Why did the Holocaust happen in Germany?

Poland and Russia had much larger Jewish populations. French and English Jews were almost as powerful and resented by reactionaries. Eastern European countries like Hungary and Romania had their own violent and more recent antisemitic traditions, but you didn't see a wholesale industrial slaughter of Jews or other minorities until they were brought into the Axis fold.

Everything I read suggests that Jews in Germany in 1932 were incredibly assimilated and hardly a visible minority. Tons of them were of partial Christian descent and many of them were irreligious or even practicing Christians. So why was Germany the country where this kind of ultra-nationalist, ultra-reactionary, ultra-violent movement took hold?

Also why did it take until 1930 for European antisemities to say "Yeah let's kill all of them"

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Because jews were the scapegoat of Hitler, it had been something else, chances are another country with problems similar to Germany could've blamed jews.

Also, it was necessary for there to exist a large amount of ideological fanaticism to spark the universal hatred of jews, and nazi germany was by far the most ideologically driven nation in Europe

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Germany was torn apart at the end of WW1 by military mutinies that were overwhelmingly non-Jewish

The Spartacist Uprising happened after the Kaiser had abdicated and the war was effectively over

lmao, Bordiga makes it quite clear that the Holocaust couldn't have happened because there was no profit motive. Go read a book. Analyze the material conditions and don't be an idealist opportunist utopian.

Don't be concerned about fascism, it's literally same as liberal democracy, and you can't change the material conditions anyway, and forming popular anti-fascist fronts is class collaborationism and opportunism.

Well Tsarist Russia had regular atrocities committed against Jews that involved mass murders so it's not like things like the holocaust are unheard of Germany was just the first one to do it the efficient modern way.

Top kek. He didn't deny the Holocaust happened you fucking moron. Nor did he think fascism and liberal democracy were literally the same thing. Put the memes down and read a book.

Also Bordiga probably didn't even write the essay.

Jews were celebrated as heroes of World War I.
The Jews in Auschwitz weren't cooked like khallah breads, they were warehoused until they could be shipped to Palestine. Those who died either starved or caught a contagious disease – just like some of the camp guards.

It did happen elsewhere, most of the Jews killed were not German, and they were often rounded up and killed by local collaborators. The death camps were run by the Germans because Germany was the most powerful member of the Axis, and the leading political and industrial power in the alliance. Romania, Hungary, etc didn’t have the capacity to kill them on that scale. It’s not that the Holocaust “happened” in Germany, it actually didn’t for the most part. It’s just that among the anti-Semitic fascist governments, Germany was the strongest and most capable of carrying out their intentions.

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Proof that Jews and Nazis are equally bad.

Germany was the only one with the "Stab in the back" myth.


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Timothy Snyder in Bloodlands argues that the holocaust happened as a combination of ideology and opportunity. That is that the Eastern Front produced such barbaric and lawless circumstances that the Nazis felt the ideological blank space to do what was natural to them, i.e. Mass murder.
Which is why the holocaust was in the lawless and destitute Poland which was torn apart from the maelstrom that was the Eastern Front as opposed to Denmark or France.

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Killing Jews provided numerous "benefits" to the German state–a pretext to execute the politically resistant, slave labor, and in my opinion the primary benefit for the middle classes which comprised the fascists. Dispossessing the Jews eliminated business competitors and freed up economic space for non-Jews.

The fascists also used these identity politics as a means of inter-national solidarity between the Nazis and their constituent/affiliated fascist groups and governments elsewhere in Europe.


It did not happen.

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Build by germans, run by poles

Romania was actually the second most enthusiastic Holocauster, followed by the Croatians. Romanians were inefficient though you are correct, and eventually they stopped when it became clear that the Eastern Front was going badly and the International PR was awful to have if they were to survive intact through the war (which they ironically did survive unscathed by switching to the soviet side)
Hungarian jews were virtually unscathed until mid-1944 when Hitler weakened and then topped Horthy's regime for the fascist Arrow Cross regime. This transition saw Germans overseeing mass deportation of hungarian jews to auschwitz for gassing. So all in all Horthy was a "good guy" to the extent that killing jews was not on his agenda.

they worked them to death. it saves on food and long term upkeep. but yes it was stupidly inefficient from the perspective of total war.

Iron guard Romania was fucking monstrous
Also fuck Croat collaborators they made SS troops fucking squeamish

also, poles and other slavs were treated better and used as slave labor. a lot were put into german factories and farms. So while the jews were treated as expendables the slavs were treated a bit less so.

The majority of Soviet pows for example were starved to death

Germany and West Europe in general was a flashpoint of antisemitism. The Jews mostly migrated out of Russia and Poland, so there were no any tension, other than the usual. They were migrating through and into West Europe however.

Are there actual sources for this or this is a nazi propaganda campaign?

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yes the iron guard certainly was. Had they actually taken power they would have done a more thorough holocaust than antonescu. as it was, though, antonescu was deeply antisemitic himself and carried out a brutal extermination of jews in conquered romanian territories.

yes, the most atrocious deaths were in the first months of barbarossa, though, when the nazis thought they were going to win and there was no urgent need for labor. basically the soviets were put into barbed wired fields and starved to death en masse. nothing was comparable to the scope of death in these early months. Conditions never reached this early nadir because it became clear that soviets wouldn't be conquered, force labor was needed, and the nazis began to fear soviet reprisals against their own increasing number og german pows


Answering your question would take a long time, but I'll point out a few things:
1) Anti-semitism was not the main pillar of Nazi ideology. Most Nazis did not join the party out of anti-semitism, but rather their attraction to the idea of volksgemeinschaft.
2) Exterminationism was never official policy. Even those who believe that extermination was attempted acknowledge that this was largely hush-hush and did not begin happening until late 1941.
3) Anti-semitism as a social or political attitude was as strong if not stronger among various non-German nationalities.

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