Daily News Thread 11/22

U.S. Navy Says Aircraft With 11 Aboard Crashed Into Pacific

Eight people were rescued and three remained missing after a U.S. Navy plane crashed into the western Pacific Ocean on Wednesday, the Navy said.

Saad Hariri: Lebanon PM 'suspends' resignation

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has "suspended" his resignation, which sparked a crisis when he announced it while in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago.

Ratko Mladic jailed for life over Bosnia war genocide

Former Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic has been jailed for life for genocide and other atrocities in the 1990s Bosnian war.

Putin Sees ‘Real Chance’ to End Syria War at Talks With Iran and Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin said there’s a “real chance” to end the 6 1/2 year civil war in Syria as he met his counterparts from Iran and Turkey seeking to seal a peace deal that is likely to keep his ally Bashar al-Assad in power.

ICC Makes Request to Investigate US for War Crimes

The U.S. armed forces and the CIA were named among targets, such as the Taliban, Haqqani network and the Afghan National Security Forces.

Venezuelan Company Lets 55 Tons of Flour Rot

The company received more than US$85 million in government subsidies in 2015 for the production and distribution of food at fair prices.

Shame, spin and no substance - visibly angry Corbyn fumes over Tory budget

A furious Jeremy Corbyn looked as though he wanted to leap across the Commons and bash Philip Hammond over the head with his little red box, after the Tory chancellor delivered his annual Budget speech.

Trump DOJ ‘Bigly’ Rewards Anti-Immigrant Police Departments

The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has given millions of dollars in grants to local law enforcement who enforce anti-immigrant policies.

Missing Argentine Submarine Could Run out of Oxygen Soon

As 4,000 join the search for the ARA San Juan, experts worry that the submarine could run out of oxygen soon.

Rohingya crisis: US calls Myanmar action 'ethnic cleansing'

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Myanmar's military action against the minority Muslim Rohingya population constitutes ethnic cleansing.

US military members had 'improper contact' with foreign women

Three members of the US military had improper contact with foreign women during President Trump's tour of Asia, US media report.

Le Pen decries 'fatwa' on National Front bank accounts

Marine Le Pen has claimed her National Front party is the victim of a "banking fatwa" after banks closed its accounts as well as her own personal account.

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. This week, the ride-hailing firm ousted its chief security officer and one of his deputies for their roles in keeping the hack under wraps, which included a $100,000 payment to the attackers.

Scientists Say Dogs Are Attracted to Smiling Human Faces

Researchers believe they have broken ground in dog-human relations by demonstrating that dogs show strong emotional responses to human faces.

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Welcome to the Molsymocene

As environmental law reveals, we now live in a new era: the Molysmoscene, a geological era shaped by human waste and its management.

“Drawing the line” and freedom of movement


Drugs Don't Kill People, Neoliberalism Kills People


Philadelphia Fed Study Debunks Main Argument for Student Debt Slavery

Evidence that the justification for putting student loan borrowers on the rack was ideological garbage.

Took me a second to not read Molymeme.


what did the Saudis make him agree to for him to be released and do this?

Thank You Based Newsanon

I don't know where Holla Forums would be without your tireless efforts at bringing us up to speed with what is currently happening in this crazy fast-paced world


I think Biederman mentioned in a premium chapo that his family owns a lot of property and construction companies in KSA


See? Socialism doesn't work!

I hope that one day Armando Iannucci does a miniseries about this pathetic caper, preferably before the Saudi civil war.

When's Hezbollah just gonna take over Lebanon? I can't fucking wait

This is your economy on socdem.

This is an outrage, fuck those imperialists

Literal Kulaks.

I'm gonna make a compilation of all these venezuelan porkies hoarding/destroying goods for when some liberal or ancap wants to pull the "socialism caused the shortages in venezuela" card on me.

The funniest part about "welfare capitalism" is that after it inevitably fails, there will be implications that it's "welfare" part that has to go, and not the "capitalism" part.

If you do try to find other sources to back it up than Telesurv or they will say it is fake news

do it anyway
can't hurt and just documenting the kulaks is a service in itself

The eternal kulak. "Buuuuh why would any business owner ruin their merchandise?", liberals and ancaps say.

Time to bomb some freedom into them?

Can I blame this useless research on capitalism?

got ya

Some older instances here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_policy_of_the_Hugo_Chávez_administration#Agriculture_and_land_reform

It all comes back to fucking price controls. While they're in place and Porky is in control of food production and distribution, this will keep on going.