Immigrants Make America _____

This is for a project. Feel free to fill in the blank however ethically or brutally you choose to. I want a wide range of answers. Immigrants Make America ___. Project's written portion is due soon so, if you're going to answer please do so quickly.

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Immigrants Make America Different

Immigrants Make America Vibrant-Diverse-Enriched

Immigrants reduce social cohesion.

Immigrants Make America Great Again


Immigrants made america after genociding native population

White immigrants made america and now non white immigrants are turning it into a third world reggaton shithole.

Immigrant Make America OP is a faggot who needs to fuck off with his idpol

*Immigrants reduce class collaboration

Immigrants Make America's working class divided
Immigrants Make America profitable for capital

Immigrants Make American Wages Go Down
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Immigrants make America's proletariat

Immigrants make America sad

Because without immigrants there is no proletariat? Fucking clintonite

Immigrants make America a different place than it would be otherwise. Projecting your feelings onto a group of people displaced for political and economic reasons is dumb.

Fuck off with your retarded identity politics. Reals>feels

The irony

proles are americas proletarias*
fuck you

There's no irony. Immigrants are a symptom of the political and economic crises we're currently undergoing, not the cause. Acting like immigrants are inherently detrimental to any nation they come to is utterly retarded. It's much more complicated than that, mongoloid.

Immigrants make America's far-right more influential, reduce wages, and are pawns in porky's game.

Immigrants Make America kill your teacher. Teach the workers that their interests are against their masters. Break the chains!

immigrants make America in part

Immigrants Make America Leftist (except if they are middle class anti-socialist "legal" immigrants and Cuban exiles)

t. cowardly liberal centrists pandering to the far-right instead of courageously defending Cosmopolitanism and blaming CAPITALISM for all the economic problems

t. retard who doesn't understand the relationship between base and superstructure or how intersubjective social relations relate to the market. Just because immigration is an economic problem doesn't mean you can blame it on a Capitalism. It's more complex than you're insinuating it is, retard.

Also, immigrants are usually more right wing on average than regular citizens.

Retarded false flag detected.

I understand and I also understand ethics, which you clearly don't.

Yes I can, you just don't do it because you're not a socialist.

No it's very simple actually, retard.

Wrong, they actually vote more left wing on average than regular citizens.

Triggered nationalist detected.

Just wanted to share, Holla Forums deleted this same thread I posted in their board:

Apparently the subject of immigrants making America anything, is too taboo of a subject to discuss in their board.

Holla Forums did something rational for once.
hopefully our mods do the same.

Immigrants make porky VERY happy when they can be used as cheap labor for muh GDP growth


[citation needed]

These responses have been fairly mixed. I will have to put Holla Forums down as both for and against immigrants.