Is Holla Forums ready for black friday?

is Holla Forums ready for black friday?

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Some burger redpill me about what Black Friday is. On TV non-Americans only see mentally ill obese people beating themselves up to grab a microwave for 10$ less. Is this true?

Never really been because its almost that bad. You don't see violence that often but what you do see people camping out and running around and stuff like that.

The only stuff that gets really deep discounts is mostly junk to begin with. I have to wonder how many Tibetan salt lamps a single family needs.

I've been a wagecuck during Black Friday and can confirm. Granted, I worked in cosmetics so most of what I dealt with consisted of suburban moms piling over each other to get bottles of Eternity.


Burger here; Black Friday is when most stores offer massive discounts because they need to mark off their stock and replace all their shit, most stores are closed on Thanksgiving so friday is when the "official" Christmas day shopping sales begin. Stores open at the asscrack of dawn (people actually camp out in front of the entrance and stay there overnight just to be there when the stores open) and are swarmed with violent shoppers kicking the fuck out of eachother for commodities.

As for me, I need a new gaming PC. Forgive me, Marx, for I have sinned.

I've bought the parts for it myself and saved almost 400 bucks.

I need to know more. I'm trying to run Unity engine at full blast.

I've got steel toed boots ready to trample people with.

I'm not even going to buy anything, I just want to kick people while they're down and get away with it.

One dirty tactic we used was raising the prices of all our goods the week before Black Friday, so we could sell them at their original prices on said date.

Not him but this site is great

I want american cultural imperialism to end
Yankee go home

seriously though building a pc is stupidly easym most people just overestimate its complexity. Use a part picker website to check compatability, shop around for the parts to get them cheap and watch a tutorial or two while it's in the post. failing that all the parts come with instructions. My only recomendation would be to get a motherboard with an error code display just in case.


tbh I am not ready

It's a lot like

said, though I have never been. It's terrible for the workers. There is also "cyber Monday"…

Shit webm


t. 1st worlder

It's OK your time is coming.


Actually im a 2nd worlder


I feel like the concept of Black Friday is dying like the concept of malls are, everything's all about Digital Monday or that one holiday that supports small, local businesses.

Why do people do this?

When's WHITE friday?

All Fridays Matter.

It's White Friday every Friday up at the >>>/gulag/ we're sending you

This isn't yankee this is Yeltsin

Buy the parts you retard, it's much cheaper and as easy as putting together ikea furniture.

not him but I'm just a hobbyist and godot documentation sucks ass.

Yes, sadly

The second world was the Comecon nation.

You mean jump on a circlejerk wagon. Nothing is cheaper actually.

Build it, and quit your lifestylism. If they offer shit for cheap, and you want it, then buy it.

Get ready comrades

Jesus fucking christ.
So fucking americans


Someone needs to make one with better quality now that we have a 16 MB file size limit.

When did we get 16meg file limits?

A few months ago?

what this ?
t. brainlet

It's a pejorative for people that live "the lifestyle" without taking any proactive steps to dismantle capitalism, ie, they buy fair trade coffee and "squat" on weekends with their middle class friends in an empty building one of their dads owns and lets them use but has never organized a workplace or supported a strike or read anything more substantial than a Sex Pistols album jacket.

Often times you'll see it thrown around at people suggesting people do something be called lifestylists because they aren't advocating the complete overthrow of Capitalism, but oftentimes this is fallacious.

Problem: starving homeless people.

Lifestylist answer: "We should organize a bake sale to raise money to buy supplies to make packed lunches for the homeless so that they don't just spend their money on alcohol."

Non-lifestylist answer: "We should steal as much food as we can and pass it out to the homeless so then they can spend their money on alcohol."

This "holiday" epitomizes everything I hate about my country. People have been trampled to death for a tickle-me-elmo. Someone please invade us.

I love Comicon

Thinking that you need to change things about your personal life in order to influence the world. For example: abstaining from shopping during black Friday.