Why is /ourgirl/ a filthy ancom? Isn't she meant to be a representation of leftypol, and therefore should just be red...

Why is /ourgirl/ a filthy ancom? Isn't she meant to be a representation of leftypol, and therefore should just be red? Tell me atleast the red/black on her clothes is just solidarity. I'm sure there are more socialists than anarchists right


I think the concept artist stated that she wasn't even AnCom in the first place.

A) She’s not an ancom, her tendency is never confirmed.

B) Leftypol was originally anarchist dominated, so having her be ancom (she’s not) would make sense.

communism reaches for a stateless community in which the participants own the means of production, much like anarchism

I think that she's meant as a pun on Catalonia in context of Spanish civil war, and Anarchist brigades were the most flavourful/characteristic image of it.


The artist said so. I'm busy atm and can't dig through my files to find proof, maybe I'll post later or someone else will but they expressed a bit of regret if I remember right that they didn't make that more explicit

She isn't, she's meant to represent Holla Forums as a whole and Black/Red does that.
Yes, but because anarchists are socialists. By most polls Marxists make up the majority of the board, but given that this bridges MLs, Trots, Leftcoms, and various other snowflakes who despise each other, Anarchists have a plurality because for some reason we're able to get along with other Anarchists more than Marxists can get along with other Marxists.

Stop this sectarianism

my dude if the differences between anarchists and marxists was ever reconcilable the first international wouldn't have split


Marxists and Marxists split in the 2nd international and to this day keep splitting even within the same tendencies.

Trying to force completely incompatible ideas into shaky alliances that historically fell apart EVERY FUCKING TIME is beyond naive.

We literally cannot form a common ground in terms of governing with the anarkiddies.

There is no need to, too. Anarchists may never challenge Marxism-Leninism. Once there is conflict, they would have no choice but to side with us. If we win, they would have no choice but to surrender or be destroyed.
If anything, the anarkiddies are the only ones who have vital interest to strike a compromise, so that they may be permitted to have whatever weak and non-consequential praxis they are capable of.

What are you fags gonna do, sic your washed up 50-year olds on us or unleash the student ML brigade to take us down with noodle armed fury?

What are you gonna do, sic your drug filled, lumpenprole punk rock degenerates on us, the industrial worker?

Historical laws are such that we will always have overwhelming organisation, political and lethal force to the anarchists, and the anarchists had any sizable influence only in case of conflict between the communists and socialists and their right-wing opponents. It is historical and practical fact.
If you claim that communists and socialists will never again be able to seize power from the Neoliberals, anarchists will be negligible just as well, and more so.

I always assumed she was an-syn.

Because ancom is really memorable and it kinda fits both tendencies, like an inbetween. It was a good choice. Shut up and stop complaining.


ML accomplishments
Anarchist accomplishments

Shes a Catalan Anarchist. Thus her name Cat-Alunya, pretty clever.

There is literally nothing wrong with being an ancom as long as you aren't an anarcho-liberal or a non-marxist.

Oh, you.

You're not the industrial worker fam, you're a collection of insignificant political parties who can't even remain united within your own tendency.
The proletariat is more likely to be "degenerates" than autists who dress like it's the 50's. If you're looking for that I suggest going back to reddit and ask r/the_donald when the next tiki torch march is.

Pure ideology. Judging the position of MLs and Anarchists today and in the future based upon historical conditions that predate ML as widespread tendency and relied upon a superpower to shore up ML revolutions against capitalist imperialism is retarded. Today you have no notable organization, no political force, and no military presence. To speak of your dominance of the class struggle as a fact is ridiculous.
I don't claim that, and I don't have a particular axe to grind with MLs. However, the assumption that MLs will be in a position of strength and that all other tendencies will be forced to comply is retarded and dare I say idealist.

And now you're confined to fringe political parties and fringe internet forums to whine about how muh anarkiddes or muh trots never accomplished something that ceased to exist before you were born.

Thanks for that, by the way. I'm sure the left can finally be free from the perversions to communism forced upon the world by USSR. I'm sure all those crippled socialist movements in the third world will thank Orwell.

Marxist-Leninist system's position in the modern world is second only to the Neoliberals.
MLs and SDs, actually (which have only a tactical divergence anyway, as long as Marxist SDs are concerned). This conclusion is made while examining history, and there were no exceptions in it that contradict it.

Now, there is a possibility that Anarchism will evolve into something that is viable, but 100+ years of its' pitiful performance in its' present form is proof enough of its unviability.

And you say we can't get over the past.

That relies on the assumption China is merely pretending to be revisionist. If we were not to assume this, then proto-fascism is a significantly bigger position than ML, which consists of fringe parties in the west and guerilla groups in the third world.
Whatever socdems once were, they are welfare state liberals today. I would hesitate to lump oneself with rosa killers and reformists.
Disregarding the socdems failures at reformism, the major example we have is the USSR with subsequent ML revolutions and states all having received some deal of support from the USSR or PRC. This would indicate that to succeed ML requires a world war to drain resources from imperialists and divert their attention until power is seized(and then enough power to hold off imperialism), or support from a large power to keep imperialism at bay. Now call me cynical or whatever, but I think that China isn't merely pretending to be revisionist capitalists and can't be counted on to support a ML revolution or state against imperialism. This leaves us with the possibility of a costly war for an opening to take advantage of, but with advances in technology capitalist imperialism can much more easily bomb whatever the equivalent of 1917 Russia would be while fighting a hypothetical WW3. Even if this scenario were to play out in the fledgling ML state's favor, we run into the issue of being able to hold off imperialism from the well equipped west. While I doubt a nuke is going to be dropped, an invasion or subversion is not out of the question and without enough power, or support from a large power, it is likely the fledgling ML state will end up like the tragedy of various Latin American states fucked by burgerland.
Well brushing aside the notion that it is ideology that drives revolution, we have the emergence of technology that mitigates the organizational weakness of decentralized organization which has been the bane of anarchism historically by allowing instantaneous communication. With this removal of anarchism's weakness compared to ML, we have the issue of ML's current weaknesses which are decades of propaganda spooking the population with myths of muh gorgillions and the stagnation and infighting among various ML parties. Now both anarchism and ML are very tiny and would need a mass influx of support in order to be viable, which given how spooked the population is would more than likely play out in favor of a hypothetical platformist organization than a hypothetical unified ML party. This isn't to say that platformism is the definite future and harbinger of communism or that ML will never work again, but rather to point out that ML isn't the predetermined leader of the class struggle.

Just unite under Rosa and council communism

Found it. Here you go OP

Pretty sure she's a leftcom. There's a difference between them and ancoms, right?

Dumb ☭TANKIE☭, what do you think Catalunya is a reference to?

A symbol of defeat

Even with all the flaunting of literacy rates in ML countries, it sure doesn't seem to do much good for ☭TANKIE☭s…

I wish that sandwich was my anus

Reminder that Stalin stole Spanish gold and undermined one of the larger fighting forces in the Spanish Civil War because they weren't "marxist"-autism

You can't be this fucking new

He's using terms like "degenerate"
Its a Holla Forums false flag.

Kind of answers itself, really…

support ancom catgirls against ☭TANKIE☭ imperialism

depends what count the hipsters leftcom as

This. Everyone can get behind Rosa, can't they?

There's more ☭TANKIE☭s now than before. Or they're at least more vocal

She's not ancom, just angry. ANGRY ABOUT CAPITALISM.

Seems pretty clear to me by now that the red must be tempered with some black. Communists have forgotten they're supposed to end authority and the State at some point.


catgirls, like anarchism, get one step in the right direction and then inadvertently walk off a cliff.

someday we will all live under Rosa's Reich after we exterminate the Poles and Finns

"Second time as farce" also applies to you, you know?


We forgive her because she's a qt

Dog I shower daily


Because despite BOs deliberate sabotage, this is an anarchist board.

Isn't Rosa in charge of Nazbol Poland in Kaiserreich?

she is totalist I think, but it's pretty innacurate.

I'm not the biggest fan of ancoms either but c'mon m8 who cares she's clearly a pun. I'm never paid much attention to the board-tan meme but we're on imageboard there's gonna be anime girls

alunya a slut

Obviously its because she's an anarkitty

That's a funny way to spell "giving them 600 modern aircraft, 400 tanks, 1000 guns and half a million rifles".

Just stop this meme.

WTF I love comrade Bush now!

to defend private property

Go back to tumblr.

Still is.

She is anarchist though

Fucking wew. Sorry you missed out on all the fun.

Why do things like this exist?

nothing is sacred boyo, besides it's hot

You can't abolish private property if you don't have political and military control first. In case of a war you have to be ruthlessly pragmatic and ally with parts of the bourgs if necessary to win, because if you lose you're dead anyway. You can always destroy your former allies later if they have no political control and armies.

It's not looting, Spain wouldn't have needed the gold anyway if they were part of the Comintern because between socialists states you can do direct resource transfers like in the Comecon.

Nigga stop riding Stalins dick, that gold could of saved the Republicans.

How? By buying arms? Who was selling them? The liberal states blockaded the Republic. The Soviets were the only ones willing to export arms! The gold was going nowhere.

I guess Stalin just needed Spains gold more amirite?

And why does it seem like you are trying to imply the supply of weapons was some "fair compensation" fo taking it. Porky much?


Alunya is our comrade, will be our comrade going forward, in fact, Alunya is not only our comrade, she is our daughter. And if you would like to bitch about it you can. But note, this bitching is in vain and Alunya is staying. There will be no "replacement Alunya", such an abomination will not be welcome on this board.

no ban pls just a joke

Delete that.

well said BV

Marxists are a tiny minority here (like everywhere else, sadly).