good governance in favour of self-preservation every time it's been tried at any scale.

The only truly effective method of rule is to identically align the interests of the governors and the governed - in other words, real democracy. Anything less is destined for oligarchy.

Maybe Mao was right about books…
Jesus H someone sat down and wrote this. This is some, "Tell me what the numbers mean" level of brainwashed.


Between this shit and the tanks' strongman dictator worship I sometimes wonder why this board ever split from Holla Forums in the first place. Posts like these make your disagreements amount to minor policy squabbles under a shared framework of continuing the enslavement of the mass of humanity to a supposed 'elite'. Is there somewhere else I can go on the internet? Somewhere that people are able to recognise shit like this as fundamentally abhorrent? Because I've seen this sentiment bubble up too many times on this board to brush it off as a retarded minority.


Are you NRx by any chance, and if not, what do you think of it?

Except where was this actually sustained? It has always devolved into oligarchy. People rule. You cannot atomize sovereignty.

Also Holla Forums are a bunch of populist petite bourgs.

You should be banned tbh

yfw this is basically arguing for a dialectical approach to the sciences but because its couched in words you dont like youve become angry

I'm not nrx. I'm a libertarian syndicalist. I would never call myself a monarchist. I just play around with the idea.

I mean they really faggots and should probably be banned but you need to take a chill pill, Holmes.

Well yeah no shit because for the psst forever people haven't made leaders answerable to themselves. It's not like we had some cutting edge geniuses warning every one about oligarchs, it's only really recent that people can be possibly educated on a large enough scale to refuse conman-esque political structures.

No it isn't.

man you people get riled up over anything
you need a much more "fuck it, let's see what happens" approach to life.

you also quote something that doesn't exist and is merely left implied by a less than charitable interpretation. the point about control variables primarily focuses on the question of research concerning women, with a relatively tangential point about values following onwards. (i.e. we can conceive that in a study that asks women for opinions, rather than simply taking those opinions as they are, we might try to weight the data to 'control' for say racial distribution and so on. this naturally does have a distortionary effect.)
the STEM think seems almost entirely out of nowhere unless we presume we're talking about medical survey.

Nowhere except the periods where technological capacity didn't support the subjugation of humanity, ie, primitive communism. I'm not in favour of going back to that, so we have to find a way to enable the realm of freedom through our collective productivity - a long way of saying communism.

Land, for all of his claim and following as the herald of the real future, fails to understand that Capitalism is just another emergent complex system, just like the socioeconomic systems before it. It is critically dependent on the material and technological conditions that it arises from, and in the course of tis development will produce the technologies that will obviate its existence. If that wasn't enough, our understanding of the creation and manipulation of emergent systems is rapidly approaching the point where we will not have to rely on comparatively blind development of productive forces to launch us into an unknown future.

And you're a bunch of elitist petit bourg. It's a match made in petit bourg heaven!

I can't figure out the moderation policy on this board, to be honest. The 200 character minimum gets enforced, but only sometimes. Holla Forumsbait threads get anchored, but only sometimes. Holla Forumsack posts get deleted, but not all the time. Raging narcissist e-celebs, trip- and namefags seemingly get free rein through it all, and seemingly only exist to keep trash threads bumped with shitposts. I hope none of these mods have kids. This kind of inconsistent discipline structure makes kids into holy fucking terrors.

Is there somewhere on reddit that's actually any good? I've got no loyalties, I'll go if there's some less retarded pocket on reddit. From what I've seen of them, the Left boards over there are either dead, socdem, retarded, or all of the above. However, I haven't really investigated much because I find the threading unreadable.

Yeah maybe.

Consult your doctor for how many medications you need, and take extra.

Janet Jackson wanted control once. Does that make her masculine you fucking snuggle sluts?

That's like saying women are intersex because the word women contains the string m-e-n. I don't know if you are new here, but is right that we aren't exactly SJW central here. OP, what's the book's title and where is it used in "education"?

We use that book all the time. I think education has changed a lot since you were in school, took this vid in class just today.


That’s a pretty sexist thing to say tbh. I mean not only does it dissociate control or controlling behaviour from women, and imply that all men are somehow controlling, it genders a gender neutral phenomenon.

How is it that third wave feminism ends up being so sexist? Supposedly it’s intended to remove gender barriers but it can only reach half of its conclusions by taking traditional gender roles at face value. You might as well say the military is racist to white people because violence is a black trait. It’s the same fucking reasoning.

Stopped reading when he mentioned male sperm being "healthy" until the day he dies
This is objectively untrue and male fertility drops pretty hard after 45


gender is a spectrum though

i hate to say it, but that sounds spooky.

hmm it's almost as if the whole fight over gender is an artificial controversy manufactured primarily by a tiny media elite that's making bank off of scaring people over trannies and the gays

This. Gender isn't some set in stone thing, or at least the popular conception of it. Pretty clearly an abstract concept that no one should care about.

No one here is anti science or Lyenskoist, this is dimple reaction to scientism, which is an ideology peddled by fedoralords like sam harris and dicke dawkins

Name a philosophy more scientific than dialectical materialism. I'll wait.

And let's also add some STEMfag victim complex for good measure. Quality shit as always, Holla Forums.

Don't know if you're being sarcastic or not but I unironically agree with this post

Its more useful and productive to take the trolls seriously than to ignore them, not to convince trolls themselves, but to educate lurkers

You can use the very same arguments he makes to argue men shouldn't have the right to vote or work.

I wasn't being sarcastic. The only debate to be had with gender is in having different definitions of gender and then getting really mad when other people don't agree with you. Perfect smokescreen for bourgeois economics, really.

If no-one takes this seriously, please explain the enormous number of Guardian headlines in . In my experience, the sort of people who complain about "STEMfags" are usually self-deluding fantasists who get deeply triggered and have a tantrum when it suggested that reality imposes some hard limits on what is possible.

Must be shit having 0 reading comprehension.

In what context could that possibly sound like a reasonable idea?

t. STEMfag too autistic to realize people object to his "i'm going to have a bigger salary than you haha" wanking, not his degree area.

No it isn’t, the entire concept is just the social expectations assigned to people based on their sex. It’s totally arbitrary.

Don't get your panties in a bunch, this is funny shit.

Either of you want to address the point about the evidence or do you just want to whine?

People that don't respect realities limits are unmaterialist, and wrong. So what is your big deal? This entire thread was a troll post, and gender is in fact a spook. Literally getting mad about a classification.

This is your brain on conflict theory.

Remember, this is the inevitable result of Marx's oh-so-"accurate" social """analysis"""

Any anons got some good reading about conflict theory?
By the way Nazi poster you can go be a nigger somewhere else.

Why was op banned? let's not become like Holla Forums

That the "unmaterialist, and wrong" appears to be quite widely supported on the left.


'Mies' is finnish for 'man' btw. Not a joke, it actually is.

Stop being butthurt, and name drop widely supported leftists ignoring reality.


How can you type this question out and not feel like a gigantic faggot?

A literally meaningless word.

I did address your point. If you're in STEM and get autistic over the term 'STEMfag', you're probably a STEMfag.

Not all people who do STEM are STEMfags, it refers to a specific obnoxious subset. You know you're obnoxious and you don't like being called out on it.