Another gem by Sargon of Akkad, this time fresh

ContraPoints in her recent video mentioned the Indonesian Genocide of Communists, this was Carl's response. He is starting to use way to much fash rhetoric


Did you really need to make this a whole thread?

The indonesian genocide also included killing ethically Chinese people and Christians, someone should probably ask Carl why he supports Muslims genociding non-muslims now

god I fucking wish
Still waiting for someone, anyone, to show me an example of a child being given hrt.

thought it would be fun to shit on him some more

there's nothing more cringe than a old man trying to be "cool".
sargon is crossing a path that only leads to self destruction, he will eventually step on some big youtuber that will turn him the new leafy, it's just a matter of time.

I bet Sargon masturbates while watching the Act of Killing

We should spam "Read Kropotkin" onto his videos.

actually Javanese Catholics were more energized in killing off communists than any other ethnics.
And the Hindu Balinese killed more communists proportionally than any other people.
The conundrum of history.

Kim Petras and Jade Jennings, you utter brainlet. Jade Jennings had a TV SHOW ffs.

I can already predict his response

It's a fucking joke dumbasses.

I think you are underestimating Sargon's irony poisoning.


you underestimate how retarded sargon is

It's not for Carl. Carl is beyond saving. It's for his followers.

Either you are baiting hard or you've never actually watched one of his videos.

I have watched Sargon's videos before and he really is capable of saying that non-ironically.

Why even live



fuck off sargon

Quality counter bruv

What makes you think Sargon is left wing? Back up your claim, faggot.