Reminder that Leninism works and the reason the Commie Block failed is because of revisionism and western imperialism...

Reminder that Leninism works and the reason the Commie Block failed is because of revisionism and western imperialism, if we applied legit Marxism Leninism today i guarantee you that it would be the best approach to a modern dictatorship of the proletariat

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I'm with you there comrade. If Marxism-Leninism would be applied to the EU as a whole, this would be an utopia. I might even turn into a pan-European NazBol for that one.

Choose up to one.

Read a book made by Lenin


I disagree, I think a blend of DeLeonist industrial government with Lenin is the best means to secure the revolution. It would at least solve the problems of bureaucracy that the Soviets encountered later.

The IWW is dead and trade unions are a thing of the past

Yeah but there’s no generic syndicalist flag.

So is socialism ya blockhead

And by syndicalist I mean the economic model, not the revolutionary praxis. When it comes to that I’m actually closer to a Leninist.

Lenin is the greatest revolutionary of the 20th century.

1848 called, they want their shit back

He was a great leader but don't fall into cults of personality! Stalin hated the cult that was growing around him for example

Could you quickly explain to me what Syndicalism means for you


We can fix those flaws next time

The economy is divided into federations of workers based on industry, economic planners assess the needs of the population at the local level and communicate them to the relevant syndicate/federation. The syndicates themselves are largely decentralized. Shops are operated by the workers themselves, the only stipulation is that they meet demand and follow regulations vis a vis safety, pollution, etc.

nazis: it's da joos!
tankies: it's da revishionists!!
Y'all would rather reproduce the logic of antisemitism than confront the glaring fact that, perhaps, your system doesn't fucking work.

Communism will never work then! FUCK IT, CAPITALISM WON GUYS! This truly is the end of history

Sounds cool, but how can we revive syndicalism when most trade unions are run by porky?

Sino-Soviet split anybody

Im part of the IWW and i accept this is true but it doesn't make your ML tomfoolery correct either


Wanting a do-over on the USSR is such a brainlet-tier position.

I honestly don’t think trade unions factor into it. Like I said, as far as praxis goes I’m closer to a Leninist, except that I think that the vanguard party should BE the state. As in you build the internal governmental mechanisms of the party to mirror what you will implement on a state level once you get into power. The party becomes a microcosm of the socialist state before socialism is even established. This way you don’t have the party building the state in a way that enshrines it’s elite in power, but rather the institutions of party governance, complete with executive, legislative, judiciary, and a constitution, simply become the institutions of the state immediately.

Wanting to remake the soviet union is not dialectical, we MLs just think that the system can work with some more room for liberty

Ideology, its a popular drug

"Socialism in one country" made sense for the time, but it absolutely doesn't in a world with globalized capital. Democratic centralism and vanguardism also made sense at the time, but they absolutely don't in a world with organizational capabilities that would have been unimaginable in the 1920s. Marxism-Leninism today means dogmatic attachment to the policies of the USSR, which is something that runs counter to the way Lenin approached things. Lenin was inflexible in his principles, but he was pragmatic and he adapted to the political realities of his time. Tank.ies today have absolutely none of the pragmatism that made Lenin a great revolutionary. Tbh their political worldview is pathetic.

Accept the dialectical science of DeLeonism-Leninism-Communalism.

Leninist praxis + DeLeonist industrial organization + Communalist political model

Accept the dialectical science of left communism.

No Praxis + No organization + No political models

Libertarian interpretations of marxism are whats best today in this shitty world

it fucking won lol, suck anarkiddie dick


Where can I go if I think that political activity itself is worthless but that politics can be understood and endlessly modified toward human ends by developing a thorough understanding of the technological and energetic conditions that underpin capitalism and modifying said conditions directly via technological development and deployment?

Where can I go if my materialism is so vulgar that I think that new productive technologies have been the only significant thing driving changes in human societies? Where do I go if I think that such vulgar materialism, far from being a disincentivising action, actually offers very concrete and proven courses of action for those looking to change society?

Where do I go if I think your hearts are in the right place about the need for change and the role of abolishing the commodity form in the realisation of that change, but that you're all badly fucking wrong about how to actually do that?

Bataille? Idk lol

Explain more what you mean by this. Wikipedia doesn't help and I'm not going to trawl through a bunch of smut on the advice of someone hammered home their point with 'idk lol?'. Plus apparently this fellow was viewed positively by cancerous folk like Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, and Land. Frankly five seconds of reading about him suggests that he's the absolute and exact opposite of the viewpoint I expressed in

that's clearly patrick stewart

Yeah that dude made a mistake, here is a photo of Lenin for reference

What movie is this from?