Sexual Frustration

Is Holla Forumsism literally just sexual frustration? I used to be a stormfag (now im just a centrist neckbeard instead) and i remember i mostly hated arabs etc because i felt they took our women and such. But I realised how stupid I am and i was just jealous because they were happy and had a relationship. Is Holla Forumsism just sexual frustration? And another thing. Why do Holla Forumsyps always mention things like honor your ancestor or your ancestor is dissapointed in you how do Holla Forumsyps not know that maybe their ancestor was a loser alcoholic or town rapist etc?

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No it's about demographic change and invasion from non whites.

Why does it matter to you? How are they hurting you and your safe space? Most of them just want a place where they can live in peace and work

You're doing a great job getting disowned by your families.

They're hurting me by consuming resources and taking jobs that belong to me. They also destroy social cohesion, are involved in crime, and launch monthly terrorist attacks. I don't care if they want a nice life living in nice and orderly white societies is not a human right.

Democracy, not even once.

Gee Holla Forums, that sounds familiar.


Setting society against itself over the stage-play we call representative democracy is pretty backwards.

These people are fucking Randy Quaid, they have a stegosaurus sized brain. They would have gotten disowned for doing something else retarded if it wasn't spouting off about #MAGA everywhere. If this didn't happen, people would still find a way to push them away.

Why does the job belong to you? Doesn't the company themselves have a right to choose whoever they want? And arnt you taking resources from third world countries when you eat food from those poor countries? Whites are also in crimes. Alot of white billionaires store billions of tax money in tax havens that could have been used to help society but theyre to greedy and selfish. Terrorist attacks are not commited only by Brown people. Remember bombins by Irish and IRA? Or the shootings in USA? Whites are also in crime. Look at Italian Mafia

Because i am white. White societies are the result of millennia of white evolution and belong only to whites. Living in a white society is not a human right and i do not wish to share. Enfranchisement of non whites in white societies only weakens my vote.



Rent free tbh

End this meme. Is really american liberal tier.
No. Holla Forumsism is a consequence of neoliberalism and alienation. It becomes a really specific type of fenomenon. They alienated as fuck and find refuge in a web "counter-cutlure".
Also is a consequence of americanism and globalism. If you are lonley in one place you can still hope for a home and a life in a community in some other place. Now that everyplace is getting americanized the world becomes more homogenous and more small. At the same time more lonley that ever

Well the left used to be a welcoming place where folks could get laid, but now at 33 I am considering leaving. Too many single mothers and weirdo gender queens. With the available girls you'd better play your cards right or you'll be driven out of town. What a sad sex less movement we've created.
Yes, pol is full of loser incels, but let's sort out our problems first

Good riddance asshole.

Hmm, how can I avoid this?

It's called poetic justice: they got kicked out from their families and groups of friends for voting for a candidate that promised to kick people out of the country and consequently separate them from their families and friends.

Fuck off liberal

More like poetic irony to be honest.

How I am a liberal you triggered crypto-Holla Forumstard?

They would ruin everything and make everything fucking worse than it already is for them, and everyone around them in the family. You do not invite a bull to a china shop, and they're all filled with bullshit. I commend families for having the bravery to finally cut them out of their lives after dealing with their shit for so long.

You can be free to speak whatever you want, but the social consequences from your speech still exist. If your family is cutting you out for being politically obnoxious during a time where everybody just wants to avoid politics and economics and finance and the future in a time of insecurity, just fucking let them.

Stop telling families how to operate, I know what some of these people are like. They don't just alienate you, they alienate your friends who are around the holidays also. They just won't shut up about leftists this liberals that, even other conservatives are getting sick of it and just want to sit down and not deal with the bullshit they hear on a daily basis from Harvy Weinstein to North Korea to everything else.

And you know what for as much as I'm for discussion, the last year has been so politically exhausting, #maga chuds getting cut out of the family is a natural social consequence. It's people avoiding undue stress to try to adapt to people they invite into their own home and still behave ungratefully and rude.

That's not the problem with trump.

I'm not american so I wasn't that exposed to this type of cancer.
I do think that trump was the best candidate tho.
Not even for accellerationist reasons, he's just less dangerous than hilary. Trump is making neoliberalism stale. And it's good. It buys us time



No, what you meant to say is that it's not your problem since it's not you that's being hunted down by ICE, kidnapped and deported out of your home and separated from your family and your friends in the process.

Whether Trump is good or bad for political strategic reasons (e.g. accellerationism) is another subject, it doesn't mean his actions are not a problem just because it doesn't affect you, tribalist faggot.

well that's really your problem, not a logical or ideologically-based position

I hate arabs because they're destroying and replacing Europe's culture and are given preferential treatment by the leftist governments there (esp. Sweden and Germany) to great economic, psychological and physical damage of the original population, who will lose their jobs and have their shit smashed by antifa (le bash le fash xd your hitler if you don't support open borders and your country becoming muslim) if they dare speak up against it. The worst examples are Stockholm and Malmo.

You SHOULD be appreciative of the fact that your ancestors (if you are a white Westerner) created for you the greatest standard of living on earth by FAR, and that such an accomplishment is not trivial or random, but a result of culture and institutions.

Jesus christ are you totally unaware of the massive increases in crime in places that rapefugees have invaded?

I never understood the Holla Forumsack obsession with being cucked by blacks and browns. As a brown male with other brown friends I can assure you that none of us get any play whatsoever from white women.

for reference

That's what you filthy wh*Teoids get for inventing globalism. What GOES around CUMS around! Heheh

it's mostly just a humorous meme, see SHITTED/BLACKED and le 56%

that being said there is a genuine hatred for the situation in Europe and the US based on the belief that the non-white immigrants' presence is bad for the natives of that country in numerous ways

sorry for having ancestors whose civilizations outperformed yours to the poin of effortless domination! That being said, from an anti-racist perspective, white civilizations were also the best for being the first to dismantle racism and advocate egalitarianism

Vid related for the rape statics. That said I do agree with you on some level even if I think you guys exaggerate the shit that is happening in sweden. If you where smart tho you'd understand how socialism really wants to avoid both the causes of poverty, immigration, war ecc., stop immigration like this and wants to avoid the americanization and homegenization of the world.
Really for mass immigration you have to thank neoliberals like reagan and thatcher

Why is it okay for Eurangutans to go around invading literally every continent on the planet but suddenly it's morally reprehensible and "genocidal" when browns do it?

Why do you deserve special treatment?

as another brown (albeit light brown) guy, you need to up your game. I've literally fucked almost nothing but white girls since I was 17 years old.
GET RECKT Holla Forums
By that logic, you have no fucking right to complain, as if jews are smarter than you, they have the right to dominate you just as you dominated brown people. Funny how the cutoff for the superior race is exactly below white people Autism Level, if you were really honest youd admit jews/asians are the only smart races are your a bunch of savages

I'm sure your brown ancestors resisted the invasion with all of their might. I'm not asking to be treated differently I'm resisting the invaders as anybody else would.

This is the worst thread on Holla Forums right now.
Full of liberals and nazis.
Both of you should go to

absolutely wrong. Did you even read the image I linked? 84% of "severe" rape in Sweden, as well as 95.6% of ASSAULT RAPE, is committed by first-generation immigrants, a group that only comprises less than10% of the population, and came there BY THE COUNTRY'S GRACE. 2 out of 3 by asylum seekers. Don't tell me I'm exaggerating, I bet you've never even been to Sweden.
and don't tell me you're a third wave feminist

Actually it's obvious to me that socialism (Marxist authoritarianism, anyway) is one of the worst economic programs, even for the poor–that being said I think the Nordic model (as it was in the 90s) is a totally reasonable compromise between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. Another thing: poverty doesn't cause crime, relative poverty might though.

I was a former 4/pol/ack until Trump start doing shit at the white house, around the same time I met my black gf and a few times after this I discover Holla Forums.

It's not, I was just bringing up the fact that literally ALL civilizations did that until THE WEST spread egalitarianism.
Not only is it immoral as in the previous case, it is dysgenic and unhealthy (for the economy, for social trust, for a lot of the other things that make people happy…), at least in the way that it is being done now.

wow look at all the aggression! I can really see the 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene in action!

anyway I don't hold to supremacy or anything, I just don't want to give your ilk free shit or promote a self-destructive, hedonistic, fatherless culture. Sure, Jews and asians ARE smarter than whites, I have no problem admitting this, just the same (although less of a difference) as whites are smarter, on average, than blacks.
explain both pics then

Are you taking the piss?

Hey Shawn

Don't fight it lad egalitarianism is a lie that the left tries to enforce with a rifle and a gulag. We were superior so we came to control the rest of the world. Technology didn't come to us just because of material conditions were just right. We evolved to a point where we created tech. All tech has evolved at a steady pace independent of political systems and caused economic advance and all it brought socially politically, economically.

I wish but it's true.

you're referring to "equality of outcome", which is contradictory to "equality of opportunity" (the thing that I support). Also I don't support open borders, I support strict and limited culture and Autism Level-based immigration.

meant for

its literally impossible to be involuntarily chaste with prostitutes avaible


There exist places when it's illegal.

I think you've got it the wrong way around here

so much for being intellectually superior!

of course, debating in empirical terms must be hard for people who subscribe to religion (Marxist ideology)!

Even if it's technically illegal it's still easy as fuck to do and relatively risk free. Speaking from personal experience

No it's a literal mental disorder.


You used to be tribalistic, now you aren't. That's all that changed. That's the difference between Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

Holla Forums is whites who believe that whites create great things and prefer living around whites.

Holla Forums is whites who've convinced themselves that race doesn't matter AND nonwhites who see these weak white people and take advantage of them for the betterment of their race


we can play this game all night long

I'm leaving right now and this is the last chance I give you:


good job

Thank you I'm proud of myself, bye.

You're really in for a disappointment if that's what you actually believe.

im sure theres some outliers but in general yeah. it's whites looking out for the interests of whites


Holla Forums is mostly white people looking out for the interests of whites. happy now you autists?


Let me guess, you also believe that Hitler acted in the interest of his fellow kinsmen?

well yeah? he thought germany would be better without jews

By dodging taxes and buying expensive cars and acting only in his self interest, and selling fucking out to Coca Cola to Ford the moment he had an ounce of power, he was actually anti capitalist and good.

For all you nazis bitch about how many lies are about World War II, it is highly ironic your Personal Jesus was virtually a pathological liar, lying to the state about his life as a poor writer to avoid taxes while living an opulent life, while whimpering to crowds about how hard he had it, while he amassed fortune. Telling the working people they had a place within socialism, while shilling wildly to corporate interests that fucked over the working class and privatized an already bloated bureaucracy in Germany.

Hitler was a two faced politician, something your kind seems to easily fall for.

okay but whether or not thats true he still looked out for the interests of his own people. im not german, im from some shithole europoor country that actually fought germany in ww2. but i can acknowledge that he did what he thought was best for his people

Gee, maybe exceptional political and oratory savvy are associated with narcissism and low moral behavior?

No. In every respect no.

how is removing a parasitic group of people from your country not helpful to the native people of that country?

So Syrians, Iraqis and Turks are white. Then what's the problem with them being in Germany?????????

there's no thing as "native people" to a country, that's just nationalist tripe

all land "belongs" to everybody PERIOD


b-b-ut… da jooz did um!

Is America fascist now?

Are you honestly asking this question given that literally every other time this has happened in human history the natives became extreme traditionalists who hate outsiders? I'm not excusing them or anything but it's pure human nature for Holla Forums to exist in times like this.

Top non-sequitur

If America is still white supremacist fascist now then who really won?

Well folks, you've seen it confirmed on Holla Forums first. White == pretty girls with blonde hair and green eyes.
But that's only semi-true. Marrying your cousins is common all around the world in rural areas. The only reason it's not common in the West anymore is because 80% of us live in cities.



I was replying to a post that said
I don't think I'm the obsessed one here.

Great job


When did tribes start to include 1,000,000,000 people?
Except I do, nice try though little victim

The only thing scarier to immigrant communities than ICE is their country of origin.

Where is it most common?

All the presidents did that

hurr muh drumpf

Are you suggesting the state get rid of the Hispanic neets of Holla Forums?

Yeah Germany didn't get absolutely destroyed by the Soviet Union ensuring the creation of the Eastern Bloc and Warsaw Pact. Great job Germany, you got rid of the parasites


Look at this basic bitch

In rural areas. Where's the data for Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Subsaharian Africa and Southwestern Asia btw?
You wouldn't happen to be trying to prove a point with incomplete data, would you?

You will also remark that non-Muslim southern India has a lesser rate of consanguinity than Muslim Morocco or relatively more Muslim Northern India.
You will also remmark that non-Muslim Guinea has a higher consanguinity rate than Muslim Egypt or Turkey.
You will also remark that France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of which have less Muslims than Russia (both in absolute and relative terms), have a higher consanguinity rate.

Crapping your pants and pissing on yourself is also as natural as it gets, and believe I'll shame you if you do it.

Meant to say

I brought more data to the table than you have, so I guess I win.

Look at this infograph

Every time I see it, it makes me laugh

But your data proves me right. Why haven't you addressed any of my points?

You wouldn't happen to be trying to prove a point with incomplete data, would you?

Are Holla Forums the natural consequence of a society that relies on PopSci simplifications of almost all complex issues into an easily digestible graph? The man who thought he was smart, but only digested what came from a magazine or a blog.

Pretty much. they're a pathetic lot

anyways guys we gotta take down the 1%

I love when Holla Forums tries to type up a post that tries to resemble something goonish

makes me gag so bad LOL(It's probably funnier for me, I know your post history. And its nothing but attempting to bait nobody falls for.)

So, you've lost.

Yes, Holla Forums is pretty much 99% a product of pop culture. Just look at their cultural references. Are they Goethe, Shakespeare, Jules Verne? No. It's Star Wars, the Lord of the Ring and Anime.

If you're saying that destroying the current dominant economic system in favor of another economic system is at all similar or accepted as your infograph nonsense, you're proving the user's point you're a simple dullard who consumed nothing but mass media.

If they're not white, then the whole thing about white societies was either you lying or you being an ignorant. Last time I checked the Fertile Crescent wasn't in Denmark.

What does the fertile crescent have to do with Denmark you lunatic?

Europe was practically every stereotype you have of your so called "primitive cultures" until the Mediterranean "civilized" it.

Mediterranean were Europeans, I am not sure where you're going with this.

As history confirms, people will change their minds about almost anything, from which god they worship to how they style their hair. But when it comes to existential judgments, human beings in general have an unfalteringly good opinion of themselves and their condition in this world and are steadfastly confident they are important, and not merely mortal in a world of six billion mortals. Unimportant, uncreative, unattractive, and ultimately, unnecessary the more important they think they are.

wtf is this purple prose bullshit lol

It feels like I'm reading teenage girls MySpace from 2007


They were. DNA evidence confirms. Statues confirm. Frescos confirm.

You're not white Mohammed and you have to go back.

For fascists, capitalists, the rest, human life never needs justification, no matter how much hurt piles up, because you can always tell themselves that things will get better because you're the most important person in the world.

I see white nationalism as an appendage of this capitalist nonsense. In reality is no amount of importance about your being—should such a thing as importance even obtain for human beings except as a misconception—that can compensate us for the material reality of your place in the global economy.

When this eventually comes to you, after investing for so long the idea you are economically important in such a world full of so many people that are falling behind and advancing, and yet you have nothing to show for yourself.

You will collapse in on yourself and your identity.

God your unwarranted self importance is one thing, but you making a mockery of even a high school understanding of genetics in order to shield it is altogether more loathsome.

Mediterranean populations were european, nobody finds this controversial except for what ever deeply triggering and problematic hug box you live in.

I see white nationalism as a defense mechanism against low Autism Level subhuman invaders that wish to see me dead after they have successfully bled my social welfare system dry and then destroy my society brick by brick through sheer incompetence, but to teach his own.

Also to that tripfag, muslims have massive rates of consanguineous marriage because muslim marriage custom does not prohibit consanguineous marriages, it in fact encourages it. It has nothing to do with them being predominantly rural.

If there has ever been a more arrogant population of the planet, it surely must be from Holla Forums as it stands, a board that has believed that it can think a president into office without thinking about exactly why such a president would, and that they can control nature, a board almost entirely populated by redditors now thinks it can shape human existence and genetics, biology itself. That nature is under their disposal, nature, a series of blunders on a cosmic level, is your end goal.

Well, it's interesting to see your infantile grasp of the material world, but I can promise you do not and never will control nature, however it will always control you and your small team of big ideas types, the New Age fools of the modern day.

It's a reaction to diversity. People view diversity from Africa, the Middle East, etc. as making their lives worse relative to the counterfactual, so they move towards ideologies that oppose it. You can argue that it's their moral duty to accept it for the good of common humanity, but this is basically pure moral leftism and agreement from a position of radical critique typical of the toothless modern left.

You're trying to argue against a sacred value to Progressives.

Of course, nobody would want to go back to a place one chose to leave.

Yes they did but with Trump it's intensifying (don't you read the news?) and it was his main campaign promise, in fact it became the main debate topic of the presidential election thanks to him and his supporters voted for him mainly for that. Why are you playing dumb?

I don't know who told your prattling is deep and profound and that you have a future as a word Smith but you should not believe them.

I suppose you're supposed to be moral for thinking you can control the genetics of human beings. The absolute arrogance and unwarranted self importance of people like you is entertaining, you can keep going if you like. Keep telling me how important you are.

You can tell yourself whatever you like,a t the end of the day, "a reaction to diversity" is still an emotional response to a growing mind confronting the boomer familial notion among whites that they're the most important person in the whole wide world as children.

People go through hell and high water to live in a slum in a predominantly white country, we seem pretty important.

A better question is who told you that yours was? Your identity political posturing? That you're really so important you can dominate nature, people, demographics, social climate.

You are literally on a power fantasy to think anyone has the amount of power you think you have, to throw such a massive tantrum you can control any of this cleanly.

I don't think anybody did enable it besides people on the internet, people equally unrealistic, uneducated, and ultimately, unloved by the very people they defend on a daily basis. Their politicians they elect into power in America, their protests. It all feels real to you.

Because you've never grasped material reality.

The flood cometh, friend.

So you think that means capitalism is good, and it will throw you a bone for being white. Do you even believe that.

I believe complex societies by their very structure throw me a bone because i am white. White people build nice complex and functioning societies and I do not want non whites to rent seek from our collective genetic capital. This is what this is all about at the end.

Living in a white society is not a human right!

Krafft-Ebbing, you can be excited in almost one topic singularly for your whole life no matter how unrealistic, taking it to the grave as time marches endlessly on despite their existence they thought would change mankind.

See, and I'm telling you that you're going to be bitterly disappointed. Nobody loves you, nobody cares about you, nobody even gives a shit about the work you toil over to throw you a welfare bone for your identity. And yet ironically you defend the very existence of all of this, because you somehow think if you wait enough, it will throw you a bone.

This is why your revolutions are always reforms, and your reforms are by politicians who do exactly as I've described to you, and why you will be disappointed by every president you've got giddy over up until you've become shriveled and your health insurance long bankrupting you, if something else hasn't.

You are not important to the human race. And you defend your unimortance with zeal.

Do you really have nothing but capitalist Prog-tier appeals to common humanity? Every post of yours is dripping with religious language. And people wonder why the left never goes anywhere when it always agrees with capitalist Progressives from a position of radical critique…

Where? I'm saying humanity doesn't give a shit you're white and nature, the material world, shapes your fate more than you will ever shape it.

If that's religious to you in any way, then that is exactly why you believe what you do. Your belief that you are special to the world at all. Your belief capitalism will somehow save you, because of your identity. Your belief capitalism's goal is to do everything for you, and you alone, that you're entitled by your race, your sex, your identity.

If any of this sounds religious to you it's because you've already bought into a religion. Whatever nameless snake oil places like this can sell.

I don't think people are asking capitalism to save them, I think they want their politicians to adopt an immigration policy similar to that of Poland…

You're naive.

Well, seeing as there exist capitalist countries that have Middle Eastern and African migration and ones that don't, it would seem to be a pretty weak claim to suggest that anyone is asking for capitalism to save them (what does this even mean?)

You think identity politics like limiting migration that politicians throw at you is going to make capitalism in the coming decades any more bearable if they do?

Let's ask Poland in 50 years. You can have capitalism, or capitalism with increased rates of crime, increased levels of religious terrorism, increased levels of ethnic conflict, increased taxation so that our diverse new consumer base can afford to consume, increased housing prices due to overcrowding, etc. Personally, I'll take my chances with option 1 over option 2…

I think another problem with white pride ideology is how outdated it is in such gone over endlessly but in one of its more crucial it relies on to stir its shit and perpetuate itself, ideas of migrants replace on it. But it predicts population changes as continuous function, and discontinuous function.

The reality is this is due to human sociological control, national borders, etc. These social roles have "expected" growth, and people respond inside and out in "expected" ways. Once capital begins to destroy itself in the century, that the tears began to form, the more natural progression of population modeling among animals will take course.

Nothing progressive, or expected, but based on the more often used method today, which is chaotic modeling of populations. That there is more mathematical at work than just jumping from A and B to C. When A and B to C are exactly what they are, expectations.

You think immigration reform will help? This is not due to anything ethnic, it's due to the foundation of economic reality beginning to tear itself apart. That capitalism's contradictions are coming to focus in the working class, among different demographics. You can shove everyone out, you think over time everything will be fine?

It won't. Not as long as you trust these very politicians who are stripping everything they currently can to salvage, along with their offshore bank accounts they funnel it all into.

Socialism is adaption to the edge of chaos, while Capitalism has no answer for it beyond the individuals will somehow unify and control it all, instead of adapt to it. This isn't how evolution or populations work at all. And yet it is the very reason we fall for this identity bullshit day in day out, despite it having no impact on material reality, it is not adaptation. In a time as fragile as this, where the global climate and the Earth is changing, we are at that edge of chaos.

It is not merely socialism or barbarism, it's adaptation or eventual mass extinction. If humanity continues to see reality in its own socioeconomic and neoliberal expectations, it will prove itself in the centuries or thousands of years to come to be not different enough from the animal it prided itself on being above to survive as a genera.

Well, you can certainly shove out sub-Saharan Africans and Arabs and things will be less bad than the counterfactual…

At the end of the day, the white race could be restored by a political movement ten years from now. Two thousand years later, everything it ever did to save the white race didn't change anything, and humanity did everything they didn't want anyways. The whole event was a useless waste of time, life, resources, logistics, that could have been spent on actual realistic material goals, like how humanity might be improved by us today for the coming future, how might we adapt to it, when we are the most populous animal on the planet.

It won't be through immigration reform I can tell you that. It won't be from Holla Forums either. Or any white supremacist.

Reread what I said. You have no fucking grasp of the concept of unintended consequences. Be them in the form of unexpected benefit, unexpected drawback, or perverse result.

You are stuck in a game as simple as numerology, addicted to controlling what cannot be controlled in nature.

I'll simplify it down for you.

Which ultimately again, has history shown Capitalism and Government as they are today suffers the most from the very latter of all three.

So are you endorsing Progressive claims about immigration being beneficial to the economy, or just making a moral claim about meanness to African migrants?

But they do very well suffer from all of it. So trying to find expected populations in all of this during a time of mass extinction in the 21st century is borderline masochistic to the rest of the human population as it tries to adapt.

And Holla Forums thinks it can solve all of these problems and more, because we Elected Trump and He is Good, and Blacks Are Bad, and My Mom is a cunt, Single Moms are Cunts,

You have got to be shitting me. I've never seen a group as ineffectual to change modern life claim to be as important, if the Hillary Clinton campaign didn't exist.

No, you fucking retard. I'm saying that the economy you're trying to protect and the national and cultural norms you're trying to protect are all based on expected continuous function at the edge of chaos, and whether you like it or not, you can stop immigration and chaos will still rend all these things you hope to defend apart.

Expected results will not cut it going into the future.

I have a serious question to the Holla Forums types. Fascism is pretty much dead, and very unlikely to ever become mainstream.
In a hypothetical crisis situation where it's Communists vs. your capitalist government, who will you support?
Socialist states were far better at preventing what you call "degeneracy", improving birth rates, and encouraging non post-modern values like patriotism, close knit families, and self-sacrifice. They also cared about the people.
If you could only choose between the two (fascism not being an option), which would you choose?

Glad you are not a stormfag anymore

Look, I'm just hoping to reduce my exposure to Islamic suicide bombings, here. I'm not a Traditionalist or whatever. It might be mean to the poor Arabs to not let them come here, but whatever. Not that I expect our leaders to do anything.

wow this is total drivel

And you're still not getting that Islamic Suicide Bombers could not matter to your safety, more than the reason for their very existence.

You are a very short sighted man, but I don't blame you, the world is full of very short sighted men.

Where are Arabs *taking* white women? Britain ain't got too many Arabs, but there's a lotta South Asian (Pakistani and Bangladeshi) Muslims and they're known for kinda just keeping to themselves and marrying/dating other Asians. Hell, I even heard a lotta stories bout girls getting kicked out by parents or big brothers tryna scare white guys away from their sisters when I was a teen. If this is a religious thing and people from The Middle East and North Africa are anything like this then I really dunno what white nationalist types are on about. Just Holla Forumsflakes being drama queens as usual.

I can tell you made this meme just for this thread.

No they're actual terms I'm describing in relation to where the global ecology is.

You're still relying on expected results in your politics in a time where even the weather itself is changing, in a time where every term I'm saying should be shouted but isn't. You're climbing back into the womb hoping you can be safe.

Gotta give it to the naziposter, Greeks and Romans were and still are white/European, but that didn't mean fuck all back in antiquity. Honestly, on the Greco-Roman hierarchy of races Berbers, Semites, Hindus and other non-white people the alt-right thinks of as subhuman these days were several notches higher than Celts, Germanic people and Slavs.

So is your idea you can actually control population demographics or have an accurate assessment of what they might be, without questioning whether it matters at all and if the consequences for it might "backfire" in result.

Guessing from your politics, I should ask you if you've ever even graduated.

Sure they do. Suppose we had a country with almost zero Muslims, and a neighboring country with, say, a 5% population. We would expect the latter country to experience many more Islamic terror attacks per capita. Conveniently, this example exists in the world today in the form of Poland and Germany.

The idea that the sovereign is simply helpless in the face of "the global ecology" or chaotic economic forces or whatever is total nonsense and easily disproved by the examples of Hungary, Poland, etc. It is a poor decision by the sovereign driven by some combination of profit motive and ideology.


What does that make you?

He's huwite, that means he's by default right.

You can have a country with zero Muslims you're still not going to escape the mathematical reality we're in. You cannot control nature like you're planning without unexpected consquence, and even more so, in a time like this what you want is just going to bring more political infighting from new reformist right politicians with neighboring nations, that will do nothing but spin further down the toilet bowl.

You need to accept a fact about the twenty first century, and it's the fact that you, your friends, and your family, have zero control over the future regardless of who you vote for and what their advisors expect in even the most meager bones they throw at you. Not only this but your self importance you've gauged you have will also not have an impact on the future.

Holla Forums nothing you will ever do will effect the future for the positive of you and your family in the 21st century, and that's actual mathematical fact. And you need to accept that.

That was savage.

No one is proposing to control nature, though. How about just not inviting Africa in? This will suck for Africans and Arabs, but oh well. You don't appear to be doing anything but saying that immigration controls are mean to Africans and Arabs, while dressing it up in appeals to common humanity and adding some extra mathematical fluff.

Don't worry, I'm expecting full third-worldization. I hope you enjoy it - now lie down and think of basic values and common humanity.

I think you need to spend more time realizing what Holla Forums advocates for, and before you go on and point to what 4/pol/ advocates, I mean 8/pol/. Except for the Trump shills, they don't call for election: they call for revolution, which if you are going to deny that revolution doesn't change anything, go right ahead. You don't even know what you are trying to fight against, and I'm not even a Holla Forumsyp. You also seem to think that by somehow decreasing immigration, you are going against some natural forces beyond human control, as if it is unattainable.

Personally, I'm just advocating a halt to immigration from Africa and the Islamic world…

Holla Forums certainly wants to protect "white culture", what you're essentially swaying is you can control EXPECTED population demographic, and yes, that's fucking futile in the 21st century. This is not current year, I'm saying we're edging towards a particularly chaotic time in Earth's history and absolutely nothing you can do will have consequence that you can expect to be positive. And yes, trying to control human population in a chaotic time, is playing your hand in futility and an attempt to control nature.

That's what I just said, you imbecile. I said you're working with expected continuous function models of biological population growth, in a time where chaotic modeling could not be any more relevant.

You're a fucking rube who thinks he and his friends have control over their safety if they elect the right people. You are simply, begging to be struck by lightning.

Everything has basis in sexual desire. All actions are done in the hope of future intercourse. Trying to escape it is like trying to escape your own need to eat and drink.

Ok I will. A political revolution by Holla Forums would end in perhaps what can only be described as "What a Blunder" and "Oops".

That's what I'm saying. I find what you are saying to be reasonable and I'm arguing against the guy that is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. ID's would be useful in situations like these, although that's about it. They bring more shitposting than otherwise.

Why? No evidence is given for why this is the case, or how it is possible that there exist countries that have successful border controls in light of this claim.

The difference is that you're wrapping it up in ecological quasi-mysticism, and I'm saying that it is a choice by the sovereign driven by a desire to import consumers, raise housing prices, and by Progressive ideology in general.

You're changing the goal posts. You are claiming that

Holla Forums doesn't argue for elections though, they argue for revolution. whether or not it's plausible doesn't matter because that's what they believe in.

No I'm arguing the baby has already been thrown out of the bath water and we are living in a time where we adapt to that fact in emergece or hope politicians can maybe do immigration reform, or maybe we can be so self centered that we make another identity politics revolution that can be co-opted by Capital that does absolutely nothing but throw more metaphorical babies out of more metaphorical bathwater, making the 21st century more hellish than it already is.

We are living in the shadow of a baby out of bath water, the baby is fucking gone. Socialism has an answer, Capitalism offers an attempt at a repeat of the 20th century that brought said baby out of said bath water.

They might as well, because either an election or a revolution based on identity politics is basically going to solve nothing. You do not have questions. You have answers and solutions, that's the problem.

Can you seriously not offer anything better than moral appeals? One minute Communists are bloodthirsty revolutionaries who reject morals as a bourgeois fiction contingent on the capitalist mode of production, the next they're utilitarians appealing to common humanity and the greater good once Oppressed peoples are involved.

And we advocate for a wholesale overthrow of the capitalist status quo and the for-profit society it's built that's the reason why immigration even exists on the scale it does today. From a nationalist perspective you'd prolly find socialism would jive a lot better with what you believe. It ain't the godless commie pinkos hiring a buncha immigrants from developing countries to save a penny or two to maximize profits after all.

Are you asking why chaos theory might relate to global mass extinction, weather patterns, and their natural impact on man? And how they can make expected results look like absolute shit?

Because that's a pretty silly thing to think.

These are not moral appeals. I'm talking in mathematical terms. I'm sure you have even a fucking Jurassic Park understanding of chaos theory.

No, I'm asking why countries are mathematically incapable of stopping immigration from Africa and the Middle East, when there exist countries that have successfully stopped immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

Why do you keep changing the goal posts and then allude to some creeping chaos that is about to befall society? PROVE that a revolution based on identity politics is going to solve nothing. Tell us about this "problem" that needs to "solved".

Heard the term before, but know fuck all bout it. Gimme a TL;DR.

I'm not saying they aren't. I'm saying that it won't matter in the long term A. And B, it won't stop human violence in an all white society when people begin to get desperate, it will actually make that situation far worse. And C, the fact that Holla Forums thinks it can have an impact on whether or not they're safe in the 21st century or having more white kids is going to solve anyone's problems is a priceless example of humanity's inability to grasp its place.

I'm skeptical of any theory attributing a political tendency to an undesirable trait. It strikes me as an extended form of ad hominem, and inevitably has far too many exceptions to be useful in explaining the world.

Again, Holla Forums literally wants a day dedicated to the extermination of minorities. That isn't a lust politicians and immigration reforms are going to satisfy.

Wrong. At no point in this century we were as strong as we are today.
The two look the same from where I stand. Both want to replace my people with niggers so they have an easy to control population (and their useful idiots want profits or to virtue-signal). So your question makes no sense, you're asking if I'd prefer to be killed by the blue army or the red army. What you don't understand is for us the people (volk) matter MUCH more than the economy. Some of us think a more socialist or more capitalist economy would work better, in my case it's more socialist, probably because I was a commie before, but we'd still much rather have the "wrong" economy and the people than the "right" economy but be a minority in our own homelands.
Keyword being "were". Modern socialists are nothing like them.
And now their "solution" is to import niggers.
Again, past (and while some cared others didn't or were unbelievably bad at it). Modern socialists (who aren't jews) want their own people dead and replaced by niggers and akbars. They don't care but hate the people.
Again, old commies. They are two very different breeds. Now they're all no borders, lets all be faggots and sacrifice is for other people.

Complexity characterises the behaviour of a system or model whose components interact in multiple ways and follow local rules, meaning there is no reasonable higher instruction to define the various possible interactions. Complexity leads to chaos.

Chaos is most visible in biological growth and especially weather pattern. Chaos is called "Chaos" because it effects things, in a rather unpredictable way.

In a time where what is most visibly effected by "chaos" in the mathematical sense, you're trying to find expected results in populations and basing your politics on that, all I have to say is good fucking luck. That's my point.

You implying there ain't a correlation between far-right edgelords and sexual frustration/loneliness?

And I'm telling you what Holla Forums wants matters about as much as a political election. Both have serious consequences, both result in death, and lastly, both have no effect on the safety of individuals in our current time and place.

So let me get this straight: In the event of an ecological catastrophe, a society with a high level of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity will be LESS violent than one with low levels of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity? How the fuck do you explain any ethnic conflict ever with this theory? Or is the idea that somehow immigration controls will corrode our Basic Values (tm) thus leading us to become animalistic monsters during hard times?

It isn't "in the event" we are living in a time where mathematical chaos could not be more lively. The internet, the mass extinctions, the changes in the weather.

This is the fucking Chaos Zone.

And you honestly expect to both predict things we were capable of in the past, somehow make a change in a population of six billion people, you think you can fucking change shit?

I am saying you cannot change shit. You will not change shit, you will only suffer consequence because you are taking absolutely none of this into account. You are using history as a guide, and you're making a crucial mistake by doing that.

This is getting silly.

The Holla Forumsyp's argument:

This is a very standard Utilitarian argument which I have no qualms with. You on the other hand are saying that none of the aforementioned problems (or perceived problems) matter because in the long-term, they provide no benefit anyways since society will brake down due to it's inherent complexity. So even with this prophet-of-doom philosophy you have, would it not still be reasonable to remove the population already committing crime than allow them to continue? In the end, it will lead to slightly more pain than if they where gone. I think you are arguing against a socio-political issue with a metaphysical perspective that isn't really necessary for the scale of this argument.

I said none of this. You're implying things I'm not saying. I'm implying the way you're predicting things in a time of unpredictability, and basing it into your politics

That's what's going to break down and provide 0 benefit to society or yourselves.

*Don't matter

Prove that it will have no effect. If I deported 100,000 people, and let's say that by deporting these people, I decreased the rate of crime by x percentage. Even though that rate of crime will, according to you rise at a later date, it is still better in the meanwhile to not have that extra percentage of crime tacked onto society.

I'm arguing in terms of mathematics and you're arguing in terms of what I can only gather are "hurt feelings". And "less pain" in how you can somehow control populations in the long term here. You're fucking stupid, I'm trying to explain why, and you're still not getting it.

In the past, diversity and proximity, especially in the event of a crisis, create violent conflict.

Well, seeing as the norm for people is violent ethnic conflict in the event of diversity, proximity, and crisis, I don't see how people are being changed here. It's just "trying to not exacerbate problems".

Isn't this a rather ironic statement for a Communist to make? This would imply that historical materialism breaks down in the event of chaotic ecological or economic situations.

Okay, so how do we take chaos into account? In the past, diversity and proximity lead to conflict, especially in the event of a crisis. Due to ecological and economic chaos, we can no longer make this claim, correct?

Pics highly related.

Small changes in certain parameters of a nonlinear system can cause equilibria to appear or disappear, or to change from attracting to repelling and vice versa, leading to large and sudden changes of the behaviour of systems. They become unpredictable.

"In the past" is what all idiots have said about the future.

The point is you usually don't take it into account conventionally, however you are largely effected by it regardless. And your solutions to society, well I'm telling you they probably mean jack shit.

You fucking moron, the crime will rise again because you did nothing to solve the actual cause of the problem. The material conditions that led those people towards crime are still there, you just took the current crop of people that are filling that spot in our societal model and tossed them out. When other (whiter) people are slid in to fill those conditions, the problem crops back up again. No, it is not worthwhile to just throw those people out to stop x percentage of crime temporarily, because you're not addressing the root of the problem. Instead of throwing people out to stop x percentage of crime temporarily, you could try expending that effort towards the root of the problem and stopping x percentage of crime permanently, which will have the benefit that you will not have to keep throwing people out over and over as people naturally slide into the material conditions that were left vacant, recreating the same fucking problem over and over and over.

Okay, so we shouldn't try to control immigration from the Middle East and Africa, because, due to ecological and economic chaos, the historical pattern of diversity and proximity causing conflict in a crisis will no longer apply, and thus we ought to revert to Basic Moral Values of being welcoming because we can no longer use history to guide us as to likely future outcomes of this policy - correct?

There you go again, taking implication from what I said. If anyone is guilty of this, it's you.


It stayed rather low before large-scale immigration, relative to the counterfactual.

Well, you can permanently stop Islamic terrorism locally by not having a Muslim population and banning radical mosques funded by Saudi Arabia. Simply export the problem to its home, Saudi Arabia. Of course, this won't actually work because of chaos mysticism :)

I am arguing from a purely Utilitarian perspective. See this graph? Let's say it is undeniable and it is absolutely true (I doubt it's validity, but I pulled it off of Holla Forums for arguments sake). So would it not be fair to make the argument that by deporting blacks, crime would significantly be reduced (again operating on the assumption this is true)?

You are taking this on a whole new level that isn't even fucking relevant. You keep on repeating the mantra that you can't control populations but that is undeniably bullshit; it has been happening for the million years we've been around, ever since Unga smashed the first rock into Olgo. You are outright denying that mass deportations wouldn't control the population in the long term which is just a retard-tier way of thinking.

This too. I don't know what the fuck any of that jargon means but if it proves your statement, it's bullshit. The butterfly theory nonsense is no way to operate a social system, so give it a rest. You are taking this leagues beyond where it's supposed to be and turning it into a debate on metaphysics when it's a debate on socio-politics.

But those statements are inherently wrong from the get-go. You are operating under the assumptions that everything is based on material conditions. I will NEVER deny that they have a factor on crime, but that does not explain the disproportionate amounts of crime committed in inner cities compared to Appalachia. Although Appalachia is one of the poorest regions in the US, the crime rates are still significantly lower than inner cities, despite the shared poverty. Why?

"Mathematics is mysticism." the calling card of all retarded fascists.

I'm just trying to root out a single positive claim from you as to why we should not have immigration controls. All I'm getting is environmentalist chaos mysticism. There are actually-existing examples of stopping Islamic terrorism, a subset of crime, by having almost no Muslims or by State control of what is allowed to be preached in the local Mosque. However, because of environmental chaos mysticism, immigration controls and a ban on radical Saudi-funded mosques won't stop Islamic terror, correct?

I'm getting a PhD in physics, dude. I would think I know a little about the field.

I just cited Catastrophe Theory you bitch.

I am saying, you won't fix shit. This should be simple for you to understand.

No I'm speaking exactly where they should be, results. If you cannot apply adaptive results to material reality today, your politics shouldn't be listened to, and in my honest opinion, for the safety of everyone, nobody should listen to your identity voodoo bullshit.

Is so far the answers I get from both Americans and Polish people, and despite you thinking to the contrary, I am not surprised by this in the slightest because both nations are populated by hopeless people I discriminate against.

I think for the 20th time I've said this, they do not answer the basis for "why" WHY there is an immigration crisis. The problem is Capitalism, that answer is something you don't want to confront.

Well, first off we put all our faith in a man who dodged taxes and shilled out for corporate interests and relied on personal motivation and power without much theory, dodged taxes to buy a Mercedes, tried almost everything you're suggesting we do, and lost World War II and split his entire country in half.

These are all, applicable and solvable problems to the 21st century. Applying 20th century solutions that didn't even work for longer than 5 decades.

In fact fuck that, let's either commit to full out apartheid, or shill for a political candidate we like but later disown again.

I can see where all of this goes according to plan. You are filled with people with tremendous foresight.

How can you say that? This is a statement based on historical precedent, which can no longer guide us in chaotic times like this, by your own logic.

This is quite at odds with the existence of capitalist countries without large-scale immigration from Africa and the Middle East. It's almost as if this is actually decided by the sovereign, and that a policy of offering large resettlement packages and formally announcing a welcome policy may in fact be a factor in large-scale immigration.

Personally, if my choices are capitalism or capitalism but also with lots of Arabs, I will take the former.

I admit, I'm biased.

And none of that actually matters to the solutions you want, because all of it is temporary. Because of everything I've put forth.

I'll put this in terms for a pseudo-intellectual like you to understand. I don't give a flying shit about your mathematical equations proving that the germ that rubbed against the other germ caused little Johnny to fall of the bike. It's intellectual masturbation for people who think they have a big brain, while simultaneously not presenting solutions and contantly alluding to unknown constants and variables that provide no actual understanding of anything at all. Your ideology is, too the core, not applicable.

Wouldn't, according to your little bogus theory, repeating those actions in the context of the 21st century produce entirely different results that we would probably not be able to guess as to what they will do, with the unknowable chance that they will produce order and good?

Well, seeing as the solution I want to the immigration problem is border controls and a ban on immigration from Africa and the Middle East, I think it does matter, since it shows that you can in fact have a capitalist country that does not apply the aforementioned policies. Since it would seem that not having diversity is preferable because it avoids ethnic, religious, etc. conflict, I'd prefer to apply a policy of border controls.


What is your degree in?

This will not improve your life the way you think it will.


The correlation's there, I just think there are way too many exceptions on both ends for said correlation to explain shit about far-right ideology.

Why? It would seem that not having Muslims, or at least controlling what is said in mosques, will greatly reduce Islamic terrorism. This improves my life. You would appear to be saying that this, in fact, will not improve my life. Why?

I mean it would't matter what my degree is in since everyone has to be somewhat literate enough in math to get to a college. What are you majoring in? If you're going to say "Physics" or "Engineering" or any other bullshit I'm either going to think you're fresh off the boat or lying.

What I love about you fucking people is your unending ability to have child like innocence and naivety.

I told you:
I majored in math and physics in undergrad. My research interests at the moment are quantum computing and topology in condensed matter theory.

You're going to have to explain to me how one can have Islamic suicide bombings if there aren't any Muslims, or how crime from Arab and African immigrants has increased rates of crime relative to the counterfactual.


How is Ahmed going to blow *me* up with a suicide bomb if Ahmed is over in Saudi Arabia? I really do not care if he blows up other Muslims over in Saudi Arabia.

Knowing how hard you're missing the fucking points I'm making right now I'm having a very hard time wrapping my mind around how you ended up in such a sophisticated place.

"Ahmed" as is the fictional man who wants to blow you up in your argument, doesn't exist. And the forces that lead to this hypothetical "Ahmed" to come bring you misfortune are likely to repeat themselves in the enviornment you're in, in any number of ways, up to including coming in regardless of your immigration restrictions to a future homegrown terrorist group who is surprisingly white killing you because of economic pressures bound to exist in the future.

By trusting reformist nonsense I have no idea why you believe you'll be more safe.

There exist quite a few Ahmeds over in Europe who have in fact shot, blown up, stabbed etc. out of a religious motivation, which they learned in mosques funded by Saudi Arabia.

It's not much of a restriction if no one enforces it. Choosing not to govern is a form of governance, once commonly applied by Progressives today.

Please. Terrorism in the form of radical Islam, exists largely due to collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the US State Department to grow Saudi power in the Middle East and bait the USSR into its own Vietnam in the form of the Afghan war. Again, adding more people with radicalization potential is just digging the hole deeper. It's almost as if you're arguing for some form of "conservation of terror" in which a fixed subset of the population will engage in terrorism in the event of an economic crisis regardless of ideological convictions, which is total nonsense at odds with history (but as we already noted you don't actually believe historical precedent applies any longer because of chaos, which is equivalent to outright rejection of historical material and outright rejection of Marxism, but whatever!)

I've heard this Ahmed shot over 30 children. Inhuman. We should have never allowed him in our borders.

This Ahmed in particular came from a region of Saudi Arabia known for its terrorism called "Colorado"

These three men named Ahmed grew up in the deserts of Afghanistan

What if I told you Norway could choose between Anders Breivik and Anders Breivik PLUS a bunch of potential Muslim terrorists? Existing law made people like Breivik citizens by birth. Not so for Norway's Muslim population. Again, if your idea of conservation of terror/crime applies, we should not observe much of an increase in terror attacks or crime as Muslim immigration increases, except we actually do observe this, oops.

What is it with Muslims and misogyny anyways? We won't let Burkas in our borders!

>What if I told you Norway could choose between Anders Breivik and Anders Breivik PLUS

Also hilariously Breivik was drawn towards terrorism as a reaction to diversity. Funny how you can get a two-for-one deal there.

Yes, I also find this hilarious.

Again, just don't allow Muslim immigration. Simple. The idea that the frequency of terror attacks is basically constant and that native-born kids would become terrorists in equal proportion to Muslims is totally at odds with reality on the ground in countries with growing Muslim populations. We don't even observe proportional per-capita rates of violent crime.

Another reaction to diversity. Again, why invite ethnic conflict? As I said several times above diversity, proximity and economic problems are a recipe for ethnic conflict, and you basically respond with appeals to chaos theory and suggestion that this will not hold in the future, and somehow Socialism Will Fix, but you reject historical materialism in the first place! What the fuck.

It's almost as if…random acts of violence…are motivated by the times…we live in, and why they came to be this way through the geopolitics of the Cold War? No, it's actually Islam. All terrorism is Islam and if we get rid of the Islam Brevik wouldn't be in jail and we'd all be safe and happy, oh if only.

Yes, even though the medical community has agreed Brevik was a ticking time bomb, it was the Muslims that made him do it.

Family is a spook.

I don't reject historical materialism outright, but I do believe that relying on historical context in a time where there's far more complexity than in times in the past, it becomes far more unpredictable.

Breivik might have killed different people for some other reason. However, Norway instead has Breivik and a bunch of Muslims, who are disproportionately ticking time bombs relative to the native Norwegian population, especially with Saudi mosques existing. Again, you keep arguing some kind of "conservation of terror" concept which is at odds with reality, and in the first place based on historical precedent which you reject outright as insufficient in light of economic and ecological complexity. In fact any claim I make will be rejected in this fashion so what's the point?

pls, the idea of family CAN be a spook. don't deny actual social relations over "DUDE ABSTRACTIONS LMAO." this will never get people to our side

Well, correlation isn't the same as causation, and boiling it down to just a lack of sex is an insanely reductionist way of looking at a complex problem. Not to mention there's a lot of lonely people on the left too.

Except that the left actually respects women.

Good post.

Families are inherently exclusionary institutions that segregates societies into easily controllable modular units for the production of capital. If you ever see someone go on about "family" you know they're acting under a lifetime of influence of capitalist propaganda, and conservative thinking ("well f-families have existed so long, and ppl like them, so they must be good, right???").

Never said or implied otherwise

Tbf survivors say there was more than one shooter. Brevik was probably just a pawn in a modern Gladio Operation

Funny how we always strike a nerve with reactionary pseudo-intellectuals who argue on anonymous image boards for hours whenever we mention the fact that they can't fuck

So don't do "whataboutism" shit concerning sexism problems specifically to do with the Right Wing, alt-right, and neonazis. True Loneliness comes from sexism and a toxic masculinity where most men these days think they should ever "deserve" companionship or love in their lives. We understand that women are their own independent people and have no obligation to offer men love, friendship, attention, or kindness under any circumstances if they so desire.

THAT'S where this kind of "incel rage" comes from - sexism and toxic masculinity. You even see this in hyper-conservative regions in the third world where terrorism may fester. Which is why feminism can basically end terrorism.

Also, as a added footnote, families are ALWAYS inherently hierarchical - not only is the one with most capital the oppressive force in the institution (the father), but also they're ALWAYS ageist. Younger adults or children and babies are always subjugated from the elders and more able people. That's oppression, which is anti-leftist. Not to mention how racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and religious indoctrination can fester in families behind closed doors without oversight from non-bigots.

It's 100% crystal clear why Families need to be abolished, and apologists for the Family need to be outed for the conservative-minded oppression-defending counter-revolutionaries they are.

Richard Spencer and other right wing "intellectuals" have gone out of their way to argue that mass immigration and not race mixing is the problem and yet Holla Forumstards are still obsessed with it. It is clearly pathological.

Utopians like you are why purges are necessary after the revolution. Just because your dad beat you for being trans doesn't mean that families are inherently oppressive.

Their incel rage makes my racemixing sexual fantasies all the more erotic

That's not what I did, look up what that term actually means. I was pointing how there are a lot of lonely people on the left that still manage to not have awful opinions of women and other groups of people. I also don't think these issues of sexism are exclusive to the far-right, even if they're exacerbated by them.
This is ridiculous. Loneliness does not necessitate sexism and toxic masculinity.

There's nothing utopian about eradicating oppression. If you're being an apologist for oppression you think is "too utopian", you're no better than Democratic Cops of America 'reformers', or even the alt-right dregs of society.

I said TRUE Loneliness, not just "loneliness". And if there are "lonely men" in the left who still aren't with anybody, then they likely deserve to be alone for good reason.

What the fuck does that even mean? Acting like other people's sense of loneliness is less "real" or important because it doesn't meet whatever snowflake criteria you're using is outrageous.
Wow, you seem like an amazing person.


How young do you have to be not to remember 9/11

As time has gone on, I am in a steady relationship for about one year at this point and have pretty much given up politics for the most part.

I'm very quietly political, I still fly my red and black but I'm not going to do much about it. Every once in a while I string up my old flag and listen to some anarchist essays when no one is around.

I started getting into Anarchist philosophy when I was, oh, say 12 or 13? I'm almost 19 now and my beliefs haven't changed much… Most of the time when people discuss politics with me I just steer the conversation away from it.

I used to be a part of a little leftbook Niche with figures like RedAndBlackRevolutionary- I used to be best friends with him a long time ago. But I fell out with them way long ago, and I realized that politics don't make a person good or bad. I was loudly political for a long time, but it really didn't pay off in the end. I like my life quiet, and I like my politics silent.

Can we stop these fucking circle jerking threads that contribute nothing

You know with the amount of pomos posting bollocks here, how could anybody expect that to actually mean something? You knew exactly what you were doing, you… you cyberbully.

It's complicated to do chaos theory, but it's easy to understand what chaos is. When you add numbers, you can do something that is somewhat like a shortcut. You have 12 Hoxha-Bucks in your pocket and you want to buy three things that cost 2.95 + 4.99 + 1.75, you can instantly figure out that your money is enough by adding just 3 + 5 + 2 = 10. It's similar to a shortcut because it's faster than counting every cent, but it's not really a shortcut, because you don't end up exactly at the correct place, only the neighbourhood of the result of the correct calculation (9.69). Think of the size of the gap between simplified calculation and reality as a percentage. From the simplified calculation's result, you only have to subtract less than five percent to reach the true amount here.

Suppose you have to do another calculation with the numbers 2.95 & 4.99 & 1.75, but now it's multiplication. Again, you can use more simple numbers like before to make the task more simple, and the tradeoff is again that the result isn't quite right. The difference to the situation with buying stuff is that the result is much more wrong now: Rounding the numbers up before multiplication yields 30, but the truthful result is 25,760875. Again, think of the size of the gap between simplified calculation and reality as a percentage. From the simplified calculation's result, you have to remove more than ten percent to reach the true amount.

So, depending on what type of calculation you have, doing the sort-of shortcut gets you to a place that is almost as good as the real result or not so close to the real result. The formulas of chaos are of the type that using slightly wrong numbers easily gets you to very wrong places, much worse than with above multiplication example. One reason the numbers can be wrong is imprecise measurement, but as strange as that may sound given all the computing power we have today, simplifying numbers is also a reason, because in chaotic systems you often get numbers that are extremely long (and not just long like 0.333333… is long, but without any simple pattern).

A formula is chaotic if it isn't immediately obvious what a slight change to it will roughly do with the results. A system is chaotic if you can't use simple rules of thumb to tell where it's roughly going.

This is why I left Holla Forums tbh. They literally think that ethnic cleansing is the solution to everything.

I doubt you easily switching idiots are representatives of anything

I'm guessing you are a huge fan of Rick and Morty as well?

How much terrorism occurs in Poland?

Men are paranoid about getting the sexual diseases from the women. They can't ask them for tests.

hahaha that's cute

To be fair, you do need a high Autism Level to be able to understand the inter-physicality of Marxian Rick and Morty scientism. My lengthy list of accreditations from the University I am attending of the highest echelons of society confirm this. I possess 12 PhDs in forty different nations and my dick is at least 40 leagues in length.

STD is incurable so nobody want to have sex with the diseased women. It's not cute to be lonely and unwanted so don't joke about the poor women, you insensitive sexist pig.

I'm a Holla Forumsyp and I have had no such problem.

But I'm not a Nazi per-se, Not Socialism to me as a Nietzschian is just another manifestation of the problem.

I unironically want to see darwinism scorch the undeserving and incapable people we tolerate in our societies from the face of the earth, and I either want society to throw those people off the cart, or to crumble completely into the state of nature so we can start again.

If that makes me a bad person in your mind, I don't really care, because that's a patently anti-scientific "feels" argument.

I'm sure you believe that, but it's more along the lines of 'x is an existential threat, perhaps we should sort out this explosive issue that sows division at every level, importing conflicts that are irreconcilable without violence and extortion. This multiracialism results in a mass of dysfunctional fools that cannot form a viable resistance to a nepotistic elite.'

Actual important innovations are retarded by the political correctness, lack of societal cohesion, etc. brought upon by the divisive heterogeneous nation.

FYI "blog posting" doesn't mean "any time you mention yourself in a post." Blog posting is a derisive term for when normalfags talk about mundane shit like their girlfriend or how much they hate math class.

If I may dear Holla Forumsyp…
You have not refuted OP's argument however. Your personal experience is of statistical insignificance.
I see you are another Nietzsche fan that has not actually read Nietzsche.
But evolution does not work like that. It is not an organized effort to purge the weak, it's not even a proper natural law, it's just a way to describe how life forms change in time. And it is not the strongest that survive but the fittest, do keep in mind this. Nature cares little for what humans consider the best.
Kek. Really? This shows everyone how much of a cam-whore you really are. You adopted these "political leanings" just because they are out of the tolerate range. You just want to enrage people, to have them pay attention to you because of how outrageous you are.
And to say that anyone making a point against you is unscientific "feels" shows also how little you actually understand of science. Your all argument is literally nothing but feels: you desire the extermination of what you feel are lesser beings. These are nothing more than your feels masquerading as an actual philosophy.

Get back when you actually have something to say.

No I have read him, Not Socialism is just a by product of the death of God, like Communism. They are just beta-uprisings, tell tale indicators of the "last man," both are the coalition of the undeserving.

I did not say purge the weak, I said fuck welfare and don't give them a red cent, or abolish society and see who comes out on top. In other words, the fittest.

Socialism of all forms is merely a band of worthless criminals who can't get what they want without stealing it because they are low Autism Level, low test faggots.

Maybe in that sense Holla Forums is sexual frustration, but so is Holla Forums

**I mean low I.Q. level


You are anarchist?

"Commies R dumb lol"
Let us know when you've read the prerequisite hundreds of pages of Hegel and formulated proofs against dialectical logic as laid out by Marx and Engels. Don't forget, you have to read all of it in the original formats like Lenin learned German to do! Bye.


The real one is, when ask how many men she had killed, she replied "I have not killed a singe one, I have only killed fascists".

Can you avoid reddit spacing please? I thought I was dealing with Holla Forumsyps here, not r/the_donald refugees.
Meaningless idealist constructs. Socialist theory is a materialist theory. It deals with reality, not an abstract model.
I wish my world was as simple as yours.
Turns out Einstein was a brainlet.

Your understanding of both capitalism and communism is entirely based on memes and propaganda. Take a minute to educate yourself on both, a critical look at capitalism is important. Even Marx is useful to the bourgeoisie.

Lol so what you're saying is you guys had to shift the rape goalposts to make the numbers look scarier?
This is what we've come to

Better things to do with my lift than read a German NEET chimp-ing out in his basement

Nice memes faggot. You don't know anything other than "hilarious" jpegs.

Capitalism needs starving people to work.

My concern is not so much with economics, you materialists are so straightforward, no grasp of subtlety.

It's why the left can't meme, materialism is too constrained to understand the psychological. To a materialist all that matters is what is, and you have the arrogance to declare what the future will be with your historical-material dialectic.

Communism is not the future, because the future is not determined by the past, if the future were determined by the past, we'd all be waiting on the second coming to this very day.


As I said, I'm a darwinian, I don't care where the losers go to, so long as it's not into the next generation

So your rebuttal is essentially that your "shit is cooler".
Pretty pathetic to be honest.

My rebuttal is that you are loosing, and nobody will care. One day all that will be left of you is a tome entitled "The History of Communism" in it there will be nothing except emaciated gulag prisoners, and your mad psychopaths like Che Guevara and Stalin and Mao.

You will be rightly identified as a great scourge upon the earth, like the Christianity you trampled underfoot 100 years ago in October. Your statues will be disassembled and legislation will be passed against the display of the sickle and star just like it is illegal in Germany to have a swastika.

And hopefully, the cherry on top of that failure will be one very important thing from my point of view; no progeny to carry on your legacy of slavery.

This is a very funny post considering that you will never have any children.



t. Winston "To have an NHS you need an KNVD" Churchill.


You're a faggot, but you tried

Daily reminder that Hoppe is a virtulent racist and should not be taken seriously in any debate.

To have an NHS means you will have an NKVD

It's pretty apparent to me 60 years later that this is just fact, plus the NHS doesn't work and it will bankrupt all of Britain without continuous mass immigration

But even that will fail because the immigrants don't contribute net growth

Daily reminder that nobody cares

Surely this will stop teh gommies.

They're being deported TO their home, not from it.

Yes but not all of it. Read your Reich

You must have some serious issues if your worldview is an esoteric fap-fipction.

He isn't wrong. Reich perfectly described the socioeconomic conditions that gave birth to Fascist sentiment. You don't even have to go further, you just need to observe Hitler's example and the conditions he was brought under.
Fascism is esoteric.To analyze it you have to understand the processes of Fascist thought and the causes for it.

"Why are you proud of your history goy??? I already deconstructed it!"

Yawn. Don't care.

Eyo what the fuck

Being deported to their home
ICE moves you back and forth and you stay in Clapistan


Have you considered not being retarded and getting tested together?

Fuck you

- Winston Chruchill

You never took place in any of it, not in any important historical moment. You might have lived through them, but you never, ever took place in any of it.
Why do you faggots love to LARP so much?
(ass)erist flag

If i have no reason to be ashamed of what my ancestors did because i didn't do them, there is no reason whatsoever i would take any pride in the good things either.