Right wing cunt gets schooled by university panel for playing Jordan Peterson

Right wing cunt gets schooled by university panel for playing Jordan Peterson.


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what is the point of this thread

Don't be so fucking happy that colleges are punishing alt right dickheads - commies are next

she's a qt tho


Centrist detected. As long as you don't think antifa means punching people who voted for Trump in generality leftists are going to be fine for the most part.

No, we're the 'gulag leftists ' who think 'Stalin, Poo Pot and Mao did nothing wrong' according to them.


Actually you should be worried, ☭TANKIE☭s get the bullet too.

I thought we controlled academia you dumb faggot

What are you talking about? There are Communists galore in humanities departments in most major universities. I guess they aren't real Communists, but who is nowadays?

Why is this a good thing? Someone was a massive snitch instead of engaging with her because muh feels. Are we a SJW board now? She said she didn't even like Peterson. Are you implying everybody associated to Peterson is a Nazi?

A few communists drowned in the sea of liberals that is the academia.

Communists are tolerated in academia as long as their work is entirely theoretical and as long as they do not advocate revolutionary change.

This isn't a good thing. This is peak neoliberalism.

Tbh Peterson is a barely contained idpol sperg. He is on the doorstep of going full alt right.

lmao, quite pathetic. She couldn't even stand up for her beliefs without becoming an emotional twat

Sometimes examples need to be made of men.

Same with Molymeme. People might think it weird that libertarians can jump to being fascists, but in fact it's not - fascism is an ultra-individualist ideology, that's why it's so obcessed with a god-like "great man" who will lead them to salvation (instead of a mass movement because that's yucky collectivism).

Why are you siding with id/pol/yps, OP?

I doubt you know the actual definition of tanky

It's individualist only in it's mythology. Outside of that it demands the masses sacrifice themselves for the "greater good". Which mainly entails propping up porky super-profits, and imperial exploitation.

Because Peterson is a nimrod and it's great he's frowned upon in academia.

this for this

not only that, but now everyone is saying "poor girl" or "she is so courageos to stand agaisnt this cucks", this make "us" look bad (I know that we are not them, but people think that we are, accept this).

Keep telling yourself that, rightist. The only field that has a slightly higher number of far-leftists is sociology, and they only use it as a misapplied aesthetic to retroactively justify their idpozzed nonsense. Everything else is either liberal, apolitical (the hard sciences, engineering), or flagrantly right-wing (economics, political science to an extent)

You can criticize Peterson without supporting idpol liberals.

Use hooktube for posting these kinds of videos.

fuck you OP
fuck this thread
i hope it dies miserably

Fake Communism strikes again, I see.

There may be plenty of academic communists, but there aren't any commies in administrative positions

for fuck's sake Holla Forums, take a break from your shilling already

Have you not understood why people are thinking this is shit? The same fucking thing could happen if you would play a clip of Lenin and someone runs to the authorities, setting up an inquisition tribunal because someone go his muh feels hurt because Stalin personally raped and killed his grandma. Shit like this is ruining academia.

To not have the balls to actually confront her with an argument is cowardly as fuck, I could only defend that if she was a literal fascist (fascists use democratic discussion as a means to destroy it), but she isn't. Being a sperg about Peterson just makes him seem more right.

I love to hear libs triggering alt right cucks by questioning "the spirit of debate"

libs are fun sometimes

Found the idpoller

Seriously, if OP thinks it's "alt-right" to merely present people with contrary arguments, then they need to fuck off back to reddit or whichever else """intersectional""" toilet they leaked from.

Do you really think a student would post an argument they don't actually agree with like this?
Also she says in the interview that she does follow him on youtube.

His point was that to post what OP did one needs to be a knucklehead who simply refuses to hear any opposing arguments, and trust me, your response did nothing to counter that notion.

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?

I see you are so arrogant as to think yourself infallible.

Clearly this must be the case.

Yes. Especially given the hilarity of an """anarchist""" quoting Stalin in defence of his position.

What's wrong with quoting Stalin? I thought we were supposed to hear all sides? :^)

We believe that the Anarchists are real enemies of Marxism. Accordingly, we also hold that a real struggle must be waged against real enemies.

I myself work in pure mathematics, and would say that in my department a good 10-20% of us are truly communist, socialist, or anarchist depending on department. Maybe 30% are liberals who are potential leftists if they cared more about politics, and the rest are all mainline democrats. I find pure maths departments to be the most leftist of the hard sciences.


we need to understand academia as an instrument of governance and an ideological apparatus of the state, an apparatus that is quickly becoming obsolete. We also need to understand the effects modernity has been having on young people. Peterson is popular because he offers people answers, he tells them they can be more than passive objects of management defined by their positionality. His solutions may add up to nothing but confused boomer natterings, but he identifies a real problem the left doesn't dare touch. More and more, the choice is being restricted to a choice between fascism and the all encompassing managerial sterility of the liberal establishment. Why is modern life so alienating? What's the meaning behind meme 'genders' and the proliferation of labels? why do they provoke such a strong reaction in people? In the age of total management and total invovement, individuality can't exist unless it is labelled and institutionalised. Instead of understanding muh sjws as something good to be supported or something evil to be opposed, we should think of the culture wars as a dialectical hypermedia phenomenon, a feedback loop of sorts.

Okay, you've identified the feedback loop, now the question is how to break it. What could the left possibly offer with its bajillion tendencies that are diametrically opposed to each other on paper, let alone in person when egos get involved?

Can't wait until Kermit the Fraud becomes as much of a pariah in the western world as Richard Spencer.

Also some tranny needs to accuse this Peterson of sexually harassing xir A S A P

I'm not joking, I hate this smug piece of shit and his loser fanbase and would love to see his downfall.

Fucking end yourself

What does 'outside' even mean in the age of total connectivity? Traditional hierarchical structures have been replaced by an all encompassing network model. Peterson is attempting to resurrect a literate bourgeois christian subjectivity based on principles such as individualism and self reliance, ie. clean up your room. In a world inhabited by atomised 'adulting' units that can be a really appealing message.

I would contrast Peterson with fellow Canadian Rupi Kaur, the opposite pole of 21st century subjectivity. Kaur's instagram poems represent a bare reduction of the subject to 'self esteem' and the body. you may also recognise the same self-help tone, possesed of a sense of intimacy that ironically wouldn't exist without digital mass media.


You niggas serious? Guess I'll have to spell my point out them.

Deriving schadenfreude from rightwing idiots in a Sri Lankan mosaic contest panel will change absolutely nothing about anything. It won't make Peterson more famous, it won't ruin academia and it sure as fuck won't cause me to be jailed for not remembering the 100 gorrilas.

Seriously, look at the virulence with which you're treating a simple thread about laughing at an altist. I find it impossible not to conclude that this thread is attracting Holla Forumsyps rectalragnaroked because someone is besmirching their surrogate father figure. Speaking of which, bump.

No. YOU don't understand. There is nothing funny in PC culture in colleges. Liberalism is not funny. It's like laughing at saudi arabia getting rekt by israel.

Found the centrist classic liberal cuck. We don't debate our enemies, we use any means necessary to destroy them. Any means necessary includes "SJW tricks" and lying.

And anyone who says the slur 'tranny' like I did wouldn't be using 'xir' in anything but just.


This is retarded as fuck. This is maybe the american way of doing things but I don't accept the use of a MO of a grouo that is also an enemy. What happens when it comes out it was all fake? Wouldn't this help the "left want to silence people" narrative?
Wouldn't the fact that there was support from non liberals help the narrative that we are the samething?
You are fucking retarded

Gotta admit I'd derive some level of pleasure from that even still.

I just wanna see this pretentious cockroach repressed and his faggot cult followers wither, and I want to see it now.

You raise a good point there. I still think it would be worth it for the hilarity.

We have no politics anymore, only tribalism.

You're retarded.

it's not 'hilarious' barely even 'funny' anymore, just the lizard part of your brain lighting up because the outgroup has been 'triggered'. the future looks unfathomably depressing. people elected Trump because they thought it was funny and it would 'trigger' the libs.

I really wish it were otherwise, but polite politics are impossible. This is a power struggle. In a way it is a tribalism. The tribe that wishes to emancipate the proletariat vs the tribe that wants to protect the status quo. We have to subvert and crush the other tribe by any means if we have any hope of bringing about socialism.

I'd be happy watching Israel get wrecked by Saudi Arabia too, you stupid fuck. I'd be happy watching Trump get fucked by Clinton. You're just so obsessed with how shitty the future is that you can't laugh at it while going down. Go fucking hang yourself.

that will happen on its own

bill C16 is retarded though. and Peterson is completely right about forced speech.

Here's the truth about campus departments:

Disproportionate number of Marxists, but not Marxist:
Almost all humanities, almost all social sciences, mathematics, and computer science

Thoroughly Idpozzed:
Black/Women's/Whatever Studies
English Literature (increasingly, Derrida was awful here)
Performing and Visual Arts other than music related stuff

Free Market Democracy Lovers:
Political Science

Silent Opposition:

Not Listed


this is true. they're already going after BDS and any leftist that poses a credible threat to the uni admin will get snuffed out as well

Also this.

I feel eternal shame as a Canadian for my country's production of so many idpolers

the peaceful right

From Peterson's Linkedin

Universities are key instruments in the production of governance, that's were the forms of management and subject production that truly rule over our society come from. The left is guilty of overlooking everyday instruments of management, which ultimately contribute more to social cohesion than the more visible instruments of the state. Trump is a paper tiger, a blowhard towering over the impersonal power of corporate PR and HR. No wonder Peterson is also involved in the corporate consulting business, much like Peggy McIntosh of white privilege/ invisible knapsack fame, who runs a highly influential diversity consulting racket on the side. In the end, Peterson and muh sjws aren't that different, they merely put forth mechanisms to mold you into a subject that is useful to capital.


Once we're back on the old left foot you're correct, we are going to see bonafide Marxists get stomped on by these same people.

I don't know why you've bothered with this post, given you're simply restating your support of the radlibs who refuse to even consider opposing arguments, using the hackeyed radlib tactic of decrying all disagreement as """the enemy""" and claiming internet posting changes nothing in a world where the US and Russia run troll brigades to exactly that purpose.
With such persistently and visibly dishonest people such as yourself associating themselves with the left, it is little wonder that the far-right are making the gains that they are.

She's not right wing. She was an SJW. One day your comrades will eat you too for not sucking tranny cock enough too.

The university easily lost this conflict. The academic environment is so controlled that even someone as milquetoast as Peterson is outside the realm of acceptable opinion, and bringing this to public light makes them look like fools.

Nice try, OP.

But Holla Forums is as well. You buy into all of the standard progressive talking points re oppressed minorities. You are clearly New Left, no matter how much you try to pretend that you're Old Left because your SJW tendencies are dialed back to the days before Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Any idea what he earns from ExamCorp? He was making over $60k a month on his Patreon before he made it invisible. I think his star will start fading now after he showed a lack of spine regarding Faith Goldy's appearance at a free speech event, but when all is said and done, he'll be a fairly wealthy man.

What can you expect? Leftists don't even swallow.

If you support the educational-industrial complex, you are a liberal. You laugh now, but capital always gets the last laugh.