How White Nationalism Courts Internet Nerd Culture

This proves why Holla Forums is just a bunch of faggot neets. They are wrong (and have been proven so) in every one of the aspects they try and push.

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Only the righteous fire can cleanse these mongrels. Nothing more, nothing less.

They just need sex, and lots of it.

righteous fire is a euphemism for really bad crabs

Have normies decided to throw furries and nerds into the fire? Is this finally the end of geek chic?

I hope so.

they don't need sex, they need death.

dangerous opinion i'm not going to substantiate: nerds don't really exist at all.

If people felt that way perhaps there is a problem relating to the white working class. In the UK company's state in job postings they are only hiring non white ethnic minority, if you were discriminated against wouldn't you be mad too?

This phenomenon is not new, White Power music has done this since the 80s. The same argument can be extended to USA recruiting tactics. Be all you can be!

Clueless liberal journalists overstate the affects of Evola inspired spiritual racism. The backbone of the alt-right is scientific racism.

The alt right is tearing chunks out of the left's base. Liberals refuse to acknowledge the fact that the white working class has problems specific to itself, ones that won't be solved by police body cams and #closingthepaygap.

The alt right is the only group making even a token effort to address their concerns. That's why I support them. You guys might be trying, but you're being drowned out by r/socialism types.

Evola virus?

The alt right hasn't done anything for working class people either.


What exactly are they """doing"""?

There's literally nothing wrong with being NEET.

This tbh.
It's ridiculous how much attention has been paid to Evolan philosophy over the years. He's a scapegoat because his thought is so unmistakably rightist (he was an unapologetic aristocrat, spiritualist racist, etc).
Like I've done a lot of research on Italian Fascism and it makes me cringe when Iron March-tier autists cite Evola as the core of Fascist thought when the Italians were influenced a lot more by Italian Syndicalism for instance.

They love succdems like le pen

Are you quoting me? I never used the word doing, I'm speaking of rhetoric. The left literally can't even pay lip service to working whites. Radio silence on things like the opioid epidemic etc

They are technically doing something, they're promising people a spook that they can believe in that will bring them to utopia just as soon as they kick out all the niggers and kikes. It's bullshit, for sure, but it is something. And he's right in that it's better then what the liberal "left" has to offer, which is absolutely nothing at all. But it just means the left has to push harder, to show people what WE can offer instead of spooks or nothing at all.

He's right though. The white working class have really been left in the lurch by privilege theory among liberals and led them to think that socialism will just make it worse (you have to remember that a lot of brainlets think socialists are just more aggressive liberals.)
Not even white but it is true.

Julius Evola

Uh, sorry sweetie, we're a union of unmelanated egoists :^)

Like what?

Le Pen is not a SocDem. State intervention in the economy or welfare spending is not necessarily synonymous with social democracy. Do you think Bismarck was a SocDem too?

Nice try

Potato tomato. My point being they're not exactly muh flat tax job creators types

By supporting neoliberal ziocons, tax cuts, privatization, cutting vital programs, trivial culture wars and immigration through the front-door?
I'm sure this is all helping working class people pay the bills!

You're just a bunch of buttblasted classcucked enablers of the status quo.
You screech about "the system" but you're not actually willing to overthrow it. You don't even want to alter it significantly. Every time it's significantly threatened you will rush to defend it.

Immigration crack downs and the promise of a permanent wall has done more for the white working class than ZOG Occupied Government has for the last 30 years. All of Trump's other policies can be excused on this basis alone. He is implicitly pro white.


How have those two things helped the white working class when those two groups don't live in the same areas?

you would be if you weren't so mired in selfloathing and virginal tears

Muh privilege theory has fostered psychotic levels of guilt while not actually achieving much for minorities. The hollowness and self congratulation of liberal hegemonic culture basically exists to pave the way for facism. You are either a victim or a victimizer, there is no third option and increasingly no escape from hegemonic culture.

It's honestly my favorite wordfilter, I laff every time tbh

I was already aware of the monocled cunt.

The mechanisms of subject construction became much more aggressive with the arrival of the internet. Identity is being produced at an ever faster rate, while institutions increasingly resort to identity based management. The algorithms of social media are designed to force feed you triggering content about the outgroup and appeal to your worse neuroses. Identity politics is somewhat like crude Freudian psychoanalysis in that it offers the same answer to all questions: you actually want 2 fuck your mother an kill ur father . It's a way of keeping minorities powerless and dependent on institutions for validation, as it acknowledges no source of validation outside commodities and institutions. You are a passive object of management created by institutions, or failing that, by skinnerbox content machines.

Bullshit. It is illegal to discriminate based on race in the UK.

This controversy is everywhere. Just look it up. (Not the guy you are replying too by the way)

Wow they have ONE internship for minorities and that makes them literally plotting a genocide. You Holla Forumsyps are all insane.

Why is it wrong to help people who habeen underrepresented and historically marginalized? Studies have proven the exitence of unconscious systemic racismso what's wrong with a corrective?

This is your Queen.
tfw no alt right gf

Why are you changing the goal post and then accuse anyone of being a Holla Forumsyp you fucking infant?

Also changing the goal post.

Because it takes a job away from me in a society that belongs to me and my race.

I imagine it has something to do with it being an internship specifically for BBC World Service

Which seems to be centered on non-Euro news
So gosh I wonder if a service aimed at non-Europeans is looking specifically for non-Europeans to work on their non-European programming. Which shouldn't bother Holla Forums because after all people prefer other people from their own race amirite? :^)

Fuck off retard.


This is why you demand links and not contextless screenshots you idiots.

That would be fine and all, except for the part where BBC has been hiring non Europeans to speak to a European audience since the early 90s.

Cool, hopefully they'll stop hiring Europeans entirely.


This was just one picture I found on the internet you fucking retard. I didn't actually look the circumstances behind it up, but rather pointed it out. If you want more examples of this happening to other companies, here is
some more examples.

I couldn't be bothered to do your own research so go ahead and do yourself a favour. If you want to deny the existence of affirmative action, go ahead, but the onus is on you to prove it and not otherwise.


You're the fucking retard for taking a screenshot that you didn't know anything about and then posting it.
This is an exceptional level of lacking self awareness. You're the one that's not doing any research you stupid, pitiful brainlet.


Are you kidding me?

Except they aren’t taking anything from you. The bourgeoisie are and then giving it to them in order to make more money.

Eh, two faces of the same coin.


Jesus Christ, simmer down. This is just an anonymous argument on the internet.

The problem imo is that the contemporary left doesn't go "far enough" in its criticism of society. Capitalist institutions like universities and the pop culture slop force fed to us daily are assumed to be completely fine except for the fact that they are not 'woke' enough. The absurd capitalist paradigm of deserved 'success' is preserved with the addition of 'equal opportunity' amendments that further undermine it. We must ruthlessly denounce all work, the moral pretensions of the culture industry and its liberal managerial Svengalis together with the illusory, manufactured nature of the late capitalist subject "itself". We must remind the expeople of the internet that they are nothing, deracinated particles with no past and no future, Pavlovian bundles of conditioned reactions to content.

The left does not have answer, all it can do is to react to the right.

And the right only reacts to the liberal establishment

Nah, the right has a path that they follow.

All the left (both the liberals and the communists) can do is to reacting to these traditions.

There are no traditions anymore, only feeble simulacra of tradition, Norman Rockwell Coca Cola ads and white women in wheatfields. It's all about hating sjws in order to distinguish oneself from them somehow and remind themselves they exist. People underestimate the extent to which they have sunk into deracinated nullity.

Tradition as in: respecting your elder, having strong bond with your family, be patriotic to your country, faith in the divines, worship of strength and independence.

These traditions forever remain with the right, ever since they were defined in the french revolution.

The right has been the same for centuries now while the left continues to splinter and degenerate.

That might just make them realize that sex isn't some magical force that will somehow make their worthless lives worth living, prompting even greater depths of despair and hatred.

so it's basically a poor man's marxism

What? The left's response has overwhelmingly been to leverage a problem facing poor whites to use as a platform to talk about blacks. Instead of "what do we do" it's "well if they were BLACK blah blah blah crack epidemic of the 80s blah blah blah"

No it's "marxism" for the petty bourgeoisie.

It sounds like you're an expert on the topic. Could you link me to the Leftist publications from which you've based this assessment?


The Washington Post had a few articles that basically said fetanyl addicted whites needs to check their privilege.


apex kek

Holla Forumsacks believing that they are merely "balancing the overton window" is clearly the success of overton window and shows their utter ignorance about the technique

literally googling "opioids in poor white communities" brings up a ton of articles about how the opioid epidemic should teach us to check our white privilege, i think there's one article in the atlantic that's actually about the problem

Here's a little something from everyone's favorite trust fund anarchists at

You mean fake studies?

You are mentally ill if this is what you see. The opioid epidemic has caused nothing but extremely sympathetic hand-wringing and outrage at the establishment and the corporations from all over the political spectrum. I'm sure you can find some articles that try to tie it back to PoC mostly through discussions of the war on drugs but they've flown under my radar because I have better things to do than looking for the most idpol-obssesed garbage I can inflict upon myself.

TIL I'm hallucinating google results

this is your mind on neoliberalism

Mods please clean out the neogaf refugees

are you denying POC and queer people are marginalised?

We are now living in 1934.
Quite depressing, but this is what our predecessors' have made…
At least I can laugh when San Fransisco is purged.

Holy shit this is even worse than r/socialism
You're a neoliberal pretending to be a leftist.

I'll let marx speak for how idpol should be dealt with.

neets are great

Your use of the terms "POC" and "queer" automatically outs you as a redditer or neofag.

tfw no v. woodhull gf, she's a fourierist so you know she's gonna be a freak in bed.

She also was a stock broker.


those are merely the terms preferred by marginalised communities. Why do you get so triggered at the prospect that some people /may/ have it worse than you? The left has always been all about protecting marginalised people. I seriously don't understand what one might have against that, provided you aren't a literal nazbol.

Fuck you. Fuck reddit. Fuck the new left.

this is what white male fragility looks like

most people here are just tired of the inevitable privilege politics and victim complexes that comes that co-opts those who are actually marginalized. plus the placating nature of identity politics that shifts focus away from class abolition.

stop getting baited dumby

you mean white people on here

are you baiting me? keep piling up generalizations onto an abstraction. how are you going to solve marginalization anyways?

by building a strawman

tbh I was shitposting a little back there, but unironically i've been thinking, hey what if those sjws were right all along and i needed to check my privilege. What if our POC and queer comrades are legitimately victimised in ways we are unable of understanding? maybe a little empathy goes a long way don't you think?

POC and queer ppl struggle with marginalisation every moment of their lives, I don't know, we should at least try and be supportive instead of crying reverse racism

Guys. Are you fucking kidding me? Go back to reddit or /leftpol/. Holy shit.

Gender, race and sexuality are integral components of capitalism, think unpaid labor and surplus populations, the role of the nuclear family as the site of reproduction. If you were a truly commited leftist, you would facedown your white supremacist and heterosexist spooks regardless of how triggering it may seem. do it for your POC comrades.

Nobody here denies that there's marginalization or to not be empathetic to those who are, we just disagree with their praxis/goals to end it. While many focus on democratic reform, Afaik our basis for ending it is largely rooted in the nature of capitalism itself. Capitalism enforces marginalization, for example here in Canada everyone hates First Nations for being lazy drunkards. Practically everyone has an anecdote of a shitty experience with them, even though why they abuse drugs/alcohol is rooted in poverty. This is the root issue, as even with the amount of reforms/supports we have made First Nations still have not escaped their situation, nor has racism against them ended.

go back to Holla Forums kiddo

You should go the fuck back to reddit or Holla Forums.

I definitely think this is true but it is paradoxically leading to more White men supporting the radical left. Seriously in the Democratic Cops of America and other socialist orgs the majority are white men even though there is still idpol which drives some away.

White men are the one group that has arrived at the end of history according to liberals. There is not even anything being promised to us in the future. The only way the dems marshall White male support is by moralizing at them. Women/PoC can be tricked into thinking liberalism will solve their problems through an overstatement of how much their troubles are caused by racism/sexism.

There are only two groups offering a better life for white men.
1) The alt-right who promised to do so by placing them back on top of the race/gender hierarchy.
2) The socialist left offer to do so by destroying the class hierarchy and liberating all.

I remain confident that most will choose option 2. Being openly racist/sexist will get you ostracized in modern society and make Women hate you. Besides that socialist ideals are just genuinely more attractive to people and based on the highest of human aspirations not petty tribalism.

The left definitely pay attention to these issues, Sanders has addressed them at length. The left is not the democrap party.

This is literally such extreme projection. The radical left has a codified plan for transforming society the alt-right just runs around screaming for a Nazi masturbation fantasy and bitching about SJWs. What do you faggots even want the economy to look like, you would probably denounce the Corporatist economic policies of 20th century fascists as communism considering thats what 1/2 of you denounce Sanders/Corbyn as.

Owned by billionaire scum Jeff Bezos

Even using the stupid meaningless term marginalize shows you are a post-modernist faggot. Fuck the margins we are a working class political movement and we serve the working class not because they are marginalized but because they have the power to transform society.

read rothbard idiot

< Murray and Herrnstein also relied heavily on the research of J. Philippe Rushton, who is once again funded by the same Pioneer Fund. Rushton’s work continued the Victorian pseudo-science of cranial measurement as measure of intelligence, but Rushton’s measurements of intelligence do not stop at measuring skulls branching into the size of breasts, buttocks and genitals as measurements of intelligence. Rushton told Rolling Stone that “It’s a trade-off: More brain or more penis. You can’t have everything.”
< Rushton was also removed from public spaces like shopping malls on multiple occasions for yelling at people about their penis size and asking to know the distance that they could ejaculate, so much so that his university had to reprimand him for the continued behavior.

queer people are marginalised by a society that still holds cishet people as the norm. POC are marginalised by an eurocentric society. These things can pile on and become quite alienating, ie. the casual racist/queerphobic jokes, even on leftist communities

Are we being raided by redditor faggots?

explain me what's wrong with being empathetic towards marginalised without using the word reddit or spamming slurs.

You are literally a SJW if you think casual jokes are a serious problem. You are using all the reddit buzzwords. You are the embodiment of r/socialism.
Seriously. Go back. This board is Idpol free.

stop getting baited, is this your first time here? we're right next to a board filled with armchair fascists.

Are you stupid? Since when on this board unironic red liberalism is accepted?

but casual jokes ARE a serious problem. Marginalised people actually fear for their lives everyday, but you dehumanise them and they might not be ok speaking out for fear of wounding your white/straight fragility

nod an argumend
you have provided nothing in terms of context to bring this "SJW" to our thinking on idpol, you're no better than stirner posters who shout spook with their dick in hand. we spend time convincing fucking fascists to our side, can you at least make a damn argument or something?

Where do we draw the line though? Are we not allowed to joke about anybody?

Are you taking seriously a guy who uses the term white fragility unironically?

There are many forms of humor that don't marginalise people. and you gotta be more conscious of the ways you are 'prrivileged' that's right I said it, but most of social justice stuff is just plain manners, it is a system of common decency, nothing more, nothing less

Dude you are not welcome on this board with this bullshit

How can we keep pretending leftypol is an actual progressive space given it is openly unwelcoming towards marginalised people?

Bisexual autistic mixed-race here, go fuck yourself. Either go back to tumblr or read this;

jokes are jokes, they're not "degrading" at all. Miss me with that spook shit, nigga.

We are not progressive you idiot

have you ever been to Holla Forums?

so what, no more gulag jokes? can't a joke go "too far" but still enjoy humor through an ironic position?
everyone here wants to take egalitarianism seriously, but privilege politics reduces those efforts into a blame game and crazy victimization politics. there's no efforts to root out poverty, but just analyzation over who's the most privileged of them all; turning complex feedback systems into a massive generalization of inherent privilege.

You're a fucking idiot if you think that some politically incorrect discourse on an imageboard somehow prevents marginalized people from posting here. At least here people aren't condescending cosmopolitan cunts who treat marginalized people like they're fragile and precious. You use your "wokeness" strategically, just fucking admit it, cunt.

it may not prevent them, but it may certainly add up and become seriously hurtful.

we aren't
we aren't



you can internalised these attitudes even if you are marginalised, you know

While I'll admit the discourse has been shitty, and honestly lads you can do a better job at this, if you honestly think that saying mean words is what alienates people, you're an absolute nonce. Our BO is a trans-person, and the BO of bunker chan is on the spectrum. Trying to bring in idiotic privelege theory while attacking white people on the basis of identity and how they bring up their points is not only liberal, but CIA levels of cointelpro.
And you know this how? Do black republicans believe they struggle every day because they're black? Should I also talk about the white americans who, like poor blacks, also struggle daily with capitalism. The problem with your idpol, is that you shift the focus onto identity solely, and not the system which causes the enforcement of said discrimination of identity. But even if you did, by the sounds of it you only care about it because you feel that you're liberating people based on identity as opposed to them being workers. Yes, gender minorities are discriminated against, yes, PoC have systems within governments that impeach on their rights, but what we have to understand is that in our current liberal capitalist society (and I'm assuming you're writing from the US), the system itself also allows for legislation against said bigotry. What any good leftist would know, is that this system is not good enough in combatting said bigotry.

You can screech, reverse racism doesn't exist, despite it being demonstratably false, from white students being gated at universities, and even private institutions such as MTV news allowing for some pretty reactionary statements of white people to permeate, or the fact that much like the US, south africa is a liberal capitalist democracy which has allowed racists to hate white people inb4 I somehow support apartheid because of this statement. Now while this is more or less the case of liberal idpol, you can't deny that it has infested leftist circles and has made white people turn away. On top of that, pointing stuff like this out isn't "marginalising" anyone. But anyone can realise that our liberal capitalist system allows for such bigotry to occur. It's why most of us laugh at the alt-right for basically sucking off the system, or capitalism, despite it acting out against their own interest (causing mass migration influxes etc).

I'd say lurk more, and quit trying to champion the rights of groups based on their identity, not all of them would agree, especially if you come across people such as Blaire White or That Guy T.

Liberal detected. Back to r/socialism with you.

Mein gott.

"From a Stirnerian anarchist perspective, at the root of the problem with IPs is the spectre - the use of an identity-category as a transcendent, abstract category which possesses and defines values. In Stirner’s theory, the problem of oppression is the problem that people value spectres and the things which benefit spectres - instead of valuing the things which they desire as a “unique one.” All categories, words, concepts, can become spectres if they are allowed to possess and dominate us - even those which refer to our properties or attributes (59, 151). If people are defined as essentially and primarily something - whether it be humanity, whiteness, blackness, masculinity, femininity - this is always alienating, because the category is always “his essence and not he himself,” and therefore something alien (28), which requires “my valuelessness” (145). As a real person, each of us is a processual being, an embodied self, located in a field of becoming. "
"By analogy, white or male privilege is the privilege of the spectre, not of the extensional set. There is the spectre as a category, which usually has a set of normatively defined characteristics (such as masculinity, whiteness, humanity). And then there is the set of people who are classified as part of the spectre, who may or may not have these characteristics. A male white person becomes un-white or un-male when he ceases to conform to dominant ideas about the category. We might say that white privilege is not something which is owned by a person defined as white; it is owned by an alien spectre (112), the category of whiteness.

Spectres are connected to sovereignty, as theorised by Agamben. In sovereignty, a political ruler has the power to decide which instances of the extensional set conform to the essence of the spectre and are accorded value - who is “person” (qualified life) and who is “un-person” (bare life). This leads to “abyssal thought,” the devaluing of those who fall outside dominant normativity (de Souza Santos). In Maoism and Leninism, sovereignty operates in the form of vanguard ism or substitutionism. The Party or leader defines the spectre and hence claims to speak for all those covered by it - but such statements are really political decisions rather than empirical claims. The IP, the leader, claims to speak as and for POC, Black people, women, and so on - but never for all those covered by the category. In a sneaky semantic move, the moment the oppressed criticise the vanguard, they are no longer the oppressed, but objectively have become allied with the oppressors. An enemy of the IP becomes an enemy of the entire category — the spectre."

"internalization" is an excuse SJW fags like you use to write off dissent from the people who are sick of your shit. Fuck off already.

No it doesnn't, and furthermore excessive focus on discourse gives a superficial appearance of being "woke", which more often than not serves to conceal a more condescending, insidious racism. Go fuck yourself.

Kys dipshit.

None of this means anything, just nice words to try and paint yourself and the other poor misguided fools like you as honourable and strong. As many of your ancestors were christians as were pagans. Do you honestly believe they had the same traditions and values? How can you think that Christianity is a religion that worships strength and independence when it is clearly based around subservience and submission. How many different sovereigns, parties or groups have controlled the state you are so devoted to, for their own interests?

In reality the right has been rife with compromise, traditionalists only occupying a small portion of the modern right. Practically all are soulless liberal husks, driven by business interests and profits, who pay lip service to intellectual toilets like you with delusional high ideals

Do people understand just how ridiculously simple this common Holla Forumstard argument is? They're basically just admitting that they would be one of us if it wasn't for the idpol/sjw whatever politics that is already being played out. This movement will fade away like nothing.

how is "person of colour" any different to "coloured person"? i can't see the average black or asian outside of a uni sociology department giving a shit about any of this



Why the fuck does age make someone more deserving of respect than anyone else? Most boomers are awful, if anything they're even less deserving of respect in general.
Its the right-wing economic system of capitalism that has atomized society, social cohesion tends to be much better in left-wing societies.
Why should I be patriotic of a country that treats its own working class like dirt and butchers countless innocents abroad for the profit of the ruling class?
I don't give a crap about other peoples' religious beliefs as long as they're not hurting anyone, but why should I put up with others trying to force their religion on others?
Webm hilariously related.
You clowns only "worship strength" in the sense that you cling to some perceived "strongman" figure and expect them to protect you- if anything, its fear and weakness that are the primary motivators of such behavior. You people revel in your subservience to the ruling class, its the exact opposite of "independence". You are nothing but a resource to be expended to them, and they will cast you aside once you've outlived your usefullness- and with the rapidly increasing levels of automation going on, that may be sooner than you think.

Bullcrap, even reformists like Sanders, Corbyn, and Melenchon have all focused primarily on the concerns of the working class and correctly identified the capitalist system as the cause of those issues, whereas the alt-right just tells people that the system is fine and you just need to change certain aspects of it, you're no different from liberals in this regard. Hell, you people want to give even MORE power to the ruling class.
We'll see how you guys feel in a few years when your problems have only gotten worse thanks to the right-wing politicians you supported, every day more and more members of your little movement jump ship.

Not making this about race but taking a different stance: This irritates me greatly.
One of the big tricks neoliberals use is to complain about redistribution that benefits the middle disproportionately. i.e. why have free tuition for everyone when you can throw money at the poorest students, then have a number of notionally middle-class students get fucked because their parents cashflow is shit even if theoretically it could pay for you?

The left should be about creating the appropriate societal structures, which naturally benefits those who are marginalised. It should to a much lesser degree be focused on simply providing the laziest palliatives to capitalist excess. (that is to say, even if free university tuition does less for the poorest than neoliberal redistribution, it's still the right thing to do on the basis of being the appropriate social structure and it sends the right message about what kind of society we want to be [structuralist social democratic, not neoliberal technocratic].)

tbh i'm inclined to reduce sympathy on the basis that it's always sexuality and race given disproportionate weighting.
you want to collapse into individualism? fine, but now we're weighting in the alienation of knowing i'm never going to be an australian.

more seriously disability is always the poor cousin of these traits. especially if by disability you mean an invisible, non-mental-health condition.

dubious generalisation tbh.

'progressive' is a term used to avoid saying left wing or socialist, which is the actual synonym of political progress.
how ironic that it's widespread adaptation coincided most strongly with the death of the actual notion of the future and progress. we will not live on the moon, but it's okay because we'll be more sensitive to our racist thoughts.

if you can be hurt by an imageboard you probably don't belong on an imageboard.

on a very small level, it swaps the sentence structure in a way that's notionally less objectifying.
i.e. the trait in key focus shifts from "colour[ed]" to "person", re-asserting that their humanity comes first.
it's clunky though.

Leave. This is a safe space away from your idpol faggotry

Hi Holla Forums

Now to be fair, insecure white nerds are very easy to tantrum. And that is partially why we got to this point with them.

Can you explain why americans have to specify "white" in front of anything?
Like Latino and Blacks can't be nerds? Fucking asians can't be nerd?

Because I'm specifically speaking about a group of people we all know and are aware exist, and I don't feel like being specific, I feel like being general. Mostly because it seems to be a general problem.

I wonder where I said that.

Trolling people by pretending to be idpozzed liberals is just as bad as actually being one of them.

Then say fucking nerds. I mean, there is no need to add white in there, makes you looks like reddit. Nerds are trash no matter the colour, black nerds are no different from white ones. Also if for white nerd you intend Holla Forums or Holla Forums. Well user… Both are not white

I meant what I said. I said insecure white nerds throw hissy fits often. And usually someone calls them a thot and a snack, they don't know what that means, they get confused and end up on Holla Forums for being bullied for looking like a complete meal.

I had a post written up for this thread but it's such hot idpol garbage I'm not even going to bother.

guys why you get baited this easily

Wanna add though that while the author is thoroughly idpozzed s/he does have a good grasp on how the aut-right not only recruits but retains people through a mix of camaraderie and fearmongering

Experience. Although there are historical circumstances where the elders turn cannibalistic.
Multiculturalism lowers social cohesion. Market forces are partly to blame but they are still vastly better than having the state as a substitute for your family. In general socialist and communist societies tend to do that.
You will need help to build and defend your home, you should be patriotic in the same sense that you would help your neighbor.
Ruling class does not necessarily imply strength and independence. A static ruling class will eventually devolve due to nepotism. Saying right wingers like being subservient to rich people is a bit far fetched


Why does inceldom drive guys so insane?

Because our culture bombards us with just how important sex is. To be successful is to be sexy and have a lot of sex. To be an incel is to be a failure of a human being.
You wouldn't see this kind of reaction in a culture where celibacy was celebrated. The most prominent incels would just become stylites in the desert and gather harmless followings of other incels.

There will be a culture that celebrates incels.

why would specifically inceldom be celebrated?
celibacy maybe but surely not the involuntary part of it? or the term's implied autistic screeching, absurd misogyny and 'sexual free market'-logic
virgins are people who haven't had sex
incels are people who haven't had sex and define their whole lives and existence based on it
Isolation breeds mental illness, and the internet reinforces it.

Fair enough. A culture celebrating volcels then.

you do know that you're supposed to not commit the sin of onan if you are celibate right?

Quite right, but my personal preferences don't always align with what would be beneficial for society, quite the opposite, and I'm fine with society not being a perfect fit for me personally.


No what they need is friends. Not "friends" as in people who pat you on the back for having the "right" opinions but actual real true friends that will give them a sense of human connection. That's what these people really want and are desiring when they go into the alt-right and other fringe right groups but the right only provides a facsimile or facade of the real thing and in the end they will end up feeling even more alone and isolated than when they started the further they get into it.

t.former Holla Forumstard.

IQ is literally measuring humans according to the standards of capitalism. communism demands a copernican revolution in which capital stops being the center of our society and is replaced by human flourishing. It's pointless to argue whether everyone would be qualified to be a google engineer if it wasn't for racism or gender stereotypes, instead, we should focus on remaking our world, and that means demolishing its paradigms of labor success, and even 'meritocracy'. Only a minority of people would make competent software engineers, but that is because the system as a whole is absurd and eventually bound to make humanity obsolete in its quest for profit maximisation.


t. about to be rendered obsolete 10 years from now when genetic algorithms learn how to perform 'high Autism Level' code monkey labor

The absolute state of this board , it's literally a paragraph of unsubstantiated (except a post from Holla Forums I guess) opinions meant to be an elaborate ad hom/tu quoque. How is there any statistical volume being asserted in that entire blog post when it seems to just be a nadir fallacy based on literally nothing

If we're being honest, I would take a capitalist state where knowing informal fallacies by name is a thought-crime punishable by death over communism.

Based on this thread, it is obvious that leftypol is ok with being a drunk, unemployed stain on society ==as long as you are BROWN.== Nice virtue signaling libs, no wonder you people never win. People smell your insincerity from a mile away, yes, even you speshul snowflakes totes not liburals on this board. Even you.

I'm okay with anyone- black, white, or brown- being a drunk, unemplyed stain on society.

The good news is we'll automate everything and we can all be drunk as shit all the time in either self-driving cars or a new form of massive public transportation and it'll be so well oiled no one will need to be sober in order for society to actually function. It'll be paradise.

Projecting much?

everybody reading this knows that you're correct
why do nazis have such good takes?


they make the token effort. in europe they use left wing language (bourgeoisie etc..) in their tv ads. the left is failing the propaganda war because it stopped talking about class and talks instead about idpol garbage.