Let's build the holocaust memorial infront of Björn Höcke's house!

Let's build the holocaust memorial infront of Björn Höcke's house!



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Why not? It's fun!


I hate fetishization of dead Jews. 9 million died in the Holocaust, not just Jews. IdPol as fuck. And over 20 million Russians nobody gives a fuck about.

Anti-fascism is idpol?

It's IdPol to single out a specific ethnic group. What the fuck, I don't know how you can read this post and even remotely come to that conclusion.

Fuck off.
This is not antifascist. This is passive agressive liberalism borderline zionism.
Fuck off.
No one needs another holocaust memorial.
Also socialism is not being a massive antifa faggot and triggering fascists, it's about fighting capitalism.
Americans are forgetting this

They never learned it to begin with

I still think that this is funny! :D

Because posting on leftypol is the most advanced tactic to establish socialism.

Why not erect a Lenin statue there instead?

Fascists support capitalism, so you're indirectly fighting capitalism when you fight capitalists.

s/fight capitalists/fight fascists/

If you would try to understand the context of this action, you would know.

I'm not sure if this is awesome or a mistake that will make people support him more, even people that did not do so previously.

Then again with that approach you just end up achieving nothing.

For fuck's sake, I knew this board was full of Holla Forumsyps but sheesh.

You are fighting "fascist" for Merkel. No thanks

What you LARPing candian cunt?
Since when we support the "semplicity of evil" narrative of the holocaust?
Antifa in germany protest against AfD but not merkel. This is not against capitalism, but against neocons in favour of neoliberals. Fuck this.

Guys, let's all vote Merkel next time to trigger the nazis XDDDD

Seriously, off yourself.

I know this is a false flag

Merkel is a progressive force not just in Germany, but in Europe especially. Bitching about Merkel is counter productive and frankly suicidal.

Eurosceptics get out.

Fighting fascism is part of fighting capitalism. The former is the ideological failsafe of the latter. When it comes to the point of a revolution you won't face the bourgeoisie but spooked fascist counterrevolutionaries financed by the bourgeoisie.

was meant for


wow, that's some powerful shit, revolution right around the corner baby.

Wrong! Not only one politican, the whole far right will be pissed. And who said, that every action must be a "big revolution"? There are many ways to confront fascist ideologies.

It's just some concrete blocks, that's not a memorial.

It's like alt right dumping a truckload of bricks onto someones lawn and calling it a anuddah shoah memorial.

Merkel is a Christian supremacist, the only reason she's letting migrants in is because muh abrahamic religion. She doesn't have a socialist bone in her body. Notice how she's not bringing in Ukrainian migrants or East Asian migrants, which are socialist, atheist, hardworking and smarter than the average muslim.

Fuck Merkel, she's making Islamofascism real, not socialism.

How does pissing them off reduce their power? If anything it motivates them more.


Merkel isn't kidnapping immigrants and bringing them into Germany, she's merely letting them in by their own free will. And he never said Merkel was a socialist. Mentally ill spooked faggot.

You can watch here a livestream:

It’s a good point tho, why do muh poor oppressed mooselimbs get to come into the Germany and not Eastern Europeans? Even in the case of Ukraine where people are actively fleeing conflict —about a million Ukies have fled to Russia but theres been no comparable in-flow into Germany from Ukraine.

When I think 'holocaust memorial' I think FUN. That's the first thing that comes to mind

Man, I thought this here was a leftist board. Why are most people here so whiny, just because a openly declacommunist gets a little bullied?


why I can't write F A S C I S T?

Actually that was mostly a fib.


me too tbh

This would be hilarious and trigger all the Holla Forumsyps to no end. Not productive, but pretty funny.