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It makes me wonder how many more opinions were shilled onto the poor impressionable minds of the teenagers over on Holla Forums and r/the_donald. It's truly evil to indoctrinate people like this.

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prevent it's removal*

Lots of people on half Holla Forums were defending it too, saying shit like "The free market will ensure ISPs don't fuck over their customers because they'll have competition!", not realizing ISPs already have a huge monopoly. It's quite disheartening. I'm beginning to think my fellow Americans are too stupid to be saved. We chose this path.

What the fuck happened? Everyone at Holla Forums supported net neutrality. Now they all think it's a jewish plot against free market. I just want my internet to stay free. Telecoms in general should have been nationalized or reformed ages ago, especially here in Canada where they just literally shit on us with their prices while the Conservative era just made policies towards availability and not pricing. I pay 70 fucking bucks a month for unlimited calling/text and one gig of data. Ridiculous.

If you guys haven't figured out that the chans are heavily astroturfed by porky-paid shills, and have been for years now, then I don't know what to tell you.

Has there been any research or investigation into how much corporate astroturfing occurs within alt-right/Donald-loving spaces online? Because the same thing happened with the Tea Partiers; money poured in to create a pro-corporate market fundamentalist vanguard at the head of a grassroots movement that was at first not particularly pro-business.

the worst part is that porky does not pay the shills, they pay mises.org pargerU and many other reactionary hellholes then the shills do it for free.
it's the apex of ideological cuckoldry.


Competition is a fucking buzzword at this point, competition means nothing, competition is directly contrarian to freedom and equality, this is retarded, americans are retarded, shills are retarded, posadas do your thing baby i dont want 1984 to come true

Every day we move further from the light of Marx.

That's why this thread was made
Something fucked up is going on and it shouldn't go without scrutiny.

Jesus fucking Christ, the amount of shilling is unreal. It's actually mind-boggling how many fucking people are posting anti-NN garbage. Your usual retarded arguments consisting of "muh free market" and "competition" and "pre 2015". All of this exacerbated by pro-Trumps on reddit and halfchan supporting him because he's Trump and they're in too deep at this point even though the joke stopped being funny a year ago. Holy fuck.


At least this will mean that burgers will have less of an online presence.

Funny because pro NN shills are literally doing Faceberg's and Netflix's work for free.

When did this board become nothing but red liberals?



Google and Netflix would adapt incredibly quickly to not having Net Neutrality. You're naive if you think NN will cause a serious dent in either of them.

So why are they so desperately shilling for NN then?

NN is purely a dispute among bourgeois interests, it's simply a dispute over who will take the most losses over bandwidth, but hey row row fight the power you good little red liberal!


Faceberg, Google and Netflix are massive Jewish owned conglomerates that have a monopoly on the internet that constantly push poz and are only as profitable as they are because NN, if abolishing NN grinds them to the dust I'm all for it!😘

Tbh it just seems like you are jealous of Semitic cock fam.

Why would I be jealous of a penis that has 10% off?

Only Jewesses are into 10% off.

(Gay slang) Willing to have sex with someone who is HIV positive by someone who is not. (Social worker's slang) Someone who is not HIV positive that understands the challenges of the HIV positive persons. It shows an open and respectfull mind from the person being POZ friendly.


You're acting like the only two options are:
1. Let mid sized corporations control internet individually.
2. Let very large corporations control internet through government.

There is a third option, which is mandatory decentralization.

No, this is naive and dumb. Porky doesn't need to pay anyone for them to spread the ruling ideology about how the free market and invisible hand will inevitably come up with a great result, except teachers and media to keep the propaganda going.

Like other countries won't follow suit.

How does net neutrality benefit t_d? It would appear that their enemies all support it, so it probably wouldn't be good for them.

Your naivete is cute at least.

Holla Forums is full of brainlets working against their own intrest, who could have guessed.


What in god’s name makes you think they will be ground to dust by the end of net neutrality? Are right-wingers actually this stupid? I used to oppose antifags punching you people put but now I realize they actually need to start killing you.

NN places the massive cost associated with bandwidth firmly on the ISPs instead of the bandwidth consumes like Netflix, it seems you don't even have a surface understanding of this issue and what it is actually all about and should punch yourself instead.

Rightards are only shooting themselves in the foot by opposing net-neutrality. The major internet enterprises are already censoring them and the industry in general is more or less a giant cartel, so they’re going to be basically unpersoned from the web if net-neutrality dies.

What I find hilarious is the doublethink among halfchan polyps who are pro NN. They obviously see that it would be used to censor their ideas and sites like 4chan, but they also see the primary opposition coming from liberals. So now they have to do mental gymnastics to keep believing that liberals control all the media and want to censor them out of existence, and simultaneously oppose the greatest tool for doing so.

First, the cost isn't "massive" in the slightest. Second, why would this be better than the current state of affairs?

broadband "maintenance" doesn't even take up 1% of their revenue….

If NN stays, what mechanisms are in place to avoid monopolistic ISP to raise the price with the excuse of "we now have to compensate for bandwidth hogs"?

How about you push for that before fucking over consumers by removing NN then.

must be a year

Its been said before and I'll say it again, right wingers are brainlets. They can be nazis or "libertarians" but their ideas are shit either way.

You're making it sound like a religion and less like a science

4chan is in full cognitive dissonance I feel the ones that haven't smelled the shit I feel are lost to ideology. Let's hope that seeing the reality of no net neutrality will push some of them to the left but its probably worthless in the end. have this gem I brought back from 4/pol/

There is now a sizable chunk of people on the internet who can be made to hate anything, even things that would be a serious detriment to them, through Pavlovian association with the Big Bad.
I hate this reality.


As a non-burger, how much should I even care about this?


meant for

Trump is a better president than Hillary would have been, but shit like this just saddens me to no end. Why do his supporters have to be such cucks? They should have pulled support after he got in.

You should care quite a bit. If a trend starts in America, it'll start elsewhere too.

Take your homosexuality somewhere else

Can we please just ban this guy? Why do we allow Nazis to shill on this board in the first place? Why do we encourage Nazi posting with a flag at all?

It's fun to make fun of idiots.

This just goes to show how deep the alphabet soup has their hands on popular imageboards.

Alphabet soup?

Why do right wingers not know how business works at all?

Yeah man, when tiny companies are forced to compete with multibillion dollar giants, it's the giants who get ground down.



What a fucking dolt.

Didn't realize these were eternal rules that never change.

Three letter government agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, etc.)

I can't tell if you're pretending to be this retarded or if you're serious. This isn't gonna be a David vs Goliath scenario whenever some small as company goes up against literally multi-billionaire conglomerates

Massive, for-profit websites with billions in market capitalization will weather the end of NN far better than the rest of the web, because they can pay the ransoms the ISPs demand. I'm not worried about facebook and google (by all means, kill them) I'm worried about this place and nyaa.

What are you even trying to say?


It is not just that the big ISPs are monopolies, they cable TV monopolies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox. So basically for most people in the USA, they have to trust cable companies not to screw them over with Internet service.

Why are you suprised, they're reactionaries. Like quite literally reactionaries, their political views are decidely entirely by what their enemies think, regardless of truth. Soros says he likes something, I hate it!

Anybody else have a sense of schadenfreude that burgers are so nihilistic and alienated that they’re willing to shoot themselves just so that they could spite others? They literally think that life is a video game where their actions will have no consequences to themselves.

This fucking image makes me feel disappointed but oh whatever it seems they're willing to kill the rest of us if first class gets the life boats even if they're third class

Fucking hell

so are they done pretending they aren't neocons at least?

I seriously couldn't tell if that was some intern for a telecom or if that was seriously from someone so cucked beyond imagination thinking this is good. Do those retards not realize that 4chan is well known enough that it could be blocked either behind a pay wall or completely due to its controversy? You know a telecom company trying to get "good boy points" in the eyes of the public for blocking the most controversial site in existence.

Someone linked this the other day. It's so sad to look back on the starry-eyed predictions of reds past. I remember imagining that the internet had this kind of potential back then, too. Now look at it. Porky has managed to turn it into a more finely targeted, insidious brainwashing tool than TV could ever hope to be.

If you think social media cannot be shilled to death in order to change public opinion you are very naive.

The Trump campaign effectively used a private firm to gauge public opinion through Big Data, while HRC depended on promises from Silicon Valley west coast elites, this gave them a decisive advantage over the Clinton campaign.


He who controls big data controls public opinion.

I'm not denying that's possible but pretty much all social media users are against it except for contrarians and trump worshippers

I'd say that this shows the opposite, given that the rest of the internet is overwhelmingly in favour of net neutrality. These cesspools are just running on pure reaction and ideology




Holla Forums and friends seem to have an amazing super power to see conspiracies around every corner except when there are actual conspiracies. We truly live in a Berenstain universe.

I feel your pain, Gadsen. It's like a race to the bottom with these people.

Use them to hone your own arguments.

People will give honest replies to bot-generated threads over there just to affirm their political stances. It's fucking incredible.

It's already happening with boards like /g/


For yanks, not for the rest of us…


5 years ago i could never imagine i would ever say but Half chan has legit been ruined by Holla Forums to the point where even reddit is better than half chan

Do those retards not realize that 4chan is well known enough that it could be blocked either behind a pay wall or completely due to its controversy?
The bigger threat is ISP killing VPN, Torrent and Tor. The big ISPs are run by large media companies so they might use their new draconian power to try and crush Internet piracy. Their close connection to the NSA might make them want to crush anonymity on the Internet.,


*totally (sarcasm) doesn't

From my understanding Tor posting is banned on 4chan (and this board) so if this goes through an the BO please allow Tor posting so their American users aren't completely cucked. But as mentioned Tor can't even be used as a work around anymore which sucks ass, although they'd NEVER shut down Tor or similar programs, they're too vailuable for the Alphabet soup since they hide most of their shit on Onion servers, if just them are using it, that would completely cuck them as well. Of course Trump could be that much of a retard and force them to cut federal funding to the Tor project and in the end having the alphabet soup cuck itself

Net neutrality is a George Soros-funded intervention into private activity. A large business that abuses its ability to selectively throttle network bandwidth isn't simply acting as a cartoonish villain. It is playing its role in accelerating "need moar gummints." A large business that cared about the bottom line would brag about having the fastest pipe to the newest up-and-coming startups with much more growth potential than Fox News or Snapchat.
If we want to speak hypothetically the government could turn around and force end-user charges for bandwith, because ecological sustainability or something like that.

TOR posting has been allowed for about a month now. As a matter of fact, the user you are responding to is using it.

I can't tell if pretending or actually this retarded

if ISPs can identify i2p traffic then we're doomed
I've been anticipating this for a long time now
all this net neutrality business is all about piracy, plain and simple
it's a thorn in a pig's ass, always was
it rustles bourg's jimmies when he sees that his ownership claims ain't worth shit

that's why I've been a digital packrat
that's why I seed

Hahaha stupid burgers right
spill the beans right now and tell me how tor could theoretically save me if I was a burger

Having faster internet means Comcast has to completely rebuild their infrastructure. That means less yachts, child prostitutes/sacrifices and cocaine for the board members.

This just proves once again that Holla Forums's greatest enemy is itself.

People who believe the death of net neutrality isn't immediately beneficial to Holla Forums are completely delusional.
If anything this will let the right reign in another era of uninhabitable ideology and torture.

topkek, Holla Forumss messiah is a literal Paijit
surely this fella will finally bring poo to the loo
and so prophecy will be fulfilled

Why would it benefit Holla Forums? Normies wouldn't pay extra for the 4chan package.

4chan will be free because Porky can use it as a dumping ground for their shills to spread ideology.

Reddit already serves that purpose.

Like cable companies will give away anything for free. People don't remember how much online services ripped people off in the early day. Cable companies would love to have the old pricing schemes of Prodigy and CompuServe.

Net neutrality will change nothing.

The biggest ISPs in the USA would rather have their customers use their cable products then the Internet. The end of net neutrality would mean the big ISPs trying to kill the Internet so people will go back to cable.

This tbh. The NN serves the interest of some corporations and getting rid of NN will serve others. I lean towards NN by the end of the day but I acknowledge it to be pointless in the end.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, the internet is a bigger market than cable reducing them back to cable leads to less money, they're fucking idiots, so much so they can't even see how to properly spread their corporatist control. So actually… They might.


Do you know how much they can charge for on-demand and movie channels? Yet with the Internet people go with services like Netflix. This is why before net neutrality the cable ISPs were heavily throttling streaming video as they viewed it as competition to their bread and butter.

Not as much as they can charge for internet.

That is before they can start using Internet pricing to push people towards cable.

The very companies lefties complain would behave abusively without net neutrality are the same companies that lefties complain are too cozy with the alphabet agencies. You can't have it all, lefties.

As if NSA will stop spying if Net Neutrality goes away. The NSA doesn't care either way as it will change nothing at their end.

reddits not as effective because you can see peoples post history.
Reddit is better for shilling things like hype culture and revisionism.

And? How is that contradictory?
Is this the "How can you be in favor of taxing people to pay for Medicaid when you're against taxing people to pay for Drone Strikes in Somalia?" ("")argument("")?

Do you have brain damage? You're only shooting yourself in the foot if you oppose net neutrality, righty.

This has to be a troll image Holla Forums hates that guy

Holla Forums is reddit now.

Is Sargon even opposed to net neutrality?

I warned about republicans bro, I warned you

The dems have been trying to make NN a non-issue for at least a decade.


When a democrat actively promotes net neutrality and tries to safeguard it like Trump is trying to destroy it, let me know.


They agree on a lot of shit like bombing the Middle East, it's just different ways to do the same thing for most of each policy, for example both don't give a shit about the worker, either exporting their jobs or demolishing unions



Trump happened. Le God-Trumperor is against it, thus it's bad. Anywhere that has enough trumpets is anti-NN.

The amount of botting really is becoming disturbing. There has to be a way to prevent them from fucking setting public agenda like this.


The shilling on 4/pol/ led me to find this site and board, I feel like I just discovered the fucking holy land

Welcome, friend. ^^

Now I'm never going back

This is your brain on Holla Forums.

NN at this point means nothing else beyond allowing bandwidth heavy sites like Google/Facebook/Netflix to subsidize the expense of deploying and maintaining infrastructure to the major internet companies. The reason why most of the right has decided to be against NN is that they've seen that the most powerful tech companies are "cultural marxist" and that anything that can hurt them must be a good thing.

ISPs are free to throttle your connection as much as they want as well as implement bandwidth limits. NN really just means that they can't deny access to their infrastructure to major web platforms. NN only really matters to end users if they're normies.

So much for free speech.

I understand the reasoning, but that just makes it even more retarded. Google isn't going to suffer in the slightest, and neither are any of the giant net companies. If anyone actually thinks this will leave a dent they're either delusional, retarded, shills or all of the above.

It depends if the major ISP decide to throw their weight around in attempt to crush Google by pulling a Microsoft and simply pulling Google's and hoping to only get a slap on the wrist when it Google charges them with anti-trust.

A rise in prices is nowhere near as bad as the blocking of entire protocols, sites, and other such things, not to mention they will raise the price if they think they can anyway.

Why wouldn't they give away propaganda for free?

Welcome comrade
This is your home now

Why isn't cable TV free, or movies free? They are also propaganda and much more effective at projecting the capitalist's world view.

Those should be free though.

theyve been having their strings pulled all along. its really making my heart sink how easily people are manipulated

fuck, if this is the internet at its best, with information being shared freely and its coming down to this with lies being accepted as fact then it seems like its failed its purpose and it makes me want to die. tell me it gets better, what do i have to do to make this better?

We often take for granted just how unique a skill true rebellion is.

It’s proof that anarchism is crap and that a central authority capable of regulating for the betterment of all is necessary.

anarchism can be crap! but i dont think this failure is due to lack of authority. dealing with criminals, liars, evil merchants, schemers and the enemies of humanity is a different matter than the systems we use to exchange information.
if you drop the anarchy, then no matter what youre going to have to then implement more and more systems to keep the authorities themselves in check. its a lot of upkeep, but to what end? as it is right now, the internet can operate at normal capacity unless under direct attack, which suits its intended purpose the best i think.

if anything it's a failure of those who oppose authority

well theyre going to impose their own brand of authority. you know something as vague as "authority" comes in all kinds of varieties.

Net Neutrality is Communism!


how did they manage to turn this in to a left vs right thing anyways?

From my experience, the way they post about it seems to be something along the lines of: "Reee, those mods on [that other site/this site/that subreddit] are progressive liberuls who don't like what we say and delete our shitposts. In the name of free speech we need Net Neutrality repealed so they suffer consequences!"

Or something about libertarian economics and how ISP control is better for us all and allowing them to charge more means development of the infrastructure.

Those are retoctive excuses they make. The real motivation is pure distilled reaction. They oppose it because the people they’re supposed to disagree with support it.

The very OP of this thread is against Net Neutrality, and then all the posts after it are a jumble between support and repeal. You haven't had a single sincere discussion about net neutrality in this thread, just your opinions that it's good or bad. That wouldn't even be a problem, except that it's obvious leftists are completely divided about it but then complain when others are divided about it. Hypocrisy much?

so its the fucking hitler drank water meme?
they just let trunk and his crew do all the thinking for them huh? how can they possibly think thats a good idea? i thought they were supposed to be the inquisitive digging untrusting types who follow the money. where are those bastards now, did they go to the dark web? are they on Holla Forums?

Pretty much. I'm sure if the rest of us came out as being Anti-NN they would have been all for it, because Daddy Trump could save them from the evil liberals and they'd be afraid of the Liberal Zucc deleting their shit.

You trusting posts on Holla Forums and assuming that it's true without investigating for yourself, then coming to conclusions based on this, is reactionary. Especially since the post you're quoting prefaces the whole thing with "from my experience", meaning that it's all assumption.

you say that like i hadnt suspected that possibility before.

I've agreed with Trump on an issue before (TPP) and if he came out and supported it I'd have no problem saying that president swiss cheese brain got it right

>>>Holla Forums13867934
What went wrong?



Its sad that this isn't a major news story.

Wireless companies already give subscribers a break-down of which apps use the most bandwidth.

the entire right wing internet would be behind net neutrality 100% if there wasn't this sense that the entire tech industry was trying to silence them.

Anyway Jim made a video about this months ago.

But removing net neutrality only empowers those companies. They are being played (as usual.)

Like fucking clockwork the more their own ideolodgy cucks them the further they have to reach into insanity

I am just calling it as I sees it my dudes. I would rather see the internet die than have it turned into porkies propaganda machine and it is becoming that more and more every day since now they are using advanced chatbots which you can't tell are bots.

Heeeeellllllloooo Skynet!

What's the delay that he had it at?
Because I can click on a link in about 300 milliseconds after it has been sent.

Do you click on all suspicious links posted at you by random posters on the internet?

It's a board with anonymous posting. You think with all the money going against NN, some of it wasn't spent on shillposters? Even Holla Forums, dumb as they are, caught onto some of the "arguments" being paid for by Comcast.

I was in some of those threads and it felt like the anti-NN people were reading from a script, they didn't respond to any critical points people were making.

Quite the opposite actually. But I'm not normal or a retarded Right winger who does do exactly that.
You want to make the experiment so it is inhummanly impossible to click on it.
Or show statistics on how similar the time of the bots have with a standard deviation.

Thread on >>>Holla Forums ?



wow such intellectualism. you couldn't even say this retardation yourself

2005 - Madison River Communications was blocking VOIP services. The FCC put a stop to it.

2005 - Comcast was denying access to p2p services without notifying customers.

2007-2009 - AT&T was having Skype and other VOIPs blocked because they didn't like there was competition for their cellphones.

2011 - MetroPCS tried to block all streaming except youtube. (edit: they actually sued the FCC over this)

2011-2013, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon were blocking access to Google Wallet because it competed with their bullshit. edit: this one happened literally months after the trio were busted collaborating with Google to block apps from the android marketplace

2012, Verizon was demanding google block tethering apps on android because it let owners avoid their $20 tethering fee. This was despite guaranteeing they wouldn't do that as part of a winning bid on an airwaves auction. (edit: they were fined $1.25million over this)

2012, AT&T - tried to block access to FaceTime unless customers paid more money.

2013, Verizon literally stated that the only thing stopping them from favoring some content providers over other providers were the net neutrality rules in place.

NN going is actually good
This will just show normies the true face of capitalism as the mask continues to slip a bit more

Good Luck.

you wanna go fast buddy?

I unironically hope NN dies for this reason. Everyone under 35 would go fucking nuts and there might even be some chaos in the streets.

don't tell me that wouldn't happen, I want to jerk off to my destructive fantasy


how can these class cucks be so fucking stupid


The ault-joke is just a counter-culture. They don't have any real beliefs / ideology, apart from opposing popular opinion.

No it's the right wing, political version of Hot Topic. It's porky produced identify designed to promote "contrarianism" with a purpose (that purpose being increase profitability at all costs.)

All the cottage industries revolving around streams, blogs, and other frequent content creation/consumption will almost vanish overnight. You know how many kids and young adults spend lots of time on the internet? They're going to flip shit.