Hey everyone, how is Holla Forums celebrating their Thanksgivings this year with their families?

Hey everyone, how is Holla Forums celebrating their Thanksgivings this year with their families?

Are you taking the easy way out…or doing what's really important, even if you're scared?

Also what did you have to eat?

Since OP forgot to ask the most important question:
Did you talk about politics at the table?

I'm working on Thanksgiving and having Popeye's for dinner

It all feels so forced.

I don't know where the meme came from that democrat hipsters love to take about politics . The retired republican can't go one hour without some anti sjw talking point

Whenever I can, it makes for less boring conversation.

Fortunately I'm not a burger so I don't have to celebrate genociding people with my family.

I actually don't mind that I'm working, been trying to get out of our annual "drive to the middle of nowhere and do nothing" for so long.

Andrew Jackson dindu nuffin

Burgers out!

I just can't wait to leave here tomorrow, my family's got too many boomers to tolerate. My grandmother actually insulted my toddler-aged brother behind his back and expected me to agree with her.

gtfo burger

lmao miss me with that sp00k shit nigga, thanksgiving is about having a fuckhuge dinner with your family. I never pass up free food.


This tbh.


Fuck thanksgiving

Lmao white people families

Do burgers only eat good food when it's with a bunch of people that they hate?

Do you not have an excuse to eat during the holidays?

Learn to use the bible to justify your leftism. Americans are brainwashed with cultural protestantism and are trained to listen blindly to what laymen say about scripture. Also very few people are properly equipped to argue against you without looking like a fedora tipper.

The person that I'd piss off the most isn't there.

My lolbert dad just openly called for monarchy while arguing with his parents about Trump at the dinner table.

Please give us context.


Dad: none of them are better or worse, they are all corrupt pieces of shit.
Grandpa: So what then, monarchy? You want Putin?
Dad: yeah why not? It couldn't be any worse than the bullshit we have now. They are all controlled by globalist bankers.

It kills me how close he is to understanding while missing the mark. I want to sit him down and force him to read Imperialism the highest stage of Capitalism.

my grandmother said my haircut looked like that of the leader's of north korea

that's about the worst thing that happened

I am sick so my mom cooked a decent amount of food and I helped once I woke up. Ate some salmon, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and a salad. She had made some chicken and peppers and onions. Even the puppies we have got a special meal instead of their normal puppy food. Salmon, chicken, squash, sweet potatoes, etc. They liked it too.

Good meal all around. Can't wait to take my puppy to the veterinarian tomorrow for her leg inflammation. Good times.

It is clear what your praxis is going forwards.
Do it for your father.

Don't worry comrade, I'm sick too. Get well soon!

Tfw i got off easy.

Family griping about general family issues instead of polititcs.

Sitting here hating imperialism and playing Mad Max.

Tbh the highlight of my (gf's family) thanksgiving. Most of my family lives in norcal and are commies or lefties of some sort, my grandparents and all their friend were new left fsm vets, my gfs family is your typical white family.


My biggest problem is that he was using it differently than I've encountered, he meant like conspiracy theory/sheeple type woke.

I usually hear it meaning like someone who is wise to racial injustice.

Holy shit

Mt family hates each other for the most part so all I had to do is eat some chicken at my parents house.

Wtf is thanksgiving anyway? Christmas: American nationalism edition?

That doesn't sound like he is pro-Monarchy, more like a general everything-sucks statement.


A day to boost turkey sales and commemorate colonialism. There can not be a more capitalist holiday.

christmas is christmas: american nationalism edition

My entire family are a bunch of fundamentalist priests

It was a joke faggot

Is National Don't Talk About The Murders Day the reason why this board is even slower than usual? Fucking burgers, step away from the dinner table and pay attention to my posting

How did she say it though? Was it like
or did she say

I'm high on opiates lol

i explained the concept of capitalist alienation and they seemed pretty interested, although for the most part political discussion revolved around conspiracy theories.

It's midnight in burgerland, your posts are just boring fam.

My sister and I are the only real leftists in the family, her husband not so much, he just wants to see it all come down.
Consequently, we don't discuss politics at the table, as it makes for a much more pleasant evening.
Meaning we don't try to choke slam our relatives, who are evenly split between retarded boomers, liberal cunts, and conservative douche canoes.
I love my family, but their understanding of politics is abysmal.



fucking saved lmao

Maybe if the featherheads were more xenophobic they wouldn't have accepted the pox-ridden blankets. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

is it bad that I will never stand up for myself at thanksgiving?

No wonder Burgers can't into health.