Game Over - The Capitalists have beaten us

Let me tell you a story, Holla Forums. I am immensely thankful if you please read this and try to think and feel what I do:

You have all heard "be yourself", "freedom of choice", "success breeds success", "there is many sides to me" etc. Now don't get me wrong, I am in full support of celebration of individualistic freedoms, democracy and opposed to authoritarianism. But look at the very core of these similar slogans song lyrics of Radiohead's "Fitter Happier" song lists many of these cheesy slogans to a sarcastic effect and you'll see they are not designed to help or serve the proles. I mean, if you work 2 jobs, struggle to pay rent and have to count your cents every day, what "success" or "freedom" would be HIM AND ONLY HIS to utilize? No. These slogans are designed by porky, for the porky.

Let's see - Porky takes expensive meditation course, and realizes that to be himself, he needs to act more spiritually. He pays for feng shui experts to rearrange his furniture, he buys a little house in the mountains for better meditation and so on. Doing this, he practices a "freedom of choice" in choosing to become more spiritual. Through spirituality, he probably develops better manners/kinder personality, which impresses the public and fellow porkies, which helps towards realizing his business goals, as the worth of his brand grows.

Now, take a prole. He wants to become more spiritual too, but can't afford meditation courses, and even if he could, there is no chance in hell he could afford to take couple of weeks in row off from work and family. He could try to read materials on the internet and talk to like-minded people, but as much as he would like to meditate every day at a certain time, he doesn't have the authority to arrange a special circumstance for this - it could be that his wife would call him selfish for not attending to children after a long day at work, it could be that his friend would call any minute and be offended if his calls wouldn't be returned, or he would be simply too exhausted after work and needs bed time he can't afford to lose, while porky has assistants and secretaries to act as a buffer in case porky needs time completely alone with himself or with a business partner(s) to establish connections.

Let's be real here - personal development through individualism is indoctrination propaganda designed to take people who resonate with it, and turn them into "self-made porkies", which in turn would ensure bigger capital accumulation, thus ensuring neoliberalism will never fail because of lack of manpower when it comes to mananging the capitalist system or keeping it running.

Porky of ancient rome loved drama and spectacles, so they invested a lot to run the gladiator games (at the expense of killing half of the fauna of northern africa) to indoctrinate roman populace into growing fond of spectacles, through which they accepted the empire. In medieval europe, porky was religious, so he utilized religion to indoctrinate the proles into religion so they could relate to medieval porky's goals and desires, but it was also designed in a way that porky always had a "divine power". How little has changed - today, you can hardly criticize the kind, philanthropic, humanistic and educated porky or accuse them of anything - if you try, he will tell you that you are a good human for being concerned, and you are being heard - but tomorrow will be the same, porky does what he does. When you see that criticism does nothing, and you result to more resolute methods like justice system, the army of lawyers and lobbysts will defeat you every time. If you give up on lawful methods and result to violent opposition, you will be labeled as terrorist and taken down by police and water cannons.

All of this only points to one thing - modern world truly has evolved towards a direction where porky is completely untouchable, his ivory tower extends so far to the sky you don't even see the end of it. Porky has strike breakers, mobs of classcucked reactionaries ready to be played against us, police, drones, nukes, lawyers, judges, private prisons, surveillance, dataminers, private security, astroturfers, marketing shills, entire branches of governments to bail them out - on top of all of this vile, rotten machine, his message is the one of peace, human rights, democracy, tolerance and diversity, which never reflects in any of the actions porky takes outside the vision of mainstream media.


Seriously, don't bother reading Marx. In all his cynicism, he would drink himself to death and throw the unfinished draft of Das Kapital volume 4 into trashcan seeing the magnitude of which this capitalist cancer has grown into inoperable stage. Game Over - humanity has fallen to capitalism, and probably deserves it at this point.

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are you seriously going to just call me COINTELPRO after spending 1 hour typing all this text? Fuck you

D'awh, it's angry at us!

Nice blogpost, faggot

You're typing this while we're watching everything about neoliberal capitalism falling apart because the milquetoast offerings are already being called out on from several directions.

fucking SAVAGE

Why should I be angry? Did you even read my text? It's more like a desperation. The more you guys call me names, the more you just prove that your defense mechanisms and knee jerk reactions prevent you from realizing how complex is the enemy you are up against - the entire system itself. Everyone can assassinate a porky or two and call it a day, but how can you assassinate a worldwide neoliberlist empire that has the control over most of the planet's resources?

Capitalism thrives on instability. 2007 was probably less of capitalism nearing last stage and collapsing, but it restructuring, rearranging itself into a scarier form.

Capitalism hasn't changed since the recession.

pretty sure the French aristocrats did not expect to be beheaded either

I've kind of been feeling the same way recently, I've been reading Nick Land's Fanged Noumena which has made me even more suicidal than usual.
No dude stfu with this anti-understanding HyperNormalisation bollocks.

My and your pessimism aside, I'll raise some points:
1. Inhabit the mind of a feudal serf who thought feudalism would never end.
2. We'll never really know.

You massively overestimate the ability to control chaotic systems like human behavior. The simple fact that as things get worse, and they are getting worse, people become increasingly drawn towards movements of change. Maintaining the "good-enough" state of liberalism is not easy especially when your ideology inherently relies on a system as complex as a market.

For me reading Land actually snapped me out of it. It made me realize that even if it's the end, it's only the start of a new beginning.
Humanity may dissolve, but our spiritual successors will live on. It actually makes me optimistic about the future. Yeah we may go extinct in the next century, but our creations will rule the stars.

hot takes fam

Isn't Nick Land Holla Forums's favorite?

I hope I'll one day find a good material for the modern context that details how in particular is capitalism eventually going to stumble upon itself. Holla Forums hasn't been too rich in providing materials for this particular nuance. I think Žižek mentioned something along the lines, but I've yet to find a lecture where he goes in depth.

I think people here are actually more familiar with Nick Land than Holla Forums. Barely anyone seems to read there anyway.
Also Fanged Noumena for anyone that wants to read it.

we're fucked. capitalism isn't ending, profits are at their highest rate in 50 years (they're just concealed), it will just get more brutal, with more efficient and invisible methods of control

That's not true though. The last time US profits peeked was back in the late 90s. And that's with the US being an outlier to begin with. Only regaining profitability during and after WW2 when most Old World commercial industry was obliterated. See the PDF.
New sources for boosting profit are drying out. After the WW2 profitability was boosted by reconstruction, increasing productivity in the developing world - combined with imperialism, and the development of new technologies and industries.
The US is facing much stronger competition this time. That's not to say there aren't any countries left to be exploited. But the well is drying out, as well as productivity gains.

If anything I'd be more worried about what's implied at the end of the paper. Capitalism may just need a global war to raise profitability again. In that light the military build-up of emerging powers during the last decade is a lot more ominous.

Defeatism is a fuck, I do not appreciate it.
Into the trashcan of history with you.

Dr. King was in some FINE puss

King was a fraud though. There's a reason liberals fawn over him but not Malcolm or the BPs.

Not even OP, but did you read anything that he wrote?

Liberals are fed a highly censored account of King's life.

Read Gramsci

The neoliberal order, and our modern society is in deep crisis right at this very moment. There is no peace, no prosperity, no security, no trust or contentment in society at all.
How can Neoliberal system be perfect if we are witnessing its' descent into collapse and breakdown at this very moment?

it's not actually a collapse, it's just a breakdown in quality of life for most people, there's profit to be made off of this. People can be significantly worse off than before without the system collapsing, it exists with or without their consent.

Get this idiotic blackpilled shit out of here and just kill yourself already you worthless Lumpen.

the same reason there's bible jesus and supply-side jesus, they're fed a redacted version of him

my sweet summer child

Sadly, it wasn't just aristocrats that got beheaded, but everyone who was ever believed to be involved with the old order, including poor little Louis the XVII who had committed the sin of being a male child to the incompetent and hated French monarchy. He was locked in a room, beaten, was forcefully given venereal diseases, and was eventually just left to sit neglected in the barred room given to him until he died of disease caused by malnutrition and living in filth for over a year.

That was definitely one of the lowest points in the revolution.

There is no western revolution, there probably won't be. Defeatism is unacceptable because once neoliberalism does actually destroy itself (if you think an economy that's literally just a bubble at this point can survive indefinitely you're a fool) or a cataclysmic natural disaster speeds the process some one will have to be at the reigns afterwords. Do you want that to be us or some fucking son-of-porky faggot with a $50 survival manual and a comm-101 textbook?

Muh dick, please elaborate.

Addendum, maybe Nick Land is right but you want to at least be able to get off one last time before the sky tenticles burrow into your cerebrum and use it to bolster non-binary calculation power, right?

From a quick google search

[6] Nagel, Susan (2009). Marie-Thérèse: the fate of Marie Antoinette's daughter. London: Bloomsbury Publishing. p. 137.


Remember the tenth plague? This sort of thing is justified while abolishing old, oppressive orders.

hahaha, holy shit, that's great.

That took you an hour?


Nigga I'm fuckin' shootin' my load here. No need to ask him. Why isn't this story more popular, it's hilarious.

Read the bible.

Sick ass painting, although, what happened to the male's right leg directly below the knee? The drafting looks off.

It's a pretty shit thing to have happened. But the same kinda shit happens today either unintentionally or entirely so, at the behest of our wealthy rulers. Come a future revolution, assuming, unlikely though it may be, that it takes a similar form to those of the past, whilst we should make great efforts to avoid senseless cruelty, it is also necessary for us to work past that needless violence that inevitably arises during the tumults of radical systemic change.

You cannot overcome actual injustice without incidental injustice. Blood is the only thing that can truly remove sin. This is ancient wisdom user.

I honestly believe King was on the verge of coming out for socialism before his assassination. He was no doubt in contact with Marxist civil rights/black liberation groups and they likely had influence on him, especially in his final year when he turned his focus to broader economic struggles. Listen to his last speeches, they're all about how after the Voting Rights Act, etc., black citizens have "equality under the law" - the sacred slogan of liberalism - but that will never be enough to bring true social justice - the final obstacle to overcome is "capitalism".

This. Remember that on the day he was shot he was helping black workers who were striking. Funny how so many black civil rights leaders back then ended up dead. Makes you wonder why so many of today's elite sanctioned "leaders" of the lauded POCs like Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates haven't caught a couple of bullets.

Yeah, the civil rights movement had a whole lot of "revolution along racial and class lines" things going on until the CIA raided the Black Panthers headquarters and turned the whole movement on its head by setting the members who where left over against each other. Gives a bit of an insight about how they could realistically handle any other sort of domestic movement that they dont approve of.

Now if you want to really kill yourself, imagine seeing the neoliberal system from the point of view of a third worlder colonized by the impregnable Western monopoly on imperial domination, I should write about it in return.

Excellent post though


he was between 8 and 10 years old dummy

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he was part of the aristocracy, their bloodlines needed to be removed from existence

I am proud of you, leftypol.

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the subject of violence is not determined by an essential trait in the actors