Modern Fascist Scare

I'm the only one who doesn't give a single fuck about modern fascists?
Seriously. They are shit, but nothing compared to others that are considered the "lesser evil" on here.
The material condition for fascism are not present, fascism is hated by everyone and everyone is scared about it.
Problem comes when people like pic related ride the wave of this "fascist" scare.
I'm starting to think that the supposed fascist or populist (in reality neo-cons) are nothing other than an excuse for centrist or neoliberals to call everything that they don't agree with them fascist and use the "have you seen the other guys" tatic.
I'm not scared of fascist. Pic related scares me.
lol. If someone here thinks that pic related aren't doing so, they should read a book
Fuck no
Same old thing in brand new drag.
There is virtually no difference between them.
What change is the rethoric

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They are annoying and do nothing but take away from the power of popular movements that actually affect change, therefore they're a hazard. A bit like a leech.

wew lad, don't cheapen the word

Read Umberto Eco

Agreed, but Merkel is left wing by my classical liberal standard.

Where did I say that?
You are cheapening the word by saying that AfD (neo cons) are fascist

The rainbow part of the flag checks out

Berlusconi did more damage than mussolini

There is no "modern fascism"

just people liberals don't like.

That's what I'm saying. I hate how some people on this board don't get that tho

Spoken like a man who can't see the forest for the trees, or the shit on his knees.

The idea that centrists who oppose immigration are now fascist is indicative of the total victory of capitalist Progressivism.


So the stormweenies marching through charlottesville waving swastikas and chanting 'blood and soil' were just a figment of liberal imagination?

When they borrowed ISIS tactics and car of peaced a crowd of antifascists, killing an IWW comrade, that was nothing to get worked up about?

They have no patrons backing them. The closest thing the alt-right have to patrons are the Mercers, who I am pretty sure are Jewish Libertarians, and Peter Thiel, who is basically NRx. They are no serious threat to anyone - it is pure American Gladiators in the streets.

You are telling me that trying to call trump fascist is not literally what I said in op? Also Racism=/=fascism is americanism.

Racism=fascism is americanism*


The anarchists were getting a little out of hand. They're supposed to stick to protesting racism, not cause a disturbance at the G20.

Is trump a neolib now? I thought he got himself elected by using right wing populism to attack all the fascists' usual favourite targets.

Its the refuge of Porky when the proles become discontented and wake up to the fact that the government doesn't serve their interests.


I don't think that's what OP was referring to

how are right wing populism and neoliberalism mutually exclusive? pic related.

Well, has he done anything that wouldn't be considered neoliberal? No international trade deals have been dismantled. Taxes are being cut. I believe that more foreign workers have entered the US under the Trump administration via visa than under the Obama administration. I guess deporting a few more Central Americans and making crude comments on Twitter makes you a fascist now…

To be fair, unlimited immigration is basically a core value of progressive capitalists, so he is at least less neoliberal on that front.

To add to this, if Reagan was neoliberal I don't see how Trump isn't.

Sorry, I should have clarified. Of course trump wants neolib policies and would benefit from them, but that's not the face he presents to the public. Propaganda is never about neoliberal economics, because no one would buy it. Its always about

That's why fascism is politically effective, it cloaks the elite's policy in anti elitist propaganda.

Dude read op again. The "fascist"(neocons like trump) scare is something invented by neo liberals. That's what I meant. When I said in the op that they are the same thing I meant that what they are calling "fascist" today are just neo cons, so virtually the same thing as neo liberals.

Trump is the most Kosher President ever. Why are you mistaking Holla Forums rhetoric for actual policy?

Hillary is way more of a neocon than Trump can ever dream of being, so this statement is invalid.

Nothing bad in these 3 except that come from an american mouth.
This is simply not true.

No trump used populist rethoric, that is not inherently fascist.
Again you don't understand that concept of fascism an fell for the neoliberal trap.
Think about it everything you listed is literally against the interest of the neo liberal.

This proves that my statment is more than valid. Neo cons and neo liberals are nearly interchangeable.

not really
my boss is huwhite so that means classcuckoldry is a-okay!
same thing applies
pic related

Slow down. Heritage doesn't mean only race. But if you want to put it this way, ok.
Trump didn't run on a white supremacist base.
Pic related
You 100% misread my post.
I was dening that trump runned on an antisemitic rethoric, not the retardation of the jew cospiracy

All the most anti-fascists tend to be anti-nazi as well as anti-communist (Just like the hoppian snake edge lords). Fascism is seen as "Good vs Evil" fight and it doesn't seek to question the system. The good meaning liberalism and the bad is anything anti-liberal. It's like they want to have a capitalist end of history where everyone gets along but with bourgeoisie dominating the world.

Yes. go back to Holla Forums

Hardly. Berlusconi couldn't get shit done in 20 years, the entire political spectrum was against him. Everytime he had power it was just a matter of greasing the exact amount of delegates to pass some stupid law that would prevent him from going to jail and that's about it. The last four years have been more detrimental to italy than any Berlusconi government.

Dude. No.
He softned fiscal evasion laws. he cutted something like 9 billions from public funding. Remind what he did with abruzzo.
Also think of the cultural damage he did.
Watch videocracy.
Watch zizek.

Renzi/Gentiloni fucking sucks, but what killed this country class consciousness wasn't him.
Also Renzi/Gentiloni is a EU puppet.
You know that next election is a tie between Berlusconi party and Di Maio? You know Berlusconi puppets will win again right?

Israel is the closest thing to a racial state since apartheid South Africa and the third Reich, tho

Centrists are the true fascists. Read Mussolini.

That's true, he did, but he hardly was worse than Benny, even considering his hegemony on the spectacle. I mean, is italian tv really different from, say, american tv? It's a turd all over. Maybe I'm just jaded because I remember how cheated I felt when I realized anti-berlusconism didn't guarantee a better alternative to Berlusconi.

It's a difficult subject, I'd say class consciousness in italy has been dead since the eighties at the very least.

I wouldn't really be that sure about it. I really don't know what will happen, but there's no way he's gonna get a favorable sentence even assuming elections are in may. Things being how they are now, I'd bet on some sloppy coalition between his party and PD, maybe with MDP chipping in. I'd also wager most than half voters won't go to the polls.

kinda this tbh, but the other user has a point, the word's been so overused that it's watered down.

Read "Berlusconi is a Pig" by Raf Sauviller, it's a great book on just how much corrupt shit Berlusconi got away with in his lifetime. At one point in he was even in a real masonic conspiracy to turn Italy into a military dictatorship (P2).

Dude I'm italian, I became radicalized during the berlusconi era. I started to working in the television sector after the fall of his goverment. A lot of people who worked for berlusconi's tv (mediaset) now work in the same place as I, they tell me that working for mediaset during the berlusconi goverment felt like working on a propaganda channel.
What a documentary called videocracy, I explains well the media during the berlusconi era. Not that now is really that different.
After all as a memeber of the p2 said ""True power is in the hands of mass media owners"

Man, remember those creepy "endorsements" he made people like Ambra and Vianello do?


DUDE. Gave me fucking flashbacks. There was some north korea tier shit at the time. My favorite is still that fucking song tho.

The Chad Berlusconi VS The Virgin ZIzek