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Wrap it up folks, we have found the best description of Zizek ever written. Nothing can top this.

Also general Zizek thread i guess. What would you say is the best book, article, or video of his to use as a starting point with him?

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Chomsky described him best.

This was posted on the Chapo subreddit, I think it's a good take, but I always get the feeling it's easier to radicalize normies than brainwashing gullible idiots

The problem with that is that trumptards (i.e. actual supporters of Trump) like capitalism. They are petty bourgeoisie who are just mad that they can't dump toxic waste into rivers and employ children.

Alt-right Trump supporters ARE capitalists

Ah yes, the man writing 1000 pages on Hegel is le comedian.

Chomsky is a nerd

lol seriously? what alt-right and alt-left have in common is antiauthoritarianism, not anticapitalism

Psychoanalysis is dumb. As much as it pains me to say this Chomsky is right about Zizek.

literally how? Just because Freud was a basehead doesn't mean there's nothing we can learn from him, same with Lacan (allegedly)

You're serious, right?

welp, let's wrap it up folks. some ☭TANKIE☭ on the internet has decreed, psychoanalysis is finished. all those decades of theory and research? get em outta here, a ☭TANKIE☭ on leftypol, the true master of what is and isn't dumb, has discredited our entire field with one elegant statement. fun while it lasted i guess!

How exactly could the alt-right, whose core ideological component is unfailing loyalty to their God Emperor strongman, be described as "anti-authoritarian"…?

Just because bourgeois institutions have been financing it does not mean that it is valid. Writing books/"theory" does not mean that your ideas have merit. I mean even fucking Jason has a book.

I don't know much about psychoanalysis, know that my opinion is riding on which of you wins this.

wew, this thread went to shit fast.

How about the fact that psychoanalysis has staying power in academia? If it were just a fad that a bunch of idiots kept funding people would've figured out it was bullshit and Freud and Lacan would be in the dustbin of history but they're not, and people are still reading and being influenced by their ideas, this is like calling Shakespeare bouj, it's anti-intellectual and it's the logic of antisemitism.

this is a lie. the actual state of things is the exact opposite: the bourgeois university has tried at every opportunity to suppress psychoanalysis with other forms of biopolitical "psychology," e.g. behaviorism/CBT/neuroscience/ego psychology/etc. all you need to do is look around for evidence of this, in america particularly: what major institutions in any way allow for a serious use of psychoanalysis? insurance companies, for example, have basically banned psychoanalytic treatment from coverage, meanwhile the pharmacological sector is wholly endorsed. all this implies something: there is a subversive element to analysis, there can be no other reason for bourgeois academia's distaste for it. the ruling class has been unable to handle freud's discovery since the moment it happened. to suggest that psychoanalysis has gotten ANY serious "financing" in the past fifty years is completely dishonest

this means nothing when its coming from someone who clearly hasn't engaged with a lick of analytic theory

this is only true in the humanities, and even then i still get second glances when i use psychoanalysis in my own work. as far as the majority of "psychology" departments are concerned, analysis has basically been abolished

There's still interest though, and that proves it's more than a fad with nothing really to it, like the ☭TANKIE☭ was suggesting

Yeah man same here. I also get weird looks when I use horoscopes in my research too. Fucking behavioralists.


Just a cursory understand here (literally just a Google search), psychoanalysis seems like woo.

My use of alt-right/left was misleading, I'm referring to left and right-leaning voters for who don't identify with Republicans/Democrats (i.e. what the terms actually meant before they were co-opted by MSM).

Most right-leaning non-Republicans are libertarian, and most left-leaning non-Democrats are socialist/marxist/ancom/etc

Psychoanalysis is like idpol. It can be used to combat/analyze capitalism/fascism but it can also be used to justify it. In the end it is best to just avoid using it altogether since it is so easily neutralized and/or co-opted.
Pic very much related.

no. psychoanalysis does not justify or combat, it, as you should have guessed, analyzes. it isn't a prescriptive discipline. freud and lacan both give us some of the best available tools for understanding our position as the left as well as that of the enemy, and it would be foolish if leftist intellectuals just ignored them.

also the man you posted is no fucking analyst, that's for sure.

psychology and psychoanalysis are not the same thing

But aren't all stand up comedians philosophers in a way, tho?

A lot of his social analysis comes from Jung (thus why he believes that empowerment is bad for women.)

I doubt that hegelian dialectics will give you magic powers to understand phenomenon such as aut-right

Shut up Jew


Analysis is subversion itself. Analysis is the methodological application of questioning to everything, including itself (Questioning what are the suitable rules of analysis for something in particular, for example.) Parasitic power structures are wholly maintained by deflecting questioning, and thus analysis from itself; power must not be questioned.

Academia's emphasis isn't on questioning, i.e. teaching it as an actual skill, but rather "reasoning," the implications of a given set of rules in favor of questioning the rules themselves. Thus the emphasis on behaviorism/CBT/agent-based reasoning such as game theory, which has been taken to literally religious levels in Robert Wright's book Nonzero, subtitled "the logic of human destiny."

This is all as simple as lies needing to evade questions about them, but this is the sole method by which exploitative power perpetuates itself. Questioning is the generative aspect of reason, by which alternative potentialities are generated to be examined.

A parasitic ego seeks to preserve itself from changing due to trauma, it must deflect its own questions about itself from itself. It is parasitizing awareness itself, minimizing self-awareness due to a pathological imperative to always exist, to maintain power at all costs. This must be done in psychology as an academic endeavor because without it the boundary between psychology and sociology would be destroyed, and psychological treatment would necessitate political action. By derailing analysis academic psychology keeps psychological treatment from being inherently political, necessitating radical political and cultural change as part of psychological treatment. Instead mental health treatment is about adapting minds to a broken world built upon pathological power.

See I always thought it was weird that psychology wasn’t more political, at least on big stuff like say human trafficking. This is a good explanation as to why. I’d like to know more.

it is. the linkage to the Left is a bad historical accident