What did he mean by this??

What did he mean by this??
“What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.”-Karl Marx
is this quote proof that marx was antisemitic ??


Comrade, On the Jewish Question is a response to Bauer.


Wh*te RACISTS like marx need to ne discarded. We NEED poc voices in leftism, like Robert Mugabe


When will AW finish reading OTJQ? The first recording is okay minus the stupid tangents that came up.

We're taking a break from Marx and reading a book on Deleuze at the moment.

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I believe that Marx is making a metaphorical argument that capitalism is like secular Judaism, and that in this sense it turns us all into Jews (Christians included). He is responding to Bauer who argues that Jews have to give up their religion to be emancipated. Whereas Marx is saying we all have to be emancipated from this "worldly, secular" judaism called capitalism.

It is a response to Bauer, but it does seem that Marx is making some kind of connection between Judaism and capitalism. That hardly paints Jews in a positive light, no? What do you say to that?

I don't see that at all. What I see is sarcasm on Marx's part.

What makes you believe Judaism doesn't hold the same revolutionary sparks as, say, Christianity?

Definitely didn't get the sarcasm the first time around, but I skimmed it again and can see this. So he's taking the negative stereotype of the Jew and saying this metaphorically applies to the nature of capitalism, right? He's not saying there is any truth to the stereotype.

I tend to believe that religions have liberatory and oppressive elements, but mostly oppressive. In my view we are better off without religion, but it is not sufficient to be free of religion. Having drastically different metaphysical viewpoints is not good for solidarity, since it creates a barrier between people. So naturally we should all become atheists, because that is the correct position.

And this is where most socialism goes wrong. You don't have the right to tell the people what to believe, they should think for themselves. Religion should be fully allowed, just as long as its beliefs do not specifically promote capitalism or what-have-you.

what is AW?(being new)

(And that man was Albert Einstein. Really makes you think. )

It goes a bit deeper than that.(I'm range banning, I hope you come to realize your infographics come at a cost.)

Marx was anti-semitic. He disagreed with the supremacist views of the jews. Want to hear my conspiracy as to why people say socialism is jewish? Because those same people are jews, and they want Holla Forums types to stop being class aware. Prove me wrong.(idpol)


Not saying it shouldn't be allowed. I'm saying that becoming non-religious is more conducive to the goal of achieving socialism. "Everybody believe whatever they want" assumes that your most fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality have no effect on those around you, its an autistic assumption. The truth is that religious beliefs or lack thereof structure our experience and make it difficult to be on the same page with those who have very different beliefs - it is a hindrance to solidarity at best, and a cause of bitter conflict at worst.

That said I don't place atheism extremely high on the list of priorities, since the fact remains that I have more solidarity with a Jewish or Christian or Muslim socialist than with an atheist reactionary.

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What's wrong with communism being "Judaic"? Are Gentiles too afraid of having their egos burst?

Judaism will be rooted from the world once communism takes hold. Judaism's livelihood and identity of the Jewish actors depend on the accumulation of private property and in a consequent vein, insularity against the commons.

Reactionary religions should GTFO (and as they will be).

I disagree. I think the internet is more harmful to mankind than Judaism. Get rid of the internet.

Sounds like you're describing secularism, not Judaism.

Judaic atheists for the most part I might add. There is nothing wrong with it.

See . You shouldn't reply to Chaya, they're well known for falseflagging as Holla Forums and other various viewpoints to try to push their beliefs forward.

Anyways, your take on Judaism and property is a bit reductive (although to be fair there's more reactionary views to be found in Judaism than most religions tbqh).

A strong Jewish identity will exist so long as they have capability (through means of social power) to uniquify their identities from the rest of society. It's not a coincidence that the religion itself is very materialistic compared to Christianity or Islam. Indeed, their identities will quickly be forgotten when they are held as common citizens and can't preserve them (typically through a segregated community of accumulated private property). The Jews have figured out the game before any of us and that's what they're winning, but also they will at the same time be the emancipators of humanity.

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Who cares about Jews.
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I do care because they actually play a large, important role in society. You don't have to be Holla Forums to recognize this.

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Marx was antisemitic.
He was a self-hating Jew. He wasn't Nazi-tier, but he had serious antipathy towards Jewish religion and culture. He also used "Jew" as an insult with regards to Lassalle as far as I know.

This is an autistic take. Marx wasn't a self-hating Jew. He may or may not have disliked the religion, but examining it does not turn him into an anti-semite. Hell, he even defended the Jews in response to Bauer.

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the "jews and money and materialism" is a stereotype that comes from Europe uniquely. The Islamists in the Middle East got it from the Europeans. The jews were ostracized and forced to deal with financial matters which made people despise them all the more and their placement into this sector was intentional. Do you even history?

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What's antisemitic about the quote?