Oh, look who came out of his bunker!

ITT: Stalinist/anti-revisionist Thanksgiving


Why did my extended family became Holla Forumsyps all of the sudden?

Ih dude, tradcon polyp family members are the worst.

So how deep are you in it? I have a asshole tradcon elder half/brother, raising another mans child, who happens to be cop of all things. Gives me shit all the time, always tries to intimidate me with macho bullshit. Mother just doesnt want to acknowledge the rift between us and tries to do the 'play both sides' shtick. I have other brothers that i dont have a problem with tho. His wife is super ugly btw.

Really, I don't see how any undesired tension with relatives can exist past 18.

Like clockwork

Yeah and?

lol cuck

Do all traditional conservatives only swear by bloodties though? Don't some of them put some other spooks above that?

Help me fam I don't want to meet my relatives.

Okay now what about throwing in AnSyn into the mix?


I'm black so nobody in my family cares. Although they all go to this local corporate black church. Just sit and pray away your problems, you're a good person now since you go to church every Sunday.



One half of my family are truly socialist whilst my other half are economic conservatives. We get along surprisingly well enough.
Bringing up political discussions at thanksgiving seems somewhat trashy to me.

There are literally only 2 people in my entire family that support Trump.

1. My father, but I don't live with him & is mentally ill.
2. My uncle, but he's one of those "quiet" Trump supporters. He's like, "Yeah I voted for him, & I didn't really care for Hillary." And that's it, he doesn't really mention more.

Please leave the internet if you can only approach conservatism through its meme incarnation. Step children are a societal fact not related to any particular ideology.

How do you respond?

Why not? What magical thing do you imagine happens once a person turns 18 to suddenly solve tensions?


Do ☭TANKIE☭s celebrate Thanksgiving?
And not Stalingiving? GO TO THE GULAG REEEEEEEEE

Thank fuck it ain't as big of a holiday in bongland as it is in burgerstan. Not cuz my family's reactionary, in fact they're all pretty liberal and my mum was even a Socialist Workers Party member, it's just that they all hate each other.

I've been out of my room for fucking days cooking for you cunts.

being 18 doesn't mean shit if you are not financially independent

That tan guy up front is pretty cute

Read the basic economics book but make critical notes init with pencil and ask him to question my notes.


Step children are an abomination of cuckoldry reeeeeeee

Honestly, lions eat the cubs of the former Alpha male when they become the alpha male. Come on user stop being a cuckold and get out that fork and knife.

Sorry uncle, I've moved a bit beyond the basics.


If i remember it correctly, i think somone used an online calculator to see how much purchasing power those six dollars had back in [insert year] to shut up boomers.

Un-ironically call him a cuck.

This tbh


My dad is a very far right wing conservative baby boomer and my mom is a very very strict devout catholic. I don't have any other family members that live close to me.

it's funny because it's true

Do you talk politics with them?

I live in New England so most people here are Anti-Trump. So Thanksgiving was pretty much everyone shitting on Trump. It was okay.

Tbh my mom is also very mentally ill so not really
My dad sometimes but it devolves into a shouting match

You sound alright, but I’d still send you to a gulag just for being related to a piece of shit like that.

wtf, I thought the trad way to claiming a wife is to kill off her earlier spawns like lions
I hate trads now

But i didnt do anything

He's kind of a old guy, he's in his 40's while im in my 20's. I dont think he knows what pol is.

Not an american, but me thinks that in your hypothetical timeline y'all should stop celebrating the genocide of original americans, and change the thanksgiving date to when ever the revolution was accomplished.

But then again knowing you americans you probably time the revolution to happen on thanksgiving to avoid inconvenience with calendar. Probably good strategy anyway, most of military personnel will be like "fuck that shit, I just drove home to Bumfuck Nothingville for 20 hours, no way Im driving back to defend the queen cheeto!"
If your military ever even gets to have holidays, that is.

The parades would be much more fabulous too, picture related.
I saw somewhere a picture from a thanks giving parade that was giant bucket of KFC and some poor guy had to stand in it and sing national anthem as that carnival caravan of cringe slowly rolled to the horizon.
But just where hell did they get so big chickens??

The death of the "original Americans" was part of the dialectic. There is little to be gained from weeping for the followers of those old and obsolete modes of production. I would much rather focus on the plight of present day natives in America.

Reminder Incans were socialist

Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas

No they weren't

That isn't a real quote tho.

That's the joke. Primitive communism isn't socialism. You literally cannot have socialism without industrialization.

I thought socialism was a system in which the government controls the means of generating wealth/resources. Does agriculture not count?

No no no no NO!

Still might be a good idea to control the means of generating labor.

can't wait to tell my parents to get me nothing and expect nothing this christmas. those dumb capitalists will have the tastiest frowns on their faces then

Where in New England?

the one I'm tired of getting is "If you think socialism is so great, why do you complain when you have to pay taxes?"

Dumb incel. If you can't get a girlfriend now you won't be able to get a girlfriend when the revolution comes.

What if I'm gay?