Rightists want to ban anime

Anime is Leftist by default

Okay, we all know low lQ rightists use the term "degeneratė" for anything they don't like. But now they think it's "anti-white" and Marxist. Why do rightists hate fun so much? They are just unhappy people all the time.
Also Leftist anime general

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Got deleted by some mod, so fuck Holla Forums and fuck you.

/leftyweebpol/ has picked speed up if you want to discuss without and bitching.

It still has only 20 people max. I just see Holla Forums false flagging everywhere here now. Threads like these can help smoke them out so mods can IP ban them.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating to anime ass, be you man woman or trap

nice bate thread

Sorry user, but Holla Forums shit.
But kinda ironic that the shit that they said about weebs before is the same thing they are now, pedophiles.

/monster/ had a coup and split because of how autistic and triggered the fascists were getting. Banning people left and right. Fash false flags tryed that here and failed.


Still it's trash capitalist culture. Fuck you

No ethical consumption friend.

Pick one

Why do you rightists hate fun so much?
Low lQ?

It's depends on what ass tho, if it's a child ass, then yes that is wrong

But you're right anime ass isn't just bad; All jacking off to asses are bad, because it can lead to pedoshit, goreshit and good o' lord with lust. :^)
Everyday, i hate myself for masturbating now and i hate porn even more, thanks weebs.

Nice bate, but you're wrong, it's being shitted out in one you cocksuker

Hope the mods are taking notes of his IP.


All of it is complaining about bait.

4u, you need jubus or not being /h/fag weebaboob

When someone is happy, they don't need to sacrifice themselves to an ideology to "fix" anything. For an ideology to attain unanimity and impunity, happiness cannot be tolerated. Happiness is the most heretical emotion.

It has more than that, but you're right that Holla Forums is shitting up the place.

That's a good way to drive yourself into a mental health disaster.


Oh, I wasn't saying happiness is wrong; I was describing how megalomaniacs operate.

I've never seen an anime with anything explicitly political in it.

which is why it's right-wing

Yet rightists call it Marxist and "degen", miia is a socialist btw.

What a fucking idiot.

Pretty sure these triggered rightists snowflakes are mad that traps are in Anime.

A lot of spooklords ITT

This. I will not let the spook of anime being left-wing or right-wing deter me from watching it.


It'll never be not funny how a board about monster girls is full of neocons and nazis.

god i love that this is an unedited crop from the published manga

miia a best

Psycho-Pass, Planetes, and GitS are fairly mainstream and have blatant political themes

If my parents had me only so they could shove their ideology down my throat I'd tell them to fuck off too. No decent parent tries to force their kid to fit a mould.

I hate anime because it's fucking trash.
I never said that was because of traps, I didn't even know there were traps in anime

Holla Forums is literally a click right on top of the browser, where they literally have anime plastered all across every thread. I think it'll take a little more to prove your point right.

Genuine right-winger and actual right-wing governments routinely ban pornography and other suggestive content.

Holla Forums is full of LARPers, brainlets and miscellaneous retards.

Gundam is also explicitly left-liberal, though mostly towards japanese progressives care a lot about (anti-war/anti-imperialism, nukes)

Not the OP but the aut-right's attitude towards anime is more accurately described as either schizophrenic or willful ignorance.

In all seriousness, anime is more a proxy for core aut-right cadres' attitudes towards the lifestylers and LARPers in the movement, since anime nazis mostly just post and are embarrassments IRL

I agree. Also Kill la Kill is the most left wing anime ever made.

back to trashing the economy boomer

Examples? I'm not trying to argue against you, but I'd like to see where it occurred. I know Russia banned porn hub, but is there other examples?

I don't think it's schizophrenic: Hitler was a huge fan of his "honorary aryans" after all.

You nazis make shit like this.
We Leftists dont care what you watch.

UH, have you watched anime? It's all neo Kantian condemnations of violence and leftism in the end. Even when it seems obvious that the "criminals" have legitimate reasons they are condemned as wrong.

Watch more anime.

makes me laugh every time

I think it's more accurate to compare with Hitler's love for romantic kitsch and his hatred of "degenerate art". Modern-day aut-righters only go for the most unthreatening flavour of the month/moe/SoL tripe. Anything that threatens to disrupt their aesthetic is degenerate, even though their own tastes are just as nontraditional.

All nazis are secretly into interracial. No exceptions.

Wah have you ever even looked at pol

Is it? What are some things?

Is this a photo or a drawing? It looks real photoshopy to me.

Could you imagine having such pervasive anxiety that not only are you ashamed for liking something, you craft an autistic conspiracy theory about how it subverts western society?

Holla Forumsacks, I swear to god.

what level of cultural capitalist ideological lifestylism are you on OP? You think that consuming cultural capitalist products meant to make japanese products more palatable for western consumers is FUCKING LEFTIST?!

Is this because Hitler considered them to be "honorary aryans"?

depends on how deep into the jewish conspiracy you are really. there are varying degrees of intensity of Holla Forumsyp thought. most are weebs who hate 3d women because they're hot for tyrone's BBC. epitome of nice guy-ism. some are starting to pull out Jews controlling Japanese society to turn them into herbivore men or something.

Can you post a pdf of this book? It looks quite interesting.

yoshio sugimoto- an introduction to japanese society
free download
libgen.io/search.php?req=introduction to japanese society&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=0&column=def

I only just started reading it today and seeing this thread and having read that excerpt i thought it'd offer some insight into the anime phenomenon

Capitalism has no culture user

consumerism is a culture, albeit a toxic one

All leftists are secretly into submissive bootlicking. No exceptions.

I don't get it. Homosexuals aren't like spiders.

I get my anime and hentai for free online.

Literally nobody outside of japan actually buys anime, at best mega weebs will buy merch on occasion outside of japan.

it's not about buying it, but willfully consuming an artform that is purposely made for direct export to foreign audiences to mold them into a certain type of person, one that is disposed to shill for japan and present japan with a glossed over goofy, postmodernist face to counter older images of japan as stodgy and hard working drones.

That pic is a poor comparison but it's understandable where the error is coming from because the "political" phobias (homophobia xenophobia islamophobia) are not the result of thoses phobias being clinical phobias (an arachnophobic recoils and cream at the sight of a spider, an homophobe seing a faggot will rather mock or beat him) but a rhetoric trick using the connotations of the word phobia to paint a certain picture of people thoses words refers to. Like Holla Forumsyps are calling race creationists thoses opposing their race realism, to put the stigma of antiscienceness of regular creationists on their opponent.

Anime reflects the social values of Japan, and Japan is a racist, conservative, thoroughly capitalist society. Of course Japan’s version of racism and conservatism is quite different than Holla Forums‘s. Nevertheless, Japan is most certainly a right wing society. Just look at how the Liberal Democratic Party has dominated politics.


was going to say that only good anime is leftist and most anime isn't good but on some reflection i daresay a lot of good anime is actually quite reactionary and individualist.
also a good chunk of alt right weirdos are weebs.

even when we see anime with soft-left ideals, it tends to skew towards a banal pacifism and anti-nuclearism of the Japanese type.

this is a bad argument and one that lends itself well to the kind of infantilized consumerism that dominates the present media landscape. To draw from a favourite quote on the television landscape:
But how can you object to people watching "Benefits Street" on Channel 4? It's fun,why do you hate fun?
Quality control is an absolute necessity and is presently almost completely absent. When you just have a situation as you do now, most people will seek out lowest common denominator trash - not just in Anime, but in all fields. You wind up in the "if you liked that, you'll like this" trap. For a proper NEET, watching anime (say) a reasonable proportion of every single day, they will invariably hit a point where you're watching utterly forgettable series with no meaningful artistic vision (i.e. "design by committee") just to pad out the day. It is a null activity, it is consumption, people will not look back in the long term on such forgettable series and think "Ah yes, I had fun."

But now I'll stop before building into a treatise on long term fulfilment.

Holla Forums's schizo attitude to anime is the embodiment of fascism though.
first, aesthetics from all sources are plagiarized and tied together without rhyme or reason. on "apolitical" imageboards, this tends itself towards anime (something which can be symbolically viewed as "us versus them", i.e. "we are abnormal and like anime, which normal people don't*"), in Spain this tends itself towards dressing your fascist guys in blue, in Germany it's the 'Socialist Workers Party' in NSDAP. Now you might say "haha, look how inconsistent they are!" - but that's the point. That's a key component of fascist thought. It's not mere hypocrisy (which can be found in all areas), but open and blatant incongruity that simply isn't questioned. You could call it "2+2=5", but that's stupid and banal - within the orwell reference sphere, the key part is that 2+2 isn't 5. It's whatever is politically convenient at that moment in time. Sometimes it is 3, sometimes it is 5, sometimes it can be 36180081.

*this is bullshit btw some of the biggest normalfags i know are weebs.

it's not called purchase-ism, it's called consumerism.
Just because you aren't paying doesn't mean you aren't consuming. When you identify yourself as a consumption unit (i.e. "ironically" as a Weeb, or as an "Anime Fan" or so on.) you are falling into consumerism, even if you haven't paid a single penny. That's the cultural force of consumerism. The monetary extraction is relatively incidental or has a delayed result. (i.e. we can presume that 99.9% of people don't buy a single product, but the cultural community they create is what breeds the very rich 0.1% who do spend money.)

This is a pretty interesting field in many ways, since despite the fact the cashflow involved would seem to be much lower, the weeaboo community has much in common with the furry community in terms of distortionary effects and culture. They don't map onto one another 1:1 of course, but the similarities in the little details exist. This could be chalked up to being an "internet thing" of critical mass, but I'd hesitate to assign it so easy an explanation. (Unsurprisingly I still blame capitalism and would conclude that weebs could be purified by the abolition of capitalism.)

This I have my doubts about.
(Also from the book image, I would question that large eyes are 'un Japanese' - that perception seems awfully grounded in the Western view.*)

*There's always that fun image of Abe and Trump where both have the same size of eye, it's just the eyelid that is shaped differently.






Electoral politics aren't a great indicator when less than half of the enabled population votes.

I agree that it's a conservative shithole, nonetheless.

Anime is Neoliberal and Capitalist by default. A proper Marxist-Leninist has as much (and similar) reasons to reject it as a fascist.

Fash false flag?

ITT: People posting anime girls so they can pretend to fit in
People lying
Non arguments
People making it abhorrently obvious to everyone that they're not chan natives

I'm pretty sure %50 of this board is made of up neofag/SA members and the other half being facebook users.

t. weeb

anime is a mistake.

Bump to piss off the fascists

Initially I was gonna ridicule you for writing a blogpost on something so trivial, but I found myself agreeing with your basic tenets. As someone who watches, like, four new anime a year (and takes the time to properly appreciate every one), the thought of mindlessly consuming it is almost mortifying to me. However, I'd also argue that the aforementioned appreciation requires an individual draw on his creative mental facilities, and that everyone needs a sort of "brainless" entertainment to fill the time when said facilities are overtaxed.

In other words, there's no shame in watching To Love-ru if you're going to read Marx afterwards.

On an unrelated note, you might get some mileage out of Behemoth; essentially an average citizen's perspective on the Third Reich. I haven't been able to read through much, but what you describe is exactly the sort of tactic fascists have used throughout history to attain power.

Hurry, these links expire in 24 hours:

Likely. The "proper Marxist-Leninist" part is a huge red flag, pun not intended.

Tired meme, fam.

Fuck off, /weebpol/. Don't you have another pissbottle to make?


What's wrong with birthday cake at age 20?

Oh damn imagine if anyone ever has any hobby, gasp. You better also not identify as a musical because that makes you consumerist or as punk, soccer fan, painter or cook, because everything is consumerism and you Litterally cannot have hobbies

imagine being so stupid you can't distinguish between a productivist hobby, an activist hobby, and a consumerist hobby.
punk would seem to be a particularly special case, since a lot of punk ethos is productivist and DIY oriented but a lot of self-identifying punks are consumerist posers.

wish i was that stupid would make life much easier.
(to reiterate: you're stupid.)

how do these arguements not apply to literally every form of media, even if they are right, expecting people to just give up movies, anime and else it's just retarded, the left needs to do the thing facists would do, and hijack the movement for leftist causes, instead of crying "but anime is capitalist waaaaah"

never said not to view anime, just recognized it for the consumerist behaviour that it was. stop projecting everyone you disagree with into a homogeneous entity. implicitly i argue not for the abolition of anime but for a greater degree of quality control. and perhaps too subtly, contempt for the surrounding community while trying to retain basic appreciation for the thing itself.

(voluntarily throwing myself in the firing line, I do view it as somewhat untoward that people for whom consumption of anime is a component of their identity see fit to group it in with other, more matured forms of media. this is admittedly highly coloured by the behaviour of those consumers themselves, though.)

ah yes this sounds like a good idea
(if we must, can i be super weeb and unit 731 the alt-right?)

incidentally i did download that epub, thanks.
i would however note that don't necessarily see a need for brainless entertainment. there's certainly an overall role for it, but i'm averse to "filler" content. (perhaps we can envision a world where such filler arises only incidentally, through the production of meritorious work.)

this does come with the caveat that i'm not considering imageboards to be filler when making that analysis. imageboards may well be the most corrosive type of filler.

Well that's just like, your opinion, man.

There was a time - just a few months back actually - when I was genuinely scared of "tainting" my imagination with stupid humor and other worlds unrelated to my writing. This was especially distressing to me, as I genuinely thought that I'd lose all the characters and details I'd so lovingly crafted over the past summer.

Only after deciding on a whim to watch an crummy ecchi anime did I realize that, even if I did consciously decide to partake in that sorta base entertainment, all my ideas and stuff were still there. What's more, since I'd done nothing but read books for the past month, my mind could easily pick apart the caveats of the shoddily-built setting and draw conclusions about the characters from minute details. In some cases, it'd even rewrite entire scenes as I would've personally preferred them. And once I finally sat down to do some "serious" writing, I found that the paragraphs issued almost effortlessly from my fingertips.

The mind functions like a collection of muscles - either you use 'em, or ya lose 'em - but under no circumstances should any comrade think he has to constantly exercise to maintain his smarts. There's simple laughs to be had, banter to be made; and not regularly seeking them out just leaves you with anxiety issues and writer's block.

Don't be a brainlet faggot.
The time you waste watching this crap is time that could have been better spent reading good theory.
Leave this faggotry to the aut-right kiddies.

lmao. is that why, unlike the UK and US, the Japanese Communist Party consistently receives 10% of the vote?

also communists poll at 20-30% in strongholds like kyoto

No, anime promotes sexual objectification of women and it has normalization of pedophilia and rape, just look at perverted men in Japan keeps groping women in tains, because of disgusting fantasy of raping underaged anime girls!

Then why do women and girls love reading, consuming, and creating anime/manga (and related merchandise)?

Holy fuck, I've been thinking the same way for a while about piracy. You might not be paying for it but you are still consuming it, possibly talking to other people about it, and unwittingly convincing them to buy it.

There's nothing wrong with giving money to those who you feel earned it and there is nothing morally wrong with pirating either but doing it out of "stick it to the man" mentality just keeps those people relevant on a cultural level. Plus it gives companies that don't care about creators or customers reason to treat them like cattle, with DRM or anything similar. Sorry I went on that rant, it felt like no one ever understands that point of view.

What the actual fuck, everyone memes you guys as a bunch of "cucks".

Women have a higher libido than men, it's time we realize the entirety of modern Japan is just a sex tourist capitalist state that promotes abuse without love for money.

Well, that and on average, the more extreme porn is consumed by women. Men are generally more vanilla and are happy with "Hot Milf Fucks Pizza Dude.mp4" or "Muslim Girlfriend Shakes Booty.mkv". Women get fucking 50 Shades of Grey and violently cum over it.

Correct, this is why we must allow sexual liberation outside of the economy.

You lost me, aren't we already sexually liberated? I mean, if I wanted a girl to have sex with, I could just drive out to a woman who wants sex and just do it. Unless there is something I'm missing here.

Yeah you're missing a lot.

You're thinking of right-libertarians, kiddo. They secretly want to be treaded on.

I'm going to stop you right there. We're not going back to the times when we had to argue with an user who thought under communism prostitutes would hoard all the apples.

anime is a cry of help from the japanese

this, there is entire anime studios, like kyoto animation, that have a majority female staff


why are you stealing the Gaggergate + Amazon capitalist propaganda meme, user?
That's fucked up.

Don't watch anime!

To piss of rightists


Prove it. Honestly interested.


Wasn't it the opposite?

I've heard that it is men, but I only heard this once on the radio

It's cool that most of Rance was written by a girl but at the same time it feeds the myth that "all girls secretly want to be raped".

Well to be fair the fantasized version of a thing is quite different from the real thing and most people are more or less aware of it.
Lots of people like the idea of fucking o the beach when the cold harsh reality of it is sand coming in your ass.