Yfw the geniuses at Silicon Valley eventually saves humanity by automating all work with mass technology...

yfw the geniuses at Silicon Valley eventually saves humanity by automating all work with mass technology, thus eliminating the proletariat/bourgeois dichotomy - a brighter better future for everyone!

How else can we support these ppl, lads


Keep purchasing your shiny new biometric authentications.


With all work automated, there'll be no more proletariat

And when there's no proletariat, there's no bourgeois

And with no bourgeois, there's no capitalism!

Silicon Valley automation is the FUTURE

Automation will never replace human labor. If anything it will only invent new jobs for people, like technology did since forever.

The scary thing is that i can actually see someone like Zucc entering politics in the near future.

Why not? Humans are inferior to robots that can work faster, better and without complaints.

Yeah that's why horse carriage makers have so much employment these days

Robots are expensive to produce and maintain. Humans are cheap and can easily be conditioned to work for less.

Obsolete jobs die out, new jobs emerge. Is this so hard to understand?

The jobs that "emerge" (are invented) could just as well be meaningless shit so that people have something to do that fulfills the requirement for UBI. Take agriculture for example. Imagine this happening to every sector of production / labor. Only a handful of people need to work to produce for every one.

If there is an elite controlling the MOP they WILL work to introduce UBI and push automation to keep the system of capitalism in place.

There are no "meaningless" jobs. If it brings profit in one way or another, it has a meaning.
Okay, and? Not all labor has a productive value.

Maybe for the shareholders or owners or whatever, but for the worker there absolutely are meaningless jobs. We could ban excavators and force people dig with shovels and yeah sure, if there is profit it could be argued that it isn't meaningless but could you tell that to the worker who could be using a machine instead of a shovel?

Shovel is a machine.

Sorry, *more powerful and efficient machine


Profit (increased numbers on some bank accounts) is an imperfect metric of human striving and meaning. In the modern World many "profitable" things arguably worsen the overall situation of humanity.

Robots don't have to stop working to take a period. It's impossible to grope a robot's breasts while she's welding.


Until the economic crash happens.

Yes, shittier low paying jobs. I hope you like the gig economy.

Silly user, the economy is automated now!

he is already campaigning