If capitalism is so flawed then why are Scandinavian countries some of the best places to live on earth?

If capitalism is so flawed then why are Scandinavian countries some of the best places to live on earth?
can you honestly say that places like Norway are not the most ideal forms of human civilization?

This is a new one. Finally Holla Forums realizes that scandinavia is not socialist.
That being said they are a social democracy, they are capitalism with welfare state ecc. So capitalism with some "socialism" inspired elements

Because they offshored the most exploitative elements of Capitalism and their national bourgeois were small enough for the government to effectively tax to fund welfare capitalism.

But now those conditions are ending because despite the welfare state the process of unrestrained accumulation eventually produces individuals or families with so much wealth national governments cannot contain them.


That, and also because Social Democracy is flawed at the core. Its "socialist" aspects rely on the continuous success of the "capitalist" aspects, and when the latter falls on hard times, the former is the first to go.

C'mon man, he didn't even imply that in the OP.

because property taxes aren't going to pay themselves

Third world exploitation.

Are you actually retarded? This post literally states outright that Scandinavia is capitalist you fucking downie

TBF, it's a tired meme that Scandi-land is socialist. No need to be caustic gomrade.

Because that wealth derives from a form of capitalist manipulation that int he neoliberal paradigm is non sustainable (for example except between each other, the scandie countries prior to EU ascension were quite protectionist) and they are also beneficiaries of the exploitation of the global south. Now is this inherently their fault, no: but winning under capitalism means forcing someone else to lose.

I know it's a meme, however this guy used the meme incorrectly, cause nowhere did OP even come close to implying scandinavia is socialist

Use the meme properly or gtfo

Just because Capitalism is flawed doesn't mean everywhere is a shit hole all the time, hot shot.
The supreme arrogance of this, yes. Norway is not the most ideal form of human civilization.

God I fucking hate Shaun and Jen. He apologizes for every fucking bad thing happening under capitalism because he feels obliged to defend his image of the noble savage from fascists. As Žižek said, it doesn't fucking matter whether or not refugees are good or bad people, you wouldn't refuse to call an ambulance when someone is bleeding on the street just because you think he's unsympathetic.

Shaun thinks that the liberal establishment is in total control of things, instead of blaming bad stuff on capitalism he feels compelled to excuse absolutely everything. That reports of rape in Sweden increased is a good thing because that means people are more willing to report them which shows the progressive nature of the country? Holy fucking shit. Has he ever thought about that women are more likely to report sexual harassment from migrants than from colleagues at work? Don't even get me started when he claimed that the German law about arson includes broken toasters. He's harmful to the credibility of the left.

Because scandinavians a few decades ago realized capitalism sucked and sought to minimize it's damage on their society, however they never abolished capitalism so now its shittyness is breathing down their necks again. It's funny how you say Norway actually works with it's nationalization of resources and all, kind of like Venezuela, a country that i'm guessing you would say doesn't work.


I see, we should give free housing, healthcare, welfare and education to people who hate our guts and see us as prey. That would surely install respect for europeans!

Honestly, what fucking third world countries does Scandinavia exploit? I've never heard of a Swedish or Norwegian colony. I mean I know Denmark has Greenland but I've always thought that Scandinavia was successful because they have a large amount of natural resources and a small population. This combination of factors allow them to have a well-functioning welfare state. Can you provide any examples or are you just talking out your ass?

According to marxists, trading with poor countries means exploiting them. Strange enough, they also oppose trade embargos on said countries.

They have all had porkies taking their fair share in the international businesses exploiting the third world.


o i'm laffin

There are multiple ways of economic relations, right? Running sweatshops in a country and extracting all its surplus into another continent and mutually agreeing to trade are two different things. That's like saying working in Fast Food is the same as being the CEO of BMW.



Sweden was imperialist af in the Baltic sea

Danish wealth was built on viking raids

in Modern days Nokia utilized cheap labour from India etc

kanske den bästa mej mejen jag sett, var hittar man mera sånt?


Not just them, it's all marxist really.

It is, trade for which bribes are demanded is trade nonetheless.

Those sweatshops aren't western plantations, they're local contractors. Get your facts straight.

Then I guess there is no trade embargo on Cuba, since Cuba being a dictatorship means it incapable of trade in the first place.


What's the difference between theft and trade?

I'm not your english teacher.

It was a rhetorical question.
You clearly dont know the answer

The Marxist-Leninist position since the beginning was to devote a certain sector of the economy to the selling raw materials and goods in exchange for a non-domestic currency to develop the productive forces. If you think this is the equivalent to letting western investments to go rampant in the country you are either too narrow-minded or too dumb to spot the difference.

What does it matter who runs the sweatshops anyway? I don't care if it's locals or foreigners, the matter of fact is that their surplus is extracted out of the country and can't be reinvested into the economy anymore, as opposed to a national accumulating bourgeoisie. This is what matters economically.

Why can't they reinvest it? And why wouldn't they reinvest in the third world? I mean that's where all the cheap labour is.
Even if capitalists decided to invest it in the first world, how would the workers benefit from that?

You realize that there are different types of investment, right? The interests of foreign capitalists is to access the resources and cheap labor in the country they are exploiting. They don't invest in infrastructure because it isn't profitable, there is no market because people have no money, so there also isn't a consumer market, etc. Why are we even talking about this? I invite you visit multiple African countries and look at the infrastructure that they are having. How come that every country with sweatshops has massive infrastructural deficits?

Why do you retards have such a fucking persecution complex? What's the deal?

I believe he didn't, he merely pointed out that some of the "arsons" on a racist guy's map of Germany were actually caused by fucked up toasters.

The German criminal law about arson is actually quite complex. All those things on the map were registered offenses, I can tell you that a fucked up toaster is not sufficient to constitute arson.

There are plenty of cases where refugees were setting stuff on fire. To go ahead and aplogize for that and state that everything is just a-ok is pure ideology.

Saying that someone is being overdramatic and making a problem seem bigger than it is is not apologizing for anything. If you said John Q. Public is a serial killer and I said "No he isn't he killed 1 man" I'm not apologizing for murder.
As far as the toasters go, I'm watching that video again and he says that the map isn't made from police reports, it's made from newspaper articles. And it's not his only problem with the map, among other things, sometimes multiple pins link to the same article etc.

Erocucks should stop using wood tbh, commieblocks don't burn.

That depends on the scenario, do I actively have to say "No, I'm not calling an ambulance" or can I lie and say I don't have my phone?

The trade isn't what's considered exploitative, it's the operation of multinationals, and said multinationals collusion with the governments of poor countries that is.

But Holla Forums, I thought Sweden was socialist?

Capitalism is flawed, thats why the Scandinavian countries have a massive welfare state for the people who fall through the cracks.