10 months of Drumpf presidency

I was promised a United States purified by a cleansing fire

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reformism don't work, not even for conservatives

Democracy is a sham, porky owns everything. He just changes from a red outfit to a blue outfit every four years.

Well, aren't you the fool for believing that electoral politics alone would result in a radical shift of the social and economic spheres?

That happens when people don't agitate right now. Are you one of those people?

Reformism will always fail. Dialectical changes are consistently revolutionary.

On Holla Forums they blame this on kikes, here we blame it on porky.












Bull shit. they will lose in 2020 because they have no good candidates, everybody hates shillary even liberals and who the fuck is going to replace her? Kamala Harris is a neolib hack who will make the same mistake of this election, shilling IDPOL and middle america will re elect trump by default. 8 years of trump, but hopefully an economic collapse happens during that time so it gets blamed on the right and BTFOs alt & basic bitch rightism for all time and normies fucking hate it for crashing the economy and taking their jobs

There's no getting off Mr. Porky's wild ride

Reminder that Syria has STILL not been invaded.

Grinding American imperialism and WW3 in its tracks is as good as it gets out of the cesspool that is Amerishart politics.


Upper middle-class whites will get out and vote for neoliberal hacks, though. Anything to fight racism and Drumpfler.

That wasn't different in 2016

They only need to turn a few states. If I was Trump I would get to work on deportations and the wall or I wouldn't expect re-election.

I hate how retarded politics is in this country….

Nah, he didn't get to those things yet because there wasn't enough time. Believe me, we need 100 years of Trump politicians so that he can finally beat the Jew.

the white race doesn't have 100 years to deal with climate change

Don't bet on it.

Trump never wanted to change America in any economic way. So porky has nothing to do with it. Every promise he doesn't keep is based on politicians outmaneuvering him or him not understanding how international politics work.

US is just getting warmed up kid, expect some big action in the ME during this presidency

Am I right or what

I feel like voting in the United States always just flipped between Democrats and Republicans with each president, and every president is guaranteed to win their second term since that's the president that everyone's used to.


will he attack North Korea?

anarcho-NEETs assemble!
Our waifu needs us

Its amusing how trumpshits deny the obvious reality that the trump presidency is a giant failure.

We should take advantage of the chaos while we can and start supporting local secession movements. While it probably won't work, trying to balkanize capitalist countries is usually worth a shot.

I get the feeling these posts were made by Holla Forumstards who think we're serious when we say drumpf

Balkanization will only strengthen reaction in America because it is a petty-bourgeois pipedream which will in fact destroy the drive towards proletarian internationalism and revolution more than the normal accelerationism of neoliberalism will.


The Dems will rebound somewhat with pseudo-soc-dems but their inability to deliver on any meaningful reform for their constituents will doom them just like their conservative counterparts. Tensions are simmering beneath the surface because the economy is shambling along and the cops have managed to keep from killing black people too blatantly lately, but the coming economic shock/crash is going to bring these tightening contradictions back to the forefront.

Good point

However, several smaller governments are easier to overthrow than one larger one.

not really, it's just most successful presidents only really start having a lot of baggage dragging on them after they start their second term. Obama is a good example, he managed to shrug off the shit from his first 4 years but after 8 years in power (combined with Hillary's special retardation) there was so much baggage the dems were tired and got BTFO. it's the usual cycle since after 8 years most parties are out of ideas and just trying to perpetuate power.

That said Trump is unironically as bad as Carter, except he was gifted a good economy that he hasn't tanked (yet). There's a very good chance he'll emulate Carter politically and be a one termer

i'm a dumb american and i believe voting solves things so i'm going to complain for three years and then vote for the opposite person who will only give superficial treats and keep up the status quo because there is only one party in america huckhuckhuck

Elections don't change shit

I agree Democrats will probably sweep in 2018, but I also think Trump's a lock for re-election for the very same reason. [Compare and contrast 2010 to 2012 or 1994 to 1996].

Keep your eyes peeled for Trump selective endorsing some conservative Democrats, the better to keep up the appearance of his outsider credentials. Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, etc.

The overton window has already shifted far enough to the right nothing to the right of lenin really has much of a chance.

0/10, rude sage

The Democrats greatest strength is "at least we're not republicans"