So what are some good guns i could get in a place like NYC or any highly gun regulated city like it. Also how do we despook libs on people having guns?

Thank you guys god bless, may we see each other in the class war in the USA and abroad.

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You should be able to get a cucked AR.

As for despooking libs, the fact that gun control objectively effects minorities negatively is a good start. It’s generally used as just another excuse to harrass black people.



Post guns I guess.

has anyone got any new guns since last time?

My newest one is still my Norinco M14, pics related is my current collection. I did get a new magazine for it that cheats leaf capacity limits though. I’m going to start focusing on ammo and gear now, I’m eyeing some stuff to turn myself into a Cold War era Frankenstein…

Truly I will be an abomination unto the /k/ube.

So what's the body armour laws like in Canada? Is their one universal law governing it or does it vary by province.

As far as I know there are no laws. Anything other than milsurp flak jackets are prohibitively expensive though.

Neat, I just looked up the laws for my province regarding body armour. It seems like your allowed to own body armour if you have a license under the firearms act.

That being said, do you have any specific recommendations for a good set?

Depends on your price range. I’m not an expert on body armour, you could go ask halfchan /k/ about that. They always have a gear thread up. I just went with the flak vests because I’m a poorfag.

If you want s decent plate + carrier then get ready to dish out $500+.

right, thanks for the help!

Is it necessary for this thread to be cycled? These threads are increasingly few and far between.

I would certainly appreciate it. There’s no point in the /leftyk/ board since it’s so damn slow, might as well have it all here.

Is there any real benefit to owning a rifle over a handgun in first world countries? Just seems clunkier, more dangerous to things other than your target, and most importantly, more expensive.

While a handgun can be useful, a rifle is just better. A hand gun is good for personal protection and as a back up. but if you actually want to reach out and actively go after an opponent a rifle is better.

In terms of danger, over penetration is always a threat but can be fixed with proper training and as long as the person realises that yes, bullets do go through things. By learning not to fire when you can't see your target your saving lives and ammunition.

For price it varies alot on where you live and the laws there. In some places a decent rifle may not actually be all that expensive and a pistol could be more so.

The argument of clunkyness doesn't really make sense. A pistol might be good If you were getting into clahes in urban areas with police or security forces. But in any thing that even remotely resembles real combat a pistol is not going to cut it against a force that will certainly be using rifles. So again it's a matter of context

So in short both are good. It just some are better than others in certain situations. If you can own both then do

It depends on what you’re using it for. A handgun is good for personal defense or concealed carry, or else as a secondary weapon. If you want it for practically anything else (hunting, SHTF, revolution), a rifle is way better in every conceivable way.

Not really, it all depends on what you want and where you live. In leafland you can get an SKS for $250, or a Mosin for under $200. A genuine M1911 meanwhile will run you $2000+.

what is a good alternative for firearms and knives for someone who lives in swedistan.
I don't want anything to illegal, but something to defend myself with would be nice.

not larping here, serious question.

Anyone in the UK a member of a gun club or gotten a gun through another facet? I feel like clubs would be tory central but I could be wrong.

Didn't someone make a /leftyk/ thread prior to the mass deletion that wasnt cycled because it had Rõjava people on it?

As a britfag. what can I do in terms of gun ownership? i've gotten comments about slide rifles but nothing definite

Well with guns and knives out of the picture there's only stuff like DIY weapons.

Have you considered a slingshot? The real ones can be lethal depending on what ammunition you use and where you hit the target. You can also make a pretty good version yourself with a little work.


Alternatively there's always shit like baseball bats, axe handel or just a really big stick with some metal on the end.

Hell you could probably use a brick or a really big rock at the end of the day.

In Britain I think you can keep a baseball bat, baseball glove, and baseball in your car or wherever and just tell them you were planning on playing baseball sometime as an excuse for having it. Maybe similar law in Sweden?

What’s a good option for me if I’m generally broke as shit but want to get some kind of basic firearm for protection, etc?

Like I have a minimum wage municipal job but it’s plenty easy to get guns on my state, but all of my gun savvy friends suggest all kinds of super expensive shit that I couldn’t afford unless I saved for like half a year.

HiPoint pistol and carbine. Look up how to adjust the mags for reliability. Get a bunch of carbine magazines.

The FNX and the Bodyguard were my first. I got the 509 second and the AR in the last gun show that happened early November.

Baseball bat
A good one will crack a guys skull no issue


Hi points are ugly as shit but they are cheap and reliable. As one guy reviewing it said, “It’s a gun, it goes bang.” A pistol will cost you about $250.

I was a medic in the Finnish army and I have an inspiring story about the power of weaponized defensive insurgency.

We had an exercise with blank ammunition for a week. The purpose was to train cadets (officers in training) to command troops in action. For this purpose one caddet was leading a group of 5-6 medics who were LARPing as insurgent defenders of an island lead by one cadett.

the 4 other cadetts were leading a platoon of 30 military police that were going to this small island and trying to secure it from the enemy isurgents (us the medics). For 4 days we had different scenarios where the medics would fight the numerically superior MPs. Since we were defending the MPs, who had had much more weapons and operations training than us had no chance. We would just hide in the woods, watching the MPs slowly advance and when they crossed a firing line we would just mow them down and they had no chance.

It was so much fun as a medic to own these try hard military police guys day after day.

Defending is easy as hell in modern warfare, attacking is hard.

Don't forget:
Pistols are accurate due to pinned barrel
Carbines are barely more expensive, just as reliable and accurate
Carbine magazines fit the pistols
All guns are rated for +P ammo
Every gun is lifetime warrantied so you can always send it in to get fixed, even if you buy used
Can be used as a brick in a pinch
Have functioned after being shot

The biggest downside is the single-stack pistol magazines don't hold much and you're going to need to do a bit of work to fine tune the springs to get them to work nice.

Yeah until you take a missile launched by a jet

gang banger trash, steal a glock instead

Dig tunnels, retreat before air power can be deployed, use tree cover, and hug their lines.


You're never gonna convince a cozy sweater-shouldered liberal that disadvantaged minorities should have a right to a own a gun. You'd probably get a few poor jokes about government cheese but you'll never sway them.

Actually the opposite is true. Liberals are glad that minorities can be locked away on gun charges.

You're never gonna convince a cozy sweater-shouldered liberal that disadvantaged minorities should have a right to a own a gun. You'd probably get a few poor jokes about government cheese but you'll never sway them.

Actually the opposite is true. Liberals are glad that minorities can be locked away on gun charges.

Another good example of hugging enemy lines is the Russian invasion of Chechnya . The Chechnyans hugged the Russian forces so hard the Russians could never bring their vastly superior artillery and air force to bear.

Remember the linch pin of many modern militarys is their air force. Doubly so for the United States.

honestly not a bad idea. thanks.


Hi points are
Please name another firearm that fits all four categories.


In burger land it would appear the ak47 is only 100 dollars more than the sks, at least online. Definitely wouldn't get a Mosin, if I was worried about buying a gun with no practical use, that would be one.
Sks also seems a little like larping. I don't know much about guns though, admittedly.

Very welcome.

Gang bangers like am because they're cheap, reliable, and easy to get
All good reasons to have one

Don’t bother with an SKS if you’re a burger, unless you just want it for its own sake. They are way more expensive there because of the Chinese import ban, and for the price of an SKS you can almost get an AR or AK.

If you’re in Canada however they are way cheaper and definitely worth the price.

Yeah if you're in burgerstan the SKS isn't worth the price unless you're like me and really want specifically an SKS.
They're definitely good guns that you can use practically but if you want something at that price go for the AR

Depends on your exact budget and what you're looking for.

Hi-Points are usually around $150
Tarus 85 (snubby revolver) and Taurus PT111 (compact 9mm) are around $200
Decent pump-action budget shotguns are also about $200
S&W Shields are really nice little compacts that are ideal for CCW and they're around $300
You can get a Mosin, a bolt action .308, or a used Glock for around $350
You can get a used Sig P226 or P229 for around $450
You can get an AR for between $400-500

That's about the limit of what I'd consider budget.

how does one minimize lead exposure when handling firearms?

Hazmat suit

Gloves and a long sleeve shirt maybe?

If you're in a city you're fucked, if not then all you need is time and money. Ranges are super friendly and you have both working and middle class in equal amounts, though all are tory as hell.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha, too much time and effort for nothing at all. If you want to fire a rifle then go hire one from the club and boom away in glorious .303
Go to IRA-land and be super rich or DUP

Don't shoot yourself

Goddamn lads why is army surplus shit the greatest.

Reminder that >>>/leftyk/ exists for this exact reason.

It's also so slow it makes this thread look like the Indianapolis 500.

If it came back up to the buffer tube like a thumbhole stock it'd actually be okay

how do i get military training?
how do I become a ninja but with guns?

Don't forget HiPoint carbines are like $250. It's not a full on rifle but a .40 +P coming from a 16" barrel is pretty fucking hot.

I suppose so.

Honest question. How do I purchase a gun without getting put on some kind of FBI watchlist? Am I just being paranoid here? I'm a burger and live in a region with heavy regulation, so I wonder how easy/difficult it would be to even purchase a gun at all.

Great video on common weapons and how to operate them. Just ignore the jarhead bullshit.


- Start/join a militia
- Join the military.

Look up your state’s gun laws

These tbh

How do I even start a militia without any knowledge?
And can't join the army, they're too rightwards

I can get a kalash if that is what you want

That's because of threads like this.

Suck it up and keep your mouth shut about your views. A couple years of putting up with jingoistic nonsense is worth the value you get out of military training.


First of all don't join the army if you don't want too. It's a pretty serious descion even if your nation doesn't go to war that often.

Second of all starting a militia easier than you think. If people can start a tiny communist party with 20 people or less then they can start a left wing militia or gun club with a similar amount.

Last of all if for God's sake if your going to buy a gun the do your research. If you can spend time reading Marx or Lenin the n you can do research into your nations gun laws. Start with a amount you would be wiling to spend and then start looking into rifles. Get an AR if possible if not look into Aks, if not those then keep working your way down till you run out of options.

Also when I get back home from work ill upload a pdf I have in the training and creation of militas. It was created by some three percenter burger general but the general information seems relevant.

Get that rear sight further back, friendo. That's what the space on the upper is for.

Any 3d printed gun anons here?
How should the bolt and barrel be made?
Suggestions and starting points?

quit being silly and make your guns the old fashioned way

looks like i was retarded and imagining things, never mind.

also, saging a (useful) dead thread should be a gulagable offense

What would I need to do to own guns in a heavy regulated country like Sweden? Their laws says that the guns must be unable to be used or for you to have an active reason to own guns (active membership in a gun range, hunter etc)
Fuck that I just want to own a mosin and an AKm and shoot shit out in the country

Can you guys send me youtube chanels in this topic? Also maybe military strategy chanels?

guys am i thinking like a tard or is this actually possible

Forgotten Weapons
Military History Visualized

Violent Politics: A History of Terrorism, Insurgency, and Geurilla Warfare (William Polk, former policy advisor to the US in Vietnam)
On Geurilla Warfare (Mao)
The Other Side of the Mountain: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet-Afghan War
The Green Book (IRA manual)

Also worth taking a look at

Thank you so much!

here's the first and second volume of the IRA Green Book for you lad.

That's the hard part fam


Would you recommend reading the "Art of war" by Sun Tzu, or is it too outdated?

Art of War is probably a good read, but if you've paid serious attention to any kind of modern warfare it's probably not going to be terribly much new information.
A lot of it is just telling you that combat is only the last and least important part of warfare.

I would. It’s honesty just as much about politics as it is about actual war.

Can anyone recommend me a decent knife to carry around for under fifty dollars?

I picked up a decent knife for 20 at the mall

Whats your favorite gun Holla Forums?

I'm an 18 year old who has never shot a gun before in my life, but I would like to get into it. How should I go about this?

Out of the stuff I’ve actually handled? SKS. It’s nice and simple to work, especially if you get a detachable magazine.

In general? Probably the FAL, it’s just so hot. Or possibly the M16A1 for the same reason. I’m planning on getting my restricted liscence and an AR15 with A1 style furniture.

Establish an amount your willing to pay. Do your research as to what your states/province/nations firearms laws are. Do research into what guns your interested in.

In your looking for a good gun to start and learn good shooting habits any rifle in the .22 Long Rifle caliber is good for this. See the Ruger 10/22.

good taste fam

Would a blackjack or baton and Pepper Spray be good for riots?

I thought SKS'es that accepted mags were less reliable.

I got a TacForce TF-469 folding knife on the side of the road that seems pretty okay (except the spring broke from me playing with it) that costs $8 new.

But, I already have one. I just need high quality furnishings.
The bolts and barrels are a problem though. High tolerances and whatnot.
I guess I'll ask on /diy/.

How are those tapco magazines for SKS's? I've heard they can be finicky.

They are, and the SKS is way too expensive now. A good AR can be had for not much more and you're assured compatibility and peripheral items.

I haven’t gotten a chance to shoot it yet, but testing it out with snap caps everything seems to work okay.

Don't go to riots. Protests are fine, but if you're going with the intent to riot, you're going to have a bad time. Definitely carry something for self-defense always, though. If that's all that's available to you, carry that shit every day, not just when you expect a riot to break out, assuming you're not going to get fucked for it, of course.

M240B, to be quite honest. Yeah, it weighs a fucking ton, but there's no fucking around when a good MG team is laying it down.

This won't get you a gun, but if you're after basic marksmanship, what are the laws on air rifles? Olympic air rifle shooting with some kind of pre-charged setup can teach you the basics very well. At the very least, you won't be completely useless if someone hands you a rifle. Battle drills and all that jazz can be done in teams, and do not require actual weapons, because what you're trying to train is movement and communication skills.

Out of curiosity how many people on Holla Forums have had military experience?


So here's one thing. If we're going to have a revolutionary militia, small arms just aren't going to cut it alone. We're going to need to source some level of larger weapons. I really think we need to look at how we'd get stuff like mortars or vehicle mounted weapons. Your choice of rifle really doesn't make a huge amount of difference compared to a lot of other important things unless you're talking about specialist operations.

this meme is the SHIT

7.62 > 5.56
Eat my ass AR nerds!

Sorry but it's the truth.

so tell me /k/ameraden
what is the best round to pierce modern burger body armor?

i only have a black powder musket & a nimcha.
i can't get any other weapons that this even bolt action rifle are banned.

There is no rifle round that will pierce modern body armor unless you want to try shooting .50's. Most burger troops are wearing Level IV body armor that will take an armor piercing full rifle round 100% of the time.

It's much better to find ways to circumvent armor than to try to go through it. There's ways to do it but a lot of them are pretty unpleasant.

Huh. You'd think this would be Hollywood bullshit like whisper quiet suppressors.

a question any one has a good idea how to manufacture small guns ? i have access to black powder & other materiel i can blacksmith & 3d print

god I wished Australia didn't have such strict gun laws. I can only dream of local militias being able to organise firearm training and control weapons

Level IV body armor is a thick steel or ceramic plate placed on the chest and back. It covers the majority of your chest and happily stops rifle rounds.
If you want to incapacitate someone with that, you either need to hit them in the limbs till they decide to stop (or bleed out), or go through some other route of attack like pressure wave, incendiary, chemical, etc.

They're different rounds for different applications.

Armor/Mozambique drill, famalam.

Body armor won't fully protect its wearers forever. Even if the bullet don't penetrate, blunt trauma can occur behind it. Also, ceramic plates are essentially single-use as they will break after being hit.

Not really. Current issue plates can take a couple of rounds and won't penetrate unless you basically stack rounds on top of each other.

what is a chance of 7.62 round incapacitating soldier due to blunt trauma?
can level IV take a clip from AK?

Any guy that gets shot is going to fucking go down for some cover at least, but 7.62x39 doesn't provide nearly enough backface deformation.
Secondly, it's called a magazine, not a clip. And no armor can take a full magazine from any weapon and be okay. Of course, that's contingent on someone standing still so you can mag dump them.

so are there some countermeasures in development or what?
new types of rounds maybe?
because this looks like a big deal, infantry is basically shit now

was AN-94 weird design trying to solve this problem by placing two 7.62 rounds into a single point?

A level IV steel 3/4" plate will take multiple 7.62 rounds before failing.

You are not going to have that much blunt trauma that it incapacitates someone. They'll stop for a while and probably be sore but it's not going to reliably make someone stop for the duration of a firefight.

This is true, but the thing is you're already very unlikely to hit someone in the first place. Also ceramic plates aren't certain to shatter. You're lucky if you land one hit on a guy while you take pot shots at 200m while they're shooting back at you. Most intermediate rifle rounds are not going to cause incapacitating levels of trauma.

Keep in mind the vast majority of US casualties in recent wars were due to explosives like RPG's, IED's, and mortars, rather than small arms.

There have been multiple attempts to land two rounds on the same spot to defeat body armor , including the AN94 (which uses 5.45, not 7.62)
None of them have been very successful, they're all very over-engineered.

so would we see return of close combat in the future? maybe swordfights?

The countermeasure is AP rounds and techniques to adapt to armor use. Simply put, while the armor covers the torso, it does not cover all of it, even when wearing side plates. Armor does not make a soldier invulnerable. Also for infantry being shit, you should know that modern conflicts require a lot more of it, especially when fighting in city centers.

Training can help you place rounds close together, and hits on other body parts can be an effective tool for disabling an enemy soldier. Other tools like indirect fire and grenades are also effective. Heavy machine guns can also deal with infantry, and GPMGs are good no matter what. 7.62 NATO will provide enough backface deformation to be incapacitating, however you should not rely on its effects to deal with threats. The main focus should be on small unit tactics and unit readiness. This is what wins engagements, not magic bullets or weapons.

Modern plates are made of ceramic. Steel plates don't really fail against anything short of an AP round. They're also heavy as shit.

7.5 lbs draped over your body is not that heavy. Even upping it to 15 for a front and back isn't that bad (though it really does add on with the 90 lbs of kit modern soldiers are stuck with)

No, are you dumb? What part of Mozambique drill did you not understand? Armor does not make them invulnerable. It only increases combat suitability. Hits outside the armor are still going to incapacitate. They just won't kill a guy as fast.

That armor is ceramic, famalam. I know because I own a set from them.



Unironically this. I have nothing to do so I plan to join the armed forces for a bit. I grew up on army bases and was most likely going to join anyway so what's there to lose.

I already stay quiet on my views and have a few lefty leaning friends in the army and marines who have no complaints in relations to politics. The worst thing they get is Boomers thanking them for their service even though only one of them has been deployed.

Boomers fetishization of the military will never cease to amaze me.

My firearm permit was approved, lads.

Is a Hi-Point good or should I go for a used Glock?

How used?

Depends. Check for yourself in person before buying to make sure you aren't getting ripped off.

Go for the glock if you get the chance. Just make sure your not getting ripped off.

Just stopping by to give you a perfect OP pic. You're welcome.

I sincerely believe that Holla Forums is more heterosexual than Holla Forums. This is why Holla Forums gets so defensive. They're literally this close to becoming homosexual cucks, and that's why they're obsessed with these topics.

Jesus fucking Christ, how horrifying. Where do you hail from?

Nah leftypol loves traps too much
myself included

Traps are not gay though

I'm not saying you don't, but trap-lovers aren't as numerous here as they are on Holla Forums.

Yes they are, and you're delusional if you think they're not. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, though.

Question, should comrades hoard guns in lacks gun law states for the ones that can't afford a rifle and gun cucked states like new york ?

Lax* gun law states, and yes, that sounds like a good idea. Gotta look out for each other.

Well they DID get played into being zionist cucks so anything is possible