Holla Forums claim they're the boss on Holla Forums and people claim the fascists dominate Holla Forums

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They're not the new counterculture because we leftists have maybe 40% of their population on an onbscure mongolian snail racing forum, they're not the new counterculture because they enthusiastically support the US president and act as corporate shills for free.

A shit-ton of our lurkers are Holla Forumstards, and a bunch of our posters are, too. Leftypol and /leftpol/ probably have a ton of user overlap. The site we're on was sold by a libertarian to a middle-aged paleoconservative whose son saw 8Ch on TV and who runs an official site clickbait rag called The Goldwater that's shilled throughout most of the site, unless I'm wrong about who's running that rag.

The site is very much Holla Forums-leaning, and even before it was it still kinda was. This is actually part of why leftypol doesn't have more activity. Being associated with 8Ch (and hosted on 8Ch) and Holla Forums drives people off who would otherwise be ok with us.

8Ch isn't as fascist dominated as it's claimed to be (actually, 4Chan is periodically if not consistently worse, now, since more newfags are driven there for Holla Forums), but it's still really shit.


It's just really funny how they claim they're the new counterculture just because they dominate some internet backwater with weak bait even though there are 3 leftist boards in the top 25.

8/pol/ definitely is much more paranoid and autistic than 4/pol/, but in terms of wholesome imageboard quality, Holla Forums is more tolerable since it's more common on 4chan to see hobbyist threads to be derailed towards politics due to their finite amount of boards all being listed and reachable with one click, meaning that some disgusting slob ranting about racial crime statistics in a 4/pol/ thread is 2-3 clicks away from a /Grimes general/ on 4/mu/, while on Holla Forums it takes a little effort to "stumble upon" hobbyst boards unless you have them in browser memory or they are top-listed on front page.

A lot of Holla Forums->Holla Forums switches occur because they actually start reading theory. You can't unread what you've read.

tbf you can't escape Holla Forums shit on Holla Forums.

that's the main part, Holla Forums is incredibly disengaged with reading, and little fluff they spew around there is quickly forgotten the first moment a brown qt winks at them in the school or something similar happens

cripplechan Holla Forums bans basically everyone

Those three boards together barely even come to close to Holla Forums. As an earlier poster said, a bunch of your lurkers are from Holla Forums, like myself. I don't try and piss myself off or anything, I'm genuinely interested in the content, but you're bloating your own clout a little bit. The speeds of the boards also vary wildly. One of the main reasons I don't lurk here more is because this place is so damn slow.

I don't think it's slow. But other places are too fast.

Kampfy is probably the best thing to happen to leftypol tbh.

MFW: It's actually Holla Forums who hates your shit

Why Holla Forums?

They think your cancer, you have facebook,instagram,4chan,reddit,discord to have a communistic circle jerk. Holla Forums and Holla Forums are in a competition for second place on the leader board

Stalin did nothing wrong

hmmmmm there's something suspicious about you.

TBH, your worst enemy is not Holla Forums it's Holla Forums Due to the moderation of Holla Forums a x-board raid never happens, some users do leak out but only to shitpost Holla Forums mods only enforce one rule, to delete illegal content which makes attempts to subvert other board blossom Contempt for Holla Forums is growing

yea two anti-Holla Forums threads at the top of the catalog
why are they doing this.
why is Holla Forums forever cucked

They have a thread to "switch ips and generate organic traffic" to keep their weak numbers up and accuse leftypol of botting

Just shillin my thread 8ch.net/b/res/7568913.html

Why does everything have to be a conspiracy related to us when the right is full of conspiratorial bullshit about us. I know the logic is, they think we do it too, but we don't. I find more well reasoned people here then mostly the rest of this site, the rest of this site seems organized by bots.

Do they not see the irony in any of this?

It's retarded but it's fun. I that we are an all powerful boogie man to them

you're only near the top because of tumblr and reddit non-chaner scum


I forgot to put my swastika on.

b8 ruined


You mean Holla Forums?

Can we have a moment of silence for our comrades are leftypol.pl . O>

There's only oneā€¦

I know basic economics is frowned uppon over here because it doesnt feel edgy enough but skipping pre algebra is a new low

I'm sorry what did the retard say?

I wonder if there's any Polish people who unironically use .pl because I feel really bad for them