Arent you glad about the pace of things...

Arent you glad about the pace of things? Trump acomplished nothing and if anything he is stirring the US towards an economic crash and Holla Forumsyps went into full civil war battling imaginary jews and cia agents in their ranks while deluding themselves they "memed" trump into the office?

Future is bright comrades, brace yourself for impact.

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Nothing will happen

Nothing ever happens

Like nothing happened in 2008?

2008 is overrated

There's going to be a war. It's good for the economy. Porky will survive of course, rest of us are dead meat.

Nothing did happen.

That's the thing though, an economic crash would be devastating for the left if it can't get it's shit together in time. Revolution and reaction both essentially boil down to crisis management being used to implement their ideas. Right now it seems like reactionaries have a leg up on leftists even if their ideas are insanely unpopular.


Rather die after killing few of them, then letting them think that we are domesticated and numbed by their trash.

This. Leftcoms and accelerationists are retarded.

While I appreciate your agreeing with me I don't really understand the jabs at Leftcoms and accelerationists tbh. Leftcoms are primarily concerned with analyzing the efficacy of different forms of organization at achieving communist goals, and even communization theorists recognize that communization can only really begin with the dissolution and/or collapse of the previous system. Accelerationists are pretty much obsessed over the collapse of the current system and are primarily concerned with managing the crisis that comes afterwards. My post was literally me paraphrasing something I read from l/acc literature.

Stop being so obsessed with fucking labels, you stupid git. There's plenty of value to be found within tendencies you dislike.

I'm loving it. Every single moment of it. mass shootings on the rise, americans divided and fighting everyday. Yesterday i read a thread on kc some american talking how he argued with his "leftistist" family during thanks giving diner because he said he watches Infowars while his "leftistst" sister laughed and scolded him for doing so and and voting Trump.
This is exactly what i was hoping to happen if Trump won. The total downfall of america into civil war. ahahahaha it will be a bloodbath and i can watch it from my comfortable small and irrelevant european country.

Is your country americanized?
What's your country?
I'm european looking for a new home.

Why? Because I do not see leftcommunists capable of realistically organise on a mass-scale WRT their theoretical praxis. Accelerationism is dumb because it doesn't even anticipate the crash with fortification. That's just not how it works.

And almost every ML state and party has succumbed to revisionism and liberalization. A tendency having flaws isn't an excuse to irrationally dismiss them outright.

Imagine my shock. Seriously, these things aren't even close to leftcoms/accelerationism, and acting like lenin hat is triggered at the labels is being silly. Accelerationism is ridiculous, the idea that we will make Capitalism implode on us, where we will rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix is only a reasonable idea for a meme, and it just so happens it is a meme.
No one is saying there is absolutely no value to these ideas, just very little.

Eh, I have my disagreements on MLs regarding the whole ``socialism in one country┬┤┬┤ schtick, and believe that the failure of the western revolutions were instrumental in the stagnation of revolution. However, I do still believe that Leninism offers the best theoretical praxis even up to date, and it's selection process through elimination is quick and effective.

this is toppest of reads


I live in one of the porkiest cities in europe in a good zone. If I go out right now and start shooting randomly I'm gonna hit at least 3 porkies

Oh come on, blaming every ML failure on having the capitalist world opposing you is utterly absurd and entirely unmaterialist. That excuse could be made for literally any leftist ideology.
It's kinda funny how unacquainted you are with their ideas though. The fact that you characterize accelerationism as "lmao, capitalism imploding will automatically lead to communism, wew" shows just how little you understand. You can disagree with out being dismissive. Stop being a child.

Eh, I think that the "socialism in one country" bit made sense for the time, but in a world of globalized capital it doesn't really make sense anymore. Same with democratic centralism and vanguardism, it made sense for in a time the when organizational capacity of society was insanely small, but imo it's a flawed model for a modern society tbh.


trumpcucks becoming ever more rabid, and delusional has been enjoyable.


Its very heartwarming that you see "national socialists" who are just racist libertarian bootlickers cheer as trumps administration goes to shit. Guy acomplished nothing and is enacting laws that will bone him in 2020. Oh and what the nazis do? Well they screech about supposed CIA infiltrating their petty neonazi organizations.

Considering how the Mueller investigation is going and Trump's health is in freefall I don't think he'll stick around. Although that might mean Pence, or if he's also found guilty of shit then Paul Ryan for 2-3 years which may be worse.

there is LITERALLY nothing wrong with having brown eyes




Neither hate mixed race people more than mixed race people hate themselves

its just a meme to stick it to burgers you fuckin nerd


wtf i hate communism

It's working.

this. implying anyone with brown eyes isn't white is just typical stormfag revisionism.

A detail is leaving me confused, my intuition tells me this have been made by a buttmad American Holla Forumsyp but whereas the US seems to be included in the symbolic Aryan area, Alaska which is burger territory is pictured with a 56% memeface.
Why is that?

eurofags are the ones pushing this meme though

"White" idpolers in America don't want to attack their "motherland" (which they have never visited.)

Nazilarping burgers are salty that Alaska still has Inuits.

you are either a victim or a victimizer, the system is intent in constructing you as a subject placed within a well defined black and white dichotomy. The hyper surveilled postmodern subject withers into nothingness. everything is arbitrary so you might as well disconnect completely from reality and 'enjoy' the free play of signifiers while you still can. a surprising number of Holla Forumslacks are non white, lgbt, or outright latin american POC larping as white supremacist Trump supporters.

Trump's america is a fever dream, nothing but collective psychosis. I'm begining to think hey maybe that Nick Land duder was right after all.

Solutrean hypothesis confirmed

You keep electing Merkel for god knows how long at this point

That's worse than electing Trump twice, or Hillary Clinton twice. You did Margret Thatcher, half of the Eastern side of Europe is a shit pit and somehow Western Europe is prejudice against it.

You elected Macron

You elected David Cameron

You elected Theresa May

And for Australia what the fuck, you elected Tony Abbott

Your criticisms are typically Neoliberal shlock I could hear from anyone in Europe, as they continually vote in the absolute shittiest fucking austerity pushers. You're hardly much better.

Cool it.

Fucking, why?

If Stormfags are successful in obtaining their all HuWite Europe, they'll go after the chocolate eyed people next. Families will be torn apart and nations will collapse into civil war, all to cleanse Europe of the evil dark-eyed invaders.


The wonderful world of hyperreal internet discourse has a way of totally demolishing your sense of self.

They'd probably go mad because Emma Watson's a feminist or because Jon Snow let in refugees through a big wall.

I had crook guts last night and watched That Mitchell & Webb Look to take my mind off it.

you're such a fucking loser.

Good call lad.


I'm not talking about myself, though.

damn why are all brown-eyed people so sexy, smart, and funny

Is it at least Peep show tier? Because peep show was in my top 5 comedies.

I could post a photo of blu eyed people and say the same fucking thing.

Things are happening, its just censored