Nationalistic Syndicalist socialism is more dialectical than Marxism...

Nationalistic Syndicalist socialism is more dialectical than Marxism. Marx's analysis of the dialectic only applied to a 19th century industrial economy. If you understand Hegel, you'd know that nationalist syndicalist economics are the future.

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Why do I need to understand someone as useless as Hegel?

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Industries were essentially put under government syndicates with heavy regulations while managers were elected and profits were distributed among all workers.

Rarely have I ever seen someone's own instance of Dunning-Kruger touted with such honesty.

Give me one logical reason to read Hegel.

So you can understand how historical conditions effect your current reality.

okay but usually National Syndicalism refers to Francoism.
it's like saying "National Socialist", it doesn't mean what you think it means.

That's what Historical Materialism is for.

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Titoism is left wing fascism and there's nothing wrong with that.

Also, Franco wasn't a fascist, he was a conservative monarchist.

He was a 20th century fascist. Wrong.

You're calling anything you don't like "fascism". The only real fascist leader in the Spanish civil war was Primo de Riveria and he was left to die in a prison by Franco.

Except that's fucking wrong, retard. The nation as an organizational formation is intrinsically antithetical to a classless society.

I'm referring to Hegel, not Marx you fucking idiot. Dialectical materialism =/= Hegelian dialectics. Marx misinterpreted Hegel.(franco was a fascist.)

Huh, weird that you'd assume that I was talking about Marx given that my post never contained the name "Marx" in it you fucking mongoloid. Hegel's notion of economic freedom depends on the standards by which someone can make a claim to property to be universal. Class-based societies do not meet this criteria, dipshit. The nation as an organizational formation is intrinsically antithetical to a classless society.
Dialectical Materialism is Engels you dumb cunt, Marx's method was Historical materialism.
Explain how, brainlet.

Fascism isn't synonymous with right wing authoritarianism. Franco could most precisely be called authoritarian ultra-conservative.


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thats dejure.
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by hoxha gang
by your definition literally any and all monarchists are fascists

fascism is genocidal and racist right wing authoritarianism

fascism is genocidal and racist right wing authoritarianism preformed by middle aged men with funny moustaches

is this why napoleon wasn't a fascist


Everyone should read Hegel because it's brain food.

My god I forgot about String Emil. What a legend.

NO. national syndicalism arose in Italy pre-WWI and were basically extreme nationalist warmongerers. Mussolini basically aligned himself with this party and its fellow travellers (almost all types of people were jumping on the war bandwagon) and this is what precipitated his expulsion from the socialist party.

holy shit what a stupid ban. If this board is to have intelligent discussion 1) people's opinions should be aired without the fear of a ban and 2) people shouldn't be beholden to arbitrary definitions with no historical or explanatory value. To call Franco a fascist deprives that term of any meaning if youve actually read about the period. Read some fucking Juan Linz you fucking cunt