Didn't I tell you stupid motherfuckers anti liberal agitation was being used to turn the board explicitly str4553r1te...

Didn't I tell you stupid motherfuckers anti liberal agitation was being used to turn the board explicitly str4553r1te? Now look at it, it's finished. The BO and jannies were in on it, and so were most of you.(Closet Holla Forumsyp pretending to be an anarchist)

Hmmm……there's something about your post….it seems like bullshit…

Hating on libs was something you and the nazis could agree on, but you went too far and showed your true sympathies- hating blacks and feminists was more important to you than the leftism, you just wanted your own way to hate them. Once Holla Forums understood this they were able to accommodate you. You would probably mostly be right at home in the Trad Workers Party. This is probably exactly how they got the beefsteak nazis.

Fine by me. As a Marxist, I can say with full honesty that I'd rather have this board populated with fascists than with anarkiddies. At least fascists understand the need of a strong state and opposition to decadence, they just need to outgrow their class collaborationist bullshit.

For example this is a literal undeniable Holla Forums shitpost.


Leftypol is a Stalinist board, the day of the gulag is coming for you my little bandit.

Since when to people here hate blacks? I thought the Black Panthers were one of our favourite groups?


An unironic shit post inside a shit post? Is this the worst thread on Holla Forums?

Black Panthers are literally never mentioned except in complaint about modern blacks.

Something which you are not, I can see

Read Adorno

How do you see that I am right and then instantly deny that truth ad call my thread a shitpost?

I’ve seen them mentioned plenty of times as a model for good praxis.

How about you tell us what Adorno says about decadence, since you've read him and definitely haven't just learned (like a rat) that his presence makes reaction acceptable?

No you haven't, give me literally 1 example ever. Ever. Ever.


you first

Top kek

Sorry I don’t screenshot every post I see. The panthers often come up when complaining about modern blacks because modern black politics are by and large terminal liberalism. The panthers by contrast represent a genuine anti-racist, ant-idpol, and anti-capitalist movement the likes of which simply doesn’t exist today.

Guess how I know your new

This post is how I knew it's just a shit stirrer who doesn't use this board

And yet all you do is bluff and samefag. Feel free to ever ever ever show me even a single example. Oh also you don't need to have a screenshot, leftypol is archived. We all know that don't we fellow Marxists?

Also remember when janny posted all my comments and cried I was a BLM lib? Now I'm banned for being 4pol. Leftypol is literally run by fascists who are doing everything in their power to end the board. Those of you who were here a month ago just look at who they're attracting.

i have seen literally none of this other than from marauding polyps and it is always shut down. Back in the day we would have 2 or three race realism battle threads going on and the board was better back then because we refined how to roast the polyp

fuck off kike this is a Fred Hampton board

Amazing. You're awful at this, pol.

We will stain the walls with your blood, reactionary scum.

The way this makes less than no sense continues to be my biggest point. Chuds really believe the words dont mean anything specific

In before merely a joke




rojava is in syria

does anyone know what the word filters are?

glorious ☭TANKIE☭


Most of them require a space before typing the word

Censorship much? WFT

damn, bumpo, we can't let this happen

you guys are pathetic and are BTFO everytime race realism comes up