Venezuela is collapsing because of socialism!



t. Puerto RIcan

To burger conservatives and liberals, socialism isn't muh real movement, it's not muh social ownership over MoP, it's not muh state capitalism, it's not muh free healthcare, it's not even muh higher taxes. It's anything they don't like. Understand that and it all makes sense.

No country is worth saving, communism will destroy the nation and all baggage that comes with it. In a way, this lack of coherent culture means that once the boomers die off burgers will get more radical. Hopefully someday we'll get as good as 19th and early 20th century socialists.

It's literally the shit they spew during the "economic systems" section of the basig egonomigs :DDDD classes in college.

They can't, because they're as you said, burgers.

To the average Burger conservative, socialism and communism are what happen in dystopian sci-fi novels.

I've seen someone ask for recommendations for books on the USSR and someone else seemingly unironically suggest 1984.

China is state capitalist after Mao fucked.

Wouldn't it be the greatest story ever if China is just accelerationist and crashing the market from the inside

Yeah, but that's probably fiction.

This 100%. Neo-China arrives from the future.

The response is typically that both Sweden and China try their best to be socialist but socialism can't succeed without a liberalized market, which is what both of those countries have. Venezuela is less liberalized

because china and sweden are not real socialism!

Who is the guy in the fourth picture?
I wanna read up on whats talked about in that one.

Nick Land. He wrote the book in the fourth panel. To summarize, he made "accelerationism" a thing iirc


"Sockulist wan to take mah gunz"

Wait a second I thought the last picture was meant to display a dystopian outcome of the ideologies of that shown book.
So the whole jpg is anti Nick-Land?

It helps if you've read Marx, Kant, Hegel, Deleuze, Guattari, Nietzsche and Bataille
It's hard to sum up Land in one sentence. "Accelerationism" get's thrown around, but that hardly encompasses everything his writings are about.

Depends on your point of view. Land wondered what would happen if capitalism reached its final conclusion. And in a way he cultivated a morbid fascination for it. Some argue he legitimately became insane.
I just think it's inevitable. Humanity won't survive the current century, not at it's current numbers anyway. But that doesn't mean nothing will succeed us.

They're capitalists bud.
They are falling apart though.

read the spoiler mate

it astounds me that leftists in 2017 don't know who Nick Land is. You are literally the equivalent of the revolutionary larp in this pic otherwise. His racist horseshit is complete trash of course, but Land and accelerationism in general is gotta be in your ballpark if youre committed to a post-capitalist future. It aint happening w a revolution, son. Its coming from the inside, from the future.

china is corporative at best, if you strecht it to its extremes



I hope Burgers are really this delusional so that they leave the superior, evolved countries alone.

How do you even have electricity lmao.
How's the hurricane recovery going, or do you just live in the US?

How do lefties explain this?

The Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore.

We don't call any country socialist. Their ideology might be socialist but their policies and economy are soc. dem and predominantly capitalist.


Im in the island, I go to my UPR campus that has internet water and enough signal for me to shitpost through my phone

Theyre privatizing the recovery effort, mass emigration to the US, foreign (read: american) interests buying up all the now low-value land, i wont have elctricity for at least 2 more months and i live in the capital, dont even begin on the rest of the island, theyre impounding relief efforts that arent american in order to keep spewing propaganda that without america we are nothing. Were experiencing mass population exchange as all of the poor puerto ricans are being exported and replaced by wealthy americas that will construct villas and hotels that will not benefit the island. Its becoming more and more a mixtrue of neoliberal hellhole and hawaii, where the hawaiians were pushed back into slums and ghettoes so that wealthy americans could construct their winter retreats

Funny you could say that were being invaded by foreigners again, and actual, populational colonization and replacement, you know, the kind that Holla Forumsyps always keep jabbering about.
But this exportation of poor communities has been going on since the '30s, the hurricane have merely accelerated the process.

So yeah, its not going well, but it hasnt been going well since the '98 when the gringos came


The construction is probably part of some kind of "sustainable" flood barrier.
They tried to get Puerto Rico to allow schoolkids to identify as transgender in exchange for forgiveness of some of the debt. I guess the construction is coming along better than the dress code switch.