Holla Forums age poll


Remember, in this poll you are completely anonymous.
I want to see the stats. Bump if you want a large answer pool and therefor more accurate data.
t. Holla Forums data mining team
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No fucking way that there are people 10 years older then me on here

bumperino ecks dee

25 and counting.

Can I finna get a finna bump.
Lenin dindu nuffin :DDD


Why do people still use that shit polling site from reddit?

Because that site lets people add meme answers

It's optional.

Thank the sweet lord. My ego was in severe danger of getting dropped on its neck.


You are going to stop right now. In all seriousness, so many complain but college and the occasional job/house payment that I believe it.

That explains a lot

1 in 20 are also 33+.

I sincerely doubt anyone younger than 14 uses this board. 100% getting fucked with here.

Called it, lol. Dickheads.

We've been getting a lot of visitors from Holla Forums lately.

It's the same as it happened with the height poll.
Holla Forums just came in and screwed everything.
Making those polls is dumb because of it.

Care to explain how yours is better? Try as I might, I have never been able to find an anonymous poll that can't be subject to ballot stuffing.

fucking dropped, even Afroplasm's poll was better than this

it looks good, you can alter your vote, you can put meme answers, it was made by hotwheels I think.

also there's a chat.


Hmm I wonder where all the



Who’s raiding us?

8 year old communist reporting in

Holla Forums of course, though they have been on here so long they can claim permanent resident status. They will show the results around, and soon we will have many ancap guests…

Probably no-one. Probably people picking

We'll how old are you? If you're younger than those age ranges that then you should be suspicious.

Allahu Akbar!

From the leftypolers I've talked to outside of leftypol, the average is around 24ish