Questions for "Real" socialists

What will you do?

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Anybody else loves Mugabe's hitler mustache?

Use it to fund assassinations.

Pretending you dont care about money is easy when you have none.

Best thing a socialist could do i guess would be to invest more in workplaces and better working conditions.

I'd fund the global revolution, gomrade.

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If I stop, can I be a mod?((No))

No, a good place to start would be to knock off every American puppet state installed during and after the Cold War. Just as America did to socialist interests, I would invest the money in doing the same.

Use it to create some totally self-sufficient communes

Not all of it, of course. What am I, a TOTAL classcuck? No!

Yeah I don't like porkies of any race/religion but WTF dude?

Assuming they owned the company wholesale (ie no other shareholders), I would turn it into a co-op and let the workers sort it out.

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Depends, I guess I would immediately get into it. Speak to high management, make sure I actually have a say about how things will be done. I'd buy a nice computer, house, car, etc… What wouldn't I do is the better question? When money isn't a question I'd go wild on people. Probably go to college, maybe pass, maybe not. Invest some, who knows. I'd get an advisor, we'd figure shit out. Probably go get a higher education again, but this time for real.

Fire everybody on the spot so all my workers are free.

Save up 2-3 million then convert it to a co-op and retire. Alternatively keep running it bau and use to fund 3rd world revolutionaries.

I would transform it into a coop that produces cheap kits for self sustainability. Hydroponics setups, energy generators of some kind and so forth. Will market is as anti-capitalist, in a way that conveys the messege of 'even if your boss fires you for fighting for your rights, you can sustain yourself'.
If I made it in burgerland or other more weapon friendly areas I might add cheap firearms to it.
I might not make it a coop, but simply use profits to fund communist organizations. Or make it a coop later when, if I feel like it. Which I probably wont at that point >:D

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Your understanding of theology is freshman-tier.

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I'm not a new fag, I don't see a name for any of the posts in this thread.
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Use it for my own benefit of course.

Invest it and use They money to support myself and leftist causes.

Become porky and live my days in luxury as a god until the left finally gets its ass in motion and gives me and the other porkies the most awesome execution ever and die happily knowing the revolution has finally come and that my death has meaning. Damn it feels good to be a porky.

Mocking someone for wanting to educate you doesn't seem to be ideal conduct for revolutionaries.

Anyway, frum Jews would be the model socialists if they weren't so patriarchal. Too bad Holla Forums gets the entirety of their understanding of our faith from trash like Mondoweiss.

Try harder Holla Forums Porky transcends religion.

I'd buy a bunch of guns and copies of The State and Revolution and arm the fuck out of the poor.

burn it

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Seems like it.

Your questions are getting weaker OP are you running out of ideas or succumbing to the dialectic?

Become a turbo-porky and accelerate capitalism's collapse while also supporting leftist movements on the low.
Ideally, I would like to be killed by the same antifa super soldiers I created.

He is posting under a Kampuchea flag…

Every Jew believes in Year Zero.

Making fun of Jews doesn't make you a Holla Forumsyp as long as its banter. When tf did Holla Forums get so thin skinned? Are we going to ban Proudhon and Bakunin now because they made fun of Jews?

Crash the fucking market with no survivors

Am i insane if i think Pol Pot has god tier praxis


Explain. Btw I asked you a question here:

unironically kys

It was truly god tier. He managed to unite monarchists, Americans, Dengists, Jucheists, National Communists, Market Socialists, and Suharto in the struggle against Vietnamese imperialism.

Theory of Productive Forces is utter nonsense. Do you honestly believe we can have communism in a system entirely dominated by machines, inorganic life, extreme complexity (which begets extreme bureaucracy) and so on?

Compare modernity to the lifestyles of countryside villagers: who lives more communally? Go to any village in France and you'll find people there share nearly everything as a common way of life. That entire idea is considered offensive to modern suburbanites/city-folk.

Turn it into a co-op, buy land somewhere and start a commune.
Also buy tanks n shiet.

Sell it. Keep learning what I want.

I fully agree with you on this. The true is that socialism could have existed and it did existed in pre-industrialized societies (the Inca Empire being the best example of pre-capitalism state scale socialism). Ideas, moral codes and individuals do influence and change society. And the reason I'm a socialist is out of ethical duty towards my fellow human beings, so as to organize society so that it can satisfy people's essential needs and minimize avoidable and needless suffering. The hedonistic pursue of ever more luxurious lifestyle (the "fully automated gay space communism" meme) however will only lead to further oppression by consumerism and competition between people for resources.

I believe it is man's destiny to live among the stars, exerting our will upon the universe. Communism is the best way to achieve that imo.

Domination of nature takes us away from Gd, and our real spiritual potential.

What a stupid and meaningless destiny that will only worsen our condition. Hopefully the Earth gets destroyed before that.

Re-reading the quote I realized I have misinterpreted: if someone is a suspect and there isn't full certainty or even if there is full certainty that he is guilty but in reality he's innocent then yes it is better to kill an innocent by mistake than to spare an enemy by mistake.

while I wouldn't consider him a namefag for that, all the threads me makes are titled "questions for socialist" and they're all shitty and pointless. He made like 9 of these already.

Well if you aren't a Holla Forumsyp then you're an autist. Understand that we're on a board that constantly has to struggle actual nazis.
There's nothing actually funny about it.

Also Proudhorn and Bakhunin did not "make fun of jews". They hated them the same way Holla Forumsyps do.

Proudhon advocated the systematic and extremely violent extermination of Jewish people. Bakunin would have likely been in line with such thoughts considering his unintentional caricature of an 'analysis' on the Jews and in polemic with Marx.

sell it, invest, fund some politics,

The main ain would be to free myself from work through having money so I can focus on political work, I guess.

Funding research to develop a new mode of production.
But realistically speaking, if such scenario was actually happening, chances would be that the conditions i grew up in would be very different and that i would reproduce the Porky pattern i was raised in. Class traitors are exceptions at least in the ruling class.
What you guys think exactly motivated Engels to be one btw?

Depends, what kind of business did I inherit and what is its worth? $2-3M isn't all that big of a valuation and the restructuring of the company to turn it into a cooperative can be costly enough on the workers, which can come from the vetting of new employees, legal fees, the cooperative buying of the machinery needed (assuming it's a factory of some kind), etc. Likewise it also depends on the current state of the employees there, some (like myself) may work at this company to just get a paycheck and not have a vested interest in the going-ons of the company. Buying into a company that I wouldn't care for just because it became a cooperative isn't lucrative enough for me.

Make money, but being honest about it.
Telling the workers they have to unionize, otherwise I'll take advantage of the non-union workers by reducing their wages.
Force them to organize, but still being plain honest about why I'm doing it.
Save up plenty of wealth for crises.
Fund radical groups and union activity in general. Of course, union activity in my corp wouldn't need extra attention, so my competitors will suffer from that.

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palace economy a socialism maketh not


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com'e' si puo' usare questo suffisso '-acci'? sto imparando l'italiano user

Am I Still Banned?

People who don't want to fuck up other people, and may even help the world

The porkies among us

Every heard of shock value?


A little, but mostly because I don't write them down. Half the ones I've already forgotten were 'cause of the ban happy mods. But I'd be happy to have you contribute a question, you think I should ask.

Let's say it's a $100-300m and you have full shares.

We cannot escape God even if we wanted to

The real problem with what Proudhon and Bakunin said about Jews wasn't just their racism, but also the fact that both of them viewed capitalism as a conspiracy (very similar to the people who view Amerikkkan foreign policy as nothing more than manipulation by "da Zionist lobbyyyyy", discounting the fact that imperialism doesn't just happen because some secret group wants it to happen).

Who's talking about feudalism? I'm talking about peasant communism.

Who the hell wants to live on a farm? And even if wanted to, how would we deindustrialize?

Living on a farm doesn't sound to bad.