What's gonna be the next big youth subculture?

What is going to be the next youth subculture emerging in the late stage hipsterism or is hipsterism the final stage of history?

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Unified youth culture was a symptom of an entire generation all consuming the same forms of media. First this was radio and films, later television. The unified youth cultures of the late 20th century cannot exist without this.

The internet (and to a lesser extent the diversification of tv) destroyed this paradigm in the early 2000's. That's why hipsters only really exist in urban areas. There won't be any new youth cultures because young people no longer consume the same media. Besides that, the younger generations in the US are also increasingly segregated by race and class, rather than a huge white middle class dominating culture as in the 20th century.

It's cyclical. It will be something closer to hippies but not so pacifist but radical and will be more focus on environment than free love. It would be pretty easy to tip that into a leftist direction.


Ironyboys and incels

Bring back emo, IMO.

red guards

A lot of the new cultures will be based on emotionality, irony and cyberpunk-ish aesthetic. Even though there is an element of truth to with regards to the fracturing of cultural norms, there will still be common themes between the cultures which grow because people are consuming similar kinds of media (memes and all) and the climate for them is one which they perceive to be unfavourable regardless of the actuality in the face of history (no, that's not a 'bootstraps' argument). 'Sexual deviance' and the like will also be on the rise, even if much of that is due to asexuality. I will say that much of my experience relates to the 'animation meme community' which is sprawling across JewTube (pic related hints at that), DeviantArt and Discord. All three are filled with drama and young teenagers, some of whom originally started off with Flipnote. I feel that their perspectives and actions with regards to the world will mirror those of others to come. And I must say that I have shared their general mentality even before I whacked into them despite being older than most of them.

Skinheads than. Which was exactly that. A cycle of rejection of hippie things.

This. In the modern era in Britain, I can identify like 4:

Chav / Roadman: self-explanatory, smoke weed, listen to REAL GRIME, wear trackies, sniff some KET.

Indie: Weed, Catfish, and looking like you walked out of an MGMT video.

[Neo-]Laddist: 90s and 00s rock, mostly booze and sometimes pills, clothing not very particular, into sport (especially FOOTBALL [or rugby, sometimes cricket]).

XXY (Isn't a name for this yet, Might go for Gavdist [mixture of girl, lad and chav]): musically into grime, D&B, most modern EDM, smokes (like fucking chimneys), men look like a cross between a lad and a chav, girls wear sorta tomboyish yet simultaneously sorta feminine clothing. Sorta a syncratic creation of all of these.

far right youth gangs probably

Btw I need to see this film, apparently Daniel Radcliffe basically lived on stormfront for two months in research.

Being this self-absorbed and retarded.

I think user meant there won't be any new common youth culture, but a myriad of communities with their own micro cultures more or less isolated from each others by online media bubbles effects.

I don't think I could do this even if getting paid to do so

Even if it was the only job available and you ran out of NEETbux?

The things he got from it were quite interesting: naturally he didn't buy anything since he is of Jewish dissent, but his knowledge of the far right and their divisions is probably on par with most political channers. Also he kinda noticed that it was more of a social thing than something purely political. Tbh I Wouldn't be surprised if he was on Holla Forums a bit during the research.

Only if I can read nazbol literature on the side and develop a nazbol perspective on white nationalism, althought that is pretty shitty thing to do to myself as well



20s will be emo environmentalist cybergoth trap crossplayers.

hot takes fam

why did they cast a jewish manlet for this role?

it's accurate to life

Get ready for posadist punks roaming the streets in tinfoil hats and laser pointers trying to context the Interstellar Vanguard

Combine all these images, make it full black, and add some leftist/fascist imagery, and you'll see the next youth culture.

Would some kind of anti internet culture be possible?

pol wish they were of superior jewish masterrace
in reality they're all niggers, beans, or asian supreme gentlemans
or even worse they're irish

No. GTFO luddite

hard to imagine how would they stay relevant or spread their movement in the 21st century while avoiding internet.

How is this even accurate, hip-hop has been a dominate force since the 90s

I hope

Holla Forums will be the next youth subculture

Ironical weeabooism

Post images

A cross between hipster, cyberpunk, and emo tbh. Knowledge of philosophy, history, culture, and science will be a notable marker of status within the subculture.


sadly this

that's already happenning/ed and going stale.

Because they there is no difference between jewish nationalists and white nationalists.

Fuck Nazbol

Ceaușescu was fucking weird.

I see this in the schools. It's not really too much different from the paradigm of 'subculture'. There may just be more of them.

Conservatism is the new punk

social democracy is the new disco, baby!

Sorel was woke as hell and any collapse of capitalism will rely on him to build socialism.

Being poor (but not choosing to be poor like hippies and punx)

Lol no Paul Joseph Watson, fuck outta here nigga

The biggest and best new scene is riddim/dubstep – big shows, big bass, mostly hetero. You either love it or hate it. Doesn't mix well with other scenes or various reasons.

Where I live most people just listen to imagine dragons and the normiest shit and in general nobody cares about art or whatever, it's like there is no culture only consumerism


Alt right/Nazi Hipters. Like those identitarians.

It's already here.
It'll be le deplorables, conservative is dah nu punk rock XD deus vult.
Basically pure virginity, autism and cancer.

Hold up user. you're on to something

Ya but it wasn’t just for anyone but specifically for blacks. Identitarians were quite adamant that it only belonged to blacks, maybe you could listen but you weren’t supposed to rock the style.

And anyways, rap has been so dominant since the late 90s that it basically IS the mainstream now.

While whites rocking the style of hip hop culture always look stupid (not to say There are no good white rappers), it was extremely prominent in the early-mid 2000s. I blame Eminem.

Ultra nationalist

Where do niggers, indians and the other races go in? Since they aren't really any of this and yet they make a huge part of Britain's youth today.

Do you know weird twitter? like that but irl

i miss those drug fueled anarcho-nihilist punks

Mostly boring cunts and doctors
Don't really have them in much size apart from the students

There are still sadboys.
For like a week before the rest of them die.

yes, the baby kaczynskis are most definitely being radicalized as we speak, we'll start to see them in the next three years. the fall of net neutrality may even accelerate their emergence. as we get closer to the age of a.i. and climate change hell, which should be in the late 2020s give or take, they'll enter politics.

can't want for the 2040 presidential election when a qt latina primitivist gets on the ticket with a reformed alt-righter running mate vs a gosei mussolini type fascist and a mick running mate larping as her lieutenant who's really an eco-anarchist entryist

right-wing video gamers, it's already happening

20's - atomic mutant

i'm not dead yet

right-wing absurdism


2020’s will be cyber punk

Its like punk, but with prosthetics and CRISPR.

you are wrong this is the future.

libya nazi rap



Tech knowledge will continue to be discouraged and monopolized so that talent is funneled directly to corporations and the government and exchange of information is easier to monitor. There will be fewer and fewer free outlets where learning even some facsimile of a programming language is possible, and popular understanding of it will revert to drag-and-drop applications.



I can’t wait to have my consciousness mandatorily jacked into a diversity, and female person of color simulator ever 12 months just to be able to hold basic employment.


Lone wolf attacks on large megacorps is the future whether we like it or not. It's up to us to decide whether or not we look stylish while doing it.

This tbh

I don't get the appeal of cyberpunk. For a supposedly sci-fi setting it's awfully nostalgic. I guess it's "hauntology?" Always the fake retro music and 80s futuristic visuals.

It will be Steampunk

that had faded away by about 2015 if we're being honest
the last half of this decade will be alt-right LARPers being the most public one

I won't try to predict the next decade though, as youth culture often gets influenced by the surrounding culture and I think whoever wins the 2020 election will influence what becomes the norm

I don't know about the 20's, but I know that by the 30's /po/ will have failed and we'll be rocking to this.


Fucking lost it

Sadboys, too, tho.

there are like a few hundred at most of those dude. I really wish retards wouldn't such up how the alt-right is an actual thing.

fellow britbong bouncing off the sesh reporting in
you missed the neo-hippies with their harem pants, psytrance, acid and K E T

ironic nazism

No I doubt it will be Skinheads. You could have something similar though but I think that will come later. It's dialectics, you're never going to return to the same spot it just cycles back near it.

Also, wasn't the height of the skinhead subculture actually the working class soul (and hard rock in Australia) music thing in the late '60s/early '70s? Like those guys were big on workers' stuff and reggae for a while.

That was a thing but I don't know how big it was.

what I think needs to happen is a anti-consumerism subculture

This but replace incels with MG TOWs. Incels seems to trigger a seemingly reptilian contempt for the weak reaction that is so fierce it causes everyone to join up against them.

I know I make it a point to not watch YouTube or get on Twitter now. I realized I was doing a bunch of mental labor on both platforms and couldn't concentrate on my other goals like reading more about Linux and Theory. Not that I've started on my video and social media diet I already fond myself seeking out things to read, where as before they were a chore I had to force myself to do.

Gen Z?
Maybe it's because I'm a millennial, but I'm not seeing that. Could be because I live near the city

Where exactly do people get this idea from? I'm not part of gen Z or whatever but most people in there early 20s are pretty staunchily socially progressive to an almost annoying degree. It is very uncool to be racist, sexist, or homophobic. I'm not too in touch with teens today but I have a hard time imagining this has changed especially because youth culture has pretty much been becoming less and less actually reactionary for the past 60 years.

I feel like anyone who believes this generation zyklon meme is a socially maladapted basement dweller who spends too much time interacting with other misfits online to the point where they have convinced themselves the majority of youth are now like them.

Ok let's actually talk about climate, because climate is going to be a real fucking pain in the ass for fashion going into the future.

Climate is the decision maker in any clothing, and if thicker over wear sells less, then obviously the next quest will be in Lighter Clothing. Not as in no question, a marathon will be made to make lighter clothes.

Hair gel, out of the question.
Hair Spray? Still viable.
Jean Shorts? Everyone fucking hates them.
Shorts in general? The bottom of fashion.
T shirts? There's only so much you can do.
Over wear? Extremely popular in any fashionable circles, but in a hot environment?

These are the questions on what future outfitting might look like. And here's my educated guess on what it might look. I'm talking around 20 years.

1) Looser clothes across the board
2) A redesign of the shorts for designer clothing, that's also looser and less focus on tighter fitting
3) Looser T-Shirts
4) Looser over wear
5) Perhaps even, in this loose outfit, even a very very light scarf could be used

Regardless fashion is going to change, all you people saying "I'll all stay the same!" are misinformed because you're not asking; "Why exactly would I wear past thicker outfits when it's getting hotter and hotter and fucking hotter?"

As for what style this materializes I'm not sure, but if I would have to guess, it would be sporty while retaining a sense distancing itself from its predecessors in the genre.

tl;dr World gettin' hot as hell, whatever's next will be an adaptation to that reality.

Well for me I buy into the the generation Zyklon meme because racism and other reactionary politics are way more prominent then they were in say the 2000s.
I think you're right about it being uncool to be racists for young people over all, but that progressivism is very infantile. Those types of people will know all about problematic racism but not care at all about prison slave labor in Burger land

Is it not unreasonable to assume that there being more and more progressives would cause a reaction from the same demographic? While i agree with you that people saying that Gen Z or whatever is full-on nazi are being paranoid idiots, social progressives and neonazis (in the internet, which is also where most kids are getting all their politics from, by the way) are more or less brought on by the same sociopsychological problems and reproduce in the same way (eternal reaction against each other)

What is very interesting to me is the sort of "digital imperialism" happening right now. You know how Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, and others, all sites founded in the US, are now being used worldwide predominantly by younger generations? What's weird is that despite the obvious regional differences their behaviour in SNS tends to be very, very similar, sort of in a monkey see, monkey do kind of way. Their memes are based on the exact same forms, their selfies use the same angles, their music is inspired heavily on stuff like US trap, their fashion mimics that of the gringos, etc. It's not just a matter of in-your-face cultural imperialism either, because the thing is that these trends are brought on by the tools themselves rather than directly by any external agent (but of course this is also possible). I can't say i have analyzed or studied this in any meaningful way, so i can't really say much as to the consequences, but it's interesting nonetheless.

These reactionary politics are more prominent but at the same time they're less serious. There's a reason why in this board most people tend to call alt-right dudes larpers

Who is that dude in the middle. I love nirvana and dead kennedys, so is it bad that i don't know him?

I know some irl Holla Forumsyps and one of them is jewish. the other irish.