The best of /lefypol/

Do you know what I love the most about this board, the sheer amount of time you spend reassuring each other of how right and smart you all are.

But here because I'm board and I feel like your mods need to feel useful while doing it for free.("I'm here because I'm board")

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I'm pretty sure most of us have pervasive inferiority issues, but alright.


Must have got us mixed up with Holla Forums or tumblr. There isn't a day that goes by that some MLs and anarchists aren't kicking up some dirt.

You haven't really proven me wrong though have you. This whole thread is a piece of art, a grand testament to exactly what I pointed out in the OP.

the fact that everyone here says how Holla Forums is dumb and retarded doesn't mean that we think that we have some kind of superior intellect (and this posts only shows how dumb Holla Forums is).

Too late to fain modesty now lad.

how do i prove that this /lefypol/ is not an echochamber?
it's actually easy, just pull up any thread and watch all the fucking sectarianism

Between different brands of the exact same pseudo-philosophy larping as a pseudo-science.

And Holla Forums has ancaps and neo-Nazis larping as if they're the master race even if they're more black than Holla Forums

I know it is fun seeing how mongrolized America is.

wow dude mind blown

Gee I didn't know wood could feel excitement.

Stop taking so much estrogen then.

Yeah most people here are fags but oh well

You're using the flag of a special kind of retard though.

what kinda logic is that? do you know how reality works? You think that everyone that says that you are a idiot think that they are geniuses?
how old are you?

you use a flag that literally calls your beliefs crap, what kinda layer of delusion you are in?

So the constant threads about how you're all college educated and of high intellect and read books isn't a thing? Tbh there are alot of assumptions about alot of other people using this site.

The best thing of all is this is the fastest moving thread on the board.

the only one trying to sound smart b
here is you

You can take it any way you like mate.

lmao, we just read theory for fun you fucking brainlet. and for the case of assumptions, how is our labeling of Holla Forums as the reactionary hellhole for trapped jewish conspiracy idealists wrong? compare to Holla Forums's constant misrepresentation of the vast thought under the label Marxism, constant comparison of us to idpol/sjws etc.

a big part of this board is leftist discussion, and helping other leftists understand theory. the only way to accomplish this is by reading.
ive seen a lot of people here make fun of STEMfags and other college educated individuals.

i think this is just outrage porn at its finest.

There is literally nothing wrong with being reactionary.

Fair enough.

I think the only time I've heard someone call another person college educated on here was by a Holla Forumsyp using it as an insult for some reason. Reading books will more likely make you intelligent as opposed to not reading books. I'm sorry but books are far more educational than youtube celebrities, with some rare exceptions like potholer54 of course.

You should all really stop denying race though or start denying the existence of subspecies. One or the other.

Oh good, I just posted this in another thread explain how humans are geographically isolated from each other pls.

There's plenty wrong with being a reactionary, mainly it's that your analysis is shit and the solutions you have for social ills are shit.


you're a real defender of white culture I'm sure

People aren't denying the existence of variation in the human population though.

Try again in english?

How is any of this variation relevant to class struggle?

wdym? i personally accept the existence of differences between groups of individuals, however inaccurate the term "race" is (lets use ethnicity as a substitute). most leftists on this board, to my knowledge, know that ethnicity isnt skin deep and that there are differences between peoples. even though the underatanding Holla Forums has of it is clearly stemmed from video games and fantasy, and completely inaccurate to the reality.

No just denying it stops at the neck for some reason. Or suggesting than it's only skin deep.

Out there everyday with my h'white brothers.

potholer54 was a legit scientist, hes a little more intelligent than people who's only political leanings came about because of video games or anti-feminism.

That's bollocks deconstructionism.

Where does this happen? Surplus value is extracted from labor whether someone is chinese, white, or arab, and they are entitled to the full value of their labor, no?

How is that deconstructionism? He's making a positive observation

Sounds like an appeal to authority to me.

i know you adore the Autism Level meme, but most Autism Level dont accurately portray intelligence.

the only true thing that you said was the "read a book", but reading and asking someone to read X dosn't mean that the person thinks that he is some kind of intellectual, if you really think that read a book is only for people that are intellectual or think they are so I feel sorry for your parents, because they failed.

See that's all ideologically driven language to say someone else is getting a cut of our shit right. See why people think it becomes a narrow prism to interpret everything in the world through?

No but G load does.

nobody here cares that there is variation in humans and it is expected that we will find genes that point to greater intelligence, egalitarianism is however a one way street. the reason so many here deny all of the race bullshit is because it lacks class analysis, in that our greatest variation stems from socioeconomic position.

Which is false it stems from genetics and the way they've interacted with different environments.

Your boss has complete control over you for at least 8 hours a day maybe more, you have to work to not offend him, you have to be sensitive to his sensibilities until you sign off, even then you can't talk shit about him in a facebook post, how does this person not rule over you? Your life is in his hands because you have to sell your labor to the market, if not him, then someone else.

I don't care that people are different on its own, how does that justify any of the Holla Forums agenda?

What boss?

except its not

appeal to authority is when you take someone whos a smart subject in one field and say hes an expert on another subject because hes smart and stuff in the old one. Appeal to authority would be what the right does with Jordan Peterson, saying hes a professor of psychology: so he has to be really smart and understand political theory or communism or whatever he complains about.

A popular leftist one would be saying socialism is good because Einstein was fond of socialism; he was a physicist, not a political scientist.

Appeal to authority can also be seen as when the state or government, someone in a legitimate position of power or someone with a fancy title beside their name has to always be right. This is shown through people still believing vaccinea cause autism and global warming is a myth, because someone with a PhD said so.

Finally, i didnt mean potholer was better than Sargon because of his title, but because of his experience and knowledge. most of sargons arguements are meme-tier reeeing while potholer actually thinks his through.

you get it now?


woah so likeā€¦. socioeconomic position?
but really, give me some studies that prove that nature takes the big spot over nurture.

That the difference in culture and development are also inherently genetic and stem from such interaction with the environment.

How divergent evolution is a taboo subject.

okay? i dont care what people who dont understand marx or bother to read him think about marx.

I'm not a big fan.

define "culture" and "development", I'm still not seeing why this justifies ethnic-centered capitalism

its taboo because it makes no sense and the researchers usually use underhanded tricks to fill their prejudices, not because the jews are out to get you Holla Forums

There are people that do read and disagree with him.

See more deconstructionism and yes being tribalistic is a neural-typical state of being, it's how we evolved.

No it get's people hounded out of professions because if ideologues like you.

It's not deconstructionism to ask you about the fundamentals of your worldview, again, how does people being tribal refute communism? Are the workers not a tribe banded together against the capitalist tribe?

Because you know what culture is as a broad term and that's how I used it and development I meant technological the only kind that really matters in even communist ideology.

An artificial one that never holds together beyond the lines of theory or ethnic tribe.

just because someone gets hounded out of it, doesnt mean that theyre trying to hide something. a lack of evidence that im right isnt evidence that youre right. the burden of proof is on youuuuuu

How about you actually define what you're talking about, your ideology rn is a house on built on water if you can't define the basics, fucking Thomas Hobbes did it in Leviathan, you have no excuse

ayy lmaos fucking bring on the nukes pls

thats like, your opinion man

tribes are inherently artificial, they form because humans are social animals and humans banded together are more likely to survive than lone humans since we don't have great physicality in comparison with other animals.

Just for holding a theory on it's own is not grounds for being thrown out.

but its not proof of your original statement now is it? that is what were arguinf about.

How does that invalidate the concept of genetic tibes or the fact that we show preference for them?

See again ideological prism from which you view all the world.

I wasn't refuting genetic tribes I was refusing the idea that class solidarity is unnatural or artificial, and besides, it's more than possible to have non hierarchical, directly democratic tribes, there's shitload of archeological evidence for this.

Your position is just as ideological as ours, thinking you're being non ideological is a sign that you're neck deep in ideology

You know most of what you want to achieve would be achieved by the age old medieval practice of banning usury.

You realise that we were genetically related groups right and that supporting each other helped the chances of propagation our own genes right? So no not artificial at all quite natural infact.

this argument implies that ideology is bad,or that there are some people out there that live in a post ideological state. which i wiuld argue is wrong, humans need ideology to understand something. for more info, watch zizek's "perverts guide to ideology"

just because its natural doesnt make it good, thats an appeal to nature m80

No, it wouldn't, because the serf/landlord relationship is even more brutal and oppressive than the worker/capitalist relationship

How I point to the genes and how the create us and make us unique and also diverge us from other groups of humans, call me a supporter of bio-diversity if you must.

How is banning interest in any way related to feudalism?

How is the support and propagation of our genes not good? Is it not what every successful organism does on this planet?

You said "medieval practice of banning usury" I assumed you were advocating for a return to feudalism, which wouldn't be possible or desirable

there's no such thing as success and failure in nature, things simply are, a bear doesn't hold contempt or judge the salmon it kills neither does the salmon judge the bear, they simply do.

You say that like evolution isn't a genetic arms race, where the most successful traits get passed on. So the Salmon that's smart enough to avoid the bears by leaping at the right time gets to spawn the idiot doesn't.

I would agree but I fully intent to run my own fiefdom on the conclusion of capitalism run on the backs of my slave mulatto hordes.

you're projecting human ideas of success, failure, and conflict on to the natural world, the world exists outside the human constructs of ideology that you're trying to trap nature in.

when you say "our genes" im gonna take it you mean that race-mixing is bad, which is scientifically incorrect, unless im unintentionally strawmanning you

See more deconstructionism. I would consider the continued expression of my genes in some way a success or are you not a failure as a parent if you let your children dies. We are a part of nature we get to project that onto nature because we are a conscience part of it recognising itself.

You are but also race-mixing doesn't produce anything superior it's just a dilution of two genetic expressions in different environments which makes it hard to find things like bone marrow matches.

You haven't defined deconstructionism, nor have you proven how the ideas of "success" and "failure" are applicable in nature. You've only given what you think. Even if we do project our ideology onto nature that doesn't make our ideology accurate or applicable in any meaningful sense.

His concern is a very valid one and also the reason why the application of eugenics is disastrous.

You might as well both lapse into solipsism and commit suicide tbh. Fuck it what's the point of categorizing anything in nature or at all.