Can someone redpill me on why altists love the idea of abolishing net neutrality

Can someone redpill me on why altists love the idea of abolishing net neutrality.

The only thing I keep reading is that Google (pro net neutrality) is doing bad things, but I don't get the relevancy.

pic related, the article ( just goes on and on about why google is bad, never explaining why they dislike net neutrality.

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Because Trump and those cool celeb guys like it, also facebook supports net neutrality and facebook is jewish so fuck free speech and free internet

because the anti swidge crowd has been whipped up into a state of perpetual outrage at companies like google and facebook for years now and will do anything they can to mess with them

They are self destructive fucking idiots.

Because they think that competing ISP companies will lower the costs of internet and increase efficiency

I'm, frankly, not sure they entirely do.

Some loud ones do, because it's associated with Trump now. To a lesser extent, this happened before - when it became a partisan issue because Obama liked it and the GOP awkwardly tried to whip up a tizzy against it. But opposition to net neutrality remains so utterly masochistic for anyone who isn't an opportunistic politician or telecom that it really still hasn't been converted into partisan.

People who oppose it are, for the most part, tech illiterates trying to follow partisanship. Since a lot of the current "alt. right" is bitter geriatric phoneposters who think 4Chan is a conservative hub, this attitude should not be too surprising.

Because they think that Google and other members of the new economic elite will actually be hurt by it. In reality this will probably only further entrench their power.

The ISP companies against net neutrality are not interested in competition, and if they were they would improve their service instead of finding ways to cut the internet up to charge more for less.

With regards to efficiency, what the ISPs have been caught doing is throttling service. That means they purposefully slow connections. This is a part of their planned profit model - to slow down connections so they can charge more for normal speed. To wall off parts of the internet so that they can charge more for specific websites they do not own and direct traffic where they want.

This doesn't even fulfill the basic function of connection to the internet - the internet is vast. There are no fences between content - there's an infinite amount of data hosted all over the world in every form that your machine can read. If they don't want to connect people to that, then the government should not give them special privileges to only connect people to what parts of it they want to connect those people to.


this part is true though


read Bordiga, that's why.

Because it prevents people from destroying the bandwidth to Holla Forums and preserves much of the internet

You are asking for a future in which both Holla Forums and 4chan do not exist and you are forced to post on Reddit.

This is wrong. It does. We've had this argument for years, why have you changed your tune? Are you new?

what does 'bandwidth hogs' mean? I've read that twice today now

Do you think they somehow use up a pool of limited internet bandwidth?

It seems you are new, since these two posts are the only in your posting history.

Maybe you're the one defending net neutrality's destruction obnoxiously I already banned.

pajeet, just stop uploading child porn to your website and the government will ignore you.

Because of net neutrality

4chan will still exist unfortunately

why was the comcast shill banned? he's a retard but he broke no rules.

I banned him in the net neutrality thread for having a post history of nothing but shitposting bile about net neutrality, he came back in this thread. And he did it again! These were the only posts in his history, he was more than likely evading. It's what most naziflags do anyways. Their post histories are usually small, they're either shills or ban evaders.

What was my original ban for? A joke about circumcisions?

I'm not breaking any rules, you really need to be reigned in. You ban people for breaking the rules, not for making posts you don't like.(Admitting to evading bans)

It has little to do with our specific politics, nor does it have anything to do with Netflix or Google. Net Neutrality's principles predate both in common carrier policy.

Net neutrality is actually the policy preventing censorship, throttling, and ISP pay walls. Removing it would affect users, would affect small websites, would affect speech, and would generally have a negative effect on access to the internet in general.

I run several websites, and I know enough other people who own small sites to tell you this isn't the case. The point at which this becomes an issue is when someone is continuously deliberately doing something illegal enough that their site either becomes a legal liability to the host or simply gets shut down by the cops. Sites get all sorts of complaints, including serious legal ones, without ever getting "kicked off." The government isn't allowed to just pay an ISP to disappear a site on a whim, as net neutrality doesn't allow for such a transaction to legally take place.

In case you're reading, your original ban was for having a post history of basically nothing but shilling about net neutrality, and some original posts for race baiting. Nothing particularly of interest to anyone who wants to keep this board clean to see you destroy discussions,

Arguing against NN is in the rules now? Where?(Ban Evasion is against the rules. If you disagreed you should have appealed.)

well, your NN posts are still there

What's ironic is this is effectively argument for "board neutrality." Disallowing censorship and throttling by ISPs of content they do not own for purposes unrelated to law enforcement is part of net neutrality. You want Holla Forums mods to be nice to you, but you want ISPs to be able to ban you from our board if they so desire whether or not you follow our rules. If they did that now, you could file a complaint. If they blocked Holla Forums today, they'd be breaking the rules. If they do it without net neutrality, you are fucked and you have no rights you can turn to.

In other words, on purpose or not, the mods seem to have given you the experience of this board you have expressed a desire for.

Why shouldn't I evade bans for stuff that I should not have been banned for in the first place?(Because ban evasion is against the rules)

This is painful

Their enemies support it. Basically, net neutrality benefits big tech firms like Google, who have shown an interest in de-platforming alt-rightists for hate speech. Their problem is that ISPs will probably also de-platform them.

How would google be harmed by net-neutrality abolition? They are so economically, culturally, and politically entrenched that they would be probably be the subject of favoritism by ISPs.

You were banned because your post history was related to a subgle issue which is a sign of shilling.


Google, Facebook, etc. benefit from NN because of their huge bandwith usage, I think the theory goes.

Because it fucking triggers those libtards cucks XD

I'm convinced that you could start a nationwide execution program of polyps and, as long as there was a liberal opposition to the 'senseless violence', the polyps would be throwing insults at the protestors and cheering on each new execution as they wait their turn for the gallows.

Because honestly speaking reddit will be able to keep afloat in an internet without net neutrality so they have no reason to give a shit. If you're someone who browses websites without deep pockets (e.g. us) you're fucked. Idk how to explain the support that abolishing net neutrality is getting on 4/v/ though, that's insane.

Porky funds the propaganda networks that these brainlets get their news from. They will believe whatever Porky tells them to.

God how is this fucking dump even considered a University compared to fucking Cambridge and Oxford for these fucking chumps.

Americans don't think America produces propaganda.

Looking at their material and "discussion" in threads there, there are three main reasons:

Because in the UK you have to have a royal charter to become a uni: we have a weird system of simultaneously neither having publically owned, nor private universities. They are all autonomous entities held within the framework of the charter, which the government can change. So for example the government change the to rate of student fees they can grant but cannot decide upon the curriculum whatsoever.

Compare this to the US: when Trump can fucking found a university, and you can see why their tertiary education system is a pile of steaming shite.

It's basically their version of accelerationism. Internet companies hate them and are slowly banning the forums where they congregate so they want to burn the whole thing down

Nope, they are celebrating it as a victory for Trump, the anti-SJW movement, and the free market. See

Because Trump is against NN. That's all there is to it.

because normies (reee) will not have access to forchin, or something like that. average altist does not realise mom will not pay for anything but the cheapest package where you have only access to facebook and amazon

it's hillarious since after repeal they'll be left exactly with what they hate the most, and all their favourite blogspots will be locked past the paywall

Why do these stooges never question whether a large business having the power to impose restrictions on others is any different than the gubberment doing it?

My fucking god they're dense.

In fact (I meant to edit my post but it seems 8ch posts automatically after you fill the captcha) they're doubly retarded as they do realize this considering they hate Google, but for some reason welcome ISPs having the ability to do the exact same fucking thing, though on a greater scale.

Have some more.

So this is the power of comcast shills?

All of thoses images look like bots and shills made them.

Just fuck my shit up fam.

Google sucks, but Net Neutrality is more important.

Why can't we dismantle both Comcast and Google?

Remind me what's stopping a private company from spreading it.

Holla Forums has been so successfully indoctrinated that they run agitprop for the establishment of their own free will while still thinking of themselves as counter culture.
shits crazy yo.

They already do and Holla Forums is too stupid to realize the end of NN will make it easier to defeat opposition to liberalism.

From what I've seen it is either the "muh free market" types or contrarians.