Why do you like communism Holla Forums...

Why do you like communism Holla Forums? Is it because you are nostalgic for quality construction works where the workers and employers are making sure that they are only hiring the best workers for the toughest job?

It's time to make the fully automated space communism a real thing.

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Have some more fine examples.

The Finest of Communism Engineering, you would dream to live there, if you don't then gulag awaits you.

This is the reason why capitalism is a failure and communism is the future.

read Bordiga

Shitty Holla Forums bait. Attached is the American solution to social housing.

Is reality a bait now?

You act like that's a bad thing. I'd much rather live in a commieblock for free or a trifle (I heard that, at least in the old days, you only had to work two or three days to afford commieblock rent, if there was rent at all) than go into debt for the rest of my adult life to "buy" an overpriced, hapshod hunk of plywood in pics related.


The more you post , the more I get the feeling you're just trying to justify another Katyn. Is your problem with communism or with slavs generally?

Except that never happened. The idea that you'd get sent to gulag for trivial complaints is the dumbest meme.



It shouldn't be too much of a stretch for the average American to believe, considering the similarity the idea bears to their own criminal 'justice' system.

what exactly is the point of this thread OP?

It didn't work like that, during soviet communism everyone had to work full month for a right to live and have foodstamps
Only after communism ended the already built leftover commieblocks became a cheap living option for the first time.
You see seem to have misconception on "free stuff" in communism, you dont get shit, you work your ass in factories and at mass farms, just like people did in capitalism during industrial revolution. With a difference that this lasted over 50 years for most of the soviet block countries, where western countries could enjoy reduced work hours and huge personal wealth, at least in comparison with our peoples wealth during USSR, already after the end of world war 2.

I love the overwhelming amount of studies you are citing to validate your shit opinion, OP.
Really you BTFO all of us.
Can you explain to me then why is eastern Europe still poor after 30 years of capitalism? Can you explain how Russia just now recovered the GDP it had 30 years ago at the dissolution of the Soviet Union? Can you explain ot me why the majority of Russians and many ex-Soviet Union countries still regard the Soviet period as a better time?

>american commie thinks he knows how it was in eastern Europe and in Mother Russia.
Idi nahui you dumb suka

How long do you think the shitty conditions of the Industrial Revolution in the West lasted? Do you think it was less than 50 years?

Eastern european here. These guys in tracksuits ("Gopniks") are literally our equivalent of rednecks in burgerland. When I see them, I avoid them like plague, because they are loud, blast shit music, tend to bother people walking by, and not to mention they tend to get into fights and steal other people's belongings. As a labor aristocrat kinda millenial 20-something who is a bit nerdy and stuff, lumpenproles kinda frighten me. Call me an elitist, but I'm honestly just speaking my mind, and not spouting "muh worker aestheticism" to fit in with the Holla Forums cool kids.

At the same time though, gopnik subculture has nothing to do with communism, and everything to do with ☭TANKIE☭s mismananging the economy for 50 years. Also, eastern europe is an inherently poor region and not a good place for building socialism unlike germany, france or UK that are much more fitting, since they could actually pull off leading by example, and I don't mean just soviet-style bureaucracy, but even as little as agitation and not jailing socialists or cracking down on workers solidarity movements.

What great analyse, can you know explain what's communism with gopnik characteristic


Oh, so you had to do what workers in the West were doing? And while Western workers were payed more, that was only because of a labor shortage in the United States and big Ameribux flowing into Western Europe via the Marshal Plan, both of which ran out in the 70s and finally collapsed just recently in 2008.

You fell for American propaganda hook, line and sinker. The average poor American wasn't fucking rich and didn't live in big ass McMansions like in the movies and TV shows, they lived in shitty projects and run down slums. I bet you're one of those dumb pollacks who think that capitalism means they should all be living the LA suburbs lifestyle and think the fact that capitalism is fucking them is because there's still secret gommies in the government or some shit.

I'm not even a burger, but coming from the birthplace of fascism I have a pretty good understanding of totalitarian regimes. Hell my grandparent fought the fascists under the communist flag as a partisan.

So you agree that industrial revolution was terrible, then face it that soviets employed something that already ended before 1900, for a second time, on eastern europe countries like DDR [eastern germany], Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Baltstates, most of developed Russia, during the age that everyone thought we are already done with those nightmare, does that make you think you dumb american pidor?
Also we did execute all faggots as it was in opposition of human nature and soviet doctrine. Cant wait for then end of you, pidor.


*jails u*

hmm on the one hand the USSR failed because nobody worked because there were no incentives ("we pretend to work, they pretend to pay us")
on the other the USSR sucked because people actually had to work hard.

(Also, heavy industry and resource extraction were a notable source of employment into the 80s in the UK and USA.)

You do realize why eastern Europe looks like this right?
Because after WW2 they spend decades rebuilding the mess the "Saviors of Europe" created.
Perhaps if they hadn't destroyed millions of homes post-war Europeans wouldn't have been forced to live in concrete shoeboxes.

There was an industrial revolution in the West and parts of Central Europe, but no industrial revolution in Eastern Europe outside of a few towns (e.g. Petrograd), so Eastern Europe had to be industrialized.

Or are you suggesting that the West would have been nice to you and just given you all the shit from their factories and let you develop straight into some kind of post-industrial service economy instead of just turning you into a colony?

As someone involved in arts, that last picture is a shitty strawman. I don't feel good that I'm compelled to defend "capitalist art" but presenting a Holla Forums-tier strawman about modern art is retarded. I could bring you the exact opposite examples if I wanted.

This. Brutalism as an architectural style was born out of necessity for post-war Europe to rebuild en masse for cheap. Raw concrete buildings fit the bill.

But he is correct. The majority of Russians who remember living in the USSR are rather positive about it in polls.

>soviets employed something that already ended before 1900
>The Ludlow Massacre was an attack by the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel & Iron Company camp guards on a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, on April 20, 1914. About two dozen people, including miners' wives and children, were killed.
The Everett Massacre (also known as Bloody Sunday) was an armed confrontation between local authorities and members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union, commonly called "Wobblies". It took place in Everett, Washington on Sunday, November 5, 1916.
>The Battle of Matewan (also known as the Matewan massacre) was a shootout in the town of Matewan in Mingo County and the Pocahontas Coalfield mining district, in southern West Virginia. It occurred on May 19, 1920 between local coal miners and the Baldwin–Felts Detective Agency.
>The Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest labor uprising in United States history and one of the largest, best-organized, and most well-armed uprisings since the American Civil War.[1] For five days in late August and early September 1921, in Logan County, West Virginia, some 10,000 armed coal miners confronted 3,000 lawmen and strikebreakers, called the Logan Defenders,[2] who were backed by coal mine operators during an attempt by the miners to unionize the southwestern West Virginia coalfields. The battle ended after approximately one million rounds were fired,[3] and the United States Army intervened by presidential order.[4]
>The Herrin massacre took place in June 1922 in Herrin, Illinois…
>The Hanapēpē Massacre (also called the Battle of Hanapēpē since both sides were armed) happened on September 9, 1924. Toward the end of a long-lasting strike of Filipino sugar workers on Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi, local police shot dead nine strikers and fatally wounded seven, strikers shot and stabbed three sheriffs to death and fatally wounded one; a total of 20 people died.
>The Columbine Mine massacre, sometimes called the Columbine massacre, occurred in 1927, in the town of Serene, Colorado. A fight broke out between Colorado state police and a group of striking coal miners, during which the unarmed miners were attacked with firearms. The miners testified that machine guns were fired at them, but the state police disputed that. Six strikers were killed, and dozens were injured.

first pic is garbage, looks like something out of deviantArt lmao

you force me to link you adam

eastern europe was still reeling from late feudalism, PRL really was an improvement when compared to Dmovsky-Pilsudski nazi shitfest it was before WW II

Picrelated is the only realistic alternative to commieblocks (that also existed everywhere in Europe in great numbers, capitalist West included)

This is what actual art — i.e. not shallow "socialist-realist" propaganda — looked like in the USSR.

He's probably also thinking slavs are getting free gibs from EU…

Soviet puppet states dislike communist regime. Soviet native Republics and Serbs are overwhelmingly in favor of it.

As someone who is a pure consumer of visual art (or any kind of art really), the issue with modern art many have is the lack of effort put into the piece (at least to the naked eye, of course. As I said I am ignorant in this matter).
Normal people consider art the Sistine chapel decorations and not a black canvas because it is evident that the first took great skill and great effort, while the second did not (again as it appears to the viewer)

Probably my favourite (living) painter.

Slight correction so it's clear we're talking about the same think: you're thinking of contemporary (post-war) art, not modern (late 19th and early 20th centuries) art.

The thing is, skill is irrelevant in and of itself. Technical command does not imply creativity. There are shitloads of artworks that required a lot of time and effort to be executed yet ended up being complete garbage — derivative, uninventive, pandering, etc.

There's also the fact that the art in the Sistine Chapel looks nice.

The art world seems to forget, or even vehemently denies, that one of the purpose of art is aesthetics.

If my grandma has paintings of flowers hung up on her walls, it's because she thinks they look nice. It's possible that some people think a blank canvas looks nice, but I'd put my money on them simply being pretentious and mindlessly following the art trends upheld by the rich, which the rich uphold for the reasons in the video here

Thanks for the video, really made me think.

I'd rather live in commie blocks than an American suburb, at least there I could meet people, while the other would drive me to suicide or pills like most Americans.

I was talking of the classic "modern art is shit" """critique""" you were trying to respond to.
True but this is true only if you are somewhat educated in the field. To people that observe art once in a while just to have some intellectual entertainment the innovation contemporary art (thanks for the correction) brings is meaningless, if not insulting. "I spent my precious free time (and money) to observe something that I could have made in 5 minutes? Bollocks!"
Again not trying to criticize contemporary art, just showing what people outside the craft often feel.

"To look nice" isn't the only goal art should set for itself. That's not the point of "blank canvas"-type artworks.

Though the video is pretty good at explaining what's rotten in the contemporary art market, I think its conclusion lacks nuance. Not every work of contemporary art is cynical garbage designed solely to move money around rich people's wallets.

But it's one of the goals. That it be pleasant, or at least interesting to look at. A blank canvas is neither pleasant nor interesting to look at. It's fucking nothing.


I don't think that was the point.

Of course there's great contemporary art, but a big part of the contemporary art scene is a big fucking "Emperor's New Clothes" style scam where crap is unduly praised

Nothing more than an actual blank canvas is of course a pretty shallow attempt at making a work of art. But that's not what most even the simplest-looking instances of modern or contemporary art are.

To be honest a blank canvas can be interesting to look at in a specific context, albeit usually in a meta way that loops around on itself forever.
(it's interesting to see a generic blank square in an art gallery precisely because an art gallery is hosting 'nothing', were the gallery to refuse to host it, it would cease to be worthy of hosting, but so long as it's hosted it's an interesting statement simply by merit of being hosted…)

cramming people together is not healthy weather its commie blocks or suburbs

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More like these op please
had me in tears

You’re delusional. These sprawling american suburbs may look horrific from the an aerial perspective but at least they’re not that bad from the ground.
Well actually living in western europe I only know first hand about “commie blocks” but my point is while american middle class suburbia may be an abomination, gigantic gray decaying appartment blocks on the outskirts of big cities are even lower than that. They look like fucking prisons, and it’s how the people on the outside see them : disgusting, dangerous, depressing, populated by vile individuals.
There’s no defending commie blocks.

you say there's no defending commie blocks, i say £200 a month rent in London if we bulldoze enough low density shit for rich people out of the way.

Objectively superior to capitalism

Cappie blocks.

Dumb eastern european commies will never be able to survive through the winter in capitalist luxuary estates such as these becasue their lack of ingenuity and spirit of free enterprise. Marx are you even trying to compete?