Fuck the troops. Bunch of baby killers. Right wingers always complain about welfare queens...

Fuck the troops. Bunch of baby killers. Right wingers always complain about welfare queens, while simultaneously worshiping the biggest welfare organization of them all: the military industrial complex

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Daily reminder that every deployed soldier costs over $2,000,000 a year.

It costs less to be a lifelong NEET than a soldier.

These edgy threads make sense now that we know like 28% are 14 or younger

All troops? Maybe you want to be more specific.

This. Burger troops do much retarded shit across the globe but whining about soldiers as a whole is utterly counter-productive. One could argue that to take down fascists, soldiers on the other side of the trench where needed.

Disaffected vets and turncoats are going to be the forces in a revolution you faggot. You're not going to achieve victory by throwing copies of The State and Revolution at porky.

the USSR was as much a cancerous growth as the USA

OP you're not wrong everyone in here is a butthurt imperialist


Are they?

Tbh you and OP both have points of some ilk.

There's a kind of political correctness that gets ignored when it comes to cops and soldiers - they're sacred cows. Wholesale shitting on anyone who's in the military is stupid, but pedestalizing them or pretending the "causes" they're serving aren't overall shit isn't really helpful and can be kind of insulting and alienating to the many soldiers who come to realize they fought for lies.

I'm not saying military should be catered to unconditionaly like sacred cows, I'm saying you're retarded to write them off because they're suseptible to radicalization and have useful skills to a revolutionary movement.




Implying such an infantile anarkiddie would even touch the immortal thought of Lenin

Troops deserve all the respect they are given, and are absolved of all the crimes they commit. Those crimes, however, are on the hands of the generals, the politicians and society as a whole. You are more complicit in child killings than a soldier. He doesn't have a choice, but you do, and he does it on your behalf.

This proves what now?


only if one ideologically supports the powers and institutions the soldiers fight for
yes, but soldiers are also part of society. they are culpable for their actions. they are not blameless victims
absurd apologetics. there are real differences between being a member of a violent society and being a person who actively and directly doles out violence
we don't choose the society we are born into, and we don't have a choice to abandon it; unless you want to live alone on a mountaintop and never interact with anyone or thing. furthermore, most of the population has no influence on policy. you also ignore the many soldiers who willingly choose to do what they do, out of deep ideological convictions, and would gladly do it without payment
no, he does it on behalf of society's rulers and owners. it's only on my behalf if i see him and myself as being "on the same team." i don't have any control over what he does, or is told to do; and i never asked him to do it. in fact i ask him the opposite

soldiers ultimately have a choice to make: join and assist the movement for societal change, or oppose it and defend established power. if they choose the former, they are my ally; if the latter, they are my enemy

No troops don't deserve any respect, they deserve every disrespect and they are only absolved of their crimes if they fully repent of them and work to redeem themselves by fighting against the society those crimes were committed on behalf of. They had all the choice in the world, including ending their lives but they chose to become a soldier for capitalist interests. Civilians are also guilty to a lesser extend since they allowed their governments and militaries to carry out those plans.

Do the world a favor and kill yourself if you're going to continue to hold those views.

how do we know?

You ever read one of these OPs and think that, maybe, the contemporary Left is marginalized and irrelevant for a good reason?

If you faggots want to trigger Holla Forums post these memes.

If you are pro abortion how can you possibly make the pathetic appeal "but think about the children!!" Oh,sometimes I forget, because you're a massive hypocrite.

Go get stomped under a horde of fat stupid fucks like you for that television you couldn't affort few weeks ago

It's funny how both Holla Forums and /int/ gave birth to that meme, as far as I know, but a thread on Holla Forums for said memes receives responses ranting how everyone posting them are "cock-sucking /leftyfags/ that can't even may-may".
The butthurt and the use of the spooky boogeyman spectre of communism is measurable in truckloads.
It brings questionable, yet true joy to my heart.

hang yourself with a yellow ribbon you spineless faggot

but this whole board is just Holla Forums shitposting anyway


see? like i said

ITT: LARPers, LARPers everywhere

The military is a hotbed of reaction and conservative ideology. It's filled with volunteers who enjoy killing and looting for Empire.

Watch this: youtube.com/watch?v=uAXCQZhtzEs

vs this: youtube.com/watch?v=GxSR1VgVAUk

Your only hope is going to be getting disaffected vets. Active duty are likely cops and will turn Freikorps given a chance

For real, Holla Forums is deeply triggering as of late.


The only righteous army was the Roman army. Catholicism creates warriors.



A missed opportunity to get rid of the plague that is the hegemony of USA.


this sure is a thread