— Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1847)

What did he mean by this?

we know this? whats the point youre trying to make?

There's "being antisemitic", and then enthusiastically calling for the wholesale genocide of the Jews.

Proudhon probably got buttblasted that a Jewish chad took away his crush from him.

he's problematic and should be disreguarded read Settlers instead

He was clearly the original NAZBOL.

Everyone hated the Jews back in the day. Everyone will probably start hating the Jews again in the near future when the Holocaust thing wears off and people stop feeling bad for them. The Israel issue tends to make people less sympathetic.

t. Proudhon

The jews as an ethnic group are everything bad about white european chauvinism combined with everything dumb about third worldism. Among the jewish bourgeoisie there is nothing redeemable. They will be liquefied by the revolution.

Anarchism is NAZBOL

You let Proudhon off too easily. Additionally the fat shit Bakunin picked up all his antisemitism from Proudhon and it is no wonder he believed in a global Jew conspiracy which formed his "anti-capitalism".

Maybe I'm abusing my mod powers but I have one single question to ask you

Are you from the middle east? All your post history seems to be is bitching about the kurds and the jews. It's very interesting what one finds when they look at a user's post history when they tend to incite identity politics.

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Don't tempt me you sneaky Albanian.

oh yeah? what are you going to do about it?

I think you underestimate how widespread antisemitism was in the 19th century.

Nothing. But you do defend Israel quite a lot.

Disliking jews is one thing. Wanting them all killed or sent back to "asia" is another.


Are you serious? I hate that fascistic shit.
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Yes, but that would have been a much more acceptable and common view in the 19th century.

A lot of early Anarchists supported Eastern European national liberation movements from the 1880s to the interwar period.

Uh? I rarely deal with Kurdish issues. The only time I did so recently was in that one thread where a supposedly Kurdish guy whined about Holla Forums somehow "pushing" socialism on the Kurds. As for Jewish issues, all I do is call out antisemitism when I see it — weeding out the Holla Forumsacks and all that. And I'm from Belgium, by the way. I'm fairly sure IP addresses got mixed up or something.

not really, especially not from someone who presents themselves as a political scientist