Heterogenesis of ends

how do you respond?


Who wrote this?
I agree though. If the communist movement succeed it will dissolve itself.

So, what impactful conclusions all this intellectual masturbation and sophistry provide? That an organized movement will dissolve once it reaches all its' intended goals. Well, duh. So?


this is a good thing?


Could you give some more context? I don't know what *squints at pic* Judith Butler from the Evil Dimension means by alienation and bourgeois (if these terms are meant in the strictly Marxist meaning, I can't make sense of the statement).

read del noce

Consider that Communism might not be the end of history and is just another step on the road.

Well, you've got to start somewhere.

A lot of context is missing from that quote so most of this boils down to speculation about what he might have meant but this entire statement seems to rest on the assumption that absolute relativism necessarily leads to a completely alienated society. It's at least equally likely that under communism society regains the language culture industry and instrumentalization of reason suppressed. Culture won't be solely a matter of spectacle anymore because the profit motive along with the endless boring work day robbing anyone of enthusiasm is gone. Culture can finally evolve into a state where works of art can form a connection between recipient and artist on a broad scale. Art would be equipped with the power to give everyone and understanding of human suffering thus cultivating an overarching sense of empathy. I don't see how any form of absolute truth is necessary for that.

In general I think the mistake here is to assume that human communion is only a matter of the evolution of the idea while ignoring how societal structures i.e. the power of capital shapes the way we relate to each other. I only briefly talked about art but that sentiment could probably be extended to other sectors such as structural changes to how we as a society organize housing.


Once we exorcise the spooked altruism for the economy that causes us to maximize what the capitalist system and other inhuman agents require us to maximize, the only thing left will be to maximize human values
this probably means a total flattening and rejuvenation of society after which we will lead idyllic lives like our pre-civilized ancestors but with all the technologies and material comforts that civilization has produced for us to instrumentalize, and with none of the misery that characterized what will be known as the infancy of mankind
the future will be both Arcadian and Olympian
feel free to draw parallels with Buddhist nirvana too

So this quote is saying that essentially the rationalism of marxism will erode bourgeois values and spooks like religion, nationalism, etc. and then replace it with marxist rationalism. And then when the revolutionary fervor dissipates over generations, people will be left with nothing to believe in? So what you're saying is the classic argument of Marxism leading to nihilism and therefore people become fully and completely alienated from human experience?

This idea that we wouldnt recognize an order of permanent values is pretty retarded. Our values are marxism and rationalism, no? You just said it yourself and with these philosophies comes attached a number of fundamental beliefs about human existence and values and ethics, perhaps religion or nationalism falls out of favour but this doesn't mean we all just become completely relative.. i don't even understand how anyone could make such an absurd claim. It would function how these values function now - that is in liberal capitalist society there is a pluralism of acceptable and understood values and although maybe theres outliers the majority of people hold liberal democratic beliefs and disagree with things like slavery or fascism. If we lived in the marxist society the window would just shift i think - like the range of ideas popularly held about values or whatnot would simply be rationalist and marxist ones that all differ. But total relativism would imply under marxism we would hold monarchism or support for slavery as equal to socialism or marxism which doesnt make sense.

Basically this is a dumb question and these issues about nihilism and relativism have already been addressed by post-modernists and marxists responding to their critics. Total relativism or nihilism is retarded it makes no sense why we would fall into this and become fully alienated from human existence. We dont need your stupid spooks to give our lives meaning there are many beautiful human things that give life meaning, as an atheist and someone whos relatively nihilistic about the value of things i can tell you its more liberating than not.

Disclaimer: I've only read the wikipedia article on Del Noce. Then again, the OP is quoting directly from the same source, so I'm hardly the only criminal here.

In any case, Del Noce appears to be so absolutely wedded to the project of resurrecting idealism that he appears to totally ignore all other historical developments. For example, he sees "the sexual revolution and in general by the new technocratic and affluent society that had taken shape after the Second World War", and - wedded as he is to his idealism - is forced to explain it using a tortuously stretched biblical allusion about the nihilistic trajectory of rationalism.

Here's an alternate explanation, friend: The sexual revolution was kicked off by the invention of the Pill, and the society became more technocratic and affluent after World War II because a) a whole shitload of dead capital got wiped off the books allowing European capitalists to massively profit from the rebuilding and b) we started using computers to manage our businesses and economies, and the rigid, programmed, binary nature of their operation had knock-on effects on the outlook of the ruling classes.

In summary, our ideas were and are shaped by the world we live in, and not the other way around. Materialism!

I like this quote. sounds accelerationist.

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Is he an NRx idol or something, it looks like he was some dead mediterranean nobody until recently

Public Service Announcement: If you, or a loved one, find yourself saying retarded shit like this, see a doctor. Together we can stem the tide of retardation.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Western Marxists end up coming back around to him. A conscious regression to idealist nonsense is the logical next step for the pricks who've wasted everyone's time over the last 50 years putting ideology above material reality.

No. you need to read Hegel asap.

Go ask Anal Water the pseud. This sounds right up his alley.

humanity will end, one way or another

AW > leftcoms

If anything, we probably haven't entered what will be considered later "proper history".

I'll have to agree with this. The common view that morality is a spook is false and dangerous. Morality is a manifestation of human conscience, and is thus highly subjective is its details, which is why we must set an arbitrary and humanist morality to be these universal values. And socialism, expanded to admit to and include within itself its moral duty, is the perfect vehicle for devising and enshrining that humanist moral code.