Verizon releases statement over net neutrality repeal

Verizon releases statement over net neutrality repeal

"We’re very encouraged by Chairman Pai’s announcement today that the FCC will move forward next month to restore the successful light-touch regulatory framework for internet services."

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Well I'll be damned. They've actually gone and done it.

What happens now?

I only come to the conclusion that i really dont need to pay for internet access. Serious stuff i need to do maybe 3 times a month, i can just use my mobile data for that. People lived without internet 20 years ago and they were fine. Kill all capitalists and their puppets too.

This is why no one should take anarcho-primitivists seriously.

I guess we should push for internet to be a public utility, like electricity or trash collection.

Now we know who's paying the FCC for this garbage.

We will table this for a couple of years, until we have to go over this again. Repeat until net neutrality is dead or the bourgeoisie are dead.

So what happens not non-burgers if the US repeals to net neutrality?

holy shit that title man

The next step is a mandatory encrypted internet somehow so those fuckers can't figure out what to throttle.

You get to laugh as Americans are further raped by their own government.

It's not our own government, we just haven't overthrown it yet.

With ICANN being transferred away from the United States, i'm unsure what kind of impact this will have on the rest of the world. I hope the fucking roses in europe do a better job distributing the net than we do.
t. An american


ICANN has nothing to do with anything.

Well shit. I thought there was hope that Europe would be able to stop this from happening elsewhere.

Jesus, how horrifying. I guess we're living in an actual cyberpunk setting now.


It's more so than usual. The Republicans are destroying everything to please their donors.

tbh they can only go so far
actually trying to do the shit pro-NN people claim they will pull with major sites would lead to a massive consumer backlash and major controversy.
A bigger question is for smaller more niche sites, whether they will deliberately target torrenting traffic (from what I understand wouldn't be that hard to throttle provided they knew what the consumer was doing), and using it to try to block sites the ISP doesn't like.

also I've been seeing shit about how the consumer input process for removing NN was shady as fuck, so this could get dragged out for a while

I think I'm going to start spreading the idea that we should ostracize people who support companies who support this.

That or Ajit Pai should die.

How will this affect TOR?

Tweets are legally binding. R-right, guys?

They're public statements, surely?

We should react, create petitions and boycotts against these companies to the best of our ability.
This is abysmal and anyone who supports it is cucked beyond belief

the little caveat even in that is the word lawful

Only Trumptards and bots support this shit.

Unfortunately there are too many of them
Nevertheless given that he is in power, they are emboldened. We need to strongly state as a population we do not support this type of policy, and we need strong activism to sow discontent amongst the populace, weakening their faith in this garbage system. We should be reaching a breaking point, this one happens to be a rather inflammatory one that requires capitalization on.

wtf i'm against net neutrality now

Not really. There are thousands of people right now calling their congresspeople to vote against it. Major companies are against it. Average Joes don't see a reason to repeal it. Just like last time they tried this, nobody supports removing Net Neutrality.

The problem is that the FCC, like the rest of the government, is choosing to ignore them to side with a small minority, their donors.

When will this shit end? I'm so tired of hearing about them pulling this shit every two years. You can alienate me all you want, but don't fuck with my internet access porky!

Our legislature is so fucking disgusting with the way they slap the word freedom on every goddamn thing they do. It's not even necessary as a tool of propaganda because it isn't as though hardly any proles read their shit anyway.

Well I mean it is restoring "freedom" for porky (i.e. the ability to increase profits without interference from government.)

You know you need to stop this when this guy now supports the change:

Tyler Cowen is the author of Creative Destruction ("Globalization is a GOOD pain"), In Praise of Commercial Culture, Discover your Inner Economist, The Great Stagnation ("Don't worry the US economy just caught a cold"), Average Is Over ("Time to pull yourselves up by the boostraps, unemployable people") and the Complacent Class ("If you're not a millionaire by the age of 30 it's because you're a lazy entitled shit.")
He's a libertarian so he supported Net Neutrality a decade ago based on the typical anti-statist anti-monopoly arguments. Not anymore: he has decided the "benefits" of abolish net neutrality now overcome the risks. Be very afraid.

He's going to get the bat.

It is, objectively speaking, probably time for a little less carrot and a little more stick.

Which only stopped because ISPs were throttling and pulling other abuses.

fucking capitalism

There are some anti-capitalist sentiments here, could this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?
THe one that really struck me "Well basically at this point the government and corporations are working together, there is no real difference".

This. Internet should be handled at the municipal level as a utility. In terms of networking that makes the most sense by far.

The actual statement is a clusterfuck as well. They say they support Net Neutrality but they also say they support Ajit Pai and lifting regulations. It's designed to be incomprehensible to turn people off thinking about it.