Duerte says he's a fascist, cracks down on the left


Can we talk about what's happening in the Phillippines right now? This is more than concerning, Duerte started out as a left nationalist, a populist but it becomes more and more clear, that with Trumps approval, he is pretty much an open fascist. He uses alleged threats such as the Islamic State and the sympathies the left has for the NPA to install an authoritarian, fascist regime. He quite literally already laid sieges at several cities.

Could this lead to an escalation of the people's war in the Phillippines? He might alienate the moderate left to the point where they would openly support the NPA and the CPP. There is lots of economic anxiety in the Phillippines and if he goes too far he unwillingly create a revolutionary situation. My fear is that the US would intervene, considering he already requested US military equipment. A potential escalation could give Trump the small war he needs, since it's quite clear that the DPRK is unassailable at this point.

My question is, does anybody know how strong the NPA currently is, or if they were able to make some gains recently?

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Every single time. You can never trust those people tee bee aitch.

Anyways, while Duterte cracking down on leftists sure is a tragedy, I doubt the regime form is actually fascist at all. There will probably be a few happenings here and there but I doubt anything major will show up.


He was coming from a SocDem-ish platform with strong nationalism. That's what's usually called a left nationalist, idiot.

>Duerte started out as a left nationalist, a populist
How many times have people been warned about this already?

Honestly whatever fucked up shit Mugabe did, he was better than the shit Duerte is pulling. Did Mugabe call himself a fascist and persecuted communists?

Never ever trust succdems
Social fascism confirmed

He called himself the black Hitler. I think that's pretty close.


Eh the Philippines is just another country where perpetual jungle warfare is possible, but victory is impossible.

Where is victory possible, according to your opinion?

In general material conditions or in the modern world?

Right now. In the modern world. Also, why do you think the Phillippines don't have the correct material conditions for a revolution?

Ever since the drug war he accelerated, I was pretty certain he was going to be another authoritarian macho-man daddy figure who will try to keep the country safe degenracy and Islamig gommunism

Victory escaped us decades ago. The world will not act swiftly enough to prevent the dystopias that await us with only profit as its guide. Look around: the people are content to sleep and deny until it is too late and the consequences become real to them. Time is running out yet we are weaker than ever.

who could have seen this coming oh wait every single anarchist on the board

I don't think it has the correct conditions for a proletarian revolution (as opposed to just say a generic anti-gov one like Syria and Libya) because one: there is no large, popular vanguard. Two; economically, in the cities, while things are objectively shit, they are comparatively better. Three, a lot of people are still stuck in feudalistic landlordism: which while in Maoist praxis is a means for generating revolution is not a means for a revolution that is national (Mao himself had a lot of support in the cities). There is also the fact that geographically it is so disconnected, a unique geographical issue because there are no proper entities (say as opposed to like Java) that can they can organise without the need for boats. Also you have to remember there has been an existing communist insurgency on the Philippines for the last three decades, while they have some acute centres of popularity, nothing major whatsoever.

As for areas with acute (I.E: There will be a popular revolution within the next 5 years) chance of proletarian revolt? I would say Turkey, for reason that I could write an entire post about, India (if not a successful one, Paris Commune style situations), the younger members of the ZANU-PF taking over and making Lenin look like a feudalist, tbh a lot of regions of Latin America, and I could see a leftist "Maidan" situation happening in western Europe but I have no idea where the dominos will fall first.

uhh, Philippines is still anti-hegemonic and anti-imperialist, so what if they murder all their leftists? we still have the obligation to stand by them.

Going from socdem to fascism is a natural progression.

I'm honestly surprised someone hasn't assassinated him given how easy it could be in the Philippines to just take out authority figures. I mean fucking ISIS has a presence in the Philippines.

If he keeps this up, how can he not expect the people under his heel not to put him back under their own heel? It's preposterous unless he just doesn't go out in public at all and stays locked up.

he didn't start as a "left-nationalist" he stated out by using death squads to kill proles and openly bragged about it.

Somebody should crowd fund somebody to just put the old bastard down.


no ☭TANKIE☭s have ever said this. We just agreed with the Communist Party of the Philippines in saying that
1. If he turned away from the USA it would be a positive thing
2. His negotiations with the communists were positive
3. His drug war was anti-worker

SuccDems are fascism + representative democracy with a sprinkle of civil liberties, brainlet.

drug dealers deserve to get shot in the alley you fucking imbeciles

Holla Forums plz


atleast you are disrupting their business even if it will take ages to rid of it

Remember when ☭TANKIE☭s were unironically defending Duterte? Never trust a goddamn ☭TANKIE☭ to not have shit politics.

Fuck off retard. The idea that socdems are "social fascists" was one of the largest reasons the Nazis came to power.
Reminder that tank.ies have been the largest enabler of fascists in history

This is what Trots actually believe

Tank.ies are disliked almost universally by almost every leftist tendency, retard ;)



I see soc dem internet defense force is here


Success breeds envy.

The ML gulag-to-gulaged ratio is 100,000,000,000 gorillions to 0 so good luck with that, losers.

I don't see much success lately.

Huh, apparently there's no room for nuance. You can either be critical of shitty comintern policies or you can be a communist. But not both apparently!

every ☭TANKIE☭ country has successfully transitioned to capitalist revisionism

Do you agree with the poster I responded to, that we are the biggest enablers of fascism? Was that nuanced?

Every non-ML socialist country has … wait. They don't exist.

Do you deny that historically tank.ies have enabled fascists more than other leftist groups have? From Franco to Hitler MLs have consistently taken unpragmatic approaches for the sake of dominating other leftist groups. Leninists at least understand that they need to cooperate with other leftists, MLs on the other hand do not.

Wow, I wonder why that is! It's almost like having one of the largest productive economies along with sabotaging every other tendency is effective in ensuring your ideology is the only successful one!

Where did he say this?

This thread has degenerated into retardation. All of your tendies are awful.

B-But he's anti-imperialist…

You mean like Trotskysts being a-ok with Hitler's invasion of the USSR and Japan's invasion of China? Do you mean the open alliance with Horthists during 1956 including antisemitic lynchings? And yes I wholeheartedly deny it:
Explain how. USSR was supporting the Spanish Republic, how is this "enabling Franco"? How did the USSR enable Hitler? Do you even know how Hitler came to power? The KPD was the only party who actively fought fascists on the streets. If there were no ☭TANKIE☭s, how much fascism do you think there would be?
Yeah it's not like Lenin spent years BTFOing opportunists and Mensheviks.

Yeah, it's not like all your projects were extremly small in scale and unsustainable, must have been the Stalinist orcs that we never saw more than 3-4 anarchist experiments for 150 that lasted more than a week. What an anti-materialist explanation for your utter inefficacy.

also, additionally let me add that ML countries have been sabotaged the living fuck out of them, by both internal and external forces. The DPRK is the most sanctioned country in human history while anarchist can only survive with over a dozen US military bases in Syria

I don't think kowtowing to Trump is defined as anti-imperialist.

This is the natural conclusion of social democracy and patriotism, so spare us your crocodile tears, "anti-imperialists". You'll find another 3rd-world dictator to idolize and to prove your moral superiority anyway. Fucking virtue-signalling LARPers.

You are a fucking idiot, Duerte has been cracking down on the NPA since he took office, nobody seriously thought he was anti-imperialist, he literally invited Chinese capital into the country in his first speech.

Also, Roo the arch-tankie. You can stop jerking yourself off now.

Your "arguments" here are

Wow, so advanced productive capabilities and massive organizational structure aren't material? Who knew? Lmao

I literally just answered your question. It wasn't meant to be an argument.
Didn't say that. I said we absolutely eradicated fascism historically speaking, not that we were the only ones fighting it. Anarchists have fought fascists too, for example (albeit being utterly unsucessful of course).
There is no difference between Leninism and Marxism-Leninism. I don't even know what you are trying to say here.
You can't look at all this Trotskyte bullshit and anarchist splitting and say this with a straight face.

Marxist-Leninists brought this about themselves completely on their own. Marxist-Leninist countries all started off as absolute hellholes, transforming feudal empires into space-faring superpowers. Marxists-Leninists came out as the most succesful tendency before they even had that power, all other forms of opportunism proved to be unsuccessful in the revolutionary struggle.

I'll grant you this tbh, but it's hard to deny that Lenin (and Stalin to an even worse degree) didn't have a piss-poor understanding of fascism which led to them handling things poorly early on.
Yeah there is. The idea that Stalin faithfully carried out Lenin's intentions needs to fucking die already.
Splitting is an entirely different issue. Don't conflate splitting with sabotage from outside.

Reading over this post and I totally sound like a trot, but I promise I'm not, lmao

reality is not trot or anarchist propaganda


MLs are Leninists in the same way as Mormons are Christians, which is to say not at all.

The whole theory of fascism being class collaboration originates in Marxist-Leninist thought, and the GDR in particular had pretty good materialist theories about fascism (Monopolgruppentheorie). Most other theories of fascism are quite a lackluster. Secondly, how did the "Stalinist" KPD's policy in Germany fail? Hitler attained power neither through elections nor through parliamentarian decisions. He was appointed chancellor in a conspiracy behind closed doors. In many other cases, Stalin did advocate for an united front. I'd say Stalin unironically did nothing wrong there.
This is ALWAYS being said but never SUBSTANTIATED. What things would have Lenin done differently?

The DPRK is more socialist than over a dozen US military bases in Syria. Fight me on this.

Someone post the anti-imperialism line picture.


Supporting nationalists is always a mistake you retards.

retard has no clue what fascism is. too bad it'll cost leftists in the philippines

Brainlet here, enlighten me please.

Nazis came to power because the people blamed their economic failure on moral decadence and low self-esteem.

Nice revisionism socdem scum.

"Being critical" is one thing,
it's another to say they were never on our side in the first place and call them right-wingers.


Doesn't he have a gommie cabinet member, or something like that?

I never called them right wingers, idiot.