Redpill me on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17...

Redpill me on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. I used to believe that it was shot down by Pro-Russian separatists using a Russian BUK AAA, but Given everything we know about Ukraine, the USA, and Israel, did any of this actually happen?

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Of course it was shot down by russian separatists, this was confirmed already by dutch investigations. Vice news even published a clip years ago where they interviewed ukrainians and russians near the crash site.

It was Pro-Russian separatists using a Russian BUK AAA,
Here is an extremely detailed video that proves this.

Pic related is a screenshot of Igor Strelkov bragging about shooting down a plane before they realized it was a civilian aircraft.
The tweet was later deleted, but people screenshotted it.

Ukraine shot it down, here are satellite photos of Ukrainian AA. other "evidence" is just circumstantial hearsay.

Did you even watch the Dutch investigator's report? They have footage of the Buk being transported both to and from Russia.

The Kremlin was constantly putting out ridiculous lies during the entire Donbass war. "It wasn't an invasion, our soldiers were just on vacation and got lost." They have zero credibility and are the obvious culprit.


Keep trying to balkanize Ukraine for Israel.

If anyone is curious, just watch the dutch report, it is very detailed. The most damning evidence is the footage of the Buk being transported, (it is clearly missing one of its missiles on it's journey back) and Strelkov's post on social media.

The Russian government has zero credibility, they just makes shit up when they get caught with their pants down so Putin's popularity doesn't suffer at home.

we get it dude, ukraine is full of fash and nationalists, but don't pretend like russian separatists are not capable of pulling uncalled for retarded shit

If your source is literally a fucking Vice video you should shut the fuck up.

Well, the evidence points towards Russians, but then again
makes a good point.

His source is eye witnesses cited by Vice.
Just because the source is being quoted by Vice, doesn't invalidate the source.

Following this logic, the west has even less credibility, considering that they openly lied about snipers during Maidan and actively suppressed reports about murders and attacks on civil institutions and had the end goal of destabilizing Ukraine which was discovered in leaks, which includes installing a puppet regime consisting of Goldman-Sachs bankers. Yatsenyuk is basically a CIA asset.

So Russia was putting some fishy information out there during the Donbass crisis but the West gets a pass?

Funny you say that, considering you would be shitting all over it if it was RT.

Why are you derailing the conversation by bringing up Vice? I never posted anything by Vice.
Here is the footage of the BUK being moved out of Ukraine towards the Russian border near the town of Luhansk on July 18th.

I can't believe there isn't a consensus on this. It was clear to everyone paying attention at the time that separatists shot it down.
Igor Strelkov (a separatist leader/Russian colonel) literally bragged on a Ukranian social network about shooting down the plane, before they realized it wasn't a cargo aircraft.
I posted the screenshot above. He deleted the post once they realized it was a civilian aircraft, but the post's existence is well documented.

'The West' is not a monolith. I trust the Netherlands far more than the US State Department. Particularly when they are trying to seek justice for 193 dead Dutch.

I was kidding, m8.

I just hate Vice. But naw, it was Russian separatist morons.

those cellphone logs are hilarious

-a few days late-

I agree that the evidence points towards Russian seperatists but I was just super annoyed by the liberal in this thread who was John Oliver tier smug and condescending while having Vice as source and acting like a Hillbot. Neocons need to fuck off to /leftpol/. I'm not even saying that they didn't do it but it's fair to admit that there are holes within the Dutch report.
Almost all European media outlets used the same sources during the Ukraine crisis, particulary the Open Society Foundation. All European governments enforced the US line completely with barely any dissenting voices.

No one posted anything by Vice ITT, unless it is now deleted.
broken clocks occasionally have good praxis

That was back when Vice did worthwhile reports on foreign policy happenings, they haven't been doing anything besides "vaping w/ tranny muslim in Scotland talking about cooking halal food" for years. I brought this up because I think it was a good coverage on the topic, considering they flew over to Ukraine by themselves to do the report. I wasn't the poster who called you a retard, I don't call people names for disagreeing with me, but calling me a liberal/hillbot/john oliver fan is a long fucking stretch. I just hate that leftist, in particular ☭TANKIE☭s keep defending russian separatists while there is shit on both sides. Ukrainians are forced into military to protect their home village from mobs of soldiers not bound by any laws whatsoever while people at the Donbass side are in vulnerable, shit conditions without electricity and late salaries. This is not an appropriate time for LARP when both sides are forced into doing things against their will. btw if you ask me, I'm in full favor of splitting up Ukraine into separate western and eastern part, but I still don't like it when people act as if entire Ukraine is petit bourgeois sitting on a throne carried by Azov battalion when in reality, Ukraine is such a poor country that it makes even Estonia look like a fucking Switzerland in comparison

It's not like putin deliberately shot down a passenger jet, he isn't literally the devil.
.t dutchman

It was a fuel tank explosion. There was no missile from either side.

TWA 800 was a missile though.



I don't know but Russians have been seeing a lot of strange shit in the sky for the past few years.

President Obama shot it down using an rocket launcher mounted on the back of an Israeli Humvee (made in America). Then he lead the Azov battalion into a battle after which they murdered a bunch of innocent Donbassi women and children.

The Netherlands is Russia's biggest export partner and Mark Rutte is a liberal cuck, he wouldn't dare make a fuss about it to risk those sweet oil deals.

As % of population, more dutch died in MH17 than burgers in 9/11.


The plane was autonomous and a bomb was detonated remotely. the plane was full of corpses. all this was orchestrated to delegitimize anti-imperialism.

how do you explain the footage of a BUK (missing 1 of its 4 missiles) being transported back across the Russian border the day after the plane was shot down.

pure coincidence.