Kraut and Tea vs alt right

So, a youtuber called kraut and tea is challenging the alt right publicly, and has the backing of expert biologists and geneticists supporting him to help show the bullshit of the alt right. I am surprised this has not caught more attention elsewhere.

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Reactionary brainlet who made a billion videos on why Muslims are evil, pandered to the alt-right and hangs out with carl of akkad.
He should fuck off and die.

Kraut and Tea is strawmaning somewhat in this video to make Alternative Hypothesis look foolish.

What the Alternative Hypothesis is putting forward:
Kraut and Tea instead evaluates this claim:

wew, Just finished the video and he made an even larger mistake towards the end.
He cites the mule as an example of a hybrid of two subspecies. He then says that because mules are infertile, and mixed race humans are fertile, that human races cannot be equivalent to subspecies. He is suggesting that intra subspecies/species are always inviable, but this is definitely not the case.

I'd like to see someone smarter and more learned than Kraut and Tea do a similar series of videos.
If he is making simple mistakes like this while pretending to be intellectually rigorous, he is not the right guy for the job.

Kraut never said Muslims were evil. He said Islam is evil, and he's right. Like all religion, it's shit and turns people into idiots.


Not an argument.

source please

All of human history. Religion has no positive qualities.

I concede to your indomitable intellect and superhuman argumentation ability.

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He pandered to the far right so much. So when Kraut made one video critical of the right, his fan got triggered and cannibalized him. Kinda like Muke and the ☭TANKIE☭ drama.

Still no arguments.

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Even AltHyps original idea has no scientific merit. Race cannot be defined in a specifically and scientifically useful way and as such is rejected. Localized ethnic groups are still considered valid categorization in genetics and biological anthropology.

the guy is an altrighter who's not explicitly racist, just low-key, everyday, "those damn welfare queens just lay about all day drinking grape juice", "lazy bums" racist
fuck him, his nazi audience turned on him, let them eat each other

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Didn't he stream with Bat'ko? Looks to me he's just a liberal who doesn't like the mainstream left.

Did you mean to link this?

This is a real coincidence. I'd watched the first two videos a few weeks ago and finished the third one today, then proceeded to watch TAH's response (I'd already seen the first one). Then I went into the video description and decided to make a thread about it, I guess I won't.

What does Holla Forums think of this little gem?

Stop making these threads you complete fucking retard. The video is old, and it has already been discussed to death.

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What the fuck does that even mean. Does this idiot even understand what evolution and fitness are?

Good god it just gets worse from there. No evidence, no mechanism, no understanding of genetics or european history, all mixed in with an autistic attempt to quantify unquatifiable things.

The part that I love the most is near the end when he's basically claiming that before "The Revolution" all humans were niggers and that medieval and modern european civilization (really catholism) "fixed niggerdom" , he created the most pussy bitch-tier racialism that I've ever seen in order to make the same claims that mainstream historians make, which focus on culture and technology and economy, but shoe-horn racialism into it in order to make his views towards non-whites in the current day not totally retarded.

He also doesn’t understand the history of economics or the economic and political systems of the non-european world at all. Plus, he links to another paper of bad history about Rome by Peter Frost.

t. Civil Rights Movement should never have happened

I seem to recall the bible being used to justify racism and slavery.

It was also Black Baptist organizations through which the civil rights movement was organized, to say religion has NO redeeming qualities and ALL of human history bears out it being evil is to say NOTHING its done has ever been good: ergo, you are saying that the civil rights movement was bad.

unironically read Zizek and his atheistic christianity

And it's nothing that couldn't have been done without religion. Religion has no redeeming qualities as it's the same religion that was used on both sides. Religion by itself did not lead to these conclusions. All religion is shit, and you know it. There is nothing worth salvaging. Lies and superstition belong in the dustbin of history.

Civil rights can be had without religion. You are equivocating so you can defend your shitty superstitions. Civil rights were advocated in terms of humanist values, not because of kike on a stick. If you're going to go that far, then you might as well claim that the US was founded on Christianity and that all of science was invented by the church. Nice job being a religious fucktard, dipshit.

Zizek is a meme philosopher.

unironically read him anyways

I don't think you understand Zizek at all